No N-word Allowed

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No N-word Allowed 


Welcome to when playtime is over, our goal is to stimulate thought and conversation, not to convert your perspective. Any persuasion is solely at your discretion and deliberation. For your consideration, we would like to offer  No N-word  Allowed and as always for those who are easily offended emotions will not be needed so please before entering check your feelings at the door.

The time has come to end the deception of the use of the N-word. We cannot deceive ourselves about the historical usage of this word. Deception is most effective when it is employed with the complicity of the deceived when they are oblivious and totally clueless to the truth. Deception is mostly used to promote an acceptance of a falsehood gaining advantage or incentive by voluntary compliance. Any deception is a form of delusion that requires your acceptance and thus influences your reality causing a manipulated behavior or response which is disguised as free will. A fantasy or illusion is then created which establishes fiction as a fact that is then acted upon. Self-deception is the most effective form of deception creating delusions of convenience.

Delusion is a mental disorder and the more extreme it is and practiced or embraced the greater the psychological dysfunction. Delusion allows one to staunchly and adamantly accept and defend a belief or position that has been exposed and discredited as contrary to reality. The greater the disfunction the more danger it poses to the deceived one’s lack of awareness of the deception or delusional conversion. 

The concept of an enemy disguised as a friend is a common delusion, the wolf in sheep clothing syndrome. We are at a fork in the road in history to definitively restore reality to the legacy and use of the N-word while we grapple for certain equalities. The perpetuated effects on our people in particular and the structures of society, in general, have restrained our mental health and progress. The courage to recognize and confront the truth is the first step to correct this deception as the first action to be taken to shed its grip. 

The N-word is defined in nearly all dictionaries as the vilest and most insulting word in the English language. Some have argued that we have appropriated the word to change the connotation and used it to embrace self-love and honor our blackness. If this is true then why is it insulting when other races “honor” us by calling us that? Maybe due to the historical use of the word, the meaning has not been changed in our minds to an empowering and appreciative word when used by others. We even still use it in a derogatory manner against each other when angry or describing something foul.

Stockholm syndrome is adopting affection or sympathy for your oppressors or captors by assimilating with their ideology, a sort of mental surrender. The syndrome does not result in a two-way partnership but as a subordinate designation of your dependency as a slave to a master. It is an integration of your humanity as an eager hostage. It is essentially your justification for their actions for having held you hostage. The N-word can be interpreted as such by the embracing of it. Plato’s theory of reality further explains a correlation between thoughts and corresponding actions regarding social organisms. 

Lima syndrome is where the captor becomes sympathetic to their hostages and feels remorse for dehumanizing and imprisoning them. Imagine the captor choosing to be opposed to inflicting dehumanizing treatment on the hostage and then the hostage embracing or insisting on the treatment which was used to dehumanize them by the captor. The N-word can again be interpreted as such by embracing it because when they discontinued using it, we did not. It is psychological slavery so complete that they can’t even prevent you from abusing yourself when they have stopped.

Emotional bonds and coping mechanisms beyond what was needed for survival have now oddly enough become self-imposed conditioning. To disassociate the trauma from this word is subliminally embracing the method by which it was oppressively enforced. This extends beyond the border of mental illness. It is accepting and maintaining an outdated coping mechanism that has to be considered brainwashing. All this begging for equality is the manifestation of the brainwashing of a hostage asking for permission for that which is their right and within their power to claim. Socrates described this well in his Allegory of the Cave of a limited reality defined by the wall shadows. 

It is the expression of a need for validation from the source of abuse that instilled this inferiority complex that we do not feel worthy of vehemently denouncing. The N-word’s use is not a way of seeking relief from the brutal historical systemic racial subordination that we have long endured. Are we so willing to continue our use of this word that we would deceive ourselves about the atrocious history of this word and what it has really done to us?

Our use does not vigorously reject the assumptions of the inadequacies associated with the N-word. We cannot embrace this word that has such a horrific history and still denounce all that it has represented. The historical meaning and application of the N-word can never be erased or minimized. When we demand change from others we must also self-evaluate and demand change from ourselves. It should never be culturally acceptable to demean ourselves by voluntary association with this word. By contrast, no other race or culture self-define themselves with derogatory terms used by others to demean themselves. Others may use those terms, but they do not themselves refer to themselves as such or allow others to do so.

The use of the N-word to self-identify as a group is where we get it wrong because it guarantees that the word will continue to be derogatorily used for another four hundred plus years. The negative connotations continue to be falsely assumed as real. The part that we correctly understand is that we must forbid others from using it against us or in reference to us.  What we must understand is that we must also stop using it to define ourselves. At its core, the N-word is not a term of endearment because it feeds an inhumane dichotomy of ourselves that is in opposition to our interest. We must first convince ourselves that we are something else before others will be convinced that we are something other than what we have allowed ourselves to be called. 







If we cannot or will not stop calling our self this word then why should others not perceive us as that even if they don’t call us that. Maybe we should not say it for them to hear just as we don’t want them to say it for us to hear. Just maybe no one should be hearing it which means no one should be saying it, most of all us. Our expectations no longer request change but demand change. We are in a position to expect and achieve this change but could accelerate it by our actions. What behavioral changes are we willing to make to bring about these changes sought? The question then becomes is it realistic to expect change without us changing or at least being willing to make concessions that facilitate the desired changes.

Systematic atrocities have been conceived and committed using this word. This word has accompanied slavery, lynching, buck breaking, rape, coon hunting, Jim Crow, and many other atrocities to this very day throughout history with the N-word as its constant and loyal companion. Those who have subjectively dehumanized, oppressed, terrorized, and murdered our people have used this word to justify their actions. It has been their rationale for the denial of our basic human rights claiming we are animals. This N-word has been inflicted upon us along with the extreme sufferings that have always accompanied its use. We must define ourselves and not fall victim to others’ historical definitions of us. 

Just because we have been egregiously and systematically wronged, we cannot pretend that there are not things that we subject ourselves to that we must address for the improvement our people. Some argue these are a result of intentional conditioning or social engineering which may be true but that does not dissolve us of our responsibility to resist it. For far too long we have had to survive, now we must begin to thrive.

Physical wounds have visible healing and damage but psychological wounds fester under an invisible scab only detected and revealed by behavior. Behavior indicates more than anything your character and self-worth by your actions and not by your words. We must identify what actions and behaviors are counterproductive to our collective interests and obstacles to our advancement.

It is not always the boogie man, sometimes it is our very own perspective that is frightening. The betrayal of our humanity and our interests can be considered high treason. Certain self-portrayals of ourselves does nothing to dispel some of these stereotypes. This is achieved by practicing this N-word lunacy that is associated with over four hundred years of atrocities. This word has survived many evolutions of society, law, and technology but remains resilient now by our support.

Those who so methodically degraded us did so using this word and they were denounced as evil; the word must then also be identified as evil and a symbol of that denounced evil. The immorality of this word is undeniable, reprehensible, and unredeemable. Sacrifices have been made, punishments endured, and unfair repercussions overcome for the price to have been long ago paid in full. Unity of our objective must prevail where divide and conquer has persisted to stagnate our interest. Our commitment to the unity of purpose establishes an axis, standard, and discipline that must be the basis that all our actions rotate or orbit as the foundation of our aspirations.

The next frontier is promoting others among us beyond the limits of past restrictions to explore future possibilities envisioning ourselves as anything possible except for a N-word. Exponential viable advancement to incremental progress is more dependent on us than anyone or anything else. Playing our position or managing our post to hold ourselves accountable, being part of the solution and not the problem, is our needed contribution. 

We must recalibrate our perspective discarding that which does not serve us, rejecting its deceptions. We must declare an elevated reality that does not sabotage our efforts. We can only deny ourselves; we do not need other’s approval to proudly be the best representation of ourselves. Be the best representation of, not an abomination to our culture by cultivating, promoting, and nourishing excellence that demonstrates a worthy portrayal of our character. The results will motivate self-acceptance, generate impartiality from others, and display renowned honor. A singular journey and purpose become our collective reality.

The philosophical theories of Plato and Socrates can be interpreted to mean that words reflect thoughts and thoughts govern actions that shape perceptions that restrict our realities which define limitations within that reality. The N-word perpetuates what thoughts within us and others that compel certain actions or attitudes creating contrary perceptions manifesting some of the realities which produce the limitations and obstacles contributing to our condition with our consent.  

Black folks, kinfolks, and all folks it is time to bury the N-word in an unmarked grave never again for us to offend or be offended by it. If others are not permitted to say it or can stop saying it, then we can too. Remember history’s use of this word and that it was the last word that many blacks heard before death, and not in a loving way. Reportedly this was the last word heard by Ahmaud Arbery, respect the young brother by replacing that word with one we can appreciate and be proud of no matter who uses it. Honor our self and those who have been taken from us, from now on no N-word should be allowed.

I remember Big Momma use to say it is not what they call you but what you answer to. Mom used to say be known for what you do, say, and what you are called to not bring humiliation upon our last name or yourself. For those who need reprogramming to fill the N-word void, initiate a challenge to creatively replace it with something conclusively empowering and complimentary.

Let me ask you a question. Would you be willing to abandon the use of the N-word if it meant greater equality for our people? What makes you think it won’t? Seems like a small sacrifice for us to pay for the potential reward it would provide. It is the right thing to do for a legacy of children to grow up not embracing a vile reference to themselves no matter how we twist it to be all love. Remember the restrictions of our minds constrain our movement and ascension encouraging harmful perceptions.


Thurston K. Atlas

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Christianity Weaponized

When Playtime is Over.

Christianity Weaponized 


Welcome to when playtime is over, our goal is to stimulate thought and conversation, not to convert your perspective. Any persuasion is solely at your discretion and deliberation. For your consideration, we would like to offer Christianity Weaponized and as always for those who are easily offended emotions will not be needed so please before entering check your feelings at the door.

 Without Question

In the movie, “The Book of Eli”, starring Denzel Washington, his character was the blind guardian of the Holy Bible. The Holy Bible and its teachings were in danger of extinction and were obsessively sought after by the evil antagonist, Carnegie. Carnegie believed that the power of the book rested in its power to control the hearts and minds of the people.

Ultimately, he believed that the possessor would have great power over the people. The belief of the people in the word of this book, the book’s implied integrity, and the assumed authenticity of the book could be exploited to control them, deceive them, and make them obedient by their dedicated worship. When the people believed then their belief would be susceptible to engineer justifications and accept otherwise unreasonable assumptions or conditions by a mysterious mandate from an invisible deity who required obedience and would be unquestionable.

The devoted religious stipulations would concede complete submission and worship.  It would as a foregone supposition be reinforced by parents, family, culture, community, and sometimes country. It is an indoctrination that integrates with one’s identity and requires the compliance of one’s actions.

I have been conflicted by this topic for quite some time and have tried to avoid it, but it keeps coming back compelling me to ask the questions that I have pondered to further reconcile my indoctrination with my acquired knowledge. Therein lies the dilemma, do I follow my upbringing of what I was conditioned to believe or follow my discoveries that challenge the validity of that acceptance. Can two things be true that are diametrically in conflict on many levels and any attempt to merge them still leaves distance and inconsistencies that only raises more questions? What I was raised to believe from a child was not my choice and maybe not even my people’s choice for them to accept and teach but it was all they knew.

Having studied and researched religion and history, I can’t help but venture into uncomfortable territory in search of the truth. I seek the truth by definitively deciphering religion without any emotional influence or feeling any betrayal of my ancestral conditioning. Deductive reasoning leaves me even more baffled. What I was taught, I was taught in love, the best “knowledge” available to them at the time, and a belief down to their DNA instilling obedience to and worship of the Lord. It is no doubt that perpetuated beliefs in the devil, prayer, and God has kept people in submission acquiescing to enduring hardships as a test of faith. 

This being the will of the Lord even if it is in direct opposition to his very “attributed” words and teachings. The concept keeps you in constant subservient despair for a reward to come after death although no one has verified or bore witness to this “glory” called the afterlife of judgment and salvation. I guess that is why they call it belief in faith. In theory, you would remain in limbo in some dimension until judgment day which by our known knowledge includes every human being ever born or at least since the time of Jesus. That would be an astronomical number of people awaiting judgment day at the same time. Imagine the logistics of processing all those souls at the same time and keeping the records accurate but that is the power of God or your qualifying explanation which I shall not dare question.

In the movie, Eli was blind yet he navigated the world and defended himself without any obvious limitation, seemingly having sight and being guided by the vision of faith. That single purpose vision enabled him to “blindly” commit to the deliverance of the book which was physically lost to him but intricately fused in his mind and psyche through constant exposure and relentless repetition. His existence, adherence to the words of the Bible, and deliverance of that word to the masses consumed him until his death, even having caused his death. So strong was his belief in the word and his determination to deliver the word that he willingly died for it, accepting that complete sacrifice may be required.

That is a possibility when you are a true believer, knowing that no suffering is too great or too long to satisfy the unquestioned wisdom of God, or to submit to the evil of Man by turning the other cheek.  Despite this, even the Lord had a need for warriors such as Joshua but we the meek shall inherit the world through our suffering. Logically and physically turning the other cheek would conceivably end with you having two swollen and sore cheeks while waiting for them to tire of slapping you, but this is what is required by God, for the love of God, and love of your brothers or sisters. Dare not raise up against someone who is harming you, let the Lord handle it; but what about their accountability for the love of you and their obedience to God?

Would not God deal with the one in violation instead of demanding the obedient suffer under his “protection”? The old testament eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth is to be forsaken for the new testament of turn the other cheek and walk the extra mile. When God tires of nonsense then his wrath is felt to smite you but when you tire just suck it up.  That is the disadvantage of not being the Lord our God. Remember vengeance be it the Lord’s.

Since the beginning of mankind or as I prefer humanity, that body of life that demonstrates kindness, mercy, and compassion that is uniquely displayed only by humans there has been questionable behavior towards others and often times decreed by religion in the name of God. Murder, genocide, biblical curses, sufferings, and slavery are prevalent in “Christian” teachings and tolerances while committed for the glory of God?

Not only is it throughout history it is in the book. It continues to be practiced and justified by those in strict obedience and adherence to the Bible and their “Christian” faith of self-declared believers and overseers. If that sounds horrible perhaps this is even worse as the two-edged sword efficiently cuts sharply in both directions, those who are directed by it and those who have it directed against them. Just as practicing “Christianity” allows them to do it, practicing the same “Christianity” demands that you accept it.

It is recommended that you pray on it regarding any injustice and toss it up to the Lord for review and consideration. You can even assemble your warriors, prayer warriors that is, and submit a complaint to heavenly HR for review and a divine sign will be notifying you regarding your submission. Prayer may take time as the system has not been updated in thousands of years and is believed to have quite a backlog. Prayer can be defined as a solemn request for help or expression of gratitude requiring trust and belief in a controlling power greater than yourself to gain favor or to acknowledge favor received but always from a position below best expressed humbly from your knees. A humble servant who remains in no position to demand or even timely expect, only to obediently request.

The Lord is never late but right on time and may not be there when you want him but will be there when you need him. If it weren’t for it being the Lord, these terms of engagement would most likely have to be renegotiated to more reflect the price you pay for the services rendered. We all know that the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was making you think he didn’t exist but what if the greatest trick the Christians pulled was making you think he did exist? This is not to be blasphemous but to explore alternative concepts that may just strengthen our belief and resolve in “Christianity” and I assume we can all stand to have our beliefs be more fully discussed, accepted, and understood without fear that they will be shaken or changed.

If we are true to our beliefs then our beliefs will not be diminished but increased and I have no intent or purpose to change your beliefs lacking the power or will to do so but just request your assistance in clarification of mine. The truth can always stand examination to verify that it is the truth, so fear not but as I said it was uncomfortable for me, so I acknowledge that it may be uncomfortable for you as well. Surely we can move forward to explore not our belief or our right to believe in what we choose but my point about it.

Our beliefs in life cannot be too fragile to forbid discussion even if that discussion is challenging or an opposing viewpoint. My viewpoint is not opposing but our conviction should not be proven to be fleeting or too weak to process additional knowledge or opinions. This is not about opinion and definitely not about mine but a conversation devoid of emotions and sacrilegious safeguards that discourages historical insight. This leaves religious interpretations for our own discretions. Our religious interpretations are our business alone but let us explore some things that we all know and some things that we may not all know to more fully understand the context of my point. Just as our “Christianity “ cannot be contested so is it with my point because it is not my declaration of opinion but the expression of historical fact.

Notwithstanding, the time before the written word, the foundation of Christianity, the veracity or content of its teachings, the existence of its principal players, or the events and accounts therein because it is immaterial to my point. It is immaterial to my point, but my point may bring about our further examination of those very concerns. Etymology is the study of the origins and true meaning of words which are the building blocks of language. Time brings about evolution in the usage and meaning of certain words creating and distorting understanding of these words over time. Before the time of the written word, reliability of word of mouth was subjected to he say she say accuracy and the limitations of descriptions by the available vocabulary. What an ancient might have described as a fire-belching creature we may very well call a UFO today or aircraft.

There was no direct knowledge, consistency of acceptance, or rational accounts of much of the bible including the Garden of Eden, Jesus life, the many books not included in the bible, and God himself for the question of how do we truly know aside from belief alone and acceptance of that which “has been written”.

The accepted depiction of Jesus is blasphemous in its presentation and altered over time to reflect the characteristics of the population of the people it influenced, even the existence of a variety of depictions of Jesus appearance among other non-white nationalities. Furthermore, centuries had passed without a portrayal of Jesus revealing his actual physical characteristics because it was forbidden. Finally, a composite portrait was commissioned and introduced called the Head of Christ by Warner Sallman in 1940 which is widely accepted and a portrait of Jesus. So complete is this heresy that just ask any child the color of Jesus and they will tell you white.

This portrait was an extension of Eugenics to convey Christ with a halo and angelic Caucasian features as an imaged to be worshipped and an implication that God is white, and whites are Jesus like to be elevated above all races. The two-edged sword of superiority and inferiority psychologically and culturally established an engineered justification of systemic racism and a race-based hierarchy in society.

It is a deformed interpretation. The Bible does not remotely give this depiction nor does the geological population of historical accuracy, yet this is still the standard that is accepted as open propaganda. It raises the question that what else might there be that are the psychological and cultural collusions unknowingly and widely tolerated or accepted. Glad you asked.

The emphasis on avoiding confusion starts at points that are not open to interpretation or word of mouth but documented in a time frame that is reliable now and well established in language still in use today. The documentation has put forth its own concentrated rationale and objective to influence and implement philosophies and principles so comprehensively that they still impact society, cultures, and institutions today. Their promotion is so pervasive that it might leave you questioning if your beliefs are chosen or embedded as a matter of survival and manipulation.










The insinuations and meanings are not like visions where the totality of sight consists of the voids being filled in by assumptions, these declarations of law and practice left no uncertainty of how they were to be viewed and applied. This creates a context for some to overvalue themselves in a very complimentary and flattering delusional image while forcing others to cling to oppressive obedience. It is misery laden with the nightmarish despair of beliefs still waiting for permission while conforming to a context that devalues our humanity by our own actions and acceptance despite any words of protest. Praying for the burden to be removed instead of psychologically disrobing our self from the burden that consumes us by unconditional acceptance and pure design.

Let the distortions begin steeped into laws based upon biases, mutilated revisionist history of absolution and false achievement, forced faith, and unjustifiable hope disguised as belief. Keep in mind that we do not have time to go back farther or expand beyond that which is sufficient for this contemporary discussion. There are key distinctions in the development of Christianity that popularized it and the manipulations of it which were weaponized for oppressive purposes. Translations that shaped or obscured some essence of the Bible in favor of interpretations consistent with particular objectives of various rulers and nations that furthered the objective of devotion without question.

Constantine The Great Nicea Council, Theodosius Decree, King James I Bible, and The Black Code are a few examples of who was more influential on Roman Flavian Christianity than what the actual teachings were. Consequently, the teachings were more tailored to an agenda than to the core of biblical teachings. It was then forced upon those who would resist these Titus manipulations by either incorporating some of their beliefs or flat out murdering them. Conversion to Christianity was often a life-saving measure, your own life. Historically Christianity is a religion of conquering from a personal level to a national level.

Historically Christianity has been used to persecute the Jews and to create distance from Christianity’s association to Judaism and establish itself as the preeminent religion. Constantine permitted Christianity to be recognized as a legitimate religion changing its believers from being persecuted to protected in Roman society.

Theodosius later made Christianity the only religion of the Roman Empire but incorporated other beliefs to solidify believers where Constantine had solidified what was to be believed in the Nicea Council. Jews who attempted to prevent conversion were sometimes burned alive. Forced baptisms and conversions were commonplace. Burning and destroying knowledge of anything contrary to this time or belief when something else was believed or worshiped occurred.

Christianity was used to justify and establish the racial superiority of white Europeans over all others. It was further expanded to the new world to institute colonialism and slavery as a moral duty to subdue, exploit, and exterminate dark-skinned people on religious grounds.

King James I, furthered his narcissism under royal absolution and slave trade activities by his association with the bible. Christian faith and belief have long been used to oppress targeted populations while simultaneously justifying evil treatment by religious doctrine and often accompanying legislation.

Black Codes rooted in colonialism, patriotism, and Christianity after the civil war were specifically created and imposed in support of slavery validating the despicable treatment of blacks under the cloak of Christian beliefs. The civil war was supposedly in part to abolish slavery but afterward, this code was pervasive to maintain the discount of white supremacy.

It was the predecessor to Jim Crow and an effort to maintain a pseudo system of slavery and indentured servitude. Today’s vigilante armed militias are an extension of black code enforcement. They are many times your most ardent believers of Christianity and also the most passionate demonstrators of racism while genuinely denying being racist by virtue of their Christian faith. They are often one and the same going hand in hand, being a proud Christian and a staunch racist. Not stated to offend anyone but if the shoe fits, if not it is not your shoe.

Revisionist history cannot conceal how the indoctrination of Christianity which is distinct from Christian principles has and is still being used to promote and justify oppression as well as injustices by some oblivious of their tarnished indoctrination’s origin and purpose. Dred Scott by law made it your Christian duty to return slaves and oppose their freedom giving birth to modern-day law enforcement injustices. The population control was two-fold on what should be done and what cannot be done under Christian principles.

Being raised under Christian principles had very different meanings based on race and class, it was not about religion but the manipulation and weaponizing of our beliefs. These beliefs have been so contorted and perverted that the only choice we have is blind faith or a humanity that will not allow us to practice this brand of Christianity. The salvation of our soul was not the goal. The goal was and has been the complete indoctrination of our minds to defy humanity and logic by intrinsically embedding programming so as to be beyond reproach, change, reasoning, or questioning. It becomes fundamental to our existence and identity which otherwise would require us to fully denounce one’s self, which sounds a lot like white privilege denial.

The presumptions of Christianity as practiced today might leave future and more advanced civilizations that may come after this one has destroyed itself to look back on the primitive and pagan worshipping rituals asserted to be in accordance with a belief that was wholly practiced outside the doctrines of that belief.

Failing to grasp a truth beyond our ill-fated conditioned upbringing and refusing to understand that believing does not make it true just as disbelieving does not make it false. Maybe the rituals of Christianity began in the Garden of Eden with the tree of knowledge. It was forbidden to have certain knowledge from the tree which could have been the subconscious mind as the source of that knowledge.

The subconscious mind is the only thing that can be so fundamentally controlled to produce the total belief and obedience required of the conscious mind. To believe without confirmation through repetition and constant reinforcement. The confirmation of Christianity is the worship and belief in it and that God is real and his wisdom absolute but many times baffling.

So, in the end, it is the unquestioned belief that brings salvation and eternal reward, the refusal to stray from that belief, and the rejection of any other belief is how this belief evolved. Otherwise conditioned differently, we would be believing wholeheartedly in a different belief. There are many beliefs and everybody can’t be right somebody has to be wrong but God’s word altered to the whim of man or powers in vogue is the worship of those entities and not God. Maybe that is why faith is required without validation. This not to slam Christianity just the manipulation of it disguised as glory to God, remembering to keep the faith.

Perhaps what is should not have been, what should have been wasn’t, and what could have been will never be was a quote I heard as a young man that sums up a lot. The judgment day for the sins of mankind both individually and collectively cannot be pleasing to God despite repenting on our death bed. The atrocities committed in his name, the adherence to his law mangled, and the complicity of those who knuckled under for their own prosperity and convenience contributed to the perversion of his glory.

God would not dare be associated with some of this nonsense executed in his name and the misleading of those genuinely seeking his knowledge and comfort. Christianity teaches suffering while those who impose it prosper. If you be a child of God imagine your father who vows to protect you then let unconscionable acts be committed against you, what wisdom or benefit would that be? By inquiring and seeking knowledge without restriction but to exhaustion enables us to expose deceptions and illuminate truth. Conflicted by what we are and what we should be or should have been becoming clearer with research and inspection and not by the simple acceptance of that is just how we were conditioned. It is acceptance in the knowledge that is required.

Many wars are predicated on ideology and religious differences where one side adamantly declares their right to practice theirs while denying the other the same freedom to practice the one of their choosing. Death, forced baptisms, and repressive conversions should not be the tools of religion.  Hitler’s Aryan race propaganda came from America’s Jim Crow which was based on religious teachings and eugenics.

He was only practicing what America practiced but the hypocritical home of the free and land of the brave must have felt Americans are the only ones who could commit such atrocities and righteous indignation claiming racial superiority. America was somehow compelled to galvanize to stop Hitler even using blacks in the process but was not compelled to discontinue the heinous acts and horrendous treatment of blacks in America or racial superiority declarations.

Religious justification for slavery has survived for over four hundred years in a nation that has been Christian during that same time period. It was right to stand against the holocaust of the Jewish people and not tolerate their condition. It would have been nice if America would have thrown Black folks a bone with some meat on it, letting us wet our beak with the American dream enjoyed by whites, or a heaping helping of some of that privileged brand of Christianity.

There can be no doubt or denial that religion and Christianity, in particular, have been deformed and weaponized for a more sinister purpose more aligned with capturing souls than saving souls. Faith and hope require that you pursue a sign delivering only subjective explanations, but seeking subjective explanations reveals some objectively revealing signs. The correct question brings about the correct answer just as the correct answer discloses the appropriate question. Only then can faith be fortified, not by refusing to ask or refusing to answer the questions or denying the answers. Being forbidden from this tree of knowledge sows confusion, reaping contempt or more shockingly maybe the truth.

Let me ask you a question. If the forced acceptance of something for the benefit of one segment of the population to which others must be coerced into accepting and adhering to, what is the validity of it to not stand alone on its merits and prevail? The so-called conservative Christian values of today are often used to cloak status quo exercises of exclusion and self-aggrandizing judgments of moral superiority based on faith often closely aligned with discriminatory beliefs. In a country that supposedly values freedom above all other virtues, why is other’s freedom the first thing to be trespassed on for your convenience and conformity?

Morality by your determination and standards are required to sustain your authority and dominance to dictate how others should act in a range agreeable to your beliefs without regard for their choice within a range that is socially acceptable but not compliant to your chosen standard. The principles of morality are contrary to your arrogance to oppose someone else’s right to choose outside your confinements leading to you imposing a greater injustice upon them than the lack of morality that you would accuse them of displaying. With that said shouldn’t the example you set is the one to follow not the one to reject. Which do you project by your actions, morality or immorality in compliance with the principles of each virtue?


Thurston K. Atlas

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Crimes Against Humanity The Extended Reality

When Playtime is Over.

Crimes Against Humanity- The Extended Reality


Welcome to when playtime is over, our goal is to stimulate thought and conversation, not to convert your perspective. Any persuasion is solely at your discretion and deliberation. For your consideration, we would like to offer Crimes Against Humanity- The Extended Reality and as always for those who are easily offended emotions will not be needed so please before entering check your feelings at the door.

Hard but True, Raw but Real

Let’s get down to business removed from the political correctness and pretense of social graces to speak openly without regard for contrived moral consciousness, forced remorse, or unwilling accountability. Let‘s put everything on the table out in the open to analyze everything in terms of present and future projections regarding racism and discrimination. Strictly speaking, it is a culmination of psychological conditioning, economic exploitation, and opposed interest which stubbornly continues similar to an addiction to delusion. The delusional addiction is to an entitlement of preferential accommodations and self-image of superior character selfishly pursued at the expense of all others not in your identifying group. Blacks seemed suitable and were easily identified by their dark skin tone for exclusion.

Your subgroup is sustained by a subculture of suppression to appear above all groups of animals and humans at the self-proclaimed pinnacle of the biological chain. This was not accomplished by actually being that but by elevating your subgroup above all others by standing hoisted high upon your artificial privileged advantage appearing to loom above the rest. It is like the great Oz who was not the all-powerful as being portrayed but a sniveling insecure little round man hiding behind a curtain of vulnerability pretending to be invincible. This created great fear and respect as long as the curtain remained closed.

The curtain has been pulled back revealing the fear and inadequacies that lead to the need for and continuation of this façade.  Without this belief and confronted by reality the acceptance of no such advantage before God or man means the masquerade is up. This creates the stubborn need to refuse to relinquish that idea because it is the core of your being, your identity. It is shocking to your core and psychologically devastating to deny the foundation of your beliefs despite overwhelming evidence that it is not true. Further to admit your atrocities committed in order to cheat your way to the top is inconceivable to the psyche, so the ramifications are minimized.

That only leaves one alternative, that is to deny its benefits and do everything to keep it going otherwise the image is shattered and so are you. It then becomes a desperation of survival where racism and discrimination must continue. To remove them would be symbolically likened to removing your air, but literally, your air of superiority closely followed by its advantages. Furthermore, the diminishing of your future demographic advantage brought about by fewer babies born per family while ambitiously pursuing your wealth and careers, inter-racial relationships of all kinds, sexual alternatives to procreation, and the death of staunch racist ideological individuals over time lends itself to a bleak projection.

The continuation of this projection is not favorable to the white male dominancy of society. The white male historically had no consideration for anyone, including the white female, with one exception which was inclusion when and to the degree that you were needed to sustain their position. Now their reckless actions have had unintended results which have served to undermine the very purpose they sought to preserve. Now it is a crisis of survival thirty to fifty years down the road from now. Change has long been set in motion and change is coming. Adaptation to change has always been the key to survival and survival reliant upon cooperation within the species.

I am not under the illusion that racism is about to end anytime soon but will allow for the whimsical notion that the ideological DNA of some individuals bent on racism or their survival dependent on racism may abandon it. The glacier shift of the racist collective to be persuaded of the benefit for themselves in changing their unjust perspectives, the closer integration of racial identifiers and similarities, the demise of bigots, and discouragement by the punitive connotations attached are the mitigating factors for change.

There is no easy way to say it and no need to sugar coat it in the context of history if judged by the last hundred years and the next hundred years. A little over a hundred years ago in 1906, it was acceptable to daily put a black pigmy named Ota Benga in a cage with monkeys in the Bronx Zoo on display to visually convince the public of the animalistic nature and close proximity of blacks to animals. This surely contributed to his eventual suicide but definitely even more lasting was the effect it must have had on whites who witnessed it. The New York Times wrote in support of this barbarity as basically eugenics on the display of the missing link for perpetuating myths and stereotypes to be taken as fact.

There can be no misconception that there have always been decent compassionate whites who have denounced slavery, racism, and discrimination and as time moves on their numbers have increased to the present multi-race coalition in solidarity with blacks about the horrendous treatment endured and the necessity to end it and install equality. It is an advantage and privilege that they do not want or need at the immoral expense of other human beings. The key to committing these atrocities is to devalue, reduce, and dehumanize your victims to a deserving or irrelevant position unworthy of empathy or compassion. But the question then becomes who appointed you to make such a determination.

You see that is where religion and other forms of reinforcement and repetition are applied to believe and validate anything to defend and promote their belief no matter how sanctimonious and preposterous the justification may be. The elements of this twisted reality are a classic example of schizophrenic behavior, where their self-perceived contradiction to and diversion from reality morphs into a nightmarish fragmentation permitting unthinkable behavior and lack of willful remorse making it easy to repeat.  The extreme aggression, savage demeanor, and arrogant defense of the atrocities committed under the guise of conservative Christian values goes without saying that they would appear to be contrary to any actions a Christian not suffering from extreme mental illness would ever commit.

Compound that by its pervasive nature and it reveals a group brainwashing seemingly under demonic psychological indoctrination resulting in a mental slavery powerless to resist its destructive programming. A programmed compulsion of righteous evil and disregard for actions expecting no consequences. The portrayal of blacks as savage, dangerous, sexual predators, stupid, animalistic, and the list goes on and on serves to conceal the depravity of the accuser when their actions are compared against the accused. The racial slur “coon” has its origins in the practice of hunting and killing human beings for fun. How could the indiscriminate murder, enslavement, beatings, and rape of blacks not be more indicative of the savage provoking tendencies of whites claiming to be civilized? Now, who has really demonstrated the real savage and animalistic predator actions of a barbaric inclination if not whites?         

The transference of these ghastly behaviors which are identifiably one-sided against blacks serves as the propaganda-driven denial of the racist incubation reflected by whites without concealment. Just educate yourself on the extent and practices to better understand the journey and current condition of both sides. Rejection of the facts may be the only way to align yourself with the insanity and brutal reality blacks have faced at the hand of whites in this country. The dehumanizing realization of white atrocities is understandably frightening to whites wondering how can a people be treated so viciously and still stand for the flag, defend the country, and endure the bullshit.

Patriotism is the current code for allegiance to inequality and misplaced blame on others for actions and disappointments resulting from your own miscalculations. The exclusive claim to be the only guardians of patriotism has resulted in an erosion of its principles by the mangling of its meaning, application, and demonstration. Forced adherence to your manipulation of superiority into patriotism on anyone who does not look like you has had the effect of creating resistance to something which was never a point of contention, it has always been inequality.

The current fervor of voting rights are more aligned with voter suppression than voter fraud because the day has passed when you could regulate the outcome of the election as evidenced by the election of former President Obama. The will of the people’s vote cannot be calibrated to assure victory for you, so it must be suppressed against you. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 would not have been enacted if it were not needed in response to racism and voter suppression. Whites were in agreement that this was the case and countermeasures had to be implemented specifically to ensure that the target of these oppressions, blacks, had judicial protections for voting.

So, it would stand to fact and reason that neither the Civil War nor the Emancipation Proclamation abolished the slavery mentality. The ratification of the 13th Amendment in 1865 abolished slavery but it then transitioned into Jim Crow and blatant systemic prejudices. One hundred years after the Civil War ended the need for legislation was a recognition that racism, voter suppression, and discrimination were still the Jim Crow law of the land. It would then be counterintuitive that discrimination and oppression had continued beyond the Civil War but sadly very true it had.  

Affirmative action and similar actions would not have come about if these ongoing oppressions had ended when some claim, but many have continued on despite these remedies. It is an affront to decency to have the unmitigated gall to whimper about reverse discrimination and unfairness of opportunity allocations and access based solely on race designed to alleviate the disadvantages systematically imposed upon others by you.

To deny fairness to others by declaring your plight of unfairness and inequality is to either proclaim yourself stupid, irrational or a racist. I would like to think the best of you and given the benefit of the doubt assume that you are simply irrational. The overt discrimination and exclusion practiced has been solely based upon race but to bemoan your suffering by the inclusion of others while crying about opportunities you had readily denied others exceeds an elevated threshold of irrationality.

To be held liable is not discriminatory or discretionary but should be expected. Cancel culture cannot be used for absolution to ignore your culpability granting blanket immunity oblivious to your actions. It is deemed unfair by a cry of cancel culture regarding white’s accountability for their transgression when facing societal condemnation or discontinuation of patronage. Drawing the line and adopting unpleasant consequences by the withdrawal of voluntary support is not an obligation owed to the offender but a right of the offended.

White males in particular lack the credibility to complain when they have always been on the till with a place of improper privilege subsidized on the public draw with a hand in the cookie jar and thumb on the scale. They value freedom, prosperity, and fairness exclusively for themselves and are quick to complain when their expectation of preferential treatment is not met. It is ridiculous to insist that such monumental injustices be sweep under the rug while even the slightest rebuke of your privilege is exaggerated to an intolerable injustice. Stop it, they don’t make rugs or exaggerations that huge. This strategy to alienate yourselves from blame by denying your privilege and claiming victimization contradicts the historical substantiation of your actions.

The mentality and benefits are so great that some would masquerade themselves as part of the Confederate heritage. One is born in Canada of Cuban descent and named Rafael as Texas Ted to Americanize his image for easier assimilation into the good ole boy’s club. Could you imagine the difference in perception between Rafael Cruz and Ted? Another would claim his Confederate membership even though his lineage is German of the drumpf clan whose real fortune is that his grandfather was exiled from his native land for draft dodging returning back to America where he had fled.

Neither of these persons’ American lineage extends beyond their grandparents at best, nonetheless have claims of their Confederate heroes and heritage. But white skin, anglicized name changes, and cultural adaptation allowed them to assimilate and minimize if not avoid racial discrimination. This is the lure of white privilege while distancing themselves from their true heritage and diverting attention from themselves by ostracizing others and denouncing immigrants while their families are not too far removed from the immigration tree. What better to illustrate a reversed crab in the barrel mentality instead of franticly keeping them in they keep them out designating more assurance of privilege for themselves. A sort of all-in-the-family of preferential treatment requiring adaptation of Confederacy biases. White skin alone is the main inclusion factor with bias is a bonus.

MAGA is an adaptation of the make Germany great again philosophy used by Hitler in his rise to power and espousal of white privilege in a maniacal pursuit. Tell a big enough lie enough times very loudly over prolonged periods of time that the people will not only believe it but accept it as the truth was Hitler’s mantra. These same tactics are familiar tactics of American Republican politics and ideology today raising the question that if the nostalgic return to a MAGA time was possible then what time would that be. Would it be a time for lynching, coon hunting, forced labor, or any other litany of atrocities since there was never a time when they did not exist in America? What elements of slavery and discrimination would be preferable?

Are these the conservative Christian values we are to return to as demonstrated by history? Many lesser forms of these atrocities are already present, and the Republican party has been maligned with not only acceptance but the promotion of these aspirations by association with MAGA principles. If not a return to slavery certainly the continual furtherance of white privilege by the dehumanization and discrimination of blacks specifically and minorities in general, now to even include the poor. Let’s call it what it is, and you say what you mean. No further proof that America is off the rails realistically beyond redemption than half the elected officials refuse to denounce an insurrection or exclaim that it is wrong to murder a black man by choking him out in broad daylight placing your knee on his neck.

There is plenty more but what more do we need. Refusal to condemn and reject these actions actually condones them. The reason why they are acceptable is that it furthers your agenda. If a dog would have been choked out Republicans would have been outraged because it does not further their agenda and their estimation of the dog is above the dehumanization felt for blacks. Do you for one second think they care about unarmed blacks being killed and sprayed with bullets as long as it is understood that for example, whites storming the Capitol are not to be treated like the n-word. Only one shot fired but a black can be fired up multiple times in the back. No precautionary show of force or mass arrest but some would still ask what disparity?

Not condoning or requesting a violent response but simply highlighting the disparity that seemingly can only be based on race. What happened to the stance of when the looting starts, the shooting starts? On Capitol Hill, where an overwhelmingly almost exclusive mob of whites attempted to overthrow the government in the ultimate act of looting, there was less enforcement than if a Nike store was being looted. Furthermore, the outcry is deafening from those being held accountable, can you imagine their shock and indignation at being called to answer for the very attempt to overthrow the government.  What is this country coming to when whites are being arrested for being patriots to the Confederacy and blacks are expecting equality and redress?

The discrepancies of response and expectation change when it is blacks involved with the law unequally applied or by anyone even expecting it to be applied equally. How can one unarmed black be more of a fear-provoking threat and intolerance than a whole mob of insurrectionists?  The justification for Capitol Hill law enforcement restraint was praised while questionable articulation for use of deadly force against unarmed blacks is not condemned. Not advocating for less respect for white lives but equal respect for black lives. There has to be a comprehensive understanding, standard, and application of the law that does not give carte blanche for law enforcement misconduct and abuse of citizens.

Qualified immunity has to have clear objective parameters where protections are no longer enjoyed, and resources expended for disqualifying conduct. Law and order, crime and punishment, as well as wrongdoing and judgment must fall unabated on the actions committed and the person who committed them not the exemption of their guilt. The guilty deed is tethered to the guilty’s name if integrity is to be maintained otherwise it occasionally and eventually will lead to some feeling they are left with no choice but to resist detriment. When left with no choice, the choice then is made clear. While police are necessary, their actions cannot be above the law simply because they are essential and less likely to impact a white person adversely.

By the same indication, police interactions are negatively exaggerated, emotionally inflamed, and apprehensively predisposed reflecting reverberations from injustices and perceptions that influence citizen’s cooperation and politeness. The point is that a recalibration needs to occur on both sides, but the abuses of authority are not immune to the adjustments needed for the improvement of interactions. The submission to injustices brings about a greater dissatisfaction and resistance that escalates into a more hazardous condition for all concerned. Mutual respect deescalates conflict and promotes cooperation.

What encourages resistance, divisiveness, and danger is injustice, racism, and despair. The cause and effect is obvious and the dismay at the resulting outrage disingenuous, and of course based on if it is happening to you. A plea for solidarity healing society only becomes an objective when you are not the one making the concession, the balance of power has shifted away from you, or you stand to lose or lost something. It would have been better and more convincing had that been your mantra when you had the leadership influence. Now the tables have turned the plea for bipartisanship is uttered and the priority of moving forward together healing a fractured country at a fragile time is encouraged.

Renovations are always best when you are already working on improvements requiring one cleanup, suggesting that grievances be delayed for the good of the whole would somehow benefit us is contrary when your concern was and has been to benefit only yourself. So many times, in the past this conciliatory posture has only resulted in a delay, not improvement proving to be a sadistic prank time and time again. So, if this is truly a time of healing and bipartisan cooperation then the Republican leadership should try to cast at least one single bipartisan vote as a sign of their sincerity.

Extending the olive branch for once instead of demanding concessions to conform against conventional wisdom and our best interest. Adhering to your advantage of inequality assures that we all take the ride to the bottom as you have exhausted all of your deceitful persuasions. There is plenty of work to be done and time is squandered not resolving the issues that can and will no longer be silently suffered. The accumulated depletion of will and resources will not accomplish your objective since your preference is not the only consideration to be considered. Compromise and cooperation can not be adverse abstract principles, they are the way forward. You can not persist in taking pride in obstruction and destruction to exert a futile exercise of power.

History is undefeated and has proven that resistance to change and stubborn ill-fated indecision has led to obsolete power and existence. The arrogance of America will not let it recognize that there have been many demises of world power among nations based on the civil disorder and refusals to make changes. The societal collapse is often preceded by extreme economic instability and fluctuations, the infrastructure and labor deterioration, hunger and chaos, and then governmental collapse. Balance and equilibrium are universal laws and imbalance by its nature are unstable and prone to collapse. The imbalances of racism and oppression worldwide are now wobbling.  

Now the question is which will come first the change or the collapse? I do not believe it will be changed because of the opposition to it and the universal foundation of deceit it has taken to last this long. It is collapsing under its own weight of deceit and denial. If celestial gravitational collapses occur due to the contraction of its own weight or pull inward succumbing to disorder, then why is America exempt from collapsing from the contraction of its selfish stubbornness to adhere to the harmony or order of the universe or the will of God. No need to look to the sky since history and anthropology can confirm the earthly demise of civilizations that once had great power. The turmoil of the year 2020 was a premonition that cannot be survived repeatedly especially with the tailwinds still being felt. 

Progress and transformation in order to form a more perfect union not defined or restricted by the past is the way forward. Those who long for the past are afraid of the future. Uncertain of their prospects and secure with the status quo without regard for advancement but clinging to stagnation to prolong their significance. By nature, the young becomes the old and the old gives way to the new. This country was built on racism and the surpluses from black labor. Vast wealth and resources have been accumulated and shielded from blacks without question. Can there be any further denial of that? Should there be a recognition of that in words and redress? Damages can not be undone or life restored but mending can be pursued.

Since I have stated my pessimism or realism about significant change not being forthcoming let me just express what could or should happen. The first restorative action which will have the greatest impact is to cease and desist the nonsense, to just knock it off. Despite all the lives lost and mangled, the economic inflictions have had far more reaching implications than the murders. Personally more apologies, ineffective methods, or promises are not needed. The deaths caused and atrocities committed cannot be rescinded but the wealth benefits denied can be recuperated like stolen artifacts are returned. The government, businesses, and institutions should pursue more than conversational remedies since they received real monetary benefits, money would be a suitable substitute for words.

Financial is not the only form of payment and the government should not be the only payer but make no mistake slavery was about the benjamins, so the benjamins need to be paid. Services are the most likely form of payment that only require tendering the services, terms, or business you already provide such as free higher educational opportunities. Generations of descendants of slave owners have benefited greatly from what they established to pay it forward for their ancestors.

The primary distribution would be of opportunity, development, and investments but mainly just stop the bullshit for us to receive a fair shake. If no white person today has owned a single slave; they most certainly are recipients of racist privilege, enjoyed the restrictions levied, or were enriched by the bias practices so entrenched in American society.  It is not unfair to you that someone else would get a fair shot after your road has been paved by discrimination. Forty acres and a mule was the unfulfilled promise and elimination of discrimination still the dilemma but economic viability and sustainable resources are the reparations now required.

The Civil War basically set the parameters for economic profit-sharing the way the American Revolution did, only domestically this time. The north received a more equitable distribution of the profits along with a more sensible voluntary method of extracting the surplus of exploitative profits from black labor based on black’s lack of options and suppressed conditions. The south received the ability to continue operating as usual with the adaptation of the new method of extraction, supposedly voluntary labor with slightly lower profit margins. They both received plausible deniability. The dehumanizing treatment was pretty much the same and freed blacks still worked on the plantation scratching out a living at master’s behest only now the new and improved way of debauchery was called Jim Crow.

The Industrial Revolution begging in 1860 is what greatly influenced the end of legal slavery and the most likely cause of its abolition because it transitioned from sole dependence on human labor to machine labor. It created new models of efficiency and manufacturing making the old slave model obsolete but it did not eliminate the need for a permanent underclass to manage the machines. It lessened the method of physical labor required and increased the productivity for greater profits more evenly distributed among the north and south. The master-slave relationship became the boss-to-worker relationship model still practiced today as the basis of the economy with many of the same philosophical principles regarding labor.  

The master to slave mentality and dichotomy persists today for whites to become indignant at the very suggestion that discrimination exists or the audacity to expect relief. There is a diametrically opposed residual effect of this mentality that has dissipated over time but still exists. A polar opposite of a shared personality disorder, racist whites psychopathic character traits devoid of compassion or remorse and black’s submissive need for permission and conciliation. The refusal of whites and the request of black regarding reparation displays both mentalities. If they are delusional then we are imaginary or is that the other way around, it is hard to tell.

Centuries of bigoted behavior still leaves us in the position of requesting what an overwhelming number of whites refuse to give or recognize. The context of slavery and the psychological realities created a subculture of survival for blacks which in essence has manifested into our saving grace and sustaining resiliency. The missing piece has been cohesion securing an identifiable targeted objective with a solitary concentration. Targeted penetration into isolated and sustainable components using relentless incremental campaigns of focus building scope and momentum. So, if reparations are forthcoming then beautiful but until then we must forge ahead from a position of fortitude, focus, and resolve to realize that a shift in the paradigm of our perspective is the most efficient and assured way of securing equality.

Previously suffering from an extreme deficient, we now have sufficient agency to pay ourselves first. Meaning no permission is needed from others for assurances of equality but that as always, we must renew our efforts from where we are now with what we have to build alliances and coalitions for prosperity and equality starting with us. We have enough, we have plenty but the division of our resources and purpose cannot be counterproductive or diverted, discipline is needed. Certainly not separatism, we have paid too much but inclusion on our terms to equally wet our beak.

Repeated requests always transforms into pleading which is always distasteful under any circumstances and rarely effective since it grants the power to refuse as well as to grant the request. Far from being downtrodden or self-pitying, we should be encouraged at how far we have come, what we have had to overcome, and what final frontiers of racism we are near to conquering. You never had the right to dominion over us so now we do not need to seek your permission for our salvation, reparations are for your salvation. Again, the most valuable gesture would be to knock it off but either way we have made tremendous gains to close the gap notwithstanding the tremendous gap that still remains.

Rest assured your children will not face the retribution of your actions but will have to adjust to the extinction of your privilege. Your survival as a race will not be endangered as you claim to fear but your greatest fear of elimination of your advantage will be realized. The privilege or displeasure of white America will be no longer the paramount concern on which society operates. Your substantial resistance should be more productively directed toward rectifying the problem not denial and concealment for the continuation of your comfort. The hypocrisy of denouncing bullying, being too strong for bullying does not extend beyond being too weak for racism perhaps the greatest form of bullying. Your racist fragile psyche and mind are dependent on the intimidation of racism. The poisoning of a weak mind believing that white skin somehow makes you divine.    

Deprived of privilege your means of survival will not be like the constant struggle for survival from the lowest socio-economic status of society like ours has been. It will not be sabotaged by the systemic injustices you have consistently heaped upon us. The crux of many issues in the black community has been influenced by slavery and Jim Crow which will not be anything you will have to contend with as contributing influences of dysfunction in your communities only as a haunting nightmare of your actions. Black is not only a race but has been a condition, a condition that has had an extreme toll. Your levy for the crimes against black humanity and atrocities committed over centuries has a tariff which should be paid in this realm but if not  maybe the one after this with your soul.   

Deflection or denial of these conditions cannot be independent of issues confronting the black community since close examination will likely reveal a correlation to slavery, discrimination, or the psychological trauma caused by them. Not to mention the generational poverty caused and endorsed. The repeated insistence to deflect onto other problems in the black community does not absolve you of your infractions or justify our exclusion from equal treatment under the law or equivalent opportunities.

A three-dimensional understanding of a four-dimensional problem leaves you one dimension short of a resolution. The Confederate heritage and the American legacy are synonymous with each other from the inception of this country and the founding father’s vision. If the founding fathers were as wise and great as they are portrayed then why was slavery allowed to be woven into the fabric of America’s DNA? It was intentional and may be the reason why many whites think they need to take the country back for white exclusivity in accordance with its purpose.

The founding father’s guidance and influence is still the overriding authority today of adherence suggesting their vision has transcended nearly four-hundred and fifty years of governance but not the detrimental effects of slavery. The constant square peg in a round hole predicament of stretching the interpretation of their intent on matters they could not have envisioned essentially expresses the intent of the current interpreter. The emphasis is then on the current interpreter to subjectively convey their own understanding and guessing the original intent or interpretation. Clarity of interpretation then is the paramount objective or selective choice of a subjective interpreter but still conjecture.

The confusion and misconceptions of understandings and allowances of iniquities have traversed, deviated, and wandered over time as well as the subjective translations of intent and purpose, but the one constant has been economic exploitation by the manner of racism. The founding father’s in their infinite wisdom must have calculated the compounded effects and centrifugal implications of racism and surely the need to one day have to address the restitutions accrued and satisfaction required relative to reparations. They surely had the foresight to envision that it would become one of the perils of the country surviving just as the American Revolution had. They would have also known that the refusal to remedy the offenses could only be enforced by a domestic threat from those seeking to maintain their advantage attacking anyone or anything that supported the change, even the government. The last time it was called the Civil War and this time it is called Trumpism, MAGA, Patriotism, and Republican complicity.

If my words, tone, and honesty are harsh then the reality has been more harsh and bitter to experience for us over a prolonged period of centuries. Feeble attempts to misrepresent, reduce, or quantify our damages expose the unwillingness to understand, preventing a resolution. You must first understand then accept the problem thru the spectrum of the casualties caused before you can rectify them. Racist ideology and white’s resistance to being held accountable leaves me unconvinced that significant change or national reparations are on the horizon but collapse is impending. The combination of racism and economics fueling the downfall as symptoms of the illness. The disease is self-righteous arrogance not capable of change exposing a self-destructive premise.  

If repeated reminders of discrimination and disregard for resolution are any indication that racist compulsion leaves bigots powerless to resist and hopelessly cursed destined to be like the scorpion’s sting, being in their nature to sting even if it destroys them as well. There can be no real remorse without redress and consequences to express and satisfy the wounded but the truth is that there can be no healing without remedy. While some are hoping and wishing, I am well beyond the age of believing Santa Claus is real or if real reparations or healing will be achieved any time soon.


P.S. Be sure to wear your seat belt, we are expecting some stubborn turbulence ahead.

Thurston K. Atlas

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The Black Trilogy-Crimes Against Humanity Part 3

When Playtime is Over.

The Black Trilogy- Crimes Against Humanity Part 3 


Welcome to when playtime is over, our goal is to stimulate thought and conversation, not to convert your perspective. Any persuasion is solely at your discretion and deliberation. For your consideration we would like to offer The Black Trilogy- Crimes Against Humanity Part 3 and as always for those who are easily offended emotions will not be needed so please before entering check your feelings at the door.


The solution is plain and simple in concept although admittingly complex and comprehensive in its application as well as solemn and unwavering in commitment. The commitment requires significant and meaningful change that will include the areas of grievances and infringements where substantial damages and exploitation have been identified. These can be self-identifying and voluntary admissions or exposed and involuntarily sanctions. The remedies should reflect the capacity and benefits of their participation.

War crime tribunals pursue individuals many decades past their crimes having been identified. Once their transgressions are exposed, their identity becomes known, their location secured, and their participation verified their pursuit is relentless. No matter how small or how much time has passed, whether they are remorseful or not they are subject to the penalty of law for their actions. Countries, businesses, and institutions have the same moral and ethical societal obligations to refrain from crimes against humanity or also become subject to redress and accountability.  

In accordance with God’s law and by virtue of moral righteousness, if not by man’s written law this should be rectified since we have always known the what, the who, the excuses, the locality, and the refusal of being held accountable. Man’s law and history’s alterations have always sought to indemnify these iniquities, to manipulate reality, and to contort societal structures protecting the guilty or claiming their immunity. Unadulterated chronicles of history have always spewed forth the guilty whose deeds were so openly practiced that a resolution would seem uncontested. Unbiased enforcement of the law does not require the guilty to consent or be remorseful, only to have committed the act.

The resolution should include the national and international companies and entities exclusively funding initiatives for Blacks and their communities because others have been funded at the exclusion of Blacks, so they have already essentially received theirs. These profiteers of slavery should be compelled to mea culpa and commit to assurances that their vile narrative as citizens of the world be amended to reflect that the sins and fruits of those sins be acknowledged by redeeming actions to offset the destructive effects of their exploitation of Black people.

Let history then be the future measure to judge the actions and manner that these atrocities were corrected and a commitment to redress demonstrated. Avoidance of racist elements and the resulting harmful repercussions have been ignored allowing the accumulation of and exacerbation for a resolution. Since access to wealth and equal opportunity were what was denied, then fairness demands that it is now what must be provided. Let us not be naïve about what will or should be done but the sincere objective understood in its undertaking. The details and implementation of the means to accomplish this are complex but the need for a determined commitment is clear.  

Imagine if the United States of America is a house, the citizens are the occupants of that house, the leadership the parents in a cooperative and committed relationship dedicated to keeping the family dynamic strong while working to overcome difficult times. Staying together not only for the benefit of the occupants but because what has been built is larger than the individual parts or any selfish interest fracturing the good of the whole.

A house divided cannot stand as conditions worsen and the foundation begins to crack. One party cannot seek to minimize the problem because it is most slanted toward their benefit and convenience without consideration for the consequences, sufferings, or contributions that have greatly contributed to the success of the household. If the other party being marginalized daring to cry out that they have a problem, then WE should have a problem and a conciliatory resolution needs to prevail.

In the house of America regarding the context of recriminations for racial discrimination, the establishment of a Declaration of Resolution must be incorporated into the societal structures to begin to rectify slavery and Jim Crow. Only then can renovations begin to repair America’s inescapable history as proud purveyors of crimes against Black humanity on a national and global scale. The guilty parties were interchangeable, the occurrences countless, and the despicable actions beneficially incorporated; so, must it be with the impact of the resolution.

Any Declaration of Resolution must comprehensively consider the following points that are principle-based and not relegated to a person, occurrence, or movement but an unwavering commitment. It must be implemented in a context that is devoid of grandiose individual acclaim but sculptured in collective indebtedness not to be accusatory but factual, where everything must be on the table for examination. Anoint and elevate the necessity above all else creating a force and not a target. The insanity of using failed divisible methods must yield to effective consolidated sustainability resistant to sabotage and subjugation tactics.

To skim the surface of grievances that historically touches all levels of government and society, I have taken the liberty to offer these considerations with what has been my humble observation. It can be amended or supplemented to whatever the agreed-upon or negotiated redress is in the form of authentic actualized measures that resonate as vociferously as the indignations, exploitations, and atrocities have.

Government and legislative processes

Government and legislative processes compelling meaningful policy changes and enforcement, focused statutory enactments, legislative imperatives to ensure proper implementation, established legal precedence and procedures inclusive of authentic fairness, actual unbiased application of representation, and accessibility in equal diligence to reflect Black inclusion, protection, prosperity, and participation across the governmental spectrum.

Educational content and teaching

Educational content and teaching need to be corrected regarding historical inaccuracies and perspectives to remove the racial superiority indoctrinations, exaggerated accomplishments, eugenics referenced and brainwashing propaganda, religious misrepresentations, heritage distortions, sinister intent of material concealments, racist rationalization persuasions, and delusional impressions of condescension.

Black history and African heritage should be portrayed in its true reality, accuracy, and glory. Education should reflect the unadulterated truth comprehensively conveyed without propaganda purposes. It has to inform and depict an accurate illustration of knowledge and history. Access to this knowledge should be available and disseminated at any location inaccuracies have been dispensed. Dispelling deceptions where an inquisitive mind exists to pursue it without undue influence but with an open mind to accept, reject, correct, or improve it through individual exploration. My personal approach to knowledge is to know it without the need to accept it or believe in it but only to have knowledge and understanding of it.

But debatably one of the biggest detriments to blacks has been our lack of exposure to various financial, economic, stock market, insurance, annuities, retirement fund management, as well as general monetary instruments and principles that can be used to our advantage which have been used to our disadvantage. This lack of knowledge, emphasis, and exposure has historically prevented our compounded accumulation of wealth by a determined bias of fiscal design. When finally allowed to read they could not also let us be allowed to count, money that is. 

Law enforcement and criminal court

Law enforcement and the criminal court are beyond repair as it is currently constituted but that is not to say it is not needed. What is needed is an operational modernization, an ideological upgrade, with many procedural techniques, policies, and tactics revamped to not so readily lead to force that is deadly or otherwise, and empathy for the situations and circumstances that those they encounter come from or are relegated to. The police should also understand and familiarize themselves with the people they police through prior community exposure and interaction as part of academy training.

Transparency and accountability need to be based on admitting improprieties, abuses, and damages when they occur and are obvious. The justifications and constraints used for actions, intent, fairness, and respect for the public should be the parameters that law enforcement must abide by not blanket qualified immunity for misconduct or violations. Any consumer warranty or protection is voided after a disqualifying action or violation, so should it also be with qualified immunity. This standard should not be circumvented, subjective, arbitrary, or ambiguous.

Adjustments and changes to the expectations of policing and navigating within them as well as the reasonable execution thereof are now required more than ever. Police immunity from their actions has come and gone. Reasonable conduct is demanded, and transparent recognition of misconduct presumed where accountability is the paramount responsibility of police duties concerning the public. It must also be with themselves to maintain respectability and integrity of enforcement.

Blacks caught up in the criminal justice system are there for many reasons. Definitely for some of our ill-advised decisions. Other reasons can often be based on limited choices and options that are frequently the result of economic desperation reflecting discrimination and lack of viable options. This is sometimes not only a reflection of bias but of the economic status and hopelessness that was created by purposeful default, making it seldom by choice but more by condition. At times it is the best choice out of several bad choices that seems like a good idea at the time.    

When the only seemingly readily accessible choice is a bad choice when chosen by us but a similar bad choice or absent a choice unavailable to us when chosen by someone else, the judgment cannot be different. Not to justify poor decisions but to simply better understand their possible origins in thought and deed. How and where law enforcement resources are directed has a substantial impact on who is arrested and for what crimes. Lack of opportunity and despair often dictates the propensity for committing crime. At the basis of many crimes regardless of race are economic ramifications and the lack of opportunities to avoid them.

It is part of a cultural conditioning and reinforcement considering the accessibility of alternatives but just as we expect others to be liable for their decisions, we must be liable for ours. Impartiality of the equal application of the law must also be applied. Sentencing for crimes and assured due process of law should be statically no harsher or restrictive where race can be a discernable factor. The demographic percentages of arrest and incarceration for blacks sounds very few alarms but yields plenty of devious justifications and dubious convictions. The bail bond system aids in the process as a caste system more reflective of economic status than crime.

The bail bond system is a subtle system of prolonged incarceration and guilty plea-provoking motivations devoid of consideration of actual guilt but often produces plea bargain inspirations for a guilty verdict. Lack of bail has been known to soften the resolve regardless of guilt. Cash bail needs to be abolished as the antiquated racist system it has been and the currently constituted and application because it is a straight-up inclination to penalize someone based on economics instead of the crime committed.

What does the money to pay a bond have to do with your crime, your guilt, your return to court, propensity to commit another crime, or willingness to intimidate a witness? How much money you have does not determine these things, but other considerations should including victim impact, criminal past, and ability to deter further actions. The law has proven to be only as good as someone’s willingness to respect and abide by it, not money for bond.  The bond is intended as a surety note meaning a financial instrument of assurance, not of guilt or a return to court, but money because it does not assure either of the other two.

Property ownership and housing

Property ownership and housing conditions, geographic housing choices, and neighborhood investment and development often leave Black people in a stagnant spiral of declining or horizontal growth which reiterates generational poverty and despair. Never venturing outside the familiar confines physically or economically of the circumstance we have come to know. Sure, there will be those who escape this purposeful fate but there is a vast number who cannot stray too far away from its grip. Property ownership and property valuations have long been a primary method of wealth accumulation and the effective denial of such by discrimination. Housing is also manipulated for redlining, gentrification, and gerrymandering purposes affecting government services, bias-influenced redevelopment, and suppressive political or electoral representation.

Property tax, abatements, and other government allotments impact everything from the standard of education and schools to the services received. Lack of enforcement of housing codes, higher insurance rates, usuary interest rates, and many other fees and hidden barriers further absorb resources to impair black wealth. The social, financial, and political withholdings further the imbalance of resources that can be used for our own prosperity as opposed to those secretly siphoning from us.   

Banking and lending practices

Banking and lending practices further discrimination encouraging loan and credit denial, predatory lending practices, the lack of fundamental capital investment, property ownership barriers, obstacles to entrepreneurship, transference of wealth impediments, lack of wealth-generating opportunities, restrictive scalability in positions of equity, and limited avenues to stock market participation which have not been customarily expected realities or aspirations of the Black experience or fiscal options.

Given the number of banks, insurance companies, and other organizations including Wall Street who profited from human trafficking in the slave trade there should be no shortage of remunerations and expertise to alleviate and change these prevailing negative financial elements of the Black experience. Being very familiar with balance sheets, accrued liabilities, accounts payable, venture capital contingencies, maturity dates, and the like there should be no hesitancy to the existence of the obligation even if reluctant to the terms.   



The nutritional value of food is the foundation of good health especially in young children and older adults. The affordability and availability of that food are the two primary factors in making a choice on what to eat or feed our family. Convenience is also a major consideration, but convenience can be overcome by discipline and availability of better options.

Cultural preferences shaped by generations of lack of availability of affordable choices led to a lack of options, concern, or awareness as to what we are essentially consuming and the effect on our digestive system and organs igniting a ticking time bomb. The quality, freshness, and mislabeling along with the chemicals and ingredients further the damage the wrong foods create.  The healthcare implications, illnesses, and associated diseases which heavily stricken the black community can substantially be attributed to our dietary choices. Our dietary choices are directly associated with our economic condition and proximity to better choices.

Fast foods, low-quality foods, and sugary drinks are our main dietary health risks and usually the cheaper the food the unhealthier it is to consume. Food deserts and lack of fresh vegetables and grains are dietary considerations that affect our health as much as income inequality. It is the combination and culmination of several things. Food co-ops and farmer markets are things blacks must undertake and support denouncing the unhealthy choices synonymous with illness. Once supplied it is then incumbent upon us to make a concerted cultural shift to embrace a healthier diet.

Consider this, would you let your child sit and eat 12 teaspoons of sugar, not to mention the calories equivalent to a bottle of Pepsi? A 12-ounce Coke has 10 teaspoons. Sugar is the prime addictive and destructive offender hidden in drinks. It is not only the food choices but the drinks choices as well. Nutritional education is a must to offset the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries’ dependence on black suffering, much like the criminal justice system’s reliance on the black arrest.

On the food chain supply side, Black farmers are not prioritized on the same level as other farmers and capital for equipment and innovation is harder to secure or more difficult to get approved for. This is a method to coerce them into unfavorable financial conditions and land forfeitures. The discrimination against the black farmer makes farming unsustainable for them and their production less profitable while subsidizing the white farmer’s success. Elimination of food deserts and affordable quality food must be made available to the Black community.

Healthcare and medical conditions

Healthcare and medical conditions usually correlate with the quality of care, the timeliness of care, the coverage of care, the cost of care, and the continuation of care. These have all proven to be problematic for blacks in particular impacting our quality of life. The only way to secure these objectives for those unemployed or underemployed is to take a vow of poverty and remain under the threshold to qualify for assistance. To maintain healthcare, you then must remain unproductive.

Discrimination in the medical field has created disparities in routine preventive services, seniors’ medications, senior care, proper nutrition, mortality rates, childbirth and prenatal care, mental health, substance addictions, as well as our cautious skepticism which has afflicted our underserved for generations. The lack of access or apathy to symptoms results in many of the conditions that plague our community to date.

The lack of engagement by the medical community is also a result of the callousness and negligence that has been insidiously infused in the Black community through patterns and practices that have created mistrust, discouragement, disinformation, disregard, and lack of engagement. Comparatively quality options, proximity to medical facilities, and integrity of medical personnel would foster less cynicism regarding discrimination.

Reparations and methods of payment

Reparations and methods of payment by the profiteers should include but not be limited to money, products, services, internships, trust funds, endowments, foundations, equity, credit, ownership, grants, management, and employment opportunity. These should be clearly defined and verifiable as well as not easily susceptible to theft, corruption, manipulation, overvaluation, or discontinuation. It should be prioritized for at least three generations of duration with sustained and confirmed diligence. It should also be enforced by law and penalty if breached. Whatever the business or specialty of the purveyor should be the very least consideration that they can offer since we are sure that they at least possess that service so cash is not the only option.

The government is not totally responsible for reparations since this a nation of people and businesses that fully or partially participated in or benefited directly or indirectly in the atrocities by commission, complicity, or silence. They too should also pitch in for the solution since they were party to the problem. The cry for reparations would have ended many years ago before the issue became so convoluted if racism had discontinued. Damn denouncing an act that has continued despite hundreds of years of broken promises and systematic abuses and discriminations. So, the biggest most valuable reparation is the discontinuation of the oppression of black prosperity since by now it should be obvious that the days of breaking our spirit are forever over. Despite the tyranny and murder rained down on us we have proven to be resilient.

Slavery, superiority, and discrimination originally were a matter of economics, make no mistake about it. Now, it is a matter of mental illness driven by delusional groupthink by everyone knowing it was nonsense including you but you still need others to believe it to preserve your privilege. The terror of your white privilege no longer comforting you has led to this irrational masquerading claiming an unfairness to you and pseudo bravado afraid of a world without a rigged advantage to bolster your fallacy. It was justified by manipulated and deceitful nonsense and you have enriched yourself enormously with the many advantages of this fallacy.

There are many proclamations that are made against reparations but the one that can not be made is that you did not commit the atrocities. That you didn’t do it. That it was not done. So next time an unarmed black man is murdered by law enforcement or they decide to rest for 8:46 seconds on his neck murdering him, condemn the shit, and consider that as a down payment on reparations that only cost you your voice and having a soul.  


The lack of acknowledgment for our contributions of our service across this country causes patriotism to be used to imply whites were the only ones who defended or contributed to America’s preeminence. Our contributions to invention, law, business, education, sports, science, entertainment, social and humanitarian efforts, literature, heritage, and politics need to be accredited properly to us without the whitewash of thievery or misappropriation. Recovery, forgiveness, and grace all begin with admission and confession. There can be no prospects of redemption with persistent denial, excuses, and minimalizations.

Warring countries have been rebuilt, populations compensated, and even the treasonous rebellious Confederate rebuilt and welcomed back into the union. The leadership of the Republication party coddled an insurrection with overt racial overtones on the Capitol threatening democracy. None of these transgressions have been a part of the Black experience or nor have black people received this substantial generosity of consideration.

European immigrants were recruited and given land, resources, and encouragement to own slaves to assimilate with white America to help to maintain a disproportionate ratio of the population of whites to blacks. White skin tone rather than origination took precedence over dark skin. Today to assimilate having white skin you can just call yourself Ted instead of Raphael or abandon your German heritage and grandfather’s name of drumpf claiming the confederate heritage as your own despite your immigrant roots. Immigrants of a white skin tone from anywhere or of white European descent can stand at a distance and be considered white and sometimes even closer if they do not speak.

But no matter how distant within eyesight, a Black person can stand and not be considered anything other than Black on sight. You see, the dark skin tone is the sole determinant. All of this is still true today for European descendants who can brag about how they came to this country and got assimilated to being white and benefited from masquerading as such. Immigration of any darker complexion people is considered undesirable while white immigrants are favorable to maintain and restock the white majority. That majority is waning along with their privileged white utopia.

The advantage and privilege whites have enjoyed for so long now require that they pass the sugar. The taste of honey has been hoarded for too long and requires an equitable allocation of concessions and redress to be conceded. The implementation of equality and the resulting rise in the Black quality of life will vicariously benefit all races and all elements of society, including the Black one this time. These gestures have been done before for immigrants, other countries, and other races so it is not unreasonable that the race that has suffered the most should now enjoy the same consideration and expectation not to be subject to malicious intent simply because of a darker hue of complexion.

And for those who would cry far left-wing ideology, socialism, and socio-economic welfare I would submit that reparations is the most far right-winged proposal imagined as demonstrated by your willingness to bail out the one percent, Wall Street, big banks, and big business for the overall good of the country and health of the economy as being too big to fail.  Never know when you will need us again, and America you will. It would seem wise and prudent that Blacks and equality are also TOO BIG TO FAIL too!  The actions are the same even if it is referenced by a different label or perspective, so you see we are all united in our need for this action if not in our beliefs. Consider it services rendered or a down payment deposit.

God bless America and the wisdom for America to change for its own salvation, preservation, and prosperity equally. In honor of the Christian cloak of deceit that you have hidden under for so long, the nation’s tolerance for inequality, and the conditioning of the black race to beg for deliverance where it is expected to forgive you for you surely deny what you have done.

So, let us pray.

Forgive them father for they have sinned, but they have not repented or atoned for their sins instead they have practiced and concealed these abominations cloaked in your name to not only discredit you but to discredit themselves justifying their brutality and moral deprivation in your holy name by committing the greatest of sin against a segment of your people over centuries corrupting all that which should be held holy according to your word.

They do not seek your judgment for surely you are not pleased, and condemnation can only follow. Their salvation has been leveraged for gold, silver, sugar, and cotton with no regard for humanity and even less regard for your holiness or the one you sent who surely cannot pay for these sins when they have been denied without repentance but practiced in every corner of the globe and particularly in Britain and America since before the inception of the United States.

They have worshipped this idolatrous slavery obsession and the false prophets above you and the very humanity that they still refuse to recognize also as your creation. They have borne false witness and even committed murder in your name. The above-stated crimes against humanity for earthly riches have blinded them to your glory and caused them to pervert your word masquerading as a true believer forsaking your honor without remorse of their deeds.

They have neither been meek, merciful, pure of heart, or peacemakers, they have forsaken justice, they are devoid of integrity, they have offered exploitation to the downtrodden, and they have in spirit and in action broken every covenant of yours.  They cannot offer their tarnished soul for redemption but for eternal condemnation for freely choosing and committing these atrocities.  By your word you condemn them and their actions and words, they condemn themselves!

The soil is drenched with blood, horror, and abomination from these purgatory fixations, steadfast commissions, and continued denial. We can only pray they repent acknowledging their transgressions and denouncing the evil they imposed through the oppression of our Black ancestry. For their horrendous crimes against humanity and religion, I fear saying three Hail Mary’s and two Our Fathers is not sufficient for these trespasses. Confession, repentance, and reparations for damages would be a sign to humanity and God of their sincerity for salvation by not only word but by deed.

And of course, to no longer practice or tolerate these repulsive transgressions ever again towards anyone as they have no justification. It might just be the difference between salvation, survival, or being judged harshly stricken by your wrath. It might be said to practice what God’s word preaches not the hypocrisy of scribes nor Pharisees worshipping the coin, politics, or a defeated President! Time to submit to a reckoning and atonement, for Christ’s sake and for America, we can only pray.

P.S. This is not an indictment of religion just how it has been and continues to be used to accomplish and justify evil intentions by self-proclaimed conservative patriotic evangelical God-fearing racists. This is also not in any way to suggest that this is a blanket accusation against all of white America regarding slave trade involvement or racism, just for what, when, and who it applies. I think we can all agree if the shoe fits, it can only be your shoe Cinderella.

Thurston K. Atlas

Creating A Buzz


The Black Trilogy-Crimes Against Humanity Part 2

When Playtime is Over.

The Black Trilogy- Crimes Against Humanity Part 2 


Welcome to when playtime is over, our goal is to stimulate thought and conversation, not to convert your perspective. Any persuasion is solely at your discretion and deliberation. For your consideration we would like to offer The Black Trilogy- Crimes Against Humanity Part 2 and as always for those who are easily offended emotions will not be needed so please before entering check your feelings at the door.

 Naming Names

These culprits can be recognized by name, face, deed, nationality, or government as history speaks loudly regarding their identification. Everything has an origin or beginning, just as there cannot be a lie unless there is a liar to tell it. The lie starts with the telling of it not the conception of it, the conception reveals the intent. It is always the act, which is damaging, but the thought gives breath and motivation to the deceitful act. The deceit and causes of racism can generally be attributed to religion, deceit, greed, and insecurity manifested in slavery, discrimination, and fear.   

These crimes against humanity were introduced into America by Britain as a model of an aristocratic utopia for white Anglo-Saxon protestants of etiquette. Primarily envisioned by Britain and King James, the same sponsor of the King James Version of the holy bible, aided by European countries and monarchs to enrich themselves. Greed and wealth-building were the overwhelming factors. Murder, kidnap, and brutality were the methods. Exploitation, remorse, or humanity were not even an afterthought.

These conditions and aspirations set forth a calamity that is still prevalent four- hundreds plus years later. The names and intent associated cannot be separated from history nor the resulting atrocities which are interwoven with religion in general and Christianity in particular. Christianity was used as the moral justification and mitigating reason for self-pardoning their animalistic sensibilities for committing such diabolical acts of butchery. Just as their deceit, greed, and disgrace knew no limits nor did their depravity.  

Googling any King James bible verses about slavery and ponder how the bible has been systematically used to justify slavery sanctioned as the word of God. Scriptures interpreted and manipulated specifically to promote white superiority for whites to be worshipped as God-like to designate servants and heathens beneath them. Whiteness alone was interpreted to be the apex of the human species ordained to exploit and dismiss the black race primarily as being servants beneath animals.  The deception is that Noah cursed Canaan, who was black, to be a servant because Canaan’s father; Ham, who was also black, saw Noah’s drunken nakedness, had knowledge of Noah’s wife, or sexually violated Noah as Noah slept.

Logically speaking, if the cursed Canaan was black, then his father Ham was also black and so were Ham’s brothers being the pure seed of Noah which would have made Noah black. Hypothetical analysis of the story implies Ham being of pure seed of Noah was black and Ham’s brothers also being the pure seed of Noah were more likely made white to elevate their status and justify Ham’s lineage through Canaan as black slaves condemned to servitude. The racial disparity and distinctions between pure seeds does not accommodate separate races among Noah’s pure sons but instead bolsters the deceptive entitlements for slavery.

Conversely, if Ham were black then why did his color differ from Noah’s lineage of the same seed which was supposedly white, would they also have to be black too or Ham’s white color conveniently manipulated to justify black servitude. Noah displayed no such power until the day he curses the generations of Ham, because Noah got liquored up and was seen naked. It leaves a lot for the knowledgeable faithful to gullibly assume especially if Ham’s grave sin changed Ham’s skin color. If Ham had been white then, Canaan’s skin tone would have to be changed as well because he was already born.

 It is highly speculative since God curses and Jesus does not exclude from his blessings and salvation, then presumably even Canaan’s descendants should have received deliverance by Jesus after Noah’s curse. Are we to believe that Noah was elevated to God-like status to curse generations and after the fact his curse above Jesus’ salvation and teachings? Were slave masters then explicitly elevated to Christ-like status to be worshipped and obeyed as if they were God or just below Christ? Was this blasphemy run amok to further justify slavery yet adhere to Christian principles which allowed such savage atrocities?

Jesus is attributed as preaching to love thy neighbor as thyself, but evidently, the enslavement and oppression of other humans are not included in that concept among some so-called Christians even to this day. Maybe that was why it was essential to spread Christianity throughout the world to “lost sheep” to effectively enslave their minds so completely that even now the efforts and contamination persist beyond logical reasoning. The lie has become the doctrine and the doctrine has been embraced without analytical rationale.

Seems the further fulfillment of King James’ desire to elevate himself above Jesus has been sinisterly realized by sleight of hand interpretation to create unwitting followers of King James’ doctrine, not God’s.  King James sought immortality by having his version worshipped as the guidance to be practiced as religious law circumventing God and Jesus. Later a secondary utilization was most certainly creating a pure-blooded utopia for British colonization by exploiting an obedient black slave labor force controlled by religion to cultivate the land manufacturing crops and harvesting the resources in America.

 The psychological sorcery of an omnipresent invisible deity that demands absolute obedience and enduring suffering from us had to be superimposed over their motive for their justification and our submission. No wonder Christianity was essential to slavery at every turn to psychologically oppress Blacks and to arrogantly embolden white supremacists with their obligatory conjured up validation. Even the Catholic Church sanctioned, acquiesced, and participated in slavery to aid in their wealth accumulation. Only in 1965 did they declare it a dishonor to God and took a firm and sincere posture against slavery denouncing it.

History’s monumental deceit is that taxation without representation started the American Revolution, but unfavorable business terms were the reason when the British wanted a bigger cut of what they had bankrolled. The slave labor Britain sold at cost had no future cost accrued other than room and board. In addition, they commonly committed wanton abuses of the worst kind acquiring this slave labor which was more or less disposable and pure profit. The American Revolution was fought over profits from slavery, and not for taxation but the contract default arising from obligations regarding slavery, an armed renegotiation of sorts. It was essential for a higher return on investments on the seed money and resources which were provided. Commodity trading is a fair analogy for their business transactions as we will later learn.

History reveals at some point, twelve total sitting U.S. Presidents have owned slaves which is twenty-six percent of the total presidents throughout history.  Four of the first five. Sixty-six percent of the first eighteen Presidents spanning over approximately 70 years until 1859 owned slaves. Also, sixty-six percent or eight of the first twelve Presidents owned slaves while in office, despairingly including no less than the two biggest offenders that beacon of Democracy first President George Washington (317) and third President Thomas Jefferson (600+). That is the accurate reflection of the beginnings of the United States government and its perspective on slavery. Zachery Taylor was the last sitting President to own slaves while in the White House.  

Slave ownership concluded with President Grant prior to him holding office, but racial prejudices, abuses, and indifferences have undeniably continued with documented instances, utterances, and interpretations that more recently have included Presidents Nixon, Reagan, and Trump. The guarded thoughts and motivations revealed privately in select company can only be imagined but the public detrimental ramifications to blacks through legislative and monetary policy is a reality. It has always been the American way with discriminatory tolerances in the oval office and within every level of government and law enforcement.

 The history of the Supreme Court reflects Black representation and consideration poorly within America’s history. There have been seventeen Chief Justices and one hundred and four Associate Justices since 1789 and that is a total of one hundred and twenty-one Justices, but only two have been Black Justices. Most notably the beloved and renowned civil rights icon, The Honorable Thurgood Marshall in 1967 was the first black Justice, so that is only two in roughly a two hundred- and thirty-one-year span. Supreme Court decisions have historically been against black interest, sanctioned disparities, and have upheld racist practices.

George Wallace in 1963 challenged the federal government as Governor of Alabama protesting the desegregation of education. Student busing in the ’60s and ’70s became necessary and was met with staunch resistance against an opportunity for an equal education for the black population. The Iran Contra scandal was President Reagan and Oliver North’s ruse to illegally fund the overthrow of Manuel Noriega by racially and demographically designating cocaine infiltration in the Black community igniting the crack cocaine epidemic and eradicating decades of Black gains while initiating the criminality of Black crack cocaine addiction. When one form of racism or discrimination subsides or is no longer acceptable then another more covert and more effective method replaces it along with the ensuing justification.

Some forms of racism were transformed while others continued simmering beneath the collective consciousness in hopes of rising again once agitated to the surface. It was most recently disguised as a political movement of conservative values echoing Confederate ideology and stolen electoral representation of all things. The Confederacy dogma has persisted despite their defeat and treason against the United States. The civil war ended by the defeat of the Confederacy in 1865 only to linger as a southern legacy and their appalling heritage openly honored without much condemnation representative of a lingering tolerance and insult to Blacks directly and to the United States indirectly. Their flag was even taken along for an overthrow of the Capitol as a symbol of a foreign government takeover bogusly masquerading as patriotism. 

Where else can a loser be allowed to fly their banner and display monuments? The Confederate flag is a direct dissent against the Union’s victory and an embrace of a racist past symbolizing racism more than any other symbol in America. Unlike other wars, the Confederate flag represents only slavery, the only southern dispute of the war. The bigotry so deeply rooted and accepted that it has penetrated the military and government in name, action, and celebration. It took a full one hundred years for the 1965 Voting Rights Act to ensure and protect Black participation in politics and government while that defeated flag has not seen one day of prohibition.  

The Union’s protest of slavery was mostly due to the unfair economic practices and advantages created by slave labor that disproportionately enriched the southern states, although the Union also eagerly participated indirectly and profited from southern slavery. Remember that Grant was probably the most renowned general against the Confederacy and had slaves during the war but prior to his White House tenure as President.

After President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, which he was assassinated for because of opposition, Andrew Johnson became President and refused to honor Gen. Sherman Field Order 15 pledging reparations in the form of forty acres and a mule for freed slaves in 1865.  Former slaves fought to ensure the Union’s victory, but the contribution was not compensated as promised and defaulted on assuring continued discrimination and generational poverty.

However, the 1862 Homestead Act gave free land for settlement, but that free land was given to immigrants as had been the practice as a starter kit for slave owners along with free slaves.  Native Americans received reparations, as well as Japanese for being held in internment camps, even countries that have been at war with the United States have received reparations, but not Blacks. There is no more a compelling reason or justification for blacks to receive compensation instead of the continued discrimination, systematic denial of humanity, and outright murder thru excessive use of force against Black men, women, and children.

After the Civil War, the Union most certainly equally promoted Jim Crow along with the confederacy south with America once again united by their racism. Confederate ideology marches on with racism at the helm because what else could there be disgracefully masquerading as southern pride.  The Confederate intent and persistence of racism have remained strong and just as recently as 2020 has been explicitly displayed to expose the enormous and robust support for its prominence with proud proclamations of its pervasive ignorance. 

Britain, France, Portugal, Dutch, and Spain along with America were some of the more prominent countries that participated and benefited greatly from slavery without any meaningful acknowledgment or compensation to blacks around the world. The Royal Family has even accumulated substantial wealth and tradition from the slave trade via their royal bloodline and the British empire. Maintaining the Royal family façade at its core is an ode to racism and superiority claims.  

Lord of London, Bank of London Barclays with trillions in assets, JP Morgan Chase, New York Life, Dupont, AIG, Aetna, Wells Fargo, Citibank, Bank of America, Brooks Brothers, Domino Sugar, New York Stock Exchange, Oxford, Dartmouth, Harvard, Columbia, Princeton, Yale, Brown, Rutgers, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Tiffany Co, Wachovia, Norfolk Southern, New York Life, Rothchild, Providence Bank, CSX, and many other companies, entities, or lineages from then still stand today enriched by their slave trade involvement.

It is likely and safe to assume that most entities with a long history were a benefactor of slavery. The Stock Market and Wall Street were heavily involved in the slave trade. Wall Street and the NYSE were established for the express purpose of slave trading operating lawfully by decree since December 14th of 1711 as the official slave vending site in New York sparking the building and expansion of the city. Most port cities were heavily dependent on slavery even in the north.  

The United States has indemnified itself from the jurisdiction of the International Tribunal and the International Criminal Court regarding its past of crimes against humanity as it relates to Blacks, slavery, and atrocities committed on American soil against Black captives. Any atrocities committed on American soil by law are beyond international jurisdiction and condemnation escaping liability. The United Nation General Assembly condemned Apartheid in Africa but the atrocities against Blacks in America has been largely ignored, insincere, and certain changes generally ineffectual.

 If taxation without representation was the reason for America’s revolt; can we not consider murder, forced slave labor without compensation, and systemic racism as a legitimate provocation for black protest? The unforeseen ramifications of the proliferation of slavery, political suppression, and racial discrimination throughout America have had the unintentional consequence of creating the seminal resistance that has prevailed from Blacks enraged by its atrocities to demand accountability for those atrocities.

Whites have not endured, nowhere near, comparatively the degree of suffering in which they have dispensed but are quick to bemoan and cry ouch when their privilege is diminished, or an election is not of their preference. Racism is a form of mental illness and discrimination is a form of cheating. Psychological journals officially classify racism as a mental disorder arising from insecurity and low self-esteem. Notwithstanding the need to cheat, cheating can be defined as a deliberate fraudulent subversion of fairness and morality by alterations of probabilities to gain success.  The realization then has to become an admission that without an unfair advantage their humanity is tremendously self-devalued bringing into question their level of perseverance and achievement without fraudulent concessions. Your advantage is keeping others at an exploited disadvantage.

White America never foresaw a day when the imbalance of their influence would diminish to the point where they would have to address their advantages and abuses in accordance with the scrutinizing consciousness of history and fairness. The crimes levied against Black humanity have been obvious and the perpetrating groups of benefactors have been identified but yet no liability has been meaningfully accepted or imposed for damages caused. Legally retribution is customary for damages suffered. Words are not as sufficient as actions and empty promises have been much more enduring than actual commitment.  

This conservative ideology wants to force acceptance of their deeds and their beliefs upon everyone as in the past and dismiss opposing views while declaring a clear conscience free from damages or redress.  The past would insinuate a present discontinuation. The conservative values façade long used to camouflage the absolute certainty of the atrocities committed and the participating parties leaves no doubt other than, what will be the remedy. The forcing of their racist principles and propensities upon others is in stark contrast to even God granting humanity freedom of choice of belief. This should now leave no choice but to force some redemptive principles upon yourself towards an equitable resolution by ideology, government, business, and institutional structure.  


The fear of a level playing field seems greater than the fear of repudiation of racism or historical condemnation for the carnages of your atrocities. The distress of reckoning with your historical malfeasance, which were so completely and appallingly applied, is deeply rooted in your reluctance for retribution and your forfeiture of advantage. It is difficult to visualize amends when contemplating that maybe with equality your advantage will evaporate or paranoia of the future when the demographics change. The fear is “it ain’t no fun unless you are holding the gun”.  

You fear a syndrome like the cats in the cradle and the silver spoon where you dread a non-white-dominated America may become just like you but towards you. When you firmly held the stick, you beat the “hell” out of minorities, specifically Black people, but now you imagine yourself slowly losing your grip begging for leniency and dismissal of grievances if the oppressed should ever hold the stick. It is an anxiety produced over the consequences, repercussions, and accountability for your nightmare of exploitation, cruelty, and oppression of the Black race.

Consumed fully by the draining burden and deception needed to maintain by any means necessary the portrayal of a sham supremacy that never existed, that was manufactured, and is increasingly ineffective. The fear even extends to a refusal to acknowledge the nightmarish realization that you could have ever espoused such evil that it nauseates your very consciousness igniting your furious denials despite your history’s revulsive accuracy. Denial of the truth does not diminish the truth and perhaps you are what your record says you are, at least history says so.

Fearing looking into the mirror and reconciling your past with your current refusal to acknowledge the advantages you received and the damages it has caused only aggravates the problem and delays the solution. The time has come to settle the four-hundred-year-old accrued debt and recognize that the benefits of the advantages unjustly created for yourself must be justly shared and available to all. The change must be a diametrical shift from the absolved systemic discrimination, deliberate persecution, and calculated economic disadvantages committed against Blacks to specifically including Blacks recommendations for the remedy and promotion of prosperity for the damages of our prolonged racial exploitation.

 If you do something outstanding you want recognition and a parade so if your deed is not so great, then why would that not be allowed to be acknowledged and exposed as well. Imagine if a competing team electronically stole signals, took PEDs (performance enhancement drugs), blatantly had the rules or officiation rigged to their advantage, or any number of other methods used to cheat and influence victory or glorify themselves at your team’s detriment then surely those gains would be resented, deemed illegitimate, and in need of adjustment to ensure a level playing field. That is what everyone should be equally allotted, a level playing field where a standard measurement is applied equally for self-actualizing opportunities and accomplishments without exemption.

 You cannot be fearful when your actions have caused your fear, it is called cause and effect or intentional. If you were not bellyaching when you committed the act, then do not bellyache when you are exposed, and the sanctions become due. You enjoyed the meal, now pay the bill. Reparations have to be recognized as a deserved remedy for combat services rendered, harm done, injustices practiced, and thefts committed.

Blacks have experienced them all without fair and equal compensation. It is morally reprehensible that these crimes against Black humanity continue to persist, are minimized, and dismissed. The time has come to soothe the outcry from the rampages and ravishes that sully all that America claims to stand for and promote around the world but does not practice on American soil claiming immunity, ignorance, or statute of limitations. Crimes against humanity have no statute of limitations or immunity.

 To categorize an action, then examine the action devoid of name or race, and if it is disgraceful and inexcusable, label it as such and assign the culprit to be held accountable and prescribe a remedy to be enforced. When it is time to put a name on it, name names and add up the deeds.  Grades, credit rating, criminal record, career stats and rankings, designations, and accomplishments a few widely accepted measurements of you being what your past record says you have been. They represent accepted systems of acknowledgment and accountability as do reparations.

If you had not committed your action, then there would not have been a reaction created. To make your fear more palatable than your atrocities in this case, fear should not be a state of anxiety but an acronym and a pledge to black people of Freedom, Equality, Atonement, and Reparations.  Then redress for damages by the offending parties should be made forthcoming without complaint or compromise.


Thurston K. Atlas

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Black Trilogy- Crimes Against Humanity Part 1

When Playtime is Over.

The Black Trilogy- Crimes Against Humanity Part 1 


Welcome to when playtime is over, our goal is to stimulate thought and conversation, not to convert your perspective. Any persuasion is solely at your discretion and deliberation. For your consideration we would like to offer The Black Trilogy- Crimes Against Humanity Part 1 and as always for those who are easily offended, emotions will not be needed so please before entering check your feelings at the door.

 Absolute Certainty

According to Google, crimes against humanity are defined as acts that are purposefully and systematically committed against an individual civilian or an identifiable part of a civilian population. These crimes are specified as extermination, murder, enslavement, torture, imprisonment, rape, forced abortion, and other sexual violence, in addition to persecution on political, religious, racial, and gender grounds, the forcible transfer of populations, the enforced disappearance of persons, and the inhumane act of knowingly inflicting any of these atrocities.

If such crimes are first to be proven, then let us not use the highest burden of proof used in a criminal trial which is beyond a reasonable doubt, but even beyond that where an absolute certainty can be applied without any doubt. History bears witness to the overwhelming evidence that has been left littered throughout time for over four hundred fifty years just in America. There is no doubt about the elements of these savagely immoral crimes, their vicious intent, or their subsequently devastating impact. The identity of these perpetrators and their oppressed victims are clear with the damages being astronomical.

The implementation, commission, and racist repercussions can be factually demonstrated and traced back to even the highest levels of society and government as being common practice. These actions and pervasive practices have attempted to be disguised and minimized by history and history itself altered to conceal and protect the guilty, but the evidence remains obvious and cannot be justified, denied, nor defied.

These crimes were widespread in national and global magnitude. They were arbitrarily executed in a deliberate and methodical manner enforced by brutally ruthless acts of violence and murder with America having an insatiable appetite and thirst for slavery along with Britain. Is it not pompous and sarcastic that these two countries would hold themselves up to being above reproach and being of the highest character, etiquette, and civility but savagely were the major vendors of slave atrocities? Even beyond the grasps of slavery, America exterminated prosperous and aspiring groups of blacks and their opportunities ensuring generational poverty and educational inadequacies. Murder, lynching, intimidation, and miseducation as well as systemic discriminations sanctioned by law served this purpose well.

Public hangings were the stuff picnics were made of and “coon” hunting was a favorite pastime where black men were chased by dogs and killed for sport comparable to whites casually hunting raccoons. These were twisted forms of entertainment and fun for racist whites. Public whippings and “buck breaking” were leisurely deterrents to discourage defiance and extinguish hope. Blacks were to be kept in their place of despair despite white’s claims of Christianity or any hint of humanity.

The forced exclusion from protections and opportunities effectively eliminated blacks from the possibility of prosperity. The prosperity created was solely for the economic exploitation of blacks to contribute to white’s societal benefit and wealth accumulation. Acts of murder, genocide, massacre, and summary executions were indiscriminately and brutally applied to reinforce white superiority and maximize black compliance thereby ensuring a free labor force that could literally be worked to death for the slave owner’s benefit. Working conditions or worker’s rights were not a consideration and complaints ill-advised.

This enslavement, exclusion, and exploitation of life and liberty were at the sole discretion of the slave master by law.  Psychological conditioning along with physical restraints were mainly what achieved and maintained this position of dominance. Escape seemed futile and routinely as a reminder public torture was used to deter other slaves from any hope of escape other than by death. The slaves’ imprisonment and hopelessness were compounded by geographical captivity considering where would they run, in which direction, and how far would they get trying to escape before their dark skin tone alone would raise suspicion and capture.

Still today escape is elusive from the summary judgments, disproportionate imprisonments, discriminatory housing, economic suppression and poverty, and roadside executions which are still an incredibly sad reality for blacks. The more modern tools are employed through the criminal justice system being discriminatory and unequally applied, the bail bond system economically and socially prejudiced; healthcare, rehab, and diversion programs biased; jail sentencing abnormal, and by routine roadside executions of blacks by law enforcement with a predisposition to resort to deadly force and racial profiling.

Now the abuse and indifference for black life is demonstrated, vindicated, and institutionalized with this more modern twist perfectly suitable for denial with claims of progressive changes which seek plausible deniability, ethnic adjudication, and cultural immunity. Given the extent of its intrinsic foundation, persistent continuation, and frequent manifestation are we to be cajoled or duped into believing racism is no longer practiced. The harsh reality of selective enforcement of laws and dis-qualifying stipulations against blacks are systematically designed to reject blacks at every facet of society.  

Limited access and opportunity regulates the number of Blacks who can enjoy that which is taken for granted by others as their entitlement and normal progression of wealth accumulation. The lingering subtleties of psychological damage, intentional miseducation, and racial recriminations are constant obstacles to be overcome. A black person is unqualified while a white person is a candidate for training or internship. A black person is a drug addict by choice while a white person has a disease addicted by medical predisposition. A black person commits a crime while a white person makes a mistake for the same offense. A black person must be locked away to protect society when a white person is a prime candidate for rehabilitation and second chances or given the benefit of the doubt.

Perception is reality and the historical reality has been that there is no act too horrendous against a black person when committed by a white person. Rape, forced pregnancy, and what amounts to gorilla pimping has been historically used to defile the black woman and justified by her supposedly insatiable appetite and animalistic desire for sex. Sexual crimes against black women by white slave owners were just the way business was done notwithstanding the degenerate slave master’s predatory nature. It was justified because she was just property and the virtuous white woman above exposure to such despicable predatory sexual desires.

It would be inconceivable that the bond between mother and child would be so casually severed by the sale and forced separation of families except for considering the lack of humanity of the perpetrators. Without regard to the pain either suffered, the black human property had no feelings or bond which needed to be considered. The detachment from the family unit by black males was reinforced by the forcible transfer of children, siblings, and spouses without a moment’s notice. The emasculation of the black male was preferred, blacks were by legal decree a commodity to be sold or dealt with without regard except for their value as free labor and breeding.

No race of people in America has been treated as gruesomely for as long as the black race. No race has had a society built upon their backs in such a manner as the black race without significant participation in the benefits. No race has had the law of the land orchestrated against their existence and humanity as brutally and blatantly as the black race has. The suffering has been long and harsh with the effects still fully observable today in every aspect of society.

The hateful and righteous indoctrination of discrimination has been such an insidious force in the DNA of America that those who have benefited the most and practiced it vigorously fail to recognize or acknowledge the advantages provided them as a result of slavery and racism. They further refuse to accept the generational impairment and destruction it continues to have on black lives in addition to providing their own white privilege.

No other race of people who have been the victims of such extreme oppression are expected to exhibit Stockholm Syndrome to the doctrines, symbols, and traditions of their oppressors after supposedly being freed from them. The beloved American Flag, the Star-Spangled Banner, and the very moral blueprint known as the United States Constitution are things that blacks fought and died for but were expressly excluded from the benefits and protections of. The lunacy of honoring the blunt force instruments and ideologies immorally used to historically bludgeon the black race is only exceeded by the outrage of those reluctant to understand black’s refusal to continue to do so.

After the American Revolution with the establishment of the United States, the British flag held no expectation of allegiance or authority America was bound to honor. After the Nazi Regime fell there was no expectation of forgiveness and allegiance to the Third Reich by the Jewish population who were so barbarically tortured and killed. Appropriately there is no time or distance which is too great for the accountability of Nazi war criminals for their crimes against humanity which rightfully cannot go unpunished.  America has expressed no limit to the outrages committed in other countries while America remains oblivious to America’s deeds where blacks are concerned. However, after the carnage Blacks have endured at the hands of America there is still an expectation that we should honor these instruments of oppression without reservation equally as the white benefactors and our oppressors would.

Their history, as well as the Confederate Flag, opposes the very humanity and freedom of the black race but in this day and time, blacks are expected to honor or tolerate these as if they had applied to us in a beneficial manner. None less than the United States Constitution quantified a black person by LAW as three-fifths of a human being. It has continued with the theory of eugenics and in most of our lifetime expressed where a black man was deemed not even smart enough to quarterback a football team or suitable for a college education.

The founding principles of equality, freedom, and opportunity were never meant to include or apply to Black people. Nor was the U.S. Constitution, Pledge of Allegiance, Protection under the Law, Economic Prosperity, or Social Respectability to be afforded Black people, but our allegiance to and defense of them are required, expected, and has been proven. Our life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness have yet to be delivered unabated by racism and brutality.

Love it or leave it is the cliché, but the love for us is not equivalent to the love required from us. The forced elimination of our roots and culture makes leaving problematic especially when we contributed so much. Blacks were here before the influx of European immigrants and contributed more to its wealth than those who would send us back to where we come from while denouncing their own return to their origins. Those who would claim these entitlements lack the sweat equity or seniority in this country compared to Blacks. Blacks were forced to this land, but whites chose this land for the vast wealth and opportunities that Blacks directly or indirectly provided.

White ownership of everything imaginable and their way of life has been subsidized by their exploitation of Blacks and others in a twisted demented form of highjacked affirmative action minus the required discrimination experience. Still the extent, benefits, and longevity of white privilege has not proven to be sufficient. With that massive of a privileged subsidy, they still have the audacity to expect those oppressed not to seek equitable treatment and opportunities not to mention an end to systemic racism. The fruits and benefits from racism are comparable to the grandest of larcenies of receiving stolen property for which the owner should be reimbursed in equal value of what was taken, or the stolen goods returned.

The actions of these murderous thieves have been historically identified for the record but not yet held accountable by legal or financial decree. From the introduction of Blacks to this land; there has been political persecution, dismissive human rights, omission from the voting system, restrictions in the governing elements of society, wealth suppression, as well as derogatory stereotypical perceptions and misrepresentations. Injustices are still prevalent today with obstacles in the voting, wealth, and governing processes.

The moral corruption of white privilege combined with the fundamental obsession with greed has created a moral justification anointed by religion and granted from God. This alleged religious zeal along with conservative values are used as vindication for their disguised greed which greatly contributed to their clear conscious allowing some of the most heinous crimes committed against humanity anywhere and at any time. The resulting righteous morality stands in opposition to the self-proclaimed white virtue of God-fearing worshippers instead exposing their money worshipping and blood-thirsty tendencies cloaked in religion.  

Religious assimilation and indoctrinations have been intentionally used as a psychological tool to placate and control Blacks. It is a forced adaptation and embrace of perspectives that serve to contort our minds with obedience, hope, and tolerance. We are left seeking a salvation that has eluded us but enriched and emboldened the white expectations of privilege and superiority. These religious inclinations and symbolisms have perpetuated white supremacy and black inferiority due to the written and visual perversions and manipulations of their presentation and acceptance. These influences have been thoroughly effective by contaminating the hearts, minds, and justifications of those who have committed racial oppression and have been victims of this oppression.

The world’s wealth-generating commodity has been Black slave labor on a global scale whereby many countries’ and organizations’ wealth can be attributed to black suffering. The damage from legally sanctioned racial discrimination and suppression of education along with the lack of quality of that education can never be understated, exaggerated, or casually dismissed. Remember it was illegal for blacks to learn to read which maintained the uneducated heathen narrative and the black disadvantage. Mutilation, murder, and brutality have now been replaced by a subtle structured depravity reflected in the lack of fair economic considerations, lack of educational integrity, law enforcement use of excessive force, prejudicial incarceration rates and durations, discriminatory housing, usurious bank loans, higher insurance rates, unconscionable unemployment rates, health care inadequacies, minimal black business investments or empowerment, and generational poverty.

The above-documented history and methods of crimes against the humanity of Blacks can no longer be justified, ignored, denied, or minimized. Those whites, assimilating immigrants who self-identify as white, and even Blacks must now educate themselves on the crimes, thefts, robberies, appropriations, seizures, and deceptions to ask themselves with an honest and comprehensive examination of the facts what conclusions can be drawn and what reflection does that have on the treatment of blacks in America.

If you cannot envision it from a black perspective then what would you or your identifying subgroup think, do, or tolerate without protest or resistance if this were your history in America. Some from other nationalities that have come here have also assumed the white supremacy discriminatory perspective of white America to assimilate and subjugate their own cultures while compounding the racial problem for blacks. Is this the proud history of America to make America great again that is now espoused by some or some other period of time that did not include the racism which has always been present? The future can not be found in the past and with a past like America’s what manner of person would want to return to it where only white males were of any consequence and savagery abound.

Imagine yourself, white America, yielding to such nonsense without protest or call for change. After all, the founding fathers never experienced this kind of vicious oppression but were certainly purveyors of it. Unjust treatment and coerced economics are why there was a revolt called the American Revolution which led to the founding of this country or in other words America reneging on payment terms to Britain, not taxation without representation. By principle, the government of America was charged with ensuring these atrocities were not permitted but instead institutionalized them for monetary gain and black human detriment. They were not alone in promoting these atrocities being accompanied by most long-tenured businesses and institutions in this country. They too are responsible for the ravages and should be financially brought to account for the resolution of their actions and participation.   

The Bill of Rights regarding the protection of individual liberties did not extend to Blacks and most certainly not fairly when it did, specifically Amendment IV to be secure in person and place, Amendment V due process of law, and Amendment VIII freedom from cruel and unusual punishment. The United Nations under its basic principles and guidelines on claims to a remedy, which include five categories, has sanctioned the right to reparations for victims from the offending party. The crimes against humanity perpetrated against blacks necessitate compensatory and punitive damages acknowledging as the restitution a restorative material obligation of redress. Reparations insinuate a more jovial oversite of payments owed but should include judicial, societal, and institutional adjustments to the abuses and violations. Either way, it would seem that redress and compensation are well overdue and of that, we can be absolutely certain.

Disclaimer: This not to claim that simply being white specifically makes accusations of participation in slavery or racism but to generally state that whites were the predominant identity and benefactors of those who did participate and oppress in America by demographic distinction. It is not a comprehensive indictment just an overwhelming observation of historical fact, not all but many since there have always been white allies as well. Many did participate but all benefited by skin tone association as an extension of white privilege.


Thurston K. Atlas

Creating A Buzz