Democracy Divided

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Solomon’s Dilemma 

Often when making a decision it may become advisable and even necessary to visually project that if a particular scenario plays out to its logical conclusion what are the ramifications and unintended consequences created. Without any consideration for the standard of evidence required to prove or disprove an assertion, it must be presented to be evaluated.

If such favorable evidence exists for consideration why would it not be presented regarding voter fraud and election indiscretions as claimed? Denials of a result without counter-evidence are just outlandish claims or machinations of not being able to accept defeat. It is a delusion that you were not defeated or could not have been defeated especially when performing your personal best although you were out-performed. As they say, check the scoreboard it was not close.

Assuming if any of these bellyaches which were repeatedly denounced and rebuked by authorities mostly considered favorable to you had any merit or sliver of truth they surely would have been upheld or revealed by now. Your preferred scenario to invalidate or rectify an election dispute instead of presenting evidence was to violently overthrow the Capitol and to forcibly install Trump. It must be further explored for feasibility.

If then President Trump were to be installed as some form of ultimate authority by the violent dissent and frenzy of his followers after overtaking the Capitol and its politicians what would that authority or title be? Would there be future elections? To prevent Democrats from ever being in a position to ruin the country would it then be a one-party Republican union? How would the majority or larger number of voters who rejected Trump be conceded?

A one-party political system is a monarch or dictatorship especially if installed as a violent toppling of the existing government. These actions would exempt democracy from being practiced. Historically speaking how many dictators have been democratically voted out after dissatisfaction arises with them among those who forcibly installed them.

I would assume then that there would probably be no need for the Senate, a House of Representatives, or Supreme Court since the boss would be running things. A new governmental structure would have to be established solidifying his hold over the government and people which usually involves military obedience and gun control. He could and would not risk what happened for him to happen against him.

It would seemingly invite military action against segments of the public deemed to be insurrectionists to your insurrection. Government, Military, and Law Enforcement would have to purge their ranks of sympathizers partial to democracy and the ballot box. Many who fled these regimes structures around the world would now be subjected to it in America, some by their own violent hands. At least there will be something to compare it to when wondering what impact does that have on Freedom and Democracy.

The societal echelon would reflect the prevailing correction of the racial pecking order restoring America to immoral greatness again. Some religious Freedoms and groups would most certainly not be tolerated at all, hopefully amongst them not yours of course. Returning to a time of core values might be a time that did not include acceptance of you. Remember when those core values did not trust a catholic to be President when JFK ran? At what point might your Republican fervor and ideology divert from the mainstream to exclude yourself?

Further assuming other implications such as the economic impact and the resulting disruptions caused by a government overthrow is first and foremost the certainty that an unstable republic could no longer be the default currency of the world. This action alone would overnight send markets crashing, devalue U.S. currency, annihilate retirements, wipe out pension funds, trigger government defaults, and collapse the economy. Perhaps it would even allow the likes of China to gain world dominance and things would certainly be different around here then.

The uncertainty it would create in the global economy for civil war to emerge in America is the most ingenious method to influence a conceptual change in politics and devaluation of money not to mention political strength. Without hard asset value or fiat currency, the alternative is to implement a digital-only currency with no value except for perceived and controlled access.

Crushing financial and economic de-valuations of banks, securities, debt, credit sources, mortgages, transportation, businesses, and insurance industries surely would suffer substantial losses. The Covid 19 virus damage to the economy would pale in comparison to civil war notwithstanding dealing with Covid at the same time. We would be sitting ducks while being too busy fighting amongst ourselves.

Medicaid and Medicare would most likely be disrupted severely as well as methods of payment and delivery of medication and medical services. With the transportation of food and goods decimated, online delivery of products extinct, and civil unrest-related safety hazards magnified the chaos would all need to be anticipated. If you thought Covid had you afraid to go outside and closed things down, think again. What company or currency would be sustainable if the government itself lost it spending and buying power as well as compromises to the operating systems that facilitate them.

The labor force would be made totally unstable and fractured. Additionally, Federal aid to states and cities uncertain, ceasing of federally funded or subsidized programs, societal disorders and criminal desperation spiked, despair for personal survival widespread, and the total dysfunction of the judicial, criminal, and penal systems across the nation simultaneously destroyed. The power grid, water systems, and sewage and waste systems would cease to function or be sporadic.  

Consider your subgroup treatment under democracy and then reimagine it without. Sexual preference, sexual identities, interracial unions, racial protections, or religious freedoms for example which are not the consensus among the common insurrectionist tolerances would likely be trampled as your right to not be infringed upon.

Wherever your conduct diverts from these minority voter’s preferences as not aligning with their historic racist, sexist, or caste system indulgences or beliefs, what protections from persecution would exist for your subgroup? If you need a hint or assurances look at history before you were needed, you would certainly be relegated back to the dungeon of society. 

Once subjected to the imposed conservative values heavily influenced by so-called Christianity and enforced by radical violence and racist suppression follows the forced conversion and acceptance of a heritage steeped in the dormant biases of the past whose practice is preferred and escape has proven to be quite elusive. The escalation and justification are moral and patriotic values under the cloak of religion manifested in racism, exploitation, sexism, and inequality as it always has been. Only blatantly and without remorse again.

This sense of acceptability on display now makes it comfortable again to proudly proclaim what was only allowed to be shamefully whispered. Backed by patriotic proclamations and First Amendment rights used to threaten any opposition that attempts to changes this stagnant illusion of time and detachment from progression. Your quality of life no longer threatened by the advancement of other people but secured by the systematic advantages and suppression of other’s fair opportunity. Home of the brave’s valor bolstered by Second Amendment rights instead of the quality of your ability.

Now those advantages can be relied upon by you with those nostalgic yearnings no longer frozen in the past. So great is your prevailing denial and deception of this delusion is to be utterly convinced the election was rigged against the restoration of this vision instead of the repudiation of it. The variance within the ranks of those who would collectively argue election fraud fractionally disagree to the extent and manner it could be proven except established by force.


Most nationalities have been discriminated against at some point in their history especially their origins in America to now claim inclusion and exemption by white membership. That said immigration standards would have to absolutely be adjusted to reflect the caliber of people worthy of populating the new republic and what to do with the unworthy who are here, enslave them again? The moral insurrectionist would certainly have their immigration limits and standards. It most certainly it would not be reflected by those who stormed the Capitol whom then President Trump complained how raggedy they were dressed for an overthrow disguised as bums.

No longer being a democracy, it then follows that democracy could not possibly be encouraged or supported anywhere around the world having a collateral effect on other country’s sovereignty. The accumulative global political structural reverberations even beyond those mentioned cannot be calculated. 

There must be a comparative assessment of the purpose, benefit, and damages probable in this pursuit of the forceful irrational implementation of a minority of voter’s candidate. The succession of states is even more problematic but I guess he could be the President of Texas or Florida. If there is evidence as to why the overwhelming majority of voter’s democratic and constitutional rights should be discarded for the installment of a minority of voter’s preferences then let it be presented.

If the bombastic claims have not been presented as proof by now, it may be time to shit or get off the pot if you not going to use it. If it is to be told then tell it and back it up with proof just as you would request of those who you would question. It is way past time to put up or shut up. The shattering of the country has begun to show its fragility when force is the first discourse for the disappointment of voter choices of elected officials.

Four years in power and favorable supporters in position to protect and promote Trumpism by concerted efforts to stack the deck to cajole and coerce the election outcome yet still there are no claims that withstood judicial repudiation. Beyond the rhetoric, there must be a recognition that sometimes your team doesn’t win and the officiating was just despite your wishful outcome. There are always reasons why someone won and someone lost aside from someone has to, look at yourself first.

Maybe it had something to do with dissatisfaction with Trump’s lies, judgment, and performance. With clear conscious and honest reflection, the impact of the mishandling of the Covid-19 virus, the racial discord, harsh policies of implementation of immigration, indifference to truthfulness and accountability, international political scorn, and the attack on voter confidence which led to a historic engagement of voters has to be factored into the loss. The current condition of Lenin-styled scorched Earth tactics from a vindictive now-former President should expose all that needs to be known.

Brought into focus and reason, this version of society brought about by a treasonous insurrection aftermath would be deeply unfavorable to most. The majority forced adherence would I assume be contrary to the spirit of the insurrection of Democracy and that brand of governmental control. Many politicians have come and gone, no matter how popular or unpopular they were the democratic republic has stood as a representation of the people’s will. Democracy is about collectively agreed-upon rules of conduct even when your choice is not preferred. It is not the galvanizing of force but instead consensus of votes.

It works that way for your interest as well as against your preference when the majority sees it otherwise. Odd that a willingness to kill elected officials and overthrow the seated government would be easier than providing proof. The most votes are the solution to losing and that did not happen for Trump. The choice is simple mutual compromise or civil self-destruction by sheer cannibalism.

The reality is a self-inflicted destructive feeding frenzy where extensive devastation and destruction prevails or an eager opportunistic regime moves in to conquer in the chaos. This is not about one man but it is about how he created an atmosphere to cultivate and encourage an undercurrent of sentiment that frankly needs to be addressed and rejected.

By the same token, some would say that he simply exposed that which had been denied but insidiously present and vigorously demonstrated being used now against the very seat of Democracy. Either way, we all can agree from our own perspective that WE have a problem that needs a resolution, no longer being able to deny the corrosive implications and destructive existence.

The agreement has always been our societal collective majority voting preference, not our minority voting preference. Even when that preference was oppressive and evil it was still the preference exercised until progress overtook ignorance. Force had been was used to uphold injustice, the collective majority to change it. Now it comes down to the good of the many by consensus and healing choosing survival or rupturing Democracy by sedition for a debilitating future.          

The simplest perspective to apply is the wisdom of King Solomon, reputed to be the wisest man to ever live. When confronted with the dilemma of the two women each asserting themselves to be the birth mother of a child. The wise King instructed that the child be split in two with one half given to each woman surely killing the child.

The King knew that the real mother with genuine love would sacrifice their preference for the survival of the child. The child is Freedom by way of Democracy and the question is if God-fearing patriotic insurgents would rather suffer the ramifications of overthrowing the government ensuring the death of Democracy?

To preserve their lie while providing no proof of former President Trump winning they are proven to not possess a genuine love for Democracy. No one has put any meat on the table proving he won even while some Republican voters flocked away from him. By default they have proven their real claim, loyalty to a lying sycophant.

To split the child is to kill the child, democracy and freedom murdered and cannibalized after withstanding many foreign threats only to succumb to domestic upheaval without merit. There are indeed those in favor of splitting the child. There are those who will not loudly and explicitly denounce these domestic terrorist actions and sentiments which threaten the country. 

The temporary faint of outrage identifies their motives and cowardice to displease Trump although he has no qualms about talking all up under their clothes. They succumb to his bully tactics and their own power grab instead of their pledge of office and obligation to the wellbeing of the republic they should serve without fear of Trump’s scorn.

Their obstruction of anything by default that the new administration proposes and constant reliance on Trump for approval in government affairs is borderline treason by Republicans and those Democrats sitting around waiting for bipartisan conciliation are borderline remiss by de facto when considering the Republicans had no such reservations when they were in power.  

Survival for the existence of the country cannot endure what it has been allowed to become nor can it survive just as a baby split in two cannot survive. United there is strength but also survival. Democracy and the virtue of fairness must be allowed to expand to all segments of society to survive.

There is a lot at stake for partisan disappointment in one election to ruin the country when there is always the people’s majority vote for the next time. For a former President to advocate for dividing the country we should know that he has no concern for Democracy and would rather see it split it not under his power. King Solomon would definitely see through this ploy and not divide the child or give it to the callous heart of a deceitful liar who lost. 


Thurston K. Atlas

Creating A Buzz  

Pharaoh’s Temple

Welcome to when playtime is over, our goal is to stimulate thought and conversation, not to convert your perspective. As always for those who are easily offended emotions will not be needed so please check your feelings at the door.

Red Sea Catastrophe

Time passes seemingly at varying speeds with good times lasting not long enough and bad times that seem like they will never end but the stagnant times might be the worst times. Though time passes forwardly ticking away methodically it seems like no matter how much time has passed it always seems to repeat itself.

The lessons that time teaches often are ignored to be suffered again and when the time has expired on something and change is unavoidable, the powers that rule fight to maintain their favor or return to a time that has passed. Time is an illusion and the past has proven to be a ghost.

Many years ago, and so many civilizations have crumbled since then, stood a mighty empire in what is commonly termed ancient Egypt ruled by Pharaohs. One Pharaoh specifically seems to have reach forward with a lesson in time that is currently repeating itself before our oblivious eyes in a cautionary tale of ruin.

Pharaohs were worshipped as deities above humanity possessing pure bloodlines or a divinity to be revered and exercise rule over the common subjects, being God on earth. Common subjects were just along for the ride submissive to their ruler to facilitate the rulers’ glory and commands. The decisions were made at the top for all concerned as far as the transfer of power and behavior of the masses. Similarly to a President, politicians, and the public.

Very little room was at the top for giving orders but plenty of room at the bottom to receive orders. Pharaohs were gods on earth destined and ordained to use the people for their own glorification often despite the ever-increasing toll on their servants. This Pharaoh’s ego and deification were the only considerations.

Everyone and everything served at the pharaoh’s discretion. Egypt had an established structure and recognized hierarchy with the Pharaoh, his bloodline, his chosen elite, army, laborers or merchants, subjects, and slaves or disenfranchised being the pecking order. Freedom was an abstract reality that in practice and practicality did not exist beyond that which was sanctioned by the Pharaoh.

Worship and loyalty to the Pharaoh were demanded under harsh penalty or death. The ruling method was with an iron fist even if it was sometimes inserted in a velvet glove. The Ten Commandments, a traditional Easter favorite, told of Moses’ journey and a people he was destined to lead to the promised land against the mighty Pharaoh Ramses II.

Ramses II is translated to mean “born of Ra or son of God” and to be worshipped as such, a god himself. In ancient Egypt, Ra was believed to be the “sun god” and creator of all that existed much like the God of today. Ramses II representing his heritage and with the hand of Ra, his God, guiding him opposed Moses.

The two opposing parties competing for the same undisputed title for their God. The battle for supremacy of their Gods’ power over the others’ God was what played out in the movie. Despite several warnings from Moses to Ramses II and displays that his God was to be taken seriously, Ramses II stood on his spot and dismissed all deterrents as fake magic including a deadly plague. Reminds you of a foolish President, proclamations of fake news, and the Covid-19 virus of modern times.

After several, I can show you better than I can tell you moments, Ramses II knuckled under to Moses’ demand to let his people go. Once Moses headed out with his people Ramses II decided he couldn’t leave it at that, so he gathered his chariots in pursuit. His ego and entitlement bolstered by his thirst and belief in his own power emboldened by his cronies enraged him to strike out where he had relented before.

So, he vigorously pursued Moses and his people until cornering his pain and humiliation against the Red Sea. While no military man would be caught with no escape route having his back against a sea of water, Moses as it turned out had a final trap to prove the power of his God.

By the power invested in him by his God, Moses parted the Red Sea leading his people on faith to safety. Now, this where it gets interesting for me because a normal person would have seen this parting of a massive sea as something beyond their pay grade. I can understand Ramses II’s commitment because he was blinded by his ego and propaganda to maintain power at all cost. 

As the son of Ra, Ramses II nor Ra had demonstrated such an impressive feat as this (like in the one Batman movie where the Joker says, “where does he get all these wonderful toys”). Nevertheless, Ramses II gave that dreadful order for his chariots to pursue through the parted sea while he majestically poses safely on top of his chariot upon a rock watching or retreated to the Whiter House while they stormed the Capitol.

Okay, how can the power of one man’s ego send an army of gullible followers on a delusional rampage to placate him and most certainly to their own demise, basically to drown in his ambition? Could it have been that their obedience to an oppressive system was so engrained in their DNA that logic or morality had been suppressed above their own reasoning or survival? His actions and their obedience to them essentially led the kingdom to collapse and ruin.  

That is pledging your allegiance and being resigned to your fate as a favored servant in the face of being confronted with extraordinary circumstances of demise. No power to resist being ordered to your detriment to satisfy a sycophant leading to a Red sea calamity. Seems like it would have occurred to them that this doesn’t seem like a good idea realizing that eventually destruction would be cast upon them. A coward dies a thousand death but a fool once, fear of righteous reprisal should be more important than any allegiance to a man that swallows his own credibility and dignity while sacrificing yours.

As we continue on our cautionary journey, we find Moses and his people at rest near the base of the mountain having escaped Pharaoh. Moses takes a stroll of enlightenment when met by a burning bush followed by the BIG GUY himself for further direction of the people and their order for prosperity in acceptance of the new land.

Now wouldn’t you know it while Moses was aging and taking care of business on high, you had some nonsense brewing at the base. There were those who could be easily persuaded and some who were never persuaded just masquerading who were now being led astray by their desires. It is always one primary agitator, Dathan played by the legendary Edward G, reputedly questioning sarcastically “where is your Moses now?” to get the party started right. A Mitch McConnell or Lyndsey Graham-type rebel rousing.

The crowd is whipped into a frenzy and in comes the golden calf to really turn it up. Now it is on and cooking, the crowd is hyped. There are some who stayed true to the game and remained loyal without supervision but in the end, they were judged to suffer the same fate by association.

 Once Moses descended and was greeted by his greatest disappointment, he knew they had blown it and had earned a judgment upon them all. They wandered around in the wilderness deprived of the promise that could have been, that should have been, but could never be by their member’s own device and corrupt spirit.

This should be a tale about being so close to having it all and blowing it by self-destructive behavior preventing your deliverance to the promised land, but that would be too easy would it not. Maybe the tale that has revisited us is the lesson of how unchallenged lies and questionable deeds committed by great egos awry invites self-humiliation and divisiveness if unrestricted will lead to mass destruction.

The dastardly deeds, irrational obsessions, and excessive efforts executed to maintain power is the very thing that leads your ego to the errors that deprive you of the power you were seeking to preserve. Maybe the more damaging penalty was for Pharaoh who lost everything by his arrogance was Moses whose people were delayed but eventually, after those with the old way of thinking had perished, they were gifted what was promised.

Funny how the few or the one along with their supporting cast of enablers has always controlled the many. The choices are often binary, either this or that, good or evil, Ramses II or Moses, Democrats or Republicans, Red or Blue, you get the point. Either way, the choices are made for us mostly on a traditional basis leaving us with a selection among those choices giving us the delusion of choice when it was in essence chosen for us.

Reward and atonement are always balanced to compel us in a desired position or decision based on a subjective optimism managed and manipulated by Pharaoh. This resonates throughout time and history even to this very day. The equivalent of a crumb of bread or a morsel of grain to sustain yourself can either be granted or denied by Pharaoh in your time of need while you build Pharaoh luxurious chambers, kingdoms, legacies, and monuments of wealth or ego. They call it stimulus or unemployment benefits today which are granted or rescinded by their determination of what is best for you that secures their best interest, not your suffering.

The factory known as workers who toil in the mud and straw is unknown and irrelevant in these great building accomplishments for the glory of Pharaoh, which seems like the one percent trickle-up economics sort of doesn’t it. Flow from the bottom up on the backs of the little people much like under Ramses II whose thirst for power and wealth by any means necessary would risk self-destruction to destroy the Kingdom and lose everything to hold onto power.

Regarding the former Presidency, the old adage if I can’t have you America nobody can seem to apply. Just like in the Ten Commandments the question can be asked, are you a master builder or a master butcher by ideology who doesn’t realize that blood makes poor mortar and blind ambition knows no father? Remember all the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Pharaoh back together again meaning Moses may be desperately needed now to lead the people out of political, psychological, and economic bondage.

This may not come as some surprise but, Cleopatra whom it is said had a face that could launch a thousand battleships, and Hatshepsut who dressed like a man was Pharaohs of ancient Egypt. They had successful reigns then and could probably at least be Vice-Pharaohs today in the 2020 election. We can only hope that Moses can once again lead us to the promised land despite Pharaoh’s objections.

Thurston K. Atlas

Creating A Buzz