Diluted Justice and Pure Morality

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Diluted Justice and Pure Morality


Welcome to when playtime is over, our goal is to stimulate thought and conversation, not to convert your perspective. Any persuasion is solely at your discretion and deliberation. For your consideration, we would like to offer Diluted Justice and Pure Morality and as always for those who are easily offended emotions will not be needed so please before entering check your feelings at the door.

Justice and Morality are as old as civilization and communal survival aiding in the coexistence of different norms. They often are confused with each other because both are sometimes present at the same time. They are really just both agreed upon social norms which provide the guidelines of society and govern the restrictions of its members. Justice aspires to punish wrongful acts and distribute fairness ethically. Morality is more concerned with good or bad and right or wrong in principle. The question then becomes who sets the standard and how binding is it for all to follow or submit to as being an arbitrarily accepted social standard.

They are really close in definition but not in practice, application, or agreement. Under some circumstances, it remains the same and in others has an entirely other interpretation based on who is observing or practicing it. It can be virtuous over here while prudish over there. The variations are endless and fluid but some are consistent within a range or scope of understanding and at times baffling. A duality of the same condition diluted is weakened in strength or lessened purity while pure is unadulterated or without dilution or contamination.   

Let’s get to the point without any emotional blinders or folks head jumping time over concepts that their mind or experiences refuse to give allowance for to understand that their adherence to the home team undermines the strength and clarity of their assertions and positions. It is more of a reflection of where your feet are at and the conditioned or adopted perspective that results from a liberal or conservative application of your reality to impose your reality upon others. Liberals generally live and let live while conservatives hold tight to adherence and dissemination of their perspectives upon others. It is many times a cognitive dissonance ignoring the discord between perspective and application.

In actuality neither can be an absolute truth but they both can be a more inclusive comprehensive display of the virtue and veracity of your perspective that separates yours from opposing ones but strangely enough align them on common ground. If we are outraged by attacks on the police then we should be equally outrage by attacks on civilians by the police. If we are outraged by the police killing black and brown then we have to be outraged by black and brown killing each other. The blade cuts both ways with integrity as the dividing denominator.

When your politician or political party has been in lockstep with racist or divisive rhetoric for the last four years and counting and you have fully or partially embraced that then you dilute your hypocritical view that someone else is supporting division by their words or actions. You cannot be silent when it is the home team and criticize the opposition for the same or similar things. You see this is where the justice becomes diluted and the morality less than pure. When you set the table and prepare the meal you lose credibility to complain and deny your transgressions while bemoaning others.

The caterpillar’s knowledge is defined by the confines of its cocoon unable to see beyond its perspective or limitations. The butterfly is transformed by its expansion from and shedding of its limited existence to a sphere of expanded consciousness and possibilities. The human perspective and experience are much the same in a micro or macrocosm of existence as you expand outward from your cocoon of a singular perspective towards a transformative multi-sensory one. It reflects the contemporary evolution of thought and perspective that is the adaptation of survival in a bigger cocoon or radius of understanding.

There is a distinct difference between compromise and being compromised, between concession and surrender. If justice and morality are set by a majority as a social norm then it would stand to reason the same dynamic should be used to change it in the adaption of a different standard. Look at domestic violence and the acceptability of it that traumatized generations of women and children which was once a social norm and by some even encouraged. Its acceptability has run its course and while it is still a reality it is condemned for the despicable act of self-hatred projected outwardly victimizing vulnerable targets masquerading your cowardly inadequacies and lack of self-control as dominance.

The same is true with these moral judgments and racial prejudices on who do not deserve the same considerations as you because in all your righteousness their culture is not yours. Most people’s fortune or misfortune is simply a matter of to whom and where they were born. It was not their choice who, when, where, what culture, what advantages, or what disadvantages they were born into. It was not your choice what education, principles, or demons your parents struggled with or suffered from. There are times when it is not even yours regarding yourself but even if born in the lowlands you can scale the peak.

It is a mix and match but there are plenty that we claim credit for that was pure luck of the draw, a sort of social genetics. So it is important to be careful about the judgments and values that we place on others because of our lack of gratitude for our blessings or despair for our challenges. The pandemic should have taught us all something about how our circumstances can change overnight through no fault of our own to find ourselves in a food line, business or career obliterated, or the shoes tight and the purse-string light. Comparisons are always dangerous and usually an exercise in subjective status in a derogatory manner.

It gets really real when the we become the them and these are the shoes we now walk in or we ride in the struggle buggy for the first time. It is all the same application to a different situation, when we judge by a certain measure then we must make sure we do not fall short of being judged by the same measure. So when your words condemn others make sure your actions don’t condemn yourself. It would only stand to reason that to protest for social justice, against systemic racism, and denounce racial inequality are absolute legit demands but we must also flip the coin and hold ourselves to a level of accountability that does not dilute the integrity of our demands or promote the impurity of others morality.

The dreaded talk that black and brown parents have with our children needs to expand beyond the usual topics to include not only their behavior but ours. We can only hope that white families have a dreaded talk with their children beyond the sphere of their cocoon or privilege. The same criteria that have been applied to Chauvin and many of the other cases of excessive use of force by police must be applied to the senseless excessive use of force by us against us in our communities which is equally terrifying and on a larger scale.

We cannot allow ourselves to be numb to the conditions in our midst that are claiming so many of our people, especially our young people. It reminds me of the saying that even if you have old tattered clothes they should still be clean clothes. If this is where we start and is all we got, then we have to make the best of it and it will bear crop in the harvest season with cultivation, patience, and time. The struggle is real out there but also within here. If we suffer the most, then we need to find solutions for our generational provisions and safety.  

We need change, theirs and ours by each taking their own transgressions out of the equation or conversation whoever you are. Let’s give them something else to talk about whoever they are. Peace, prosperity, and wisdom to the people that justice and morality will become less subjective to emotions and perspectives but aligned with unwavering integrity, progress, and resolve.

With that said let me ask a question, if the prevailing racial strife and circumstance had different parties inserted then would it change the perception or would the same hold true. If black, gang bangers, or opps were inserted instead of the police and the situations mentioned were ones playing out in the inner cities across too much of this country would that not be just as unacceptable and disgraceful. Maybe even more so because it would be us doing it to us. Injustice or murder should not change according to who and where it is done.

The expectations has to be condemnation even when committed by us if the anticipation is for accountability for the actions themselves because it should not be judge by who is doing it but that it is being done. Then it would stand to reason that our outrage has to be focused on the act as well as the perpetrator or at some point our validity and impact diminishes of demanding better. It is the parable of the goose and the gander; it should be the same with different players and with the same standard applied. Consider how many black lives would be saved if the two scenarios met in the middle and were lessened, but we control our communities.

17Protest is cool against the system but let’s play our position on the opposite end to display the love, patience, and change for ourselves that we demand from others and reframe from that which alibis police use of force and irregularities. It will not eliminate their behavior but it will lessen our contribution to it making it obvious and irrefutable to any misconduct. The change we seek without must be the change we are willing to make within giving no concession to inequality keeping our knees straight, our back unbent, our character intact, and our perseverance soaring in pursuit of our humanity and pure justice from a diluted morality.

We are not victims or survivors we are warriors in pursuit of our humanity armed with intellect and integrity that does not require anyone’s permission. The resolution resides in time and commitment now, so the following generations can shed the disparaging and condescending cloaks of racial biases and economic gloom. A strong ten-year commitment followed by another ten-year cultivation period will make tremendous permanent strides like the mighty oak which grows into its strength over time. The seeds are the children raised to know no other way, feel no other way, or accept no other way because inferiority can only be felt by you if it resides in you.     

Racism’s historical ramifications must be exposed, adjudicated, and conquered but being a resilient people it is not preventive of our ascension and perseverance. It can only be if we allow it to be, it is the victim mindset of despair and submission every time we must ask for permission. Just as we band together to protest against these evils let us also band together for ourselves to establish our humanity adhering to our own social norms which embrace each other, so if freedom is free then we are free to frame our destiny. Enforcing justice and morality in our communities creating social norms more in line with our integrity, desires, and prosperity can be done by us to better police ourselves.

Thurston K. Atlas

Creating A Buzz

We must handle our end of the table which we have control over. We control our spoon while we must cajole others into controlling theirs. That which is in our power we must grab holt of and correct while continuing to demand our humanity from others but let’s also demand of and demonstrate that ourselves. They are two different things but closely related and I believe interdependent upon each other. I believe the better we treat ourselves and each other then the more our internal communal dynamics will improve with or without external help.