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By now within a matter of days how could anyone escape the tidal wave of comedy and tragedy engulfing the minds and conversations of over 28 million certified views and counting. A social media bandwagon has sprouted from it. One comic detonated on a social media channel about individuals within an industry from his perch of observation, contempt, and principle. Solacious to say the least as far as the multitude of voyeuristic appetites tickled. Not to judge as true, false, or indifferent but to ponder the phenomenon of what curiosity was activated and how to harness that spark of engagement.

Whether he is viewed as fearless or reckless, the reach and breath cannot be denied or minimized. It is astonishing or as they say viral. My curiosity is not what was accomplished or the mass impact surviving the initial shockwave. Was it just entertainment or a mad comedic scientist who has mastered his craft and was in his bag casting his spell? Genius teeters on madness or is it so close it is hard to tell the difference. Maybe there is no difference except for the outcome. However, if he wanted to give them something to talk about, he most certainly did.

There may be some from the pulpit of profit who rejoice that he came along just in time to deflect from their deflection of the more substantive matters which for the life of Jesus we dare not give the same contemplations. It is no longer strange or sad what garners our attention or energy. Are our circumstances so dire or us so feeble to be consumed by constantly consuming ourselves? I understand his gripe with them but what is ours? I even understand the holy hypocrisy of those we elevate who betray that elevation but when will we learn? They are only human with their own faults and challenges as self-confessed.

So, are we betrayed by them or by our expectations placed outside ourselves? What I would not like to understand is when the smoke clears, who are we attacking so thoroughly and viciously when we don’t have a horse in the race or their violation is only of our expectations. Is it karmic or cosmic injustice or just bad timing? Perhaps it is unpoetic diversions along the path to prophetic realizations of self-deceptions. In other words, self-hypnosis in a waywardly untherapeutic escape of condemnation vicariously surmising what we would do in situations we would unlikely find ourselves.

More pointedly if we did find ourselves, perhaps as a solution we should put ourselves in positions to affect change from these positions. They say those who know don’t say and those who say don’t know. I also submit only those who know can say while those who don’t can only speculate or postulate. Oh how we do enjoy a good talking up under somebody’s clothes or pulling skeletons out of their closet.

It’s cool if it leads to good, if not, not. Not to play the race card, but count the targeted casualties. It was personal to him and he spoke his truth. If it was business to them and their soul or conscious, what was it to us? Me, I have a different concern, more pressing. If only we could galvanize 28 million people’s focus over a couple of days regarding challenges that inversely affect the millions and not the few such as poverty, homelessness, or violence. Maybe we could call it Club No Way.

Thurston K Atlas

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