Dark History, Bright Future

Anthem of Evolution

 Thurston’s Thoughts

Empowering Perspectives and Suggestions on Racism

 Thurston K. Atlas




“Don’t be Afraid to Think or Explore the Origins of Perspectives, Traditions, and Behaviors.”
-Thurston K. Atlas

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“Whether real, imagined, or psychological, determined people don’t use metaphorical crutches or legitimate excuses.”  

                                                                                                                                                              -Thurston K. Atlas

Dark History, Bright Future-Anthem of Evolution

In the book, Dark History, Bright Future Anthem of Evolution, Thurston presents a candid examination of the sociology of racism, modern social systems, primitive rituals, and religious manipulations cloaked in conformities of ignorance. This is a casual forensic inquiry of history, methodologies, ideologies, and consequences of racism, religion, and economics to formulate narratives leading to our modern challenges of divisiveness and conflict. The sanctity of ignorance must be individually and intellectually dissected for suggestive solutions and future perspectives to identify historical traps of distraction, dehumanization, and deceit.

The book’s goal is to stir discovery, self-evaluation, discussion, and the rejection of counter-productive ideologies, behaviors, and conformities designed for subjugation. Among the evaluations are suggestions for solutions to understanding the context of time, genetic migration, economic motives, political influence, military conquest, spiritual corruption, and psychological captivity. Not surprisingly, these transcend race to maintain exploitation through servitude as essential to a ruling class heavily reliant upon etymological illiteracy.

Dark History, Bright Future, the Anthem of Evolution is a call to shed the mental shackles of forbidden curiosities and rational impossibilities. Dare to explore your beliefs as the iceberg of deception melts under factual scrutiny. This must-have book is an expansive journey into the tip of this deception and ignorance binding us. Free your mind, un-shield your eyes, and hear clearly this resounding message.




Expect Amazing

The author, Thurston K. Atlas is a messenger to hopefully convey insight and provide rationale to the rituals of conformity for expanded thought, perception and perspective. Our intellectual boundaries are our reality. Our reality is the simulation of those limitations. Expansion is moving beyond the boundaries to infinite possibilities. Your mind belongs to you. Use it to shed the hood of ignorance and psychological captivity.

Dark History, Bright Future-Anthem of Evolution

Dark History, Bright Future-Anthem of Evolution by Thurston K. Atlas

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