The Black Reality

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Inner City Blues

Black folks it is time to face the reality and speak the truth. It is true that we have faced hundreds of years of racism and oppression in America and any atrocity that the mind can imagine has been committed against us. That is a given and the truth of those actions and consequences remain obvious to us today but we have proven to be resilient.

There can be no denying that there are many reasons for the Black condition but are there any excuses? Let me say we have a right to tell the truth about others but we also have an obligation to tell the truth about ourselves to ourselves to improve our condition. We may not want to hear it but we should hear it from ourselves truthfully.

Believe in what you see more than what you are told because you can be shown better than you can be told. Actions always speak louder than words so what is understood need not be spoken but observed. If we do not like the truth then we should make it a lie by changing the reality, not the narrative.

The debt of slavery has not been paid nor is it likely to be paid to our satisfaction or the extent of the damage that was done. It is no secret in our inner circles what we agonize over the most in our communities and it is not the police, racism, or the white man.

In some of our neighborhoods, we barely see the police or interact with them. If there are whites in our community they are a scarce minority if at all. Racism has always tipped the scales so that is nothing new or nothing we can’t or haven’t overcame. We are not fooling those outside our circle because it is plain to see and increasingly harder to conceal. That is why they can keep reminding us and deflecting from their actions that hurt us because sometimes we hurt ourselves more. We give them something to talk about.

Could we be wrong more so than they are, just as two wrongs don’t make a right but it doesn’t make us even either, it makes us odd? Oddly enough, how can we and why are we just as equally wrong as the forces that we complain and protest about asking them for our equality and safety? What do we demand of ourselves in our predominately black neighborhoods where a different form of cultural racism and genocide is practiced by us?

Why is it easier to point the finger at others as the source of our problems in OUR communities where they have a minor presence? We can not pretend to have submitted our consciousness and condition to their influence when they are not present unless we admit to the frailty of our minds to be so thoroughly conditioned to perform atrocities against ourselves for them.

We have to keep it one thousand family, it is us doing it to us. Whatever the number of unarmed Blacks killed by the police which is a crime and tragedy, how many more would be at the dinner table if we were not killing our own at an alarming rate in these streets?

How many innocent children would continue to play? How many families have been generationally damaged from the drug game? Why is it unsafe in our communities from those who prey on those who look like them, never leaving the neighborhood to commit a crime but would claim black lives matter to them?

Why are our black women disrespected by us and treated in ways anything but queenly? Okay, I hear you playboy and that may be true but what about you man in the mirror or your mother or daughter? Is it proper for Black women to project images appropriating other cultural standards of beauty to their impressionable daughters diminishing the empowerment and dignity of their child’s blackness or self-love?

Is our own self-esteem and character which reflects our integrity and principles by our conduct more important than fronting for others? Are we that fragile in our thirst for validation? Could our conduct, discipline, and ambition have a positive impact on our children? What about for other races to be less resistant to our humanity?   

We have proven ourselves to be a resilient people but not as collectively progressive as we could have been. We cannot normalize or excuse our behavior that holds us stagnant as others surpass our condition while holding us in contempt. We have worked hard but now we must work smarter to produce a reality that aligns itself with our expectations and demands.

Instead of continuing to focus on the negative not within our control, we must focus on the negative that is within our control. We cannot cry our bed is hard if we contribute to making it that way. It is an emotional display that restricts meaningful gain except for an outburst of feelings.  Time to grind if harvest is upon us. The grind will take extra effort but the harvest is abundant by using the principle of addition by subtraction and innovative substitution of traditional education and rejecting self-limiting socialization.


We will have less of a need for others if we take care of our business first.  We can take what is ours when we can give it to ourselves. Reminds me of the Godfather of Soul, James Brown, who sang “I don’t want nobody to give me nothing open up the door and I’ll get it myself”.

Enough doors are open with the ability to open more doors for our harvest but we must position ourselves advantageously. A change in our mentality and specific education outside of the structured diagram of social engineering must take place.   

Many of us know the rules of the streets and how to survive if not thrive but it is time to switch the game up from the nonsense some have told ourselves that this is the only way available to us. There are better ways but it will require something more of us. We can’t convince ourselves that it is economics-related because it is other ways of making coin that doesn’t hurt the community in which we live. It is not always the economics but the mentality and lack of applied ingenuity.

Life will present challenges but we should avoid the damage that we do to ourselves, our image, and our communities. Certain elements of Black culture have taken on a detrimental mentality that greatly contributes to our collective condition. We should not take negative labels or harmful behaviors and embrace them as a positive appropriation of endearment or conduct.

What we immerse ourselves in becomes our reality and desensitizes us from the cause and effect of its impact. The nature of some of our music from the earliest age conditions us with subliminal indoctrinations that form our perspectives and behaviors to what we accept, conform to, and subscribe to become.

We must be diligent about what we expose our children to especially if it promotes negative connotations described as entertainment. We must then ask ourselves who benefits from our mimicking these actions and behaviors? Can we expect to be anything other than dysfunctional when the music that we bombard ourselves with is tainted by violence and indifference as a constant primary programming? We have tricked ourselves into devouring it and blame others for our appetite.

Just weigh the benefit against the detriment and compare it to what you observe in the community. Black man we must reacquaint ourselves with what it means to be a protector, provider, and example for our families and communities by being engaged in providing veteran leadership and knowledge-creating stability. Black man let’s put an end to this now by paying now so they don’t pay a greater price later. Time to lead the charge.

Our ego or being a tough guy or a “real one” can not displace our obligation to our family or contribution to our community with an allegiance to a broken spirit of weakness disguised as bravado while riding for despair and destruction, not respect or progress. It takes effort to build and larceny to destroy but whose future are we robbing if not us and ours?

I asked a lot of questions but maybe they were not questions but solutions or concepts that may lead to solutions. I cannot be ashamed to say that the generation of the eighties and nineties became distracted after making significant gains in the sixties and seventies against stern opposition.

I say that to say this that the fruit today was from seeds planted then, just as the fruit of tomorrow will be the seeds planted today. We must regain our compass and set a course of self-determination and self-realization that requires no one’s consent just our grind.

We can’t wait on reparations or equality. You cannot seek personal equality unless you personally feel inferior and collective systematic equality in the form of institutional fairness will take far too long waiting for grace to be granted. We grant yourself equality by the strength of our perspective and integrity. We can not overcome or operate from a position of weakness.

It is never good when you have to ask from a position of weakness. With that said let us pay ourselves reparations first by our conduct and progression creating an atmosphere where nothing less than our respect and equality will be expected from or accepted by us.

We need to respect our lives and stop the killings of each other and call it some soft sucker shit to throw a rock and hide your hand. If it is that important to blast then put your pride on the line and throw down or better yet let it ride if it causes more problems than it solves. The cycle must be broken by being avoided.

More of our people need to make it home and not just from the hands of the police. Time to break the chains that enslave our minds to move beyond conflict or protest to elevation and progression then like James Brown said we too can “say it loud” and truly be black and proud.

Progression is a transition of a perception that becomes an obsession manifesting a realization. Reasons are why you do something excuses are why you do not. Make no excuses allowed our determination to not do harm to our progression. Let the healing begin within while the solution resides outside the pitfalls of social engineering.

In memory of my brother C.T. (Gery Curl) from East St. Louis who taught me to be resilient and resourceful. 


Thurston K. Atlas

Creating A Buzz

Democracy Divided

Welcome to when playtime is over, our goal is to stimulate thought and conversation, not to convert your perspective. As always for those who are easily offended emotions will not be needed so please check your feelings at the door.

Solomon’s Dilemma 

Often when making a decision it may become advisable and even necessary to visually project that if a particular scenario plays out to its logical conclusion what are the ramifications and unintended consequences created. Without any consideration for the standard of evidence required to prove or disprove an assertion, it must be presented to be evaluated.

If such favorable evidence exists for consideration why would it not be presented regarding voter fraud and election indiscretions as claimed? Denials of a result without counter-evidence are just outlandish claims or machinations of not being able to accept defeat. It is a delusion that you were not defeated or could not have been defeated especially when performing your personal best although you were out-performed. As they say, check the scoreboard it was not close.

Assuming if any of these bellyaches which were repeatedly denounced and rebuked by authorities mostly considered favorable to you had any merit or sliver of truth they surely would have been upheld or revealed by now. Your preferred scenario to invalidate or rectify an election dispute instead of presenting evidence was to violently overthrow the Capitol and to forcibly install Trump. It must be further explored for feasibility.

If then President Trump were to be installed as some form of ultimate authority by the violent dissent and frenzy of his followers after overtaking the Capitol and its politicians what would that authority or title be? Would there be future elections? To prevent Democrats from ever being in a position to ruin the country would it then be a one-party Republican union? How would the majority or larger number of voters who rejected Trump be conceded?

A one-party political system is a monarch or dictatorship especially if installed as a violent toppling of the existing government. These actions would exempt democracy from being practiced. Historically speaking how many dictators have been democratically voted out after dissatisfaction arises with them among those who forcibly installed them.

I would assume then that there would probably be no need for the Senate, a House of Representatives, or Supreme Court since the boss would be running things. A new governmental structure would have to be established solidifying his hold over the government and people which usually involves military obedience and gun control. He could and would not risk what happened for him to happen against him.

It would seemingly invite military action against segments of the public deemed to be insurrectionists to your insurrection. Government, Military, and Law Enforcement would have to purge their ranks of sympathizers partial to democracy and the ballot box. Many who fled these regimes structures around the world would now be subjected to it in America, some by their own violent hands. At least there will be something to compare it to when wondering what impact does that have on Freedom and Democracy.

The societal echelon would reflect the prevailing correction of the racial pecking order restoring America to immoral greatness again. Some religious Freedoms and groups would most certainly not be tolerated at all, hopefully amongst them not yours of course. Returning to a time of core values might be a time that did not include acceptance of you. Remember when those core values did not trust a catholic to be President when JFK ran? At what point might your Republican fervor and ideology divert from the mainstream to exclude yourself?

Further assuming other implications such as the economic impact and the resulting disruptions caused by a government overthrow is first and foremost the certainty that an unstable republic could no longer be the default currency of the world. This action alone would overnight send markets crashing, devalue U.S. currency, annihilate retirements, wipe out pension funds, trigger government defaults, and collapse the economy. Perhaps it would even allow the likes of China to gain world dominance and things would certainly be different around here then.

The uncertainty it would create in the global economy for civil war to emerge in America is the most ingenious method to influence a conceptual change in politics and devaluation of money not to mention political strength. Without hard asset value or fiat currency, the alternative is to implement a digital-only currency with no value except for perceived and controlled access.

Crushing financial and economic de-valuations of banks, securities, debt, credit sources, mortgages, transportation, businesses, and insurance industries surely would suffer substantial losses. The Covid 19 virus damage to the economy would pale in comparison to civil war notwithstanding dealing with Covid at the same time. We would be sitting ducks while being too busy fighting amongst ourselves.

Medicaid and Medicare would most likely be disrupted severely as well as methods of payment and delivery of medication and medical services. With the transportation of food and goods decimated, online delivery of products extinct, and civil unrest-related safety hazards magnified the chaos would all need to be anticipated. If you thought Covid had you afraid to go outside and closed things down, think again. What company or currency would be sustainable if the government itself lost it spending and buying power as well as compromises to the operating systems that facilitate them.

The labor force would be made totally unstable and fractured. Additionally, Federal aid to states and cities uncertain, ceasing of federally funded or subsidized programs, societal disorders and criminal desperation spiked, despair for personal survival widespread, and the total dysfunction of the judicial, criminal, and penal systems across the nation simultaneously destroyed. The power grid, water systems, and sewage and waste systems would cease to function or be sporadic.  

Consider your subgroup treatment under democracy and then reimagine it without. Sexual preference, sexual identities, interracial unions, racial protections, or religious freedoms for example which are not the consensus among the common insurrectionist tolerances would likely be trampled as your right to not be infringed upon.

Wherever your conduct diverts from these minority voter’s preferences as not aligning with their historic racist, sexist, or caste system indulgences or beliefs, what protections from persecution would exist for your subgroup? If you need a hint or assurances look at history before you were needed, you would certainly be relegated back to the dungeon of society. 

Once subjected to the imposed conservative values heavily influenced by so-called Christianity and enforced by radical violence and racist suppression follows the forced conversion and acceptance of a heritage steeped in the dormant biases of the past whose practice is preferred and escape has proven to be quite elusive. The escalation and justification are moral and patriotic values under the cloak of religion manifested in racism, exploitation, sexism, and inequality as it always has been. Only blatantly and without remorse again.

This sense of acceptability on display now makes it comfortable again to proudly proclaim what was only allowed to be shamefully whispered. Backed by patriotic proclamations and First Amendment rights used to threaten any opposition that attempts to changes this stagnant illusion of time and detachment from progression. Your quality of life no longer threatened by the advancement of other people but secured by the systematic advantages and suppression of other’s fair opportunity. Home of the brave’s valor bolstered by Second Amendment rights instead of the quality of your ability.

Now those advantages can be relied upon by you with those nostalgic yearnings no longer frozen in the past. So great is your prevailing denial and deception of this delusion is to be utterly convinced the election was rigged against the restoration of this vision instead of the repudiation of it. The variance within the ranks of those who would collectively argue election fraud fractionally disagree to the extent and manner it could be proven except established by force.


Most nationalities have been discriminated against at some point in their history especially their origins in America to now claim inclusion and exemption by white membership. That said immigration standards would have to absolutely be adjusted to reflect the caliber of people worthy of populating the new republic and what to do with the unworthy who are here, enslave them again? The moral insurrectionist would certainly have their immigration limits and standards. It most certainly it would not be reflected by those who stormed the Capitol whom then President Trump complained how raggedy they were dressed for an overthrow disguised as bums.

No longer being a democracy, it then follows that democracy could not possibly be encouraged or supported anywhere around the world having a collateral effect on other country’s sovereignty. The accumulative global political structural reverberations even beyond those mentioned cannot be calculated. 

There must be a comparative assessment of the purpose, benefit, and damages probable in this pursuit of the forceful irrational implementation of a minority of voter’s candidate. The succession of states is even more problematic but I guess he could be the President of Texas or Florida. If there is evidence as to why the overwhelming majority of voter’s democratic and constitutional rights should be discarded for the installment of a minority of voter’s preferences then let it be presented.

If the bombastic claims have not been presented as proof by now, it may be time to shit or get off the pot if you not going to use it. If it is to be told then tell it and back it up with proof just as you would request of those who you would question. It is way past time to put up or shut up. The shattering of the country has begun to show its fragility when force is the first discourse for the disappointment of voter choices of elected officials.

Four years in power and favorable supporters in position to protect and promote Trumpism by concerted efforts to stack the deck to cajole and coerce the election outcome yet still there are no claims that withstood judicial repudiation. Beyond the rhetoric, there must be a recognition that sometimes your team doesn’t win and the officiating was just despite your wishful outcome. There are always reasons why someone won and someone lost aside from someone has to, look at yourself first.

Maybe it had something to do with dissatisfaction with Trump’s lies, judgment, and performance. With clear conscious and honest reflection, the impact of the mishandling of the Covid-19 virus, the racial discord, harsh policies of implementation of immigration, indifference to truthfulness and accountability, international political scorn, and the attack on voter confidence which led to a historic engagement of voters has to be factored into the loss. The current condition of Lenin-styled scorched Earth tactics from a vindictive now-former President should expose all that needs to be known.

Brought into focus and reason, this version of society brought about by a treasonous insurrection aftermath would be deeply unfavorable to most. The majority forced adherence would I assume be contrary to the spirit of the insurrection of Democracy and that brand of governmental control. Many politicians have come and gone, no matter how popular or unpopular they were the democratic republic has stood as a representation of the people’s will. Democracy is about collectively agreed-upon rules of conduct even when your choice is not preferred. It is not the galvanizing of force but instead consensus of votes.

It works that way for your interest as well as against your preference when the majority sees it otherwise. Odd that a willingness to kill elected officials and overthrow the seated government would be easier than providing proof. The most votes are the solution to losing and that did not happen for Trump. The choice is simple mutual compromise or civil self-destruction by sheer cannibalism.

The reality is a self-inflicted destructive feeding frenzy where extensive devastation and destruction prevails or an eager opportunistic regime moves in to conquer in the chaos. This is not about one man but it is about how he created an atmosphere to cultivate and encourage an undercurrent of sentiment that frankly needs to be addressed and rejected.

By the same token, some would say that he simply exposed that which had been denied but insidiously present and vigorously demonstrated being used now against the very seat of Democracy. Either way, we all can agree from our own perspective that WE have a problem that needs a resolution, no longer being able to deny the corrosive implications and destructive existence.

The agreement has always been our societal collective majority voting preference, not our minority voting preference. Even when that preference was oppressive and evil it was still the preference exercised until progress overtook ignorance. Force had been was used to uphold injustice, the collective majority to change it. Now it comes down to the good of the many by consensus and healing choosing survival or rupturing Democracy by sedition for a debilitating future.          

The simplest perspective to apply is the wisdom of King Solomon, reputed to be the wisest man to ever live. When confronted with the dilemma of the two women each asserting themselves to be the birth mother of a child. The wise King instructed that the child be split in two with one half given to each woman surely killing the child.

The King knew that the real mother with genuine love would sacrifice their preference for the survival of the child. The child is Freedom by way of Democracy and the question is if God-fearing patriotic insurgents would rather suffer the ramifications of overthrowing the government ensuring the death of Democracy?

To preserve their lie while providing no proof of former President Trump winning they are proven to not possess a genuine love for Democracy. No one has put any meat on the table proving he won even while some Republican voters flocked away from him. By default they have proven their real claim, loyalty to a lying sycophant.

To split the child is to kill the child, democracy and freedom murdered and cannibalized after withstanding many foreign threats only to succumb to domestic upheaval without merit. There are indeed those in favor of splitting the child. There are those who will not loudly and explicitly denounce these domestic terrorist actions and sentiments which threaten the country. 

The temporary faint of outrage identifies their motives and cowardice to displease Trump although he has no qualms about talking all up under their clothes. They succumb to his bully tactics and their own power grab instead of their pledge of office and obligation to the wellbeing of the republic they should serve without fear of Trump’s scorn.

Their obstruction of anything by default that the new administration proposes and constant reliance on Trump for approval in government affairs is borderline treason by Republicans and those Democrats sitting around waiting for bipartisan conciliation are borderline remiss by de facto when considering the Republicans had no such reservations when they were in power.  

Survival for the existence of the country cannot endure what it has been allowed to become nor can it survive just as a baby split in two cannot survive. United there is strength but also survival. Democracy and the virtue of fairness must be allowed to expand to all segments of society to survive.

There is a lot at stake for partisan disappointment in one election to ruin the country when there is always the people’s majority vote for the next time. For a former President to advocate for dividing the country we should know that he has no concern for Democracy and would rather see it split it not under his power. King Solomon would definitely see through this ploy and not divide the child or give it to the callous heart of a deceitful liar who lost. 


Thurston K. Atlas

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Essential Workers

Welcome to when playtime is over, our goal is to stimulate thought and conversation, not to convert your perspective. As always for those who are easily offended emotions will not be needed so please check your feelings at the door.

Your dependency is required.

Dependency applies to many concepts in ways that are personal, interpersonal, substance-related, and financial to name a few, but have you ever considered the dependency of countries and nations? I have considered countries and nations to exhibit the same dependent addictive behavior as an individual.

It is called the Dependency Theory and gained prominence in the United States in the 1950s most certainly as an adaptation to the societal shift in the cheap labor pool. It uses a Marxist concept of Surplus Value applied to our beloved Capitalist society to exploit resources in the form of raw materials but primarily cheap labor for the benefit and advancement of those in power or the elite.

The theory is to mass-produce an excluded class of poor and underdeveloped states or people for the benefit of the wealthy enriching the wealthy at the expense of the subordinate states and people which it creates. In short, a cheap workforce that will be competent but obedient and deemed “essential workers” for the elite’s wealth accumulation.

Dependency is a state of the individual, the collective, or a situation that is controlled to produce a form of reliance and expectation that is almost always viewed in a negative and judgmental way toward the subordinate position. All dependency has an element of submission to perceived power, fear that carries the insecurities of exclusion, or the expectations of some continued benefit.

In other words, a good way to look at it is not so much what is provided but how badly you can be made to rely upon it. Dependency is about an unequal balance of what is provided that is irresistibly desired and what is required for it to be provided. The balance of power is always against the one who is dependent or beneath.

Being beneath the power of that which you are dependent on is a recognition of and submission to it because you feel like you don’t have a choice or dread being without. Dependency submits to a state of despair that lessens your initiative, resistance, and hope. Complacency is used to rock you to sleep by accepting the distortion that you cannot function without it or its guidance but mainly that’s just the way it will be or has been.

The resulting void produces a weakness for the dependency followed by the continued discouragement of opposition that leads to addiction. Your willpower has been compromised and captive to your wants elevating them to something that becomes a need. This mutation of you adapting a want to a perceived need stamp out your power to resist or refuse, elevating this power over you by your very own desires.  Like dope.

Fueled by hope and belief to become the very thing that has power over you not realizing that emulation is not assimilation, that is the carrot the mule chases but never or rarely catches. The illusion to obtain it is part of the psychological motivation but was never the intent to allow you to achieve it.

It is effectively used to exercise control for reproducing the conditions for its survival and advancement while denying yours. The wealth of Europe was largely obtained through this manner of exploitation and force. The more suitable method of exploitation today is coercion and restricting opportunity.

For this to work as a sociological theory for cheap labor to persist since colonialism, it was based on the inhumane and economic abuse and exploitation of a designated class.  This theory had to be expanded to include those who were viewed as undesirable or expendable. All cheap labor is secondary to, virtually interchangeable with, and “essential” to that theory.

Territories and nations were made subordinate to other nations creating a form of economic captivity by suppressing and high jacking their benefits from their own labor and resources. Some of the disguised ways that this was and is accomplished is by establishing debt and using compound interest to create disparities for the utilization of funds and resources. This is by pure systematic economic exploitation of the lower class masses.

Another way quite prevalent and obvious today is overpricing and fees that prevents you from otherwise using your money for your own interest. It places constraints on your prosperity and makes it less likely as well as more difficult to rise above these manipulations of wealth. Just notice a pattern of your money going out as opposed to coming in, takes a lot longer to make it than it does to spend it keeping you in a financial spin cycle.

The tools used to maintain a constant generational supply of an underclass labor population for economic gain are systematic and on purpose. Extending your reach educationally and financially beyond your station can be done but takes an enormous effort to elevate yourself against the system. Oftentimes to achieve and maintain an elevated status you must then adhere to the standards of that status and that creates a different level of benefits but also a different level of constraints.

The more you have, the greater the need to protect and maintain it becomes. Same game different level but more at stake which puts you in a position to have to really embrace the system that you thought you were escaping, dependency.


You are now more invested to produce or whatever to maintain your position only to become a more valuable commodity but still a commodity. To elevate yourself you have to position yourself to have those who are a commodity beneath you to produce for you to maintain their position that supports yours.

According to business, the definition of a commodity is a reasonably interchangeable good or material, bought and sold freely as an article of commerce. A service-based economy depends less on goods or materials than it does you, the service or servant. You are that “service” becoming the interchangeable thing that is bought and sold freely as an article of commerce.

Being interchangeable means being just another brick in the wall easily replaced with another one just like you. You either give out or wear out but eventual time or circumstances prevail to replace you. So being interchangeable also makes you expendable but nonetheless “essential” to generating more commerce.

Check and see if your value to your employer remains the same during good and bad times, especially if they might get the short end. Determine if their benefit is preserved regardless of what might happen to you either by their choice to do it or them being forced to do it and why is it being done other than for profits.

It creates an efficient cycle of reliance where the top of the mountain must sit on a wider base or foundation, meaning there must be more at the bottom to support the top. When applied to a service industry it creates an abnormality from the top-down. All who are below in reliant subordinate positions are conditioned to be obedient and tolerant in order to maintain their dependence or status hoping to raise or sustain it.

Imagine if you are a professional athlete during Covid and the terms of your contract were coerced into far more hazardous working conditions for less pay depending on how those above you do. Participation in the losses but not the surpluses. Now imagine if you are an “essential worker” under the same circumstances and your pay is less or the same under severe hazard of contracting Covid or dealing with a disagreeable public.

The only difference between both is the perceived value of the commodity to generate revenue but not the tariffs to the king to maintain the kingdom and enrich themselves by concessions expected by you despite the value of or risk to the commodity or you as the essential worker.

Reliance is the bait that is held before you to expose your habits that feed your wants revealing just how plain old thirsty you can be made to be and the thirstier, the better. Labor unions and collective bargaining came about as a result of the exploitation of how thirsty you can be made to be in order to maintain a cheap labor force.

A cheap labor force must hustle to increase their individual value but by virtue of design cheap labor works best when it lacks initiative and resistance. Practices of Marxism, Colonialism, Capitalism, and many more at their peak all are cheap labor by design at their base to survive. This labor theory has gone from nations to individuals as a societal structure and its systems that support it for some time now.

This is just a little thought for research and conversation to more fully understand the underlying, the behind-the-scenes, or just flat out in the open for all who want to see to notice. A significant influence in what is going on and the societal objective is to quantify you as a commodity for your benefit but to their much greater benefit, valuation, or expectation.

Whether you get a better job, a bigger house, a more prestigious neighborhood, and let us not forget more money or just hand to mouth surviving with the shoes tight the more you have to hustle to achieve and sustain their expectations to justify your hustle. To excel at the game and play it well there is an expectation that the rules would be honored, and that is why you work hard for a fixed calculated reward.

Congratulations if you enjoy the reward but you should also recognize the efficiency of the design of a societal structure that produces a population for depriving economic mobility by restraining opportunities and resources not in accordance with the labor you invested. For those who can excel at getting the most profit margin from others’ labor, a perspective is sometimes to view those who have not as being less than or being lazy.

There is a comfortability among those who have put themselves in a position to not be affected by the reality of the struggles that those considered beneath them endure. At a time like this one can see how influences beyond our control can put us in positions that we never imagined. In a blink of the eye jeopardizing our lifestyles and wellbeing. Economic dependency is interrelated from the bottom up as well as the top down. You need a paycheck and they need you to produce their wealth. A general needs soldiers, but there are always many soldiers and few generals.

The status of a profession has different levels of prestige within the profession. The more the prestige the farther the fall and the more required to maintain the exploitation, though surely mutual but still exploitive and dependent making you the essential commodity for their wealth accumulation. If you need further proof look at the discontinuation of unemployment benefits and the powers that be eager for you to return to the way it used to be even by economic force. It is mandatory and essential for the machine and cycle of dependency to work. 


Thurston K. Atlas

Creating A Buzz

Deadly Jog

Welcome to when playtime is over, our goal is to stimulate thought and conversation, not to convert your perspective. As always for those who are easily offended emotions will not be needed so please check your feelings at the door.

 Posse comitatus

First and foremost, I would like to express my deepest condolences to the family of Ahmaud Arbery and hope that my intent to shed light does not in any way deepen the family’s grief and mourning but be an instrument to assist in achieving justice and perspective. I believe that every person is born with a purpose in life no matter how long or brief that life may be to achieve a higher purpose.

The purpose may be beyond our understanding and reasoning which only deepens our pain, however that purpose may not have been for them to achieve longevity but rather to be the catalyst for the advancement of others. In this situation and situations that are similar, the grand purpose might be to become the straw that stirs the social consciousness and bring about historic change. For whatever reason, some are chosen to be bona fide crusaders to advance a cause greater than themselves.

All law enforcement and prosecutors should know as part of their mandatory training that the only thing that separates the general public and the police in authority is the police’s ability to arrest for misdemeanor crimes and issue citations within their jurisdiction. All citizens have the right to make a citizen’s arrest regarding felony crimes although not recommended and clearly strongly discouraged.

Although that action comes with strong recommendations to avoid making those arrests and is encouraged instead to have minimal contact or interference outside of notifying the police. An off-duty policeman is not even held to the standard of mandatory intervention but only to take a police action which can be as simple as calling the police or transferring information of their observations.

To make a citizen’s arrest in a felony matter you must first have intricate knowledge of what constitutes a felony and the various exceptions that should be considered such as force continuum. The main exception is you cannot legally shoot anyone over property regardless of the property’s value or the felony status of the theft.

Not only do police know this but anyone with a concealed carry permit is taught this as part of their CCW training for receiving a certificate and permit. You also cannot instigate a situation and then claim self-defense or being in fear for life. This information is not only offered by the instructor giving the certificate, but a mandatory state-issued book clearly educating you on the matter. That is why they have police academies and extensive training to distinguish arrest powers.

Civilians attempting to hold someone forcibly on nonfelonies for them refusing to submit to your curiosity and lack of authority is kidnapping. That person is essentially being kidnapped and not even close to meeting the legal threshold needed for a felony citizen arrest. He had no reason or legal obligation to comply with his own kidnapping or legally comply with someone who had no right to confront him brandishing weapons. Kidnapping is not only to remove someone but to also restrict their movements without authority and against their will or consent.

Did this group of self-appointed champions of good know his intent and if he may have been an investor, interested home buyer, had approval, an employee stopping to check, or if he was in fact trespassing? Their knowledge of the law would have to extend to really understanding criminal mischief, criminal trespassing, criminal damaging, vandalism, unoccupied structures, petty theft, and grand larceny to start with in addition to Aubrey’s constitutional rights. He clearly was not carrying stolen property.

None of the above mentioned would grant them the right that they acted upon especially not being directly affected as owners. Did they notify the contractor for confirmation? What was their authoritative jurisdiction? Did they have the minimal legal corpus delicti to affect an arrest, detain him, or make a voluntary request that required him to submit to? What was the evidence of a crime? So now their prima facie probable cause was based on what felony crime they were fairly certain that he had committed. Through their in-depth investigation, did they feel he had to be violently confronted instead of at the very most warned or advised?

Their proliferation of fabricated burglaries in the neighborhood which went unreported had nothing to do with this situation since you cannot burglarize a place with no doors, windows, or encasement to prevent or have the expectation of preventing access or entry. If these vigilantes were aware of the others who committed the same atrocity are they now also justified to hunt them down or how did they confront them?

Were they most likely already aware of others who had done the same but something differentiated Aubrey from them? Were there others with the same violation that were disregarded for their actions because of their race? If he were white would they have reacted differently also overlooking him?  

You would expect a veteran law dog to be a slicker than to be a principal participant in killing someone over property and not even his own property. As a gentleman jogging not using furtive moves, evasive actions that revealed a criminal intent, or any urgency resembling fleeing a crime, then why would it be necessary to confront him in a code red highest threat level pyramid escalation mode with weapons.

Armed private citizens can be assumed to be robbers or an assault attempt. The real police have an obligation to announce who they are loud and clear and advise you of their suspicions when ordering you to comply while in uniform and with a patrol car.  Private citizens demanding compliance while their authority to do so is unknown or nonexistent leads to these sort of issues. That is why citizen arrests are ill-advised unless life has already been endangered.

What was the vigilante’s declaration that would make Aubrey react in fear for his life from a good old fashion roundup or threat of serious physical harm? It seems the only reason for the weapons display was a projected fear by them which was revealed by a premeditated intent to confront him while armed. Even with a numbers advantage while confronting him why would the cowardly lions go that far if they were that afraid.

They could have just followed him until the real champions of do good on the city payroll could have arrived. Having a shotgun drawn for a conversation was not necessary revealing the fear that they claimed was their own creation. Governed by using the minimal force necessary, what were they that afraid of to go even beyond police authority and if they were that afraid why did they?

In law enforcement, there is a natural progression of how things routinely unfold, and this would appear to be outside of that natural progression in the lack of their initial arrest for nearly two months and the appearance of a suspected coverup. This has to stop because it creates a dangerous atmosphere that greatly damages a portion of the public’s trust in believing that you must abide by the law when applied against you although it isn’t applied for you. 

The law must also abide by their own standards when it is broken against you to be applied against another even if they are white. By law, all the affirmative defenses are useless if you place yourself in harm’s way intentionally, are an instigator in the wrong, or third-party defenses that arise out of lack of right or authority with no obligation or danger except that undertaken and created by you.

They exhibited more authority than the police are allowed, and no one had a problem with that, I guess even the retired law dog forgot that he was retired. There are many other exculpatory facts unknown to the public and discrepancies in the stories that cannot be defended.

The examination of tapes or radio transmissions between dispatcher and responders, any separate dispatcher tape and log or notes, landline conversations and texts outside the official system, frame by frame scrutiny of the video taken and visual enhancement to determine specific elements, electronic devices, emails, conversations had and statements made after the fact will surely expose their criminal intent and concealment efforts.




Their story is prone to crack under closer scrutiny exposing their true motivation, racist state of mind, past discriminatory beliefs, validating deceptions, and glaring inconsistencies. The law is specific but frequently manipulated and ignored as a matter of principle when it comes to these incidents on a racial basis and a matter of selective enforcement. This has been the American way.

Others get off on what we routinely are arrested immediately for or are imprisoned. I guess justice really is blind but seemingly only to the facts. Some are routinely afforded concessions that are not made available to us, even while simply jogging.  Some who would state they are absolutely diametrically opposed to racism and categorically deny their hypocrisy still saw no need for immediate arrest for this cold-blooded murder.

Such brazen negligence and dereliction should be accompanied by a firing or resignation in addition to prosecution if a coverup was undertaken. Someone like that despite their personal views cannot be in such a position to exercise that great of a lack of judgment, regardless of their color.

When will public officials be held accountable as a public deterrent definitively demonstrating that it will not be tolerated by public officials? The hypocrisy of it all, not to apply a fair and consistent legal application being obviously stacked to white privilege or law enforcement bias.

The official coverup is almost as egregious as the crime revealing an acceptance and approval for the offender and the offense while a murder did occur. The pain you cannot be made to feel is revealed by your barbaric inadequacies that are reflected by your inaction. Bigotry unfit for public office and a tacit approval condemning your fitness to serve.

As for the vigilantes, there could not be hate without a hater, nor could there be a lie without a liar to tell it. When you are characterized with fear or hatred it reveals the weakness in your mind that you cannot conceal. You absolutely cannot claim to stand your ground or be in fear for your life when you run up on someone trying to put the smackdown and get scared because they didn’t wither.

Why did you initiate a conflict and then cry out to the universe of being in fear of your life but not in fear of your savagery or bigotry? If some crazed bigot chased you down carrying a shotgun and armed with murderous intent, what are you to then think? You were probably outraged that a courageous Black Man still would not submit and cower in the same fear that you showed while consumed by your racism.

If you were a victim of what you are a practitioner of, imagine the victim’s perspective jogging one minute and life slipping away the next paying your price without proof of a crime because you wanted to be a cowboy. By virtue of being practitioners of the unspeakable and those who align themselves with you, all your sympathizers within the system that saw no fault in your actions have exposed themselves and need to be prosecuted along with you.

Considering the violation of human dignity after the murder and essentially the abuse of a corpse by violating all human decency to take a trophy picture and video your escapades led to your demise. Reversing the roles and you would be outraged and rampaging for justice but recommend endless tolerance from us.

Now you want to throw a rock and hide your hand? In fear of YOUR life, what about Aubrey having more reason to be in fear of his life being hunted by multiple assailants? Those officials who aligned themselves with your actions have effectively identified themselves as accomplices after the fact to have attempted to aid and abet concealment of a murder.

No one can be proud of your lack of courage, lack of human decency, and inferiority complex disguised as supremacy that proves nothing is beneath you or your supporters. Devout no doubt in your religion that states thou shall not kill, but still indiscriminate killers because you are entitled, afraid, and think you have a better spoon to be beyond the law.

Needing someone to discriminate against to make you feel better about yourself, but the racism and fear remain even when the numbers are disproportionately in your favor and carrying a shotgun. Maybe the answer to curbing this racism is to give you some spinach like Popeye or a pretend medal like the cowardly lion, perhaps even some decency of character.

Veteran law dog must have forgotten that this is not the 1950’s. Then I guess at least you don’t have to worry about the old neighborhood or your own house anymore, accommodations will be provided for you and hopefully for life.

The contractor whose structure it was is at home eating dinner while you and your vigilante gang are headed to prison realizing now that being the neighborhood enforcer was not your role. Now you are being held accountable for your vigilante murder.

Justice was delayed for over two months and repeated refusals before an arrest were made and proper handling of the murder of an unarmed black man under obvious state murder charges as well as DOJ civil rights hate crime specifications.

Justice will not be complete until the murder conviction and imprisonment of the three vigilantes. The dereliction of duty by police, prosecutors, and district attorneys demonstrating beyond bad judgment after the fact to absolve murder need to be identified and exposed.  Once exposed they need to be prosecuted in accordance with the degree of their malfeasance that undermined their office, positions, legal responsibility, and public trust.   

A prevailing national mentality has emerged from the shadows to reflect seething racism seeking to justify and implement alternative interpretations and unlawful applications of law to ignore atrocious crimes and murder against Blacks. Those whose actions have identified themselves to exercise these mentalities with illegal ramification demonstrate a criminal act that merit prosecution.    

Behind the scenes at the highest levels, the Trump presidency, the dog whistle has been issued in a not so discreet or subtle way stating fine people on both sides. This creates the atmosphere where this racist conduct is encouraged and applauded by the racist puppet master delighted how the puppets dancing on strings are ignorantly carrying out a racist agenda.

The 2020 election in Georgia revealed resistance to lawful changes that didn’t meet your expectations and ignited extreme opposition to the rule of law. The law is to be upheld when contrary to other’s expectations but disregarded when applied to yours or somehow deemed fraudulent when disappointed. The legal process must be equally applied without compromise or variations of compliance by those who enforce it, even if not by those who are governed by it. 

Racist consent no doubt created the atmosphere to draw these bigots out of their vigilante closet. Perhaps politics gassed them up to make America great again by divisive rhetoric, racist tolerance, and assumption of white immunity. Nero, a mad man, was said to have fiddled while Rome burned, he now tweets while America burns, and while you sit in jail. You should have chosen more carefully your actions and your inspiration.

These perpetrators of murder and enablers of these murderers share an overtly appalling commonality which is a blatant mockery of accountability and scorn of prosecution. They are cohorts of the same criminality that both cannot be allowed to go unsanctioned while justice is mutilated to anemic integrity and corrupt contortions.     

Vigilante actions are condemned as circumventing the law and standard of justice when committed undermining the legal system for civilized expectations of conduct and due process. Ongoing and collective intent to minimize this murder transforms individual acts of atrocity into unacceptable systemic indulgences in violation of state law, the RICO Act, Consent Decree investigation, and DOJ hate crimes or civil rights violations.

The murder and coverup investigation regarding all participants should leave them subject to the highest degree of legal condemnation. This is mandatory not only for the loss of Mr. Ahmaud Arbery’s life by murder but the integrity of the legal system to be respected and representative for all.  If not it will be respected by none, those who commit these atrocities and those who refuse to be subjected to them.


Thurston K. Atlas

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Cultural Differences

Welcome to when playtime is over, our goal is to stimulate thought and conversation, not to convert your perspective. As always for those who are easily offended emotions will not be needed so please check your feelings at the door.

Cultural Differences?

We are all culturally designed by the initial foundation of our existence in accordance with our environment. Our environment is determined by our parent’s circumstances and their environment, which we did not choose and to an extent was probably chosen by someone else other than them, perhaps their parents. Even if they decided to change their environment or circumstances, they decided, we may have just influenced their decision but were born into it.

Where we are born has just as much influence on us as who we were born to. This environmental influence has an inverted effect, as we get older the influence of our environment expands to adjust to changes while the parental influence declines. The parental influence remains strong because it is part of our experience and our experiences shape our perspectives, but still it declines in a substantially active manner over time.

The status and cultural vindication among our self-identifying group or the norms of our geographical location is the measurement by which we mostly evaluate ourselves. Others also probably evaluate us as a collective standard of that place and time. The goal is to assimilate to our environment and the subgroup that we aspire to become a part of or have found our self to be a member of.

If we are not choosing then someone has chosen for us and often our environment has made the choice. Our subgroup has many different levels, developed preferences, and motivations that constantly change with time. What is permitted, tolerated, encouraged, or prohibited changes constantly which require our constant adaptation? As the circumstances change so must we adjust for the present and future as opposed to functioning in the past.

The cultural pull to cling to the past as tradition or ritual can create illusions of a present constructed of the past without considerations for the reality of change and practical applications outside of our subgroup. Convincingly staying contained within our subgroup as a norm for that group but not for interaction with those outside our subgroup.

There is never an issue when everyone is in agreement, but any deviation results in some fraction being dissatisfied and exploiting a distinction solely based upon opposition to their preference or choice. When dealing with those outside our subgroup, cultural, and geographical distinctions we must allow for some degree of our dissatisfaction, to expect for them to allow for a mutual degree of their dissatisfaction.

When in Rome you do not have to do what the Romans do but practices that do not infringe upon us are of consequence to only those who practice them. The problem develops when a perspective or tradition is imposed upon a different environment other than those in agreement with them or one’s that produce harm to others.

Perspectives need to be in step with time as the world has become global and movement is not confined to our little piece of real estate or experiences. There needs to be respect for others’ differences and geographical influences without abuses of their rights as human beings and residents of the universe. Assimilation is not to become identical to some subgroup or environment at the expense of your culture but to reflect the collective commonality of coexistence.

Assimilation is more of an idea than action because control of what someone self-defines themselves as is strictly subjective. Suppose you are categorically opposed to someone for whatever reason, can you stop them from feeling the opposite for you if that is what they choose? What about a sport’s fan-favorite team, can you stop a person from cheering for that team despite your disapproval or knowledge by claiming it as yours?

It becomes an illusion projected outwardly without the detachment to travel outside your perspective. So, it remains within you having no influence or effect on other’s shared preferences. We are a member of many groups that without our consent we do not sanction the membership of. What about a song we like, can we control who else likes it, or a certain flavor of ice cream whose favorite it also maybe?

What we share cross-culturally is far more when examined from a humanistic perspective than from a cultural or geographical perspective. Just as people everywhere want the best for their children if we do then why can’t others be allowed to want the same as well. Geography limits our imagination and acceptance because it restricts the definition of our commonality to a location, nationality, religion, or race.

This restriction is reinforced, diluted, and distorted according to who has conquered who at what point in history, and what external challenges are to be overcome. When in times of crisis, danger, and the need for solidarity the division within these subgroups is expanded beyond these allegiances to the maximum group affected.

In other words, it grows exponentially from our home to our neighborhood, to our city or state, to our country, and finally the whole world; in addition to every other subgroup such as gender, race, wealth, poverty, religion, and so forth when faced with a common threat.


When the shoes get tight and the rubber meets the road, need seems to be the overwhelming unifying factor across all cultural and geographic boundaries. As language can travel without a passport and across all boundaries then commonality of interest travels even further, is more understood, and universally embraced within a common interest or need.

If a global threat from an invading celestial force descended upon earth, then we would all suddenly become earthlings or the human race and not of our identifying subgroup but binding together for the greater good and our common survival against a shared threat. The necessity of a universal definition and purpose realigns any subgroups to a consolidated identification and determination.

To assemble under certain affiliations is essentially an act of comparison of preferences to an outside group’s preferences. This in turn establishes the group’s criteria and beliefs with various hierarchies within the group as far as levels of deeds, acceptance, and dedication. There are levels to everything, and their corresponding judgments, prestige, or values.

Validation that confirms your identity within the group deprives you of your individuality because you must submit to that of the group’s external projection in exchange.  Reinforcing your desire to belong becomes the goal for your participation.  Commitment to defined expectations supersedes adaption to external perspectives. Stubbornness sets in leading to foolish rigidity and shortsightedness in a vacuum. A tunnel vision of us and them.

Justifying our preferences producing our reality within a larger reality that interacts and encompasses ours does not function outside our smaller reality. The larger reality functions outside the limitations of our acceptance and understanding creating an impracticality in time, deed, and ideology. 

The denial of a culture you reject often has foods, influences, and products that you accept but not the people or culture that produces it. Rather illogical when you think about how often you indulge contrary to your biases. Cultural differences should be embraced as the variety of life that stimulates life’s experiences. It is only a part of that which comprises the whole of your experiences while allowing for all that is beyond your culture and experience to expand your completeness.

That which threatens your identity is a byproduct of your lack of self-acceptance and dissatisfaction with your circumstances projected upon another group justifying a convenient lie over the uncomfortable truth. The conscious mind convinces and deceives you of what the subconscious mind knows to be painfully true.

A group’s validation of their worthiness based upon perceived deficiencies of others thereby increases their own value by comparison having a better estimation of themselves. The validation of their value within the group becomes their cultural exclusivity, their membership. Preservation of their group culture surpasses their need for change, tolerance, or acceptance in order to maintain group approval.

Hiding securely within the comfort of association and exclusivity. It is upon you to celebrate your experiences with respect to your parents, culture, and traditions that formed your identity as a cultural foundation. Others who do not share the same influences have their own influences to observe. These preferences should not be discredited or cheapened by any practices that serve to further an insult to the dignity of others, celebrate discrimination, or widely associated with reminders of atrocities.

Different is often a moral assumption and judgment of better not a reflection that others could view you the same way. It is wrong to celebrate an injustice against someone whether that injustice is performed by you or someone else. The perpetrator cannot determine the impact upon the afflicted, the afflicted must determine their own grievances and the impact of the injustice.

Celebrate and be proud of your individual spirit since there is only one of you in your uniqueness and embrace acceptance of your diversity from everyone else who walks the earth. What the eyes see is outwardly focused as a projection of you into your environment where there is still only one of you to be celebrated and cultivated. Embrace your uniqueness and accept other’s uniqueness because there is only one of them as well. In the end, we all share the same uniqueness and commonality; there is only one of us.

The threat to our common survival is not of a celestial adversary but one that has been engineered on earth that threatens our children’s future and our co-existence as a species. If you want to exist, then you must allow others to exist including plants, animals, and humans, all equitably. We are all citizens of the universe whether we like it or not.

It would be best to make the best of it and bring cultural differences and socially engineered deceptions to examination and adapt from the past so that there can be a future. The greatest empires and civilizations the world has ever known have had an exploration date for one reason or the other.

We should at least make our demise something out of our control instead of protecting a global threat or festering our inability to denounce current and past atrocities and exploitations. Everyone must make at least a little sacrifice, the world has change dimensionally and so should we. It is not always where you are from but where you are that you must adapt to and make allowances for.  We are all different but most ways the same.

Thurston K. Atlas

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God-Truth be Told

Welcome to when playtime is over, our goal is to stimulate thought and conversation, not to convert your perspective. As always for those who are easily offended emotions will not be needed so please check your feelings at the door.

Choose Correctly

First I would like to wish my mom, affectionately known as Pudding, Happy Birthday on June Third. Second I would like to issue a disclaimer and indemnify myself from any judgment as I will make none or request none. I just would like to offer ten questions for your consideration.

In the privacy of our own minds, it should not be taboo to contemplate perspectives which will strengthen and perhaps clarify our beliefs or explore others point of view against our own. It is more like a premise for debate or forgive the term but devil’s advocate.

The context for the premise in which the final answer is deemed correct according to whatever you choose is you cannot be wrong at least by my standards and the design of the questions. Under this structure, I will pose ten questions and you will answer them and be the judge of your answers to make whatever determinations you choose.

But first riddle me this, if you have an Atheist, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, or any other religious denomination or designation you would like to substitute for these, the question for the end to be answered which does a have correct answer is what do they all have in common?

One. There are many religions faithfully practiced now and in the past which the followers steadfastly proclaimed for their salvation and guidance. Complicating matters within these various religions there are many more factions or sects with perhaps slightly different teachings and observances.

The majority of them and their followers staunchly forbid the worship of another God before them or beside them as being false idols or false teachings. If this is true then which of the many religions is worshipping the one God and why are they correct and all others incorrect? Other than it being your religion of course but what is the reason why? Who is right?

Two. The God of these many different religions is worshipped according to that particular religion, beliefs, and traditions. So if there is one God why are there so many different beliefs and religions or is it unlikely that everyone can’t be wrong with only one getting it right? Why are there so many saviors from God born of a virgin mother and crucified?

Virgin mothers allegedly impregnated by spirits, visions, the wind, white elephants, and other forms gave birth to saviors and messengers from God such as Jesus, Chrishna, Buddha, Mithras, and others allegedly long before Christ was conceived. How authentic is the claim that other saviors have been crucified before Christ? How many virgins did God need to impregnate and messengers to be crucified? Would that make Jesus not the only begotten son or have many equally divine siblings?

Three. Does the Priest, Ministers, Preachers, or Rabbis conduct resemble the teachings and doctrines that they proclaim? Principles such as discipline, obedience, celibacy, poverty, humility, compassion, or do they practice deviations from the word they were called to spread? Do they make allowances for others to deviate from the word and accept clear violations of the word? Are they Christ-like, Prophet Muhammad-like, or Buddha-like, or etc. in their actions?

Four. Are miracles divine acts, alchemy, magic, or some other godlike or extraterrestrial manifestation? Can the descriptions of these acts or miracles be characterized under interchangeable definitions from opposing beliefs to describe them?

Is God a way to conceptualize and quantify what we can’t explain or provide a structure where we can transfer responsibility for our actions or fate? Does God encourage our need to follow as opposed to our willingness to lead? Are we obedient because of fear or desire to do right? Do we crave the love of God or fear the wrath of being smitten?

Five. If we believe divine acts which are beyond our understanding and defy logic, science, or explanation are attributed to “God” or a higher being with unlimited power to command wonders and blessing as well as wrath, would it be too far-fetched to believe in an extraterrestrial being of superior knowledge and power that resides in the heavens? Is there a difference and why or how?

Feats that are unearthly or divine have to be attributed to some being or deity but what about acts that are earthly and common? If favorable, God is responsible but if unfavorable then is it nothing but the devil or the adversary at work? On the other hand, is God at work at all times good and bad, to bless or punish with no rhyme or reason just our acceptance of his divine will?


Six.  Are our beliefs reflected in our actions or are our actions a true reflection of our beliefs? Is it do as I say not as I do or by our deeds so are we known? If our beliefs are reflected in our actions then why do we commit so many sinful acts by our free will? If we have the fee will to sin or disobey don’t we also have the will to not sin and be obedient? If so you thinketh so are your actions would that make us flawed or hypocrites to our beliefs? Is falling short of the grace of God different from being disobedient?

Seven. Do we seek solace in the gift of the message or the gifts of the messenger? Are they a crusader for their belief of the message or themselves as the messenger delivering the message? Are we? Remember few are chosen. If the word is constantly coming from the same book then why is the silver tongue of the purveyor of the word what we base our fellowship on? Is it the entertaining of our spirit or something else that sometimes the messenger matters more than the message? 

Eight. If current practices are handed down from ancient times then what methods and manner of worship were determined to be a tradition and what were determined to be pagan rituals by who and why? Were some religious traditions discarded and some pagan rituals embraced and still practiced today?

 What of the many religious or biblical books that were not included in the Bible or religious teachings? Why not Enoch who was said to have walked with God and had mysteries revealed to him? Who edited the accounts of God’s word was it Constantine? Like God gave his word directly to Moses, did he also give it directly to the many others who proclaim it is the word of God they present? Were they working on the honor system? Are we? 

Nine. Did you choose your religion or did it choose you by inheritance from our family who embraced it before us and passed it down? Do we believe because you choose to believe or because we were taught to believe? Are we religious or spiritual and is there a difference, can they co-exist?

Would our beliefs still be the same if we were indoctrinated differently? If we switched beliefs would our old belief have been wrong even having believed it wholeheartedly like our new belief?

Ten. Is God a deity or being, or could God be a place or destination? What if God is a destination then what would that resemble? Is God a figment of our mind and imagination or truly omnipresent and everlasting? Either way what ever we did we would do in the literal presence of God, wouldn’t we?

 Would God exist if mankind did not?  Do other life forms or nature worship God somehow? Do we have to exist for God to exist because can something exist without knowledge of its existence? By that standard how do we know that God exists without knowledge just on faith? Like if a tree falls in the forest does it make a noise if there is no one to hear it? 

This makes me wonder if it is more important to believe or more important what you believe in. We have all seen a situation where a vehicle is speeding and darting in and out of traffic only to end up at the same traffic light down the road as us. We arrive at the same destination but by different methods. 

Could it be that someone’s belief that guides them to a principled and fruitful life is just as valid as someone else’s belief that guides them to the same end? Could belief be a hidden bridge between the subconscious mind and the conscious mind?

Respect their belief as you respect yours because if we all have faith and believe in the abstract without concrete proof then who is to say who is wrong. That is why it is called faith because we believe not by sight or proof. Seek out your own proof knowing that no one can claim you chose the wrong belief for yourself.

With that said let me ask you these questions. If in the beginning there was God then what is the origin of God as a singular deity with unlimited powers and how was that power amassed to have dominion? How does the science of the big bang theory and single cell organisms evolution reconcile itself to the God version of creation?

Why does God demand to be worshipped and obeyed ruling out God’s vanity of course? Are there others, could there be universally speaking? Is that dominion over earth or all that exists in every universe and dimension which would indeed extend God’s power?

Wouldn’t God transcend gender or human form if this is the case but what form would God be recognized as or would it be by his word alone? Even as we worship faithfully how will we recognize God if presented before us? Truth be told what would we accept as proof?

The answer to the question about the Atheist, Christian, Muslim, and Buddhist, or any other religious denomination or designation you would like to substitute for these is they all believe. They all believe in something even if it is nothing in the case of the atheist.

Thurston K. Atlas

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In fear for your life

Welcome to when playtime is over, our goal is to stimulate thought and conversation, not to convert your perspective. As always for those who are easily offended emotions will not be needed so please check your feelings at the door.

 Deadly Force.

The standard for legal justification of lethal or deadly force is the same for police and civilians but it is interpreted and applied differently. Following the law and exercising your rights must include adherence to the application of the law and the procedures or scrutiny if deadly force is used by you or against you whether civilian or law enforcement. 

The standard default declaration is to proclaim being in fear for your life. The day when that is acceptable as the primary justification for using deadly force has passed and defies objective reasoning or quantification. Fear should no longer be acceptable or a factor for using deadly force but the actual circumstances should constitute a code red threat or tactical disadvantage creating an imminent danger of serious bodily harm or death, not to gain compliance or quell any fear.

Being in fear for your life is very subjective and can be primarily a reflection of your psychological frailty instead of the actual circumstance you are in or confronted with actually being a serious bodily harm threat. Specific physical and mental allowances have to be made for a variance of vulnerabilities, the prevailing circumstances confronted with, and the objectively reasonable response to them but an actionable threat must be the primary reason for any legal lethal force response. 

Realizing that most civilians have uncertainty regarding when deadly force is appropriate and required lends itself to a tendency to erroneously use deadly force based solely on fear, not any threat. Sometimes law enforcement being unaccustomed to high risk or confronted with unfamiliar situations can react with certainty but erroneously or prematurely from fear or anger, not the threat. Force must be reasonable and unavoidable as well as prudent in its exercise where your actions did not create or escalate the threat.

When deadly force is used, the standard for reasonableness even when justified requires it must remain within that which is not excessive. The standard applied by law for both civilian and law enforcement is to use the minimal force necessary to neutralize a threat based upon the known or reasonably perceived circumstances at the time but not to your level of fear.

Your perception is formed by the actual events or circumstances existing at that time and the threat’s ability to carry them out which would result in serious bodily harm to you. It is explicitly forbidden to use deadly force to strictly protect property regardless of the value of that property according to the law. Deadly force is only supported as a counter to serious bodily harm.

The subjective factors that influence the use of deadly force are considerations such as age, size, gender, physical limitations, certain previous victimization, etc. The list is long, but the actual justification must be supported and based on specific factors for the action to be warranted and always from a defensive perspective. 

These many considerations are supporting factors of articulation but not justification for deadly force. The harmful threatening act is the only primary justification that can be legally considered. The rest is just supporting elements of that action or threat. The perception of a serious bodily harm threat must also be of the nature to be carried out at the time of the response.

You must have the fundamental knowledge of what perceptions of a threat you were responding to, why you responded that way, and whether you can legally respond that way with a force that will likely cause serious physical harm or death. It must be a reaction to their actions supported by a reasonable response to a specific pending or imminent articulated threat.  Being in fear should not be the emotional state you are in; it is rather the apprehensive projection of the threat if allowed to progress to a reasonable conclusion.  

You cannot instigate or agitate a confrontation and claim to be in fear of the situation you created. You must remain near blameless in your contribution to the circumstances causing the confrontation. For example, a vehicle moves forward and backward not sideways so if law enforcement knowing this places themselves in the forward or reverse path of a vehicle without escape options then they have essentially created their own danger. Deadly force should not be used instead better judgment should.

Everything articulated should be their actions and your response. You must only do what someone’s actions force you to do. Reacting for your safety must be warranted and justified by your right not to submit yourself to the discretion of whatever misfortune, harm, or criminal intent that may be forced upon you. If placing yourself in harm’s way and then the assumed harm is attempted, then by default you ultimately initiated that attempt. If it was expected to possibly occur knowing the risk and danger you actually allowed it to occur by your actions. 

Deadly force must always be reactionary to a threat unforeseen or unavoidable. Knowing the standards under which you will be judged, feeling confident in your response, and committing yourself to restraint as necessary increases your advantage of legally responding to a deadly threat with limited hesitation and minimal scrutiny. 

Understand that fear is where your concerns and insecurities overcome your confidence and commitment. What may weaken your resolve to resist or survive is strictly subjective to your fear of inadequacy and not a response to the actual threat. Reacting to the actual threat is reacting to the resolution of the threat and not the resolution of your fear. Under this perspective, fear has no place in the equation for consideration of your actions.  

Fear is from within; it is something that you choose to accept and project. Fear is closely related to your level of preparation, familiarity, comfortability, and any unfavorable circumstances present. When these levels are low your fear is high, so fear is more of a reflection of your personal state of mind than the threat confronted with even when lethal action is necessary and unavoidable. There is a distinct difference between a response for your life or being scared and frightened.

Anger is fear projected outwardly and fear is anger projected inwardly upon yourself. No one can account for your or another’s fear, biases, or insecurities.  No one should have to account for why you or anyone is afraid of the dark or an impending danger that does not exist outside your mind.


Fear is often a stereotypical or conjured projection causing an irrational override of reality. So, fear must be removed as the primary criterion for using deadly force. Fear is an admission and display of irrational behavior and most likely an indictment of your confidence.

Legal justification is the principal standard and level of responsibility that anyone carrying a firearm consent to by virtue of carrying that firearm and certainly if using deadly force. Insinuated by implication and association are also all bullets fired being accountable to the shooter. It has nothing to do with what is going on inside of you the shooter, but instead what was going on with the person getting shot to provoke and justify that action of being shot.

What did they do to get shot that was a reaction to and material reflection of their behavior?  From the shooter’s perspective, they did this and I responded as such, instead of I did this due to my fear of unwarranted anticipation of an unobserved action or being absent of any overt indication of danger. Much like chess, only one move is made then the opponent must make a move until checkmated. Your move is executed only after the opponent has made their move which you then counter or prevent. 

When deadly force is used there is a legal responsibility to stop when it is no longer necessary even if initially justified. As the threat level changes the adjustment of force must change adhering to minimal force necessary to discontinue the threat. Excessive force occurs when the adjustment is not made or justified in the beginning. That standard applies to less than deadly force as well.  Passive resistance is not a justification for deadly force.

The standard criteria already legally established for deadly force should be firmly applied and enforced with violations fully prosecuted to discourage the motivation and occurrences of its violation by both civilians and law enforcement.  Law enforcement and vigilantism must especially be scrutinized to diminish violations of publicly accepted legal expectations and legally established statutes.

Even cowboys recognized in the wild west that shooting someone in the back or from behind was inherently wrong because it was cowardly and suspect of the threat they posed with their back towards you or running away. Multiple gunshots to the back should be assumed murder absent some extraordinary circumstances and articulation to justify the nearly indefensible. Possessing a gun that is not in a position to be used most certainly falls under the same reprehensible cowardly actions since it is legal in most places to possess a gun.    

In the use of deadly force there needs to be fully transparent investigations and personal accountability according to the governing state and federal laws, police department general police orders of operation, the departmental expectation of conduct and tactics, as well as regarding civilian initiated encounters. Civilians should be vigorously held to the same factually based reactions rejecting their reckless behavior, frivolous encounters, and fear of situations they created or had no legal standing to enforce instead of an imaginary justification of fear.

Being comfortable in situations requires mental preparation to visualize likely scenarios prior to encountering them. Memory retention and muscle memory are then trained by conditioning them where your only concern is then logically and methodically dealing with the threat or circumstances without panic. Lack of knowledge and preparation manifests itself in panic and fear which is prone to overreaction.

Proficiency in your craft whatever it is breeds confidence even if it is baking a cake. Target acquisition is the next issue of paramount importance where you are certain what you are shooting at, why you are shooting at it, with what you are using to shoot at it, can you hit it, and how many times is reasonable to fire to eliminate the threat but not necessarily the person.  

You should not just unload on someone out of fear without being able to articulate why it was necessary. At this point, it becomes suppressive fire without a confirmed target or justified circumstances. Controlling your fear avoids reckless behavior and unreasonable actions which are regrettable or debatable. 

Recent news examples that illustrate the lack of these principles are the Breonna Taylor, Jacob Black, and Duante Wright shootings. In the Taylor case the lack of target acquisition and discipline under stress laying down suppressive fire. The Black case poor tactics and poor suspect control to prevent him from moving contrary to risk aversion and seven shots to the back being excessive to repel the perceived knife threat which had not yet become direct. The Wright case where panic and overreaction mentally short-circuited the motor skills and muscle memory familiarity to perform an act your body knew was wrong but that your mind overruled to grab the wrong weapon.

You can train for stress but only stress simulates stress and fear is always present with the uncertain where you feel unprepared, even taking an exam or an important critical event but fear must be processed and redirected to heighten ability not immobilize it. The first consideration is always to minimize risk to yourself by your tactics to maneuver to minimize danger. You must be proactive to predict, eliminate, prevent, or minimize the risk, escalation, or damage you must do to someone by limiting their opportunity to harm you before deadly force has to be used. You cannot account for other’s actions but are responsible for your tactics and actions so control what you can control, yourself.

Excessive force and deadly force must be responsive to the deafening outrage and continued advancement of transparency and accountability regardless of who the violators are. The public now demands it and the law requires it to be applied equally without prejudice or reservation thereby minimizing the fear that others have for their life in these encounters.

The police must now also police themselves to raise their shared duty of accountability to these known standards and restore public trust to the previous levels enjoyed and beyond. Ongoing training should reflect this and violations should be exposed to protect the integrity of the uniform and profession to establish a law enforcement culture in line with the changing times and respect for life. Civilians must also adhere to a standard of conduct that does not initiate or invite deadly force to stay out of the gray zone subjecting themselves to fear.

Remember to eliminate fear you can practice until you don’t make a mistake but can also practice until you can’t make a mistake to be truly proficient and eliminate fear. It is about taking life seriously to invest the time and resources into training yourself promoting better judgment.

Taken from my forthcoming book the Pointman.


Thurston K. Atlas

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The Theory of Critical Race

Welcome to when playtime is over, our goal is to stimulate thought and conversation, not to convert your perspective. As always for those who are easily offended emotions will not be needed so please check your feelings at the door.

Why the past matters for the future.

If history suddenly doesn’t matter now then why would telling it accurately and truthfully matter along with why it so important for you to sugar coat it? Critical race theory has been a hotbed issue of late and not because it is divisive or misunderstood but because it is both liberating and accusatory by history’s revelations. As the Big Tuna once said regarding football “you are what your record says you are”.

Here are ten queries of critical race theory that may clarify any misconceptions regarding its purpose, intent, or content for you to ponder. It is not to assign oppressed or oppressor status to anyone but to either accurately tell history or discontinue the deceptions regarding the historically known facts.

One. Who has more to gain or lose by the truth being exposed? Is it the victims of the racial atrocities and prey of crimes against humanity which are not exclusive to the Black or Native American experience? Could it be the Caucasian/British Colonial Anglo-Saxon European transgressor’s modern day descendant’s image that is at risk? What was done for hundreds of years is done, what do they have to gain now which has not already been gained?

The transgressors stand to lose their societal  masquerade as superior, privileged, religious, honorable, and the beat goes on. Can this be the real reason to oppose the truth of critical race theory teachings as being irrelevant to history?  If the truth is irrelevant then how could the manipulation of it passed as the truth be more acceptable when we know it to be a lie? 

Two. If the Confederate heritage is so great and endearing why not reveal the totality of it for all to see in all of its infinite glory and brutal deeds to arrive at the point where it is today portrayed as the apex of conservative values and southern civility? Why would there be shame and division associated with the true unadulterated history of America or the experiences of any race here in America including yours? There is plenty of shame to go around yours and ours.

Three. How much longer do you think that these original sins can be concealed from your children as they are being vomited forth revealing the degree of depravity that this country and your ancestors committed?

If it is not your crimes, actions, brutality, or inhumanity that were committed long ago, does it not become yours when you embrace, conceal, or support its heritage and continued perpetuation by deceit and privilege today? Will it not be more devastating for your children to learn that the truth was withheld from them, that they were purposely deceived by the ones they trust the most, you?  

Four. If your actions were not divisive and destructive then how can the revelations of them be divisive or detrimental to the self-image of yourself or your children? Why would there be any shame attached to them if they were noble in cause or actions? It is not to promote inferiority or superiority but truth and a factual depiction of America.

Five. If there are those who would protest CRT as indoctrinating their children with the truthful history of this country, where is their concern for historically and criminally indoctrinating other races and nationalities children with lies about America?

Then what you complain about would be the very thing that you have committed against others and refuse to acknowledge or discontinue but resist subjecting your children to the truth? What manner of nonsense is readily taught in schools today without the truth being revealed?

Should we start with the genocidal thief Christopher Columbus or the first President of the United States of America, slave owner and friend to slavery George Washington? Andrew Jackson, another President, did more than any other person in the history of the United States to exterminate the Native Americans, so should that also be put on the twenty-dollar bill in honor of his accomplishments?   

Six. Need we look any further than a adult former daytime talk show host who would proudly state that “everyone knows Jesus and Santa Claus are white” as evidence that factual and cultural brainwashing is real?

Is this blasphemous against the Christ to be compared to a fictional commercialized character? Is this blasphemous against the bible to depict Jesus in any likeness especially one where the rest of him is a different color than his bronze feet? This is the danger of growing old and being blinded to the truth.

What is the purpose of a blue-eyed blond hair white Jesus if not propaganda and the perpetuation of a lie? How many casual deceptions are embraced as truth? Why lie when the truth would be sufficient or would it? Would CRT violate your religious covenant to persecute, exploit, and exterminate races you deem inferior using the bible as justification? Would CRT prove these races not to have  been inferior but instead exploited?

Seven. Are there any accomplishments in this country that Black people were not here for and participated in achieving? From Crispus Attucks who was the first to die in the liberation of this country from British rule or the Industrial Revolution and the cotton gin whose idea was a slave named Sam which is what really so-called “ended slavery” and gave America an economic competitive edge? Every war this country has ever had involved Black participation to win, such as The Tuskegee Airmen contribution!

Eight. Every perceived measure of negative human endeavor in America reflects the history attributed to or associated with blacks from lack of education, lack of wealth, natural tendency for criminal conduct, drug addiction, scattered family tree, other negative stereotypes, and so on except for the pervasive racial injustices committed against blacks? Can’t mention that part because it makes you look and feel bad. Imagine how bad we feel and look being on the receiving end. Bet you wouldn’t trade feelings and switch places would you?

So everyone’s record is their record except for yours? If the past should not be levied against you then why not let it also be everyone especially for crimes and atrocities which are less than the injustices you committed. Shall we now indiscriminately do away with your accountability but not others? If we can not tell your history are we also forbidden to tell ours? Is it not a shared history?   

Can the Confederate Heritage be a source of pride but the Confederate deed a source of shame? Is not slavery the defining element of contention of the Confederate resistance? Should the truth of slave atrocities be ignored but the stain of the Confederacy tolerated? If you are so proud of the Confederacy then surely your children can not be ashamed of the history associated with it, can they? 

Nine. Why deny CRT, is it necessary to stroke fear and deceit while in the annuls of history and the recesses of your mind it can’t be concealed without  history shamefully betraying the truth?  Is it your obsession with race or with history and the intellectual pursuit of accuracy that you fear being revealed?

The factual pursuit of history can not be racist unless the history itself was racist at its core and the practice immoral. If there is already equality then why would parity be needed with you still enjoying concessions that no one else enjoys but you?

Ten. Why does your American dream and core conservative values have to be a discriminatory nightmare for so many? As your demographic advantage shrinks it would seem wise to minimize racial considerations  despite the historical blemishes of your morality.

Lingering resentment dismissed by denying and perpetuating the sin only fosters the continuation of it remaining an issue that should have long ago been put to rest. Denying the hurt will not make the pain go away.

Since you will not feel other’s pain then do you fear others will not feel yours if such a day would come? No longer do all others have to beg and submit themselves to your graces and permission or denounce their identity to assimilate with you, so do you feel the grasp of your grip slipping while losing control to exploit or convert others? Has the curtain finally been pulled?

You have nothing to fear but yourself as your biggest threat to yourself by insisting on a  weak adaptation of a stolen Nazi ideology and slogan to make America great again. Variations of this ideology sully your fragile self-image creating a moral inferiority insistent upon hiding the truth.  Hitler was able to rise on make Germany great again propaganda. 

This concept at its core eliminates not only certain races but religious freedoms, sexual identifications, economic viabilities, and marginalizes everyone except the white prototypes. Your denial and refusal to deal with the historical truth through CRT or any other substantial means of truth only exacerbates the problem and prolongs its relevance.

If we should get over having it done to us, how much easier should it be for you to get over having done it? Feelings and self-images cannot take precedence over truth. What damage could the truth do to your history that it has not done to ours? Let’s be reasonable and forthright that to make for a sustainable society we need education and correction not continued concealment and oblivious posturing.

We cannot live in the past but the past should not be thriving in the present and into the future. It is not only unreasonable but unwise to reject viable solutions when projecting the harmful affects of its continued opposition into the future.

The first step of admission of historical fact as a  beginning to a solution for these actions which are too enormous to simply forget or cover up. They are problematic seeing how you will not allow healing by continuing to deny and promote the mentality of injustice. Currently it is not so much the act as the mentality and tolerance of the justifications without remorse or accountability.

When will it be time to teach the historical accuracy of the truth since silence and pretending will no longer cover this deeply a national wound? This is a wound that infects all directly or indirectly and globally. Has the time come to tell the truth as a reflection of history not race, guilt, or blame but fact? Contaminated soil can only produce a poison tree. The foundati9on of truth and education changes the mentality on all sides re-aligning the future.

Critical race theory is incidental to race but essential to history progressing through to the future. Race only matters in the identification of the victims and perpetrators because the acts speak for themselves just as the identity of any parties participation. 

More important than the race factor is the the historic manipulation, minimization, and ignoring of the intentional occurrences that formed this country. If history and heritage is so important shouldn’t it be important to depict it factually? The past would then become a contrast to the improvement that has been made since that time otherwise the albatross continues to hand from the dignity of this country. 

With humanity seemingly on the brink of another evolution through science, technology, biology, quantum physics, medicine, space exploration, and yes maybe self-destruction can we afford to adhere to politics and policies which are antiquated or detrimental to the expansion of our societal evolution? 

We can just surmise that change, nature, science, and universal forces do not care or respond to what we think or want but to their own harmonic circadian rhythm according to physics and evolution without our consent. Time will only move forward even if we remain stagnant.

Anything without flexibility to bend is snapped or broken, the past matters as a lesson for adaptation and evolution to survive. We already know there are powers beyond our denial or resistance such as time, history, and change. We cannot change history or avoid change but can affect the future. 

The theoretic mission statement and tenants of this country’s founding needs to finally ring true from sea to shining sea for all who occupy it or collapse will follow.  Those who forget the past are condemn to repeat it same as the insanity of those who refuse to change seeking a different result when the current condition is unsustainable.

Are we all that naïve to believe that the white race or any other race on this earth is superior to the entirety of all universes and dimensions that exist? Or for that matter any race on this earth inferior? Are we to sacrifice the future living a historical lie that breeds dissatisfaction for far too many?

History is not a condemnation of anyone or their children be it accusatory of the oppressed or oppressor but the liberation from the ignorance of its past over time absolves all of its grip. Facing the truth of the past rids us of our collective shame only if we veer from the same mistakes in the future. That is where the shame lies for us and our children to continue it on our watch

The past can instruct on the future with lessons learned being applied otherwise it is just a sprint, a senseless race to implosion. Now, how is that for a critical race theory?


Thurston K Atlas

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Pharaoh’s Temple

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Red Sea Catastrophe

Time passes seemingly at varying speeds with good times lasting not long enough and bad times that seem like they will never end but the stagnant times might be the worst times. Though time passes forwardly ticking away methodically it seems like no matter how much time has passed it always seems to repeat itself.

The lessons that time teaches often are ignored to be suffered again and when the time has expired on something and change is unavoidable, the powers that rule fight to maintain their favor or return to a time that has passed. Time is an illusion and the past has proven to be a ghost.

Many years ago, and so many civilizations have crumbled since then, stood a mighty empire in what is commonly termed ancient Egypt ruled by Pharaohs. One Pharaoh specifically seems to have reach forward with a lesson in time that is currently repeating itself before our oblivious eyes in a cautionary tale of ruin.

Pharaohs were worshipped as deities above humanity possessing pure bloodlines or a divinity to be revered and exercise rule over the common subjects, being God on earth. Common subjects were just along for the ride submissive to their ruler to facilitate the rulers’ glory and commands. The decisions were made at the top for all concerned as far as the transfer of power and behavior of the masses. Similarly to a President, politicians, and the public.

Very little room was at the top for giving orders but plenty of room at the bottom to receive orders. Pharaohs were gods on earth destined and ordained to use the people for their own glorification often despite the ever-increasing toll on their servants. This Pharaoh’s ego and deification were the only considerations.

Everyone and everything served at the pharaoh’s discretion. Egypt had an established structure and recognized hierarchy with the Pharaoh, his bloodline, his chosen elite, army, laborers or merchants, subjects, and slaves or disenfranchised being the pecking order. Freedom was an abstract reality that in practice and practicality did not exist beyond that which was sanctioned by the Pharaoh.

Worship and loyalty to the Pharaoh were demanded under harsh penalty or death. The ruling method was with an iron fist even if it was sometimes inserted in a velvet glove. The Ten Commandments, a traditional Easter favorite, told of Moses’ journey and a people he was destined to lead to the promised land against the mighty Pharaoh Ramses II.

Ramses II is translated to mean “born of Ra or son of God” and to be worshipped as such, a god himself. In ancient Egypt, Ra was believed to be the “sun god” and creator of all that existed much like the God of today. Ramses II representing his heritage and with the hand of Ra, his God, guiding him opposed Moses.

The two opposing parties competing for the same undisputed title for their God. The battle for supremacy of their Gods’ power over the others’ God was what played out in the movie. Despite several warnings from Moses to Ramses II and displays that his God was to be taken seriously, Ramses II stood on his spot and dismissed all deterrents as fake magic including a deadly plague. Reminds you of a foolish President, proclamations of fake news, and the Covid-19 virus of modern times.

After several, I can show you better than I can tell you moments, Ramses II knuckled under to Moses’ demand to let his people go. Once Moses headed out with his people Ramses II decided he couldn’t leave it at that, so he gathered his chariots in pursuit. His ego and entitlement bolstered by his thirst and belief in his own power emboldened by his cronies enraged him to strike out where he had relented before.

So, he vigorously pursued Moses and his people until cornering his pain and humiliation against the Red Sea. While no military man would be caught with no escape route having his back against a sea of water, Moses as it turned out had a final trap to prove the power of his God.

By the power invested in him by his God, Moses parted the Red Sea leading his people on faith to safety. Now, this where it gets interesting for me because a normal person would have seen this parting of a massive sea as something beyond their pay grade. I can understand Ramses II’s commitment because he was blinded by his ego and propaganda to maintain power at all cost. 

As the son of Ra, Ramses II nor Ra had demonstrated such an impressive feat as this (like in the one Batman movie where the Joker says, “where does he get all these wonderful toys”). Nevertheless, Ramses II gave that dreadful order for his chariots to pursue through the parted sea while he majestically poses safely on top of his chariot upon a rock watching or retreated to the Whiter House while they stormed the Capitol.

Okay, how can the power of one man’s ego send an army of gullible followers on a delusional rampage to placate him and most certainly to their own demise, basically to drown in his ambition? Could it have been that their obedience to an oppressive system was so engrained in their DNA that logic or morality had been suppressed above their own reasoning or survival? His actions and their obedience to them essentially led the kingdom to collapse and ruin.  

That is pledging your allegiance and being resigned to your fate as a favored servant in the face of being confronted with extraordinary circumstances of demise. No power to resist being ordered to your detriment to satisfy a sycophant leading to a Red sea calamity. Seems like it would have occurred to them that this doesn’t seem like a good idea realizing that eventually destruction would be cast upon them. A coward dies a thousand death but a fool once, fear of righteous reprisal should be more important than any allegiance to a man that swallows his own credibility and dignity while sacrificing yours.

As we continue on our cautionary journey, we find Moses and his people at rest near the base of the mountain having escaped Pharaoh. Moses takes a stroll of enlightenment when met by a burning bush followed by the BIG GUY himself for further direction of the people and their order for prosperity in acceptance of the new land.

Now wouldn’t you know it while Moses was aging and taking care of business on high, you had some nonsense brewing at the base. There were those who could be easily persuaded and some who were never persuaded just masquerading who were now being led astray by their desires. It is always one primary agitator, Dathan played by the legendary Edward G, reputedly questioning sarcastically “where is your Moses now?” to get the party started right. A Mitch McConnell or Lyndsey Graham-type rebel rousing.

The crowd is whipped into a frenzy and in comes the golden calf to really turn it up. Now it is on and cooking, the crowd is hyped. There are some who stayed true to the game and remained loyal without supervision but in the end, they were judged to suffer the same fate by association.

 Once Moses descended and was greeted by his greatest disappointment, he knew they had blown it and had earned a judgment upon them all. They wandered around in the wilderness deprived of the promise that could have been, that should have been, but could never be by their member’s own device and corrupt spirit.

This should be a tale about being so close to having it all and blowing it by self-destructive behavior preventing your deliverance to the promised land, but that would be too easy would it not. Maybe the tale that has revisited us is the lesson of how unchallenged lies and questionable deeds committed by great egos awry invites self-humiliation and divisiveness if unrestricted will lead to mass destruction.

The dastardly deeds, irrational obsessions, and excessive efforts executed to maintain power is the very thing that leads your ego to the errors that deprive you of the power you were seeking to preserve. Maybe the more damaging penalty was for Pharaoh who lost everything by his arrogance was Moses whose people were delayed but eventually, after those with the old way of thinking had perished, they were gifted what was promised.

Funny how the few or the one along with their supporting cast of enablers has always controlled the many. The choices are often binary, either this or that, good or evil, Ramses II or Moses, Democrats or Republicans, Red or Blue, you get the point. Either way, the choices are made for us mostly on a traditional basis leaving us with a selection among those choices giving us the delusion of choice when it was in essence chosen for us.

Reward and atonement are always balanced to compel us in a desired position or decision based on a subjective optimism managed and manipulated by Pharaoh. This resonates throughout time and history even to this very day. The equivalent of a crumb of bread or a morsel of grain to sustain yourself can either be granted or denied by Pharaoh in your time of need while you build Pharaoh luxurious chambers, kingdoms, legacies, and monuments of wealth or ego. They call it stimulus or unemployment benefits today which are granted or rescinded by their determination of what is best for you that secures their best interest, not your suffering.

The factory known as workers who toil in the mud and straw is unknown and irrelevant in these great building accomplishments for the glory of Pharaoh, which seems like the one percent trickle-up economics sort of doesn’t it. Flow from the bottom up on the backs of the little people much like under Ramses II whose thirst for power and wealth by any means necessary would risk self-destruction to destroy the Kingdom and lose everything to hold onto power.

Regarding the former Presidency, the old adage if I can’t have you America nobody can seem to apply. Just like in the Ten Commandments the question can be asked, are you a master builder or a master butcher by ideology who doesn’t realize that blood makes poor mortar and blind ambition knows no father? Remember all the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Pharaoh back together again meaning Moses may be desperately needed now to lead the people out of political, psychological, and economic bondage.

This may not come as some surprise but, Cleopatra whom it is said had a face that could launch a thousand battleships, and Hatshepsut who dressed like a man was Pharaohs of ancient Egypt. They had successful reigns then and could probably at least be Vice-Pharaohs today in the 2020 election. We can only hope that Moses can once again lead us to the promised land despite Pharaoh’s objections.

Thurston K. Atlas

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Lack of knowledge

Welcome to when playtime is over, our goal is to stimulate thought and conversation, not to convert your perspective. As always for those who are easily offended emotions will not be needed so please check your feelings at the door.

The price of not knowing.

I wholeheartedly believe that the greatest gift someone can give you is knowledge. The more quality and comprehensive the knowledge the more valuable to be utilized, pursued, or possessed. Knowledge is the game-changer that launches better opportunities in life and the expectation that some specific comprehensions and reasonings are valued to accomplish more in life in accordance with that knowledge.

With that said, what is the substance, and what determines the ideology or method of delivery of Education but not knowledge? How do we determine what is really taught along with how and why?  First, let us examine the primary stated definition and purpose for education to better frame what we have been conditionally exposed to with the currently accepted educational system and criteria of educational standards.

Education is defined as the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits according to Wikipedia’s definition. Horace Mann the former Massachusetts Secretary of Education is primarily regarded as the father of education in the United States who initiated a system of professional teachers to teach an organized curriculum of basic content.

A basic level of literacy and inculcation of common public ideas and beliefs that are deemed standard was the goal. In other words, to develop the mind with a specific intent to meet the standards set forth and standardization of conformity. Education originally was for boys along with bible study to tame their spirits.

Etymology is the study of words as they have changed over time with a primary focus on their roots or origin as they were derived from words that conveyed their true initial meaning. The etymology of education is “Educare” which can be translated to bring up or raise as well as in animals it refers to training them.

The etymology of inculcation can further be broken down but essentially means to “force upon, insist, stamp in, impress, tread down, trample on, tread on, or heel”.  Inculcation is achieved by the method of persistent and repeated information to implant, instill, or even admonish or punish if needed in order to force upon any ideas, theories, or behavior for indoctrination for acceptance of it.

To further this intent homework was initially given as a punishment to break resistance to enhance adherence but not to enhance learning. To assist in assessing or “grading” to measure your predictability to assimilate to norms and meet expected standards.

Consider the source words and stated intent compared to the stated definition of brainwash which is defined as to make someone adopt radically different beliefs by using systematic and often forcible pressure. It is the human mind being altered or controlled by certain psychological techniques. Let us not forget that corporal punishment in the form of paddling or swats was encouraged for compliance as well.

The use of developmental psychology at the earliest of ages increases the efficiency and acceptance of this intent and influence. It would be fair to say that this initiation takes place at the earliest age for maximum impact and efficiency, for example preschool and kindergarten. This method of educational conditioning is passed down from generation to generation influencing the surrendered blank slate (the child) for inscription according to the prevailing thoughts and conditions at the time chosen to be tolerated and conformed to.

It becomes traditionally accepted control and training to bend someone’s independence to a desired group’s agenda, determination, and many times personal opinions which are being imposed. A good percentage of a youth’s time is spent not under the direct line of supervision or teachings of their parents but being entrusted to a societal design that appoints a surrogate who is directly or indirectly forming a child’s reality and capabilities under the trust that you invested in the surrogate.

This trust is then by virtue transferred to the child and reinforced by siblings, peers, status, and society. To further that educational goal social norms as cultural learnings are taught through structural socialization and allegiances. An ideology of a perceived consensus that is not self-determined but assigned primarily through opportunities presented or opportunities denied.

The reasoning and judgment associated with this thought pattern are to create a root default behavior creating the assigned programed perspective of achievement or limitations. Well, maybe your limitations are greatly influenced outside yourself and predetermined by these outer influences by design. The thought must be put on the table for consideration and probability.

You to some degree become what you hear repeatedly and sometimes the loudest from the earliest ages while you are highly impressionable before thoughts really form. That is why it is better to place it there as opposed to removing thoughts however initially embedded. Instead of replacing it with theirs, just placing theirs there first is the objective.

The age of initiation gets younger as time passes and starts now from daycare, preschool, and kindergarten. Education in part began as a social experiment and on some not so coincidental levels the belief that education is meant to be a regimen.  The focused processes implant the expectations of an established social standard, a specific conformity.


Excelling at achieving distinguished personal absorption of that social standard is the method of measurement within the educational and social structure on which achievement and personal accumulation are based.  Standardized testing was not designed to include but to discourage and exclude in theory and practice. Training or conditioning people for continuity of compliance enforcing the core acceptance in their mind.

That creates a learned tradition seemingly forever adhered to and defended instead of serious re-examination and adaptation, or even overhaul periodically. Standardizing creates the standard that restricts you from consideration or participation for the less knowledgeable and most disadvantaged. This assures the efficiency of the social structure and the manual or menial task labor force supply and demand.

The swindle of opportunities missed is unknown but if standardized testing is the tide that raises all boats then surely the criteria and historical accuracy of the teachings of education should yield the benefits that reflect this. The educational teachings often contradict historical accuracy at worst and are suspect at best.

The focus on these inaccuracies is a distraction from the much-needed practical exposure to the knowledge needed for post-schooling preparedness. Acquisition of this knowledge should not be secondary. The criteria should reflect preparedness for decisions regarding things that are generally learned later in life after making some of the mistakes of not knowing.

Teach the tools that sustain you in life such as investments, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, etc. to more closely reflect their importance in life. If you have 12 years of seven or eight hours a day 8 months a year then the time available and resources devoted should reflect a more knowledgeable labor force according to the claims of what the educational system represents itself to be.

So, you see knowledge apparently is not the priority but conformity to even undesirable standards and enough “educational” training to create a functional labor force but not a knowledgeable labor force. The poverty of opportunity is assured with your consent to lack of knowledge but “educational” breeding. Schooling plants the seeds to become a producer or a consumer, a labor or a manager always cognizant that it takes more laborers than managers.

The resolution to diminishing returns lies in the overall structure, content, and criteria that should be analyzed and modernized. An educational pause and shift have occurred where the unheard of has happened and now would be an opportune time to weigh the balances of sticking with the current system of education after evaluating the observations of its effectiveness and results.

The harsh reality is there for all to see by the way the lowest-paid worker just so happens to be the most essential worker and especially at this heightened time of danger. Powerless against the decisions that are made that affect you and put you in jeopardy of being penalized for any resistance. Underemployment and economic exploitation is the whip that drives this mule as evidenced by some politicians deciding to remove unemployment payments to force you back into the system. They remain on the public draw while determining that you must return to being exploited for their special interest enrichment.

The current situation really exposes many societal acceptances that now cannot be hidden behind the commonly accepted purposes and intent given, even extending up to the collegiate educational level and college athletics. Those needed for labor are conditioned to offer no resistance, are often knowledge deficient, and without influence, power, or support.

Often rewarded by some conditional incentive or dependency-filled void is what the educational system is structured to produce in order to promote societal perspectives that invite exploitation and automatic compliance.

Knowledge and education are not interchangeable and are with quite different meanings and implications. Knowledge expands your known possibilities and wisdom while education is a measure of your level of absorption and compliance. The freedom of choice and randomness of fate is an illusion when the choices and opportunities have already been chosen for you to select from. The choices are limited and controlled while usually being survival-driven.

So now we can rethink our educational system based on real purpose aware of the deceptions or it will be step right up, next in line. Expecting a different outcome may be unrealistic unless we maximize our knowledge to increase our ability to recognize, create, or benefit from the opportunity.

Opportunity depends on awareness, awareness is based on knowledge, and accumulated knowledge is wisdom. Basically, you pay for what you don’t know and find yourself at the mercy of predators and that is the price of not knowing. Many things may attempt to stop you, but do not let the lack of knowledge of not knowing to be one of them.


Thurston K. Atlas

Creating A Buzz