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First and foremost, I would like to express my deepest condolences to the family of Ahmaud Arbery and hope that my intent to shed light does not in any way deepen the family’s grief and mourning but be an instrument to assist in achieving justice. I believe that every person is born with a purpose in life no matter how long or brief that life maybe. The purpose may be beyond our understanding and reasoning which only deepens our pain, however that purpose may not have been for them to achieve longevity but rather to be the catalyst for the advancement of others. In this situation and situations that are similar, the grand purpose might be to become the straw that stirs the social consciousness and bring about significant change. For whatever reason, some are chosen to be a bona fide crusader to advance a cause greater than themselves.

All law enforcement and prosecutors should know as part of their mandatory training that the only thing that separates the general public and the police in authority is the police’s ability to arrest for misdemeanor crimes and issue citations within their jurisdiction. All citizens have the right to make a citizen’s arrest regarding felony crimes. Although that right comes with strong recommendations to avoid making those arrests and instead have minimal contact or interference outside of notifying the police. An off-duty policeman is not even held to the standard of mandatory intervention but only to take a police action which can be as simple as calling the police or transferring information of their observations.

To make a citizen’s arrest in a felony matter you must first have intricate knowledge of what constitutes a felony and the various exception that should be considered. The main exception is you cannot legally shoot anyone over property regardless of the property’s value or the felony status. Holding someone for trespassing, or refusing to submit to your curiosity, that person is essentially being kidnapped is not even close to meeting the legal threshold needed for a citizen arrest. That is why they have police academies and extensive training.

Not only do police know this but anyone with a concealed carry permit is taught this as part of their CCW training to receive a certificate and permit. This information is not only offered by the instructor giving the certificate, but a mandatory state-issued book clearly educating you on the matter. Did this group of self-appointed champions of good know if he may have been an investor, interested home buyer, had approval, an employee stopping to check, or if he was in fact trespassing? Their knowledge of the law would have to extend to really understanding criminal mischief, criminal trespassing, criminal damaging, vandalism, unoccupied structures, burglary, petty theft, and grand larceny to start with plus Aubrey’s constitutional rights.

None of the above mentioned would grant them the right that they acted upon. Did they notify the contractor for confirmation? What was their jurisdiction? Did they have the minimal legal corpus delicti to affect an arrest, detain him, or make a voluntary request that required him to submit? He had no reason or legal obligation to comply with his own kidnapping or comply with someone with no right to confront him brandishing not firearms but weapons.

Kidnapping is not only to remove someone but to also restrict their movements without authority and against their will or consent. So now their prima facie was based on what crime they were fairly certain that he had committed and through their investigation felt that he had to be thrown down on instead of at the very most just politely asked or advised. The proliferation of burglaries in the neighborhood which went unreported had nothing to do with this situation since you cannot burglarize a place with no doors, windows, or encasement to prevent or have the expectation of preventing access or entry. Now if the vigilantes were aware of the others who committed the same atrocity are they now also justified to hunt them down or most likely were they already aware of those others but something differentiated him from them. I guess the manner in which he came to their attention did not allow them to be aware of anyone else with the same actions.

You would expect a veteran law dog to be slicker than to be a principal participant in killing someone over property and not even his property. As the gentleman jogged not using furtive moves, evasive actions that revealed a criminal mens rea, or any urgency resembling fleeing a crime, then why would it be necessary to confront him in a code red highest-level pyramid escalation mode with weapons. The real police have an obligation if time permits to let you know who you are dealing with by if necessary, loudly announcing their identity while in uniform and with a patrol car as a hint.

What was the hunters conversation or utterances that would make Aubrey react in fear for his life from a good old fashion roundup? The only reason for the weapons display was a projected fear of him which was revealed by their predetermined intent to confront him armed. Even with a numbers advantage confronting him why would the cowardly lions go even that far if they were that afraid, they could have just followed him until the real champions of do good on the city payroll could arrive. Having a shotgun drawn for a conversation was not necessary. Governed by using the minimal force necessary, what were they that afraid of to go even beyond police actions?

In law enforcement, there is a natural progression of how things routinely unfold, and this would appear to be outside of that natural progression in the lack of their initial arrest and the appearance of a suspected coverup. This shit has to stop because it creates a dangerous atmosphere that greatly damages a portion of the public’s trust in believing that you must abide by the law when applied against you but the law must not abide by their own standards when it is broken against you.

By law, all the affirmative defenses are useless if you place yourself in harms way intentionally, are in the wrong, or third-party defenses that arise out of them being wrong or with an obligation to deescalate. They exhibited more authority than the police are allowed, and no one had a problem with that, I guess even the retired law dog forgot that he was retired. There are many other exculpatory facts unknown to the public and discrepancies in the stories that cannot be defended.

The examination of tapes or radio transmissions between dispatcher and responder, the separate dispatcher tape and log or notes, landline conversations and texts outside the official system, frame by frame scrutiny of the video taken and visual enhancement to determine specific elements, electronic devices, conversations had and statements made after the fact will often further expose intent and concealment efforts. When somebody’s story is not tight it is prone to crack under closer scrutiny and separate and show the accused party’s self-interest.

The law is specific but frequently manipulated and ignored as a matter of principle when it comes to the preferred, not just on a racial basis but as a matter of economic status, nationalism, and selective enforcement. This is the American way. Not only the big shots but others too get off on what we routinely pay dearly for, are arrested immediately for, or are imprisoned for. I guess justice really is blind to the facts. They are routinely afforded concessions that are not made available to us.













Some who would state they are absolutely diametrically opposed to racism and categorically deny their hypocrisy would let a government message go out in Ohio only warning black men against wearing red or blue as well as any face mask which could intimidate or be misconstrued as threatening a robbery. No mention of face mask with Nazi signs, confederate flags, or straight up Klan’s hoods as a warning to the black males safety. That weak-ass apology that followed would be more appreciated if it accompanied a firing or resignation. Someone like that despite their personal views cannot be in such a position to exercise that great of a lack of judgment, regardless of color. When will someone be held accountable and pay the price that will serve as a deterrent definitely raising others’ awareness and sensitivity?

The hypocrisy of it all, just apply a fair and consistent application not obviously stacked to your advantage because as we see at some point it will certainly backfire on you when it is uncovered or people get fed up with being trampled. The coverup is just as if not more egregious than the crime revealing an acceptance and approval for the offender and the offense. The pain you give is the same pain you can be made to feel when your barbaric inadequacies that are projected upon others are then reflected back upon you. Fear is in the eye of the beholder and if you are not beholding you would not be making petrified sucker moves.

There could not be hate without a hater, nor could there be a lie without a liar to tell it. When you identify with fear or hatred it reveals a weakness in your mind that you are trying to conceal. You absolutely cannot claim to stand your ground or being in fear for your life when you run up on someone trying to put the smackdown and get scared because they didn’t wither. Why did you initiate a conflict and then cry out to the universe of being in fear of your life but not in fear of your savagery? If some crazed bigot chased you down carrying a shotgun and armed with murderous intent ran up on you, what would you think? Probably angered that a Black Man still would not submit.

If you were a victim of what you are a practitioner of, imagine the victims fear jogging one minute and life slipping away the next paying your price without proof of a crime because you wanted to be a cowboy. By virtue of being practitioners of the unspeakable and those who align themselves with you, all your sympathizers within the system that saw no fault in your actions need to be exposed and held accountable. Considering the violation of human dignity at a crime scene and essentially the abuse of a corpse by the utter piece of trash that violating all human decency would not allow you to NOT attempt aid but to take a trophy picture. Even a white supremacist should feel that undermines and compromises them all, but only if this is not the way they do business to support their belief. Reverse roles and you would be outraged and rampaging but recommend peace for us.

Behind the scenes at the highest levels, the presidency, the code red has been issued in a not so discreet or subtle way (fine people on both sides) by creating the atmosphere where this racist conduct is encouraged and applauded by the frightened puppet master in the oval office delighted how the puppets dancing on strings are ignorantly carrying out his racist agenda. All the time pretending to be one of them but really an immigrant himself.

You can trick some of the people all of the time, some of the people some of the time, but not all the people all the time. All supporters of this desperate high puppeteer are not hypocrites and stand on some moral principles whose support was not used as promised or intended, but then again we all knew what we were getting it was no secret and you did vote for him. At some point, your denial of others rights will lead to your denial of your own rights.

No one can be proud of your lack of courage, lack of human decency, and inferiority complex disguised as supremacy that proves nothing is beneath you. Devout no doubt in your religion that states thou shall not kill, but still indiscriminate killers because you are constantly afraid and think you have a better spoon. Needing someone to persecute to make you feel better about yourself, but the void and fear remains even when the numbers are disproportionately in your favor and carrying a shotgun. Maybe the answer to curbing this racism is to give you some spinach for strength like Popeye or a pretend medal like the cowardly lion.

The contractor whose structure it was is at home eating dinner while you and your vigilante gang are headed to prison realizing now that being neighborhood enforcer was not worth it to you, never thinking you would be held accountable for this murder. Veteran law dog also must have forgotten that this is not the 1950’s but then I guess at least you don’t have to worry about your own house anymore, accommodations will be provided for you, hopefully for life.

Trump created the atmosphere to draw you out of your bigoted closet. You let your boy gas you up to make America great again by his divisive rhetoric, but he is at home too. By the way, he should be following you to prison but he has a country to ruin. Nero, a mad man, was said to have fiddled while Rome burned, Trump now tweets while America burns, and while you sit in jail.

Moral of the story < The law is very explicit when stating that the facts or circumstances known or believed to be known at that time are the standards that actions are to be judged on. What FELONY crime of bodily harm or risk to a person’s life is known or believed to be known that would justify the use of deadly force or an ill-fated citizen’s arrest. How about the justification for your confrontation armed with a shotgun?

Now you want to throw a rock and hide your hand? In fear of YOUR life, what about Aubrey having more reason to be in fear of his life being hunted by multiple armed assailants? Those officials who aligned themselves with your actions have effectively identified themselves as accomplices after the fact to have attempted to aid and abet concealment of a murder. Accomplices are held to the same level of crime as that which was committed. Ongoing and collective intent to further a criminal enterprise sounds like a violation of the RICO Act for all participants even those involved in the coverup. Let’s get everything out in the open and put it on the table.

Thurston K. Atlas

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