Can’t Find the Reasons


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Can’t Find the Reasons

Prohibited Knowledge

Are we defined by our knowledge or our lack of it? Our thoughts create a predisposition forming our perception which partitions our perspective to accept beliefs as truth despite contrary evidence as being observable and provisionally true. These ordained falsehoods or reflections of mysterious declarations are anesthesia to ignorance compelling rituals of conformity. Still, the hype is real promoting a reality of distorted dependencies habitually spread as fact. We adapt to our knowledge it does not adapt to us. Competing proposals can not only reveal proof but also disproof where clashes of facts collide.

Belief cannot supplant questions of fundamental disputes where assertions rely on the disputed contradiction with mostly our belief as the main validation. Lack of deduction induces conditioned assumptions from a selective criteria leading to the mass mania of fanatical conviction even if not strict adherence. A desperation to believe or sculptured explanation precedes the belief’s indoctrination. Psychosomatic experiences and social reinforcements confirms the psychological and emotional attachment further validating the belief. Extreme fear, panic, and anxiety historically are used to motivate irrational occurrences such as witch trials, McCarthyism of the 50’s, racism, economic forecast of doom, homophobia, religious extremism, partisan politics, and any square peg of fear in a circle of coercion or ignorance. 

These apprehensions are social distortions widely embraced to instill fear, obstruct change, or stimulate psychological innuendo. The expectation is worse than the reality because our minds has an unlimited ability to conjure up catastrophes of our fearful imaginations. Situational justifications accompany the irrational conformations necessary to suspend our moral sensibilities thus fueling our subjective agendas. This is how crusades, atrocities, and persecutions are pursued in a frenzy of rationalizations whereby the resulting actions are inconceivable and despicable. The concealment of such degeneracy generates a vehement denial to preserve dignity and separation from the evil done.

So the inconceivable which is undeniable becomes the unspeakable and oblivious revisionist minimalizations of regret. Time is not stagnant nor is change but our resistance to both are ghost of futility proving repeatedly that change occurs with us, around us, or without us but rarely by the compass of our permission. The circle of acceptance eventually increases according to expanded evidence beyond our belief to embrace an unquestionable truth. The mass hysteria is a panicked reaction to ideologies which challenge or alter our comfort or prestige creating uncertainty and a perceived anticipation of decline thereby rejecting truth and change while safely clinging to belief. 

Primitive instincts of fight or flight and self-preservation overwhelms our sensibilities into a raging crescendo of uncharacteristic hostilities as an outlet for rampant anxieties and insecurities. The unrelenting consequence of this is not only regretful actions but also distractions of negligence to pursue solutions. Change is a redistribution of circumstances and familiarity causing uneasiness and adaptation. The delay or prevention of change prolongs the benefit to those seeking to hoard power or privilege. Therefore, the crux of change is the balance of benefit sequestered and insulated by the status quo of established methods. Accordingly, any major change is usually by force or utter necessity against the gate keepers of authority and influence to reject prior beliefs and practices.

Discovery and exploration tethered to ancient and primitive ideologies and mass hysteria sabotages social progress. From days of old information was forbidden to the common folk as being too ignorant to comprehend. Thus, sacred knowledge required that belief was the only validation for inaccessible information fostering a dependent subjugation by illiteracy. Development of universal humanity suffered from the resulting caste systems of knowledge, wealth, and prestige. However, the contemporary equalizer is information is now abundantly available to most at our finger tips. So, as the questions continue, how much longer can we ignore the answers? A footnote of any civilization is its progress and knowledge.

Civilizations and their proclivities crumble over time when signs are ignored past a tipping point. The tipping point is upon us as our apathy and arrogance of entitlement will be the vanity of our failure. To preserve survival evolution must occur. If information and education erases the deficits of ignorance, deceit, and psychological control can ritual beliefs and indoctrinations continue to forbid progression? So, if it is available what is preventing our access except for our pursuit? If we can’t find the reason to thrive, we will have no reason to complain or for things to change.

If divided we stand, united we will fall when the excuses outweighs the reasons. The past contorts the future when the present is mired in obstructions to intellectual and social progression. How can we entertain a multitude of distractions but can’t find the reasons to avoid the implosion of society? Knowledge has always been power and possessing Knowledge always will be the advantage of those who know to rule those who don’t. The incentives are self-evident and the reasons are motivational persuasion to secure advantages beyond those subdued by ignorance. Arm yourself with knowledge and information as an antidote to ignorance and deceit or behold the liabilities with no good reason why.


America’s Most UnWanted

Unwanted Dead or Alive

Attention. Attention, we interrupt your programming to bring you this breaking news bulletin to alert you to America’s Most unwanted being spotted in your area. They should be considered dangerous and not to be entertained, engaged, or challenged. An all-points bulletin has been issued with this warning, so be on the lookout for them or their gang.

They have eluded our checkpoints, APBs, and capture. We ask for the public’s help to bring them under control and end their rampage throughout society. Unfortunately, they have become more emboldened and arrogant in the audacity of their attacks and penchant for crossing boundaries to elude detection. Our efforts have been to detect, identify, verify, and prevent their wanton disregard for social order.

As we increase our efforts to bring this gang under control and critical information continues to pour in, we will keep you abreast of any additional developments. There have been widely reported sightings and leads pouring in. Still, without the public’s diligence and performance of their civic duty, we may labor in our pursuits. But, again, I repeat, do not be lulled into or swindled by their unassuming demeanor and deception.

There have been reports of sympathizers who have aided and abetted this gang by harboring and nuturing them. It seems they are undoubtedly unaware of the risks and danger they assume by hiding them or their danger to the public. This gang is volatile and may ruthlessly turn on you without much provocation or warning.

Many documented instances have occurred where the aftermath of their wrath has devastated those who have harbored them. Be especially diligent regarding impressionable children as they are notably susceptible and preferred victims of this gang, as are developing young adults.

At this time, we want to share with you as much information as we can without jeopardizing our efforts to suppress this gang or endanger the public unnecessarily. We are working to identify the members further but are reasonably certain of their roles and areas of expertise.

Their two oldest members running this gang, referred to as Public Enemy one and two. They are believed to have started the gang and provide its direction. However, various gang members have been known to operate independently or in conjunction with other members. One element that makes this gang increasingly dangerous is they are all very proficient in their own right, but when combined or operating as a whole, they are very formidable.

The entire gang rarely works together simultaneously as their motives may differ. However, there are reliable reports that members may be present but not participate in the actions of the others. They all flee the area together despite their participation. Their descriptions and characteristics provide distinctly identifiable profiles.

Public Enemy number one is without denial the mastermind and orchestrator. Number one controlling the gang’s activities is an active participant at all times. The gang benefits from this member’s charismatic and alluring persuasion.

This member displays the ability to infiltrate the heart and minds of unsuspecting civilians and is ruthlessly determined to deceive and connive others into assisting. Logic, reasoning, outright deception, and persuasion are the specialties of this member.

Public Enemy number two may be the downfall of this outfit for the flashy and braggadocious manner brashly displayed. Not the most dangerous member, but the confidence projected along with the skill set possessed makes this member the driving force of the gang and to be revered.

The image of the gang is shaped by this member and generates an assuredness of unlimited power and invincibility. This member is always present, and the influence is active and compliments Public Enemy number one quite well. Number two has also been known to take charge directing the gang’s activities.

The next members are fraternal, not identical twins, although they bear a strong resemblance. They often act as one unit with many similarities in their behavior. They are by far the most dangerous of the gang. Like Public Enemy number two, they are revered but also feared for their insatiable anger and hostile anti-social disposition.

They are more controllable if kept separated but must be constantly monitored by the other gang members, wary of when they may explode. Unprovoked, they may become extremely callous and violent. It is a delight that they savor when getting their hands dirty or doing the heavy lifting for the gang. But, unshockingly, it seems to unleash their psychopathic appetite for violence.

Once uncorked, they are tough to bring under control until they satisfy their thirst and exhaust their rage. Their only value to the gang is to do the unspeakable without remorse. They are simply muscle without much thought or self-control, often displaying psychotic behavior.

This fifth member is the twins’ cousin and can also become unhinged by the slightest provocation with actions that range from petty to outrageous. It must run in the family being first cousins. Their behavior differs slightly, with this member having a more sociopathic lean, including impulsive behaviors and responses that are not justified by the circumstances.

This member is tolerated only because of the value of the twins but not trusted or well-liked because of constant complaining and petty tendencies. The displays of neediness, proclamations of possessiveness, and conspiracies of betrayal detract from any value to the gang.

The sixth member is known to contribute as much as is sometimes taken away, displaying a demeanor with aspirations much larger than capabilities. This member has lofty ambitions of one day running the outfit despite glaring limitations.

Additionally, number six is unreasonable and though clever, claims to know more than the other gang members. Though very determined and principled but always resisting suggestions and instructions. Being irreplaceable as encouragement and a go-getter when on point, this member is the checks and balances of the gang.

The following two are related, although uncertain how. These two have only one objective, which is what is in it for them.  Not surprisingly, they are the least trustworthy of the bunch and most likely to flip when confronted, possessing little fortitude and even less loyalty. They have a tight bond and high ambitions.

Their tools of the trade are an eye for big-time scores and corruption of others’ vulnerabilities. They are first-class high-stakes grifters. Every outfit of ill repute can find value in their talents.

The last to round out the crew is the getaway driver providing a hideout to meet when something goes wrong or if separated. But, wait, what’s that? Our top-notch inspector spotted them and tracked them to their hideout with no time to call more backup. Therefore, they must act immediately, not knowing if and when a chance like this will present itself again.

They have the place surrounded, and apprehension is imminent. However, They must move quickly and use the element of surprise on a gang that often disappears as ghosts that transcend time, space, and body. Hence, the go-ahead has been given to execute the raid with extreme caution. We are awaiting word of the all-clear.

We are proud and relieved to let you know that the raid was an overwhelming success. All members have been apprehended and identification now known. The identifications are as follows; the leader Public Enemy number one is the Conscious Mind, a notorious enabler and deceiver. Public Enemy number two is the Ego, known to initiate bloated perceptions of self.

The twins are Hatred and Evil wanted for many unspeakable crimes of brutality. Member five is the cousin Jealousy, aka Envy, wanted for pettiness due to easily hurt feelings or bemoaning other’s good fortune, a real hater.

Member six is Pride, who led to the gangs’ downfall and a real know it all. The following two found hiding together, Greed and Lust, were no doubt hoping to hide the goods and escape discovery. Lastly, the getaway driver, Denial aka Ignore, was found to use the same pattern of getaway when returning to the gang’s hideout, the heart and minds of compromised individuals.

We and the public would like to recognize and thank the one responsible for figuring out this group of punks, tracking them down, and bringing them to accountability. Furthermore, we are indebted to the only one possessing the cunning to corral this gang, which is the one and only Subconscious Mind.

The subconscious mind is the most powerful computer known to man and not even remotely understood for its full range of capabilities. The subconscious mind is the unregulated truth, where change occurs and is a servant guiding our actions and beliefs. It controls not only our bodily functions but our perspectives and resulting accomplishments.

Unleashing the subconscious mind’s power controls our conscious mind and well-being. But, we must recognize and allow it to “apprehend” the deceptions of the conscious mind and the ego where these henchmen get their direction and permission.

Allow your subconscious mind to control your conscious mind and ego to overcome any insecurities and self-limiting behaviors. It is the direct path to correcting your flaws and controlling your emotions. Please further research the subconscious mind to understand its function and unlimited power.

Your conscious mind is designed to justify your thoughts and actions, no matter how unreasonable according to your self-justifications and weaknesses, making it easier to succumb to insecurities, fears, and delusions. This is the core of hatred and jealousy. In addition, it creates dangerous comparisons of self inadequacies. Thus, it develops either an inferiority or a superiority complex in contrast to the comparison. It can therefore generate evil validations.

The ego is a creation of the conscious mind and leads to excesses. It generates actions that crave confirmation and validation outside of yourself. It forces you to develop needy low self-esteem and self-doubt or a narcissistic exaggerated alter ego. Pride and denial often deceives what we know to be true. The result is a masquerade that fluctuates based on flattery and constant external validation. 

Interrupting your programming is a reference to the psychology of your conditioned perspective. It refers to the undetected forces that distract your focus, scattering your concentration exaggerating the symptoms while disguising the cause leading to the cure. 

The cure resides in the subconscious mind to directly address the compulsion instead of the manifestations presented by the conscious mind. Consequently, the command resides in the subconscious mind, while its resistance will be mounted in the conscious mind by default.

The conscious mind is the hardware. The ego and the enemies mentioned above are acquired perspectives, the apps. The subconscious mind is the software and coding or operating system. The operating system dictates the functions of the hardware providing the hardware has compatible and accommodating  capacity.

Extraordinary power exists in everyone to command the subconscious mind’s services and benefits. Those who can access this power on demand discover an amazing ability to develop willpower, discipline, and peacefulness creating their success.

Consider how anger, desperation, dealing with pain, or dire circumstances produce some of your best efforts because they take the thought or conscious mind out of the equation. It removes the limitations that can only thrive and persist in the conscious mind allowing the subconscious mind to excel.

The subconscious mind serves at your discretion like a machine to do what it is told, making the key to its effectiveness removing the coding limitations. The ascension process is reprogramming it with empowering affirmations, positive instructions, and removing self-limiting negative programming. This extradinaily effective apprehension unit stops public enemies before they can rummage or obstruct your potential. Your mind can be an elite weapon.




Thurston K. Atlas
Creating A Buzz



Hairy Situation


Queens, Hair, and Identity. Is it just Hair?

It is said that a woman’s hair is her crown and glory by way of a crown being worn on the head, but what if, metaphorically speaking, a woman’s crown is not her hair but instead her perspective.

Crowns symbolize wealth, dignity, power, and the distinction of sovereignty proclaimed in the physical realm, but they are also concepts of adornment in appearance. It can also signify a belief and portrayal that is spiritual in an unyielding conviction of dignified recognition without reservation.

The peak of the head is where the crown chakra is located and characterizes the transcendence of uncertainty and limitations. The distinction between perspective and appearance is not to be regarded as a harmless occurrence of insignificance beyond influence but a constant state of being. Instead, an act of self-proclaimed royalty and a display of queenly declaration. 

Found in the crown chakra is clarity, wisdom, self-love, enlightenment, self-acceptance, and elevation from this perceived physical realm. It is where vanity and the ego dissolve, and balance emerges from being in harmony with one’s self-identity and uniqueness. Nature manifested in its uniqueness.

It is where the subconscious mind and the perspective of your identity reside as the crown itself. This state of mind is a one-dimensional self-determination, sustained by your distinct existence where all is true, that is internally believed and faithfully embraced while genuinely expressed.

It is created within a one-dimensional space of self-acceptance and revealed outwardly in a two-dimensional realm of self-expression but received in the three-dimensional reality of life transformed by the eternal beauty of confidence and certainty of self-identity.

Hair exists as an inanimate aesthetic having life but no feeling. It is superficially assigned cosmetic value through cultural conditioning, diminishing its natural splendor and uniqueness.

Cosmetic hair’s value is narcissistic in nature, pretentious in practice, and insecurity of appearance by sincere self-evaluation. It gets its value from your feelings towards it and evokes feelings of inadequacy when applying projected expectations of other’s standards of beauty. It craves validation by association and imitation.

Cosmetic hair then becomes not the standard of beauty but your actual conformity to the perceived beauty you have allowed to mask and define your self-image. It distorts a direct correlation between your self-image and the external masquerade you project as reality.

The greater the exaggeration, the more it reflects your insecurity and delusion yearning to fit into some contrived role. Psychologically this is a symbolic expression and representation of unresolved insecurities at best and coveted cultural appropriation at worst by embracing that which you are not and rejecting that which you can only be.

The authenticity of your identity is the highest representation of your natural self and character. Hair is used as an external cosmetic but cannot truly empower and transform you to be what you internally already are or could be.

This self-deception essentially is a crutch revealing a need to claim the self-loving salvation of your crown identity. An assessment of your self-esteem, identity, and confidence that is dependent on hair color, texture, or length camouflaged as fashion indicates that an awakening of self-worth has yet to be fully embraced.

A woman’s actual attractiveness, capabilities, and substance are not in her hair but the radiance of her intellect, personality, and uniqueness. Quantity or quality of hair is not an indication or essence of a woman’s value.

That value is obtained by personal development, embracing and expressing yourself as your crown. Often uncertainties are self-imposed by comparison and by seeking perfection that devalues what you already possess, a value that is unique to you.

Pursuing personal development to be self-aware and self-accepting without external props leaves you always properly adorned. It frees you from the delusion of obtaining external validation and perfection.

That which is external only creates an illusion and represents a dependency that weakens you internally, for it shall wither under time and vanity. This creates a delusion that manifests itself as an unstable self-confidence and an artificial acceptance of self-doubt, which feeds your insecurities and disrupts your harmony.

The deception of this imposter persona creates a lavish fantasy whose performance must be compulsively maintained. A mental and emotional addiction then defines your self-worth and restricts your ability to function without feeling social anxiety.

The solution is to not submit to a foolish misconception, believing that is what allows you to be who you are. You can empower yourself to be because you chose to be sovereign by your permission and validation.

Empowering perspectives allows you not to crave, conform to, or identify with psychologically defeating denials of your identity, cultural or otherwise. It also may delay the maturation of your strength in your identity without it.

For example, wearing artificial blond hair down to your waist does not promote images of cultural role models conducive to empowering those who are young and unduly impressionable. Cultural appropriation of anything black causes outrage but is not considered theft when the opposite occurs, especially certain depictions of hair.

Just as black females need to see themselves and their images represented in dolls and professional positions of power and entrepreneurship, they need to see their image positively and naturally in their mirrors and other black women.

The proliferation of unnatural hairstyles encourages them to embrace something other than themselves. By comparison and example, they cannot embrace their features, blackness, uniqueness, and crown with the subliminal messaging being sent that strong, independent, regal, and woke black women display and believe that their beauty is other than their natural selves.

Abandoning their natural beauty to imitate another’s cultural idea of beauty has a psychologically damaging effect on themselves and the young females who are starting to form images and acceptance of their own identity.

Black beauty covers a broad spectrum that can accommodate your stylings without the exaggerated extreme portrayal of unnatural stylings as costumes and artificial headdresses.

Collateral considerations that are impacted are the forced labor and exploitation of women in the countries that produce the hair. Their level of compensation from a four-billion-dollar industry that black women overwhelmingly support is close to slave labor.

Black women being one of the primary users of the hair and needed accessories that generate massive revenue with minimal retail or wholesale opportunities returned to them amounts to the voluntary financial exploitation of black women by themselves.

No participation in the wealth accumulation of this industry questions the continued voluntary exploitation through the patronage of the black woman’s insecurities and cultural appropriation. The only money to be made is in service of the industry at the bottom of the economic chain. Crumbs should no longer be acceptable as a return on investment.

Perhaps it is time to support something that empowers the black woman’s identity, natural beauty, ownership, and responsibility as an example of a role model of self-love and acceptance. With this being a four-billion-dollar industry, any money steered to another industry that benefits and more closely aligns itself with the black woman’s natural beauty, interest, opportunity, and respect should be explored.

This is also compelling and influences the black male to support, acknowledge, demonstrate, and acclimate themselves to not appreciate the black female’s natural beauty and value.

Setting the example and standard for black beauty will avoid conditioning the black male to subliminally embrace a façade and unintentional portrayal of beauty. That standard that is not representative and appreciative of the black woman’s beauty should not be promoted by the black woman or man. Just in case a reminder is needed.

The black male also must participate in the elevation of the black women’s self-image and remove obstacles to the black woman’s crown state of mind. Providing support, input, gratitude, and encouragement is needed and well deserved considering what she has gone through, is going through, and will go through to heal and renew her spirit. Just in case some reassurances are wanted, and our contribution is needed.

Her glory lays not in hair but the dignity of her crown projection. A symbol of the renewal of mother earth, where all that exists is created, nurtured, and grown.

Remember, for all she does; hair does not make the woman; self-determination that reveals the acceptance of her cultural identity as royalty ensures that her best is more than enough and beautiful in its uniqueness.

In this time of black girl magic and the black woman’s celebration, beauty, and empowerment, it is in contrast to the imposed image of a European appearance and standard of beauty being shredded. Then, why does the black woman insist on these beauty standards appropriated and promoted by others?

The King of Soul, James Brown, said “Say it Loud I’m Black, and I’m Proud,” and the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, spoke about “Feel like a Natural Woman,” but it is better said only if you mean it and walk it like you talk it.

Promote and be a representation of your unique, organic beauty. That is a beautiful example for black women to empower black girls to accept their own likeness as beautiful. After all, it might be MORE than just fake hair projecting a harmless cosmetic delusion of impractical images of black beauty.

Arm yourself in a manner you can not be disarmed with the confidence of your acceptance of yourself. Then you will be dressed your best.


Thurston K. Atlas

Creating A Buzz