Crimes Against Humanity The Extended Reality

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Crimes Against Humanity- The Extended Reality


Welcome to when playtime is over, our goal is to stimulate thought and conversation, not to convert your perspective. Any persuasion is solely at your discretion and deliberation. For your consideration, we would like to offer Crimes Against Humanity- The Extended Reality and as always for those who are easily offended emotions will not be needed so please before entering check your feelings at the door.

Hard but True, Raw but Real

Let’s get down to business removed from the political correctness and pretense of social graces to speak openly without regard for contrived moral consciousness, forced remorse, or unwilling accountability. Let‘s put everything on the table out in the open to analyze everything in terms of present and future projections regarding racism and discrimination. Strictly speaking, it is a culmination of psychological conditioning, economic exploitation, and opposed interest which stubbornly continues similar to an addiction to delusion. The delusional addiction is to an entitlement of preferential accommodations and self-image of superior character selfishly pursued at the expense of all others not in your identifying group. Blacks seemed suitable and were easily identified by their dark skin tone for exclusion.

Your subgroup is sustained by a subculture of suppression to appear above all groups of animals and humans at the self-proclaimed pinnacle of the biological chain. This was not accomplished by actually being that but by elevating your subgroup above all others by standing hoisted high upon your artificial privileged advantage appearing to loom above the rest. It is like the great Oz who was not the all-powerful as being portrayed but a sniveling insecure little round man hiding behind a curtain of vulnerability pretending to be invincible. This created great fear and respect as long as the curtain remained closed.

The curtain has been pulled back revealing the fear and inadequacies that lead to the need for and continuation of this façade.  Without this belief and confronted by reality the acceptance of no such advantage before God or man means the masquerade is up. This creates the stubborn need to refuse to relinquish that idea because it is the core of your being, your identity. It is shocking to your core and psychologically devastating to deny the foundation of your beliefs despite overwhelming evidence that it is not true. Further to admit your atrocities committed in order to cheat your way to the top is inconceivable to the psyche, so the ramifications are minimized.

That only leaves one alternative, that is to deny its benefits and do everything to keep it going otherwise the image is shattered and so are you. It then becomes a desperation of survival where racism and discrimination must continue. To remove them would be symbolically likened to removing your air, but literally, your air of superiority closely followed by its advantages. Furthermore, the diminishing of your future demographic advantage brought about by fewer babies born per family while ambitiously pursuing your wealth and careers, inter-racial relationships of all kinds, sexual alternatives to procreation, and the death of staunch racist ideological individuals over time lends itself to a bleak projection.

The continuation of this projection is not favorable to the white male dominancy of society. The white male historically had no consideration for anyone, including the white female, with one exception which was inclusion when and to the degree that you were needed to sustain their position. Now their reckless actions have had unintended results which have served to undermine the very purpose they sought to preserve. Now it is a crisis of survival thirty to fifty years down the road from now. Change has long been set in motion and change is coming. Adaptation to change has always been the key to survival and survival reliant upon cooperation within the species.

I am not under the illusion that racism is about to end anytime soon but will allow for the whimsical notion that the ideological DNA of some individuals bent on racism or their survival dependent on racism may abandon it. The glacier shift of the racist collective to be persuaded of the benefit for themselves in changing their unjust perspectives, the closer integration of racial identifiers and similarities, the demise of bigots, and discouragement by the punitive connotations attached are the mitigating factors for change.

There is no easy way to say it and no need to sugar coat it in the context of history if judged by the last hundred years and the next hundred years. A little over a hundred years ago in 1906, it was acceptable to daily put a black pigmy named Ota Benga in a cage with monkeys in the Bronx Zoo on display to visually convince the public of the animalistic nature and close proximity of blacks to animals. This surely contributed to his eventual suicide but definitely even more lasting was the effect it must have had on whites who witnessed it. The New York Times wrote in support of this barbarity as basically eugenics on the display of the missing link for perpetuating myths and stereotypes to be taken as fact.

There can be no misconception that there have always been decent compassionate whites who have denounced slavery, racism, and discrimination and as time moves on their numbers have increased to the present multi-race coalition in solidarity with blacks about the horrendous treatment endured and the necessity to end it and install equality. It is an advantage and privilege that they do not want or need at the immoral expense of other human beings. The key to committing these atrocities is to devalue, reduce, and dehumanize your victims to a deserving or irrelevant position unworthy of empathy or compassion. But the question then becomes who appointed you to make such a determination.

You see that is where religion and other forms of reinforcement and repetition are applied to believe and validate anything to defend and promote their belief no matter how sanctimonious and preposterous the justification may be. The elements of this twisted reality are a classic example of schizophrenic behavior, where their self-perceived contradiction to and diversion from reality morphs into a nightmarish fragmentation permitting unthinkable behavior and lack of willful remorse making it easy to repeat.  The extreme aggression, savage demeanor, and arrogant defense of the atrocities committed under the guise of conservative Christian values goes without saying that they would appear to be contrary to any actions a Christian not suffering from extreme mental illness would ever commit.

Compound that by its pervasive nature and it reveals a group brainwashing seemingly under demonic psychological indoctrination resulting in a mental slavery powerless to resist its destructive programming. A programmed compulsion of righteous evil and disregard for actions expecting no consequences. The portrayal of blacks as savage, dangerous, sexual predators, stupid, animalistic, and the list goes on and on serves to conceal the depravity of the accuser when their actions are compared against the accused. The racial slur “coon” has its origins in the practice of hunting and killing human beings for fun. How could the indiscriminate murder, enslavement, beatings, and rape of blacks not be more indicative of the savage provoking tendencies of whites claiming to be civilized? Now, who has really demonstrated the real savage and animalistic predator actions of a barbaric inclination if not whites?         

The transference of these ghastly behaviors which are identifiably one-sided against blacks serves as the propaganda-driven denial of the racist incubation reflected by whites without concealment. Just educate yourself on the extent and practices to better understand the journey and current condition of both sides. Rejection of the facts may be the only way to align yourself with the insanity and brutal reality blacks have faced at the hand of whites in this country. The dehumanizing realization of white atrocities is understandably frightening to whites wondering how can a people be treated so viciously and still stand for the flag, defend the country, and endure the bullshit.

Patriotism is the current code for allegiance to inequality and misplaced blame on others for actions and disappointments resulting from your own miscalculations. The exclusive claim to be the only guardians of patriotism has resulted in an erosion of its principles by the mangling of its meaning, application, and demonstration. Forced adherence to your manipulation of superiority into patriotism on anyone who does not look like you has had the effect of creating resistance to something which was never a point of contention, it has always been inequality.

The current fervor of voting rights are more aligned with voter suppression than voter fraud because the day has passed when you could regulate the outcome of the election as evidenced by the election of former President Obama. The will of the people’s vote cannot be calibrated to assure victory for you, so it must be suppressed against you. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 would not have been enacted if it were not needed in response to racism and voter suppression. Whites were in agreement that this was the case and countermeasures had to be implemented specifically to ensure that the target of these oppressions, blacks, had judicial protections for voting.

So, it would stand to fact and reason that neither the Civil War nor the Emancipation Proclamation abolished the slavery mentality. The ratification of the 13th Amendment in 1865 abolished slavery but it then transitioned into Jim Crow and blatant systemic prejudices. One hundred years after the Civil War ended the need for legislation was a recognition that racism, voter suppression, and discrimination were still the Jim Crow law of the land. It would then be counterintuitive that discrimination and oppression had continued beyond the Civil War but sadly very true it had.  

Affirmative action and similar actions would not have come about if these ongoing oppressions had ended when some claim, but many have continued on despite these remedies. It is an affront to decency to have the unmitigated gall to whimper about reverse discrimination and unfairness of opportunity allocations and access based solely on race designed to alleviate the disadvantages systematically imposed upon others by you.

To deny fairness to others by declaring your plight of unfairness and inequality is to either proclaim yourself stupid, irrational or a racist. I would like to think the best of you and given the benefit of the doubt assume that you are simply irrational. The overt discrimination and exclusion practiced has been solely based upon race but to bemoan your suffering by the inclusion of others while crying about opportunities you had readily denied others exceeds an elevated threshold of irrationality.

To be held liable is not discriminatory or discretionary but should be expected. Cancel culture cannot be used for absolution to ignore your culpability granting blanket immunity oblivious to your actions. It is deemed unfair by a cry of cancel culture regarding white’s accountability for their transgression when facing societal condemnation or discontinuation of patronage. Drawing the line and adopting unpleasant consequences by the withdrawal of voluntary support is not an obligation owed to the offender but a right of the offended.

White males in particular lack the credibility to complain when they have always been on the till with a place of improper privilege subsidized on the public draw with a hand in the cookie jar and thumb on the scale. They value freedom, prosperity, and fairness exclusively for themselves and are quick to complain when their expectation of preferential treatment is not met. It is ridiculous to insist that such monumental injustices be sweep under the rug while even the slightest rebuke of your privilege is exaggerated to an intolerable injustice. Stop it, they don’t make rugs or exaggerations that huge. This strategy to alienate yourselves from blame by denying your privilege and claiming victimization contradicts the historical substantiation of your actions.

The mentality and benefits are so great that some would masquerade themselves as part of the Confederate heritage. One is born in Canada of Cuban descent and named Rafael as Texas Ted to Americanize his image for easier assimilation into the good ole boy’s club. Could you imagine the difference in perception between Rafael Cruz and Ted? Another would claim his Confederate membership even though his lineage is German of the drumpf clan whose real fortune is that his grandfather was exiled from his native land for draft dodging returning back to America where he had fled.

Neither of these persons’ American lineage extends beyond their grandparents at best, nonetheless have claims of their Confederate heroes and heritage. But white skin, anglicized name changes, and cultural adaptation allowed them to assimilate and minimize if not avoid racial discrimination. This is the lure of white privilege while distancing themselves from their true heritage and diverting attention from themselves by ostracizing others and denouncing immigrants while their families are not too far removed from the immigration tree. What better to illustrate a reversed crab in the barrel mentality instead of franticly keeping them in they keep them out designating more assurance of privilege for themselves. A sort of all-in-the-family of preferential treatment requiring adaptation of Confederacy biases. White skin alone is the main inclusion factor with bias is a bonus.

MAGA is an adaptation of the make Germany great again philosophy used by Hitler in his rise to power and espousal of white privilege in a maniacal pursuit. Tell a big enough lie enough times very loudly over prolonged periods of time that the people will not only believe it but accept it as the truth was Hitler’s mantra. These same tactics are familiar tactics of American Republican politics and ideology today raising the question that if the nostalgic return to a MAGA time was possible then what time would that be. Would it be a time for lynching, coon hunting, forced labor, or any other litany of atrocities since there was never a time when they did not exist in America? What elements of slavery and discrimination would be preferable?

Are these the conservative Christian values we are to return to as demonstrated by history? Many lesser forms of these atrocities are already present, and the Republican party has been maligned with not only acceptance but the promotion of these aspirations by association with MAGA principles. If not a return to slavery certainly the continual furtherance of white privilege by the dehumanization and discrimination of blacks specifically and minorities in general, now to even include the poor. Let’s call it what it is, and you say what you mean. No further proof that America is off the rails realistically beyond redemption than half the elected officials refuse to denounce an insurrection or exclaim that it is wrong to murder a black man by choking him out in broad daylight placing your knee on his neck.

There is plenty more but what more do we need. Refusal to condemn and reject these actions actually condones them. The reason why they are acceptable is that it furthers your agenda. If a dog would have been choked out Republicans would have been outraged because it does not further their agenda and their estimation of the dog is above the dehumanization felt for blacks. Do you for one second think they care about unarmed blacks being killed and sprayed with bullets as long as it is understood that for example, whites storming the Capitol are not to be treated like the n-word. Only one shot fired but a black can be fired up multiple times in the back. No precautionary show of force or mass arrest but some would still ask what disparity?

Not condoning or requesting a violent response but simply highlighting the disparity that seemingly can only be based on race. What happened to the stance of when the looting starts, the shooting starts? On Capitol Hill, where an overwhelmingly almost exclusive mob of whites attempted to overthrow the government in the ultimate act of looting, there was less enforcement than if a Nike store was being looted. Furthermore, the outcry is deafening from those being held accountable, can you imagine their shock and indignation at being called to answer for the very attempt to overthrow the government.  What is this country coming to when whites are being arrested for being patriots to the Confederacy and blacks are expecting equality and redress?

The discrepancies of response and expectation change when it is blacks involved with the law unequally applied or by anyone even expecting it to be applied equally. How can one unarmed black be more of a fear-provoking threat and intolerance than a whole mob of insurrectionists?  The justification for Capitol Hill law enforcement restraint was praised while questionable articulation for use of deadly force against unarmed blacks is not condemned. Not advocating for less respect for white lives but equal respect for black lives. There has to be a comprehensive understanding, standard, and application of the law that does not give carte blanche for law enforcement misconduct and abuse of citizens.

Qualified immunity has to have clear objective parameters where protections are no longer enjoyed, and resources expended for disqualifying conduct. Law and order, crime and punishment, as well as wrongdoing and judgment must fall unabated on the actions committed and the person who committed them not the exemption of their guilt. The guilty deed is tethered to the guilty’s name if integrity is to be maintained otherwise it occasionally and eventually will lead to some feeling they are left with no choice but to resist detriment. When left with no choice, the choice then is made clear. While police are necessary, their actions cannot be above the law simply because they are essential and less likely to impact a white person adversely.

By the same indication, police interactions are negatively exaggerated, emotionally inflamed, and apprehensively predisposed reflecting reverberations from injustices and perceptions that influence citizen’s cooperation and politeness. The point is that a recalibration needs to occur on both sides, but the abuses of authority are not immune to the adjustments needed for the improvement of interactions. The submission to injustices brings about a greater dissatisfaction and resistance that escalates into a more hazardous condition for all concerned. Mutual respect deescalates conflict and promotes cooperation.

What encourages resistance, divisiveness, and danger is injustice, racism, and despair. The cause and effect is obvious and the dismay at the resulting outrage disingenuous, and of course based on if it is happening to you. A plea for solidarity healing society only becomes an objective when you are not the one making the concession, the balance of power has shifted away from you, or you stand to lose or lost something. It would have been better and more convincing had that been your mantra when you had the leadership influence. Now the tables have turned the plea for bipartisanship is uttered and the priority of moving forward together healing a fractured country at a fragile time is encouraged.

Renovations are always best when you are already working on improvements requiring one cleanup, suggesting that grievances be delayed for the good of the whole would somehow benefit us is contrary when your concern was and has been to benefit only yourself. So many times, in the past this conciliatory posture has only resulted in a delay, not improvement proving to be a sadistic prank time and time again. So, if this is truly a time of healing and bipartisan cooperation then the Republican leadership should try to cast at least one single bipartisan vote as a sign of their sincerity.

Extending the olive branch for once instead of demanding concessions to conform against conventional wisdom and our best interest. Adhering to your advantage of inequality assures that we all take the ride to the bottom as you have exhausted all of your deceitful persuasions. There is plenty of work to be done and time is squandered not resolving the issues that can and will no longer be silently suffered. The accumulated depletion of will and resources will not accomplish your objective since your preference is not the only consideration to be considered. Compromise and cooperation can not be adverse abstract principles, they are the way forward. You can not persist in taking pride in obstruction and destruction to exert a futile exercise of power.

History is undefeated and has proven that resistance to change and stubborn ill-fated indecision has led to obsolete power and existence. The arrogance of America will not let it recognize that there have been many demises of world power among nations based on the civil disorder and refusals to make changes. The societal collapse is often preceded by extreme economic instability and fluctuations, the infrastructure and labor deterioration, hunger and chaos, and then governmental collapse. Balance and equilibrium are universal laws and imbalance by its nature are unstable and prone to collapse. The imbalances of racism and oppression worldwide are now wobbling.  

Now the question is which will come first the change or the collapse? I do not believe it will be changed because of the opposition to it and the universal foundation of deceit it has taken to last this long. It is collapsing under its own weight of deceit and denial. If celestial gravitational collapses occur due to the contraction of its own weight or pull inward succumbing to disorder, then why is America exempt from collapsing from the contraction of its selfish stubbornness to adhere to the harmony or order of the universe or the will of God. No need to look to the sky since history and anthropology can confirm the earthly demise of civilizations that once had great power. The turmoil of the year 2020 was a premonition that cannot be survived repeatedly especially with the tailwinds still being felt. 

Progress and transformation in order to form a more perfect union not defined or restricted by the past is the way forward. Those who long for the past are afraid of the future. Uncertain of their prospects and secure with the status quo without regard for advancement but clinging to stagnation to prolong their significance. By nature, the young becomes the old and the old gives way to the new. This country was built on racism and the surpluses from black labor. Vast wealth and resources have been accumulated and shielded from blacks without question. Can there be any further denial of that? Should there be a recognition of that in words and redress? Damages can not be undone or life restored but mending can be pursued.

Since I have stated my pessimism or realism about significant change not being forthcoming let me just express what could or should happen. The first restorative action which will have the greatest impact is to cease and desist the nonsense, to just knock it off. Despite all the lives lost and mangled, the economic inflictions have had far more reaching implications than the murders. Personally more apologies, ineffective methods, or promises are not needed. The deaths caused and atrocities committed cannot be rescinded but the wealth benefits denied can be recuperated like stolen artifacts are returned. The government, businesses, and institutions should pursue more than conversational remedies since they received real monetary benefits, money would be a suitable substitute for words.

Financial is not the only form of payment and the government should not be the only payer but make no mistake slavery was about the benjamins, so the benjamins need to be paid. Services are the most likely form of payment that only require tendering the services, terms, or business you already provide such as free higher educational opportunities. Generations of descendants of slave owners have benefited greatly from what they established to pay it forward for their ancestors.

The primary distribution would be of opportunity, development, and investments but mainly just stop the bullshit for us to receive a fair shake. If no white person today has owned a single slave; they most certainly are recipients of racist privilege, enjoyed the restrictions levied, or were enriched by the bias practices so entrenched in American society.  It is not unfair to you that someone else would get a fair shot after your road has been paved by discrimination. Forty acres and a mule was the unfulfilled promise and elimination of discrimination still the dilemma but economic viability and sustainable resources are the reparations now required.

The Civil War basically set the parameters for economic profit-sharing the way the American Revolution did, only domestically this time. The north received a more equitable distribution of the profits along with a more sensible voluntary method of extracting the surplus of exploitative profits from black labor based on black’s lack of options and suppressed conditions. The south received the ability to continue operating as usual with the adaptation of the new method of extraction, supposedly voluntary labor with slightly lower profit margins. They both received plausible deniability. The dehumanizing treatment was pretty much the same and freed blacks still worked on the plantation scratching out a living at master’s behest only now the new and improved way of debauchery was called Jim Crow.

The Industrial Revolution begging in 1860 is what greatly influenced the end of legal slavery and the most likely cause of its abolition because it transitioned from sole dependence on human labor to machine labor. It created new models of efficiency and manufacturing making the old slave model obsolete but it did not eliminate the need for a permanent underclass to manage the machines. It lessened the method of physical labor required and increased the productivity for greater profits more evenly distributed among the north and south. The master-slave relationship became the boss-to-worker relationship model still practiced today as the basis of the economy with many of the same philosophical principles regarding labor.  

The master to slave mentality and dichotomy persists today for whites to become indignant at the very suggestion that discrimination exists or the audacity to expect relief. There is a diametrically opposed residual effect of this mentality that has dissipated over time but still exists. A polar opposite of a shared personality disorder, racist whites psychopathic character traits devoid of compassion or remorse and black’s submissive need for permission and conciliation. The refusal of whites and the request of black regarding reparation displays both mentalities. If they are delusional then we are imaginary or is that the other way around, it is hard to tell.

Centuries of bigoted behavior still leaves us in the position of requesting what an overwhelming number of whites refuse to give or recognize. The context of slavery and the psychological realities created a subculture of survival for blacks which in essence has manifested into our saving grace and sustaining resiliency. The missing piece has been cohesion securing an identifiable targeted objective with a solitary concentration. Targeted penetration into isolated and sustainable components using relentless incremental campaigns of focus building scope and momentum. So, if reparations are forthcoming then beautiful but until then we must forge ahead from a position of fortitude, focus, and resolve to realize that a shift in the paradigm of our perspective is the most efficient and assured way of securing equality.

Previously suffering from an extreme deficient, we now have sufficient agency to pay ourselves first. Meaning no permission is needed from others for assurances of equality but that as always, we must renew our efforts from where we are now with what we have to build alliances and coalitions for prosperity and equality starting with us. We have enough, we have plenty but the division of our resources and purpose cannot be counterproductive or diverted, discipline is needed. Certainly not separatism, we have paid too much but inclusion on our terms to equally wet our beak.

Repeated requests always transforms into pleading which is always distasteful under any circumstances and rarely effective since it grants the power to refuse as well as to grant the request. Far from being downtrodden or self-pitying, we should be encouraged at how far we have come, what we have had to overcome, and what final frontiers of racism we are near to conquering. You never had the right to dominion over us so now we do not need to seek your permission for our salvation, reparations are for your salvation. Again, the most valuable gesture would be to knock it off but either way we have made tremendous gains to close the gap notwithstanding the tremendous gap that still remains.

Rest assured your children will not face the retribution of your actions but will have to adjust to the extinction of your privilege. Your survival as a race will not be endangered as you claim to fear but your greatest fear of elimination of your advantage will be realized. The privilege or displeasure of white America will be no longer the paramount concern on which society operates. Your substantial resistance should be more productively directed toward rectifying the problem not denial and concealment for the continuation of your comfort. The hypocrisy of denouncing bullying, being too strong for bullying does not extend beyond being too weak for racism perhaps the greatest form of bullying. Your racist fragile psyche and mind are dependent on the intimidation of racism. The poisoning of a weak mind believing that white skin somehow makes you divine.    

Deprived of privilege your means of survival will not be like the constant struggle for survival from the lowest socio-economic status of society like ours has been. It will not be sabotaged by the systemic injustices you have consistently heaped upon us. The crux of many issues in the black community has been influenced by slavery and Jim Crow which will not be anything you will have to contend with as contributing influences of dysfunction in your communities only as a haunting nightmare of your actions. Black is not only a race but has been a condition, a condition that has had an extreme toll. Your levy for the crimes against black humanity and atrocities committed over centuries has a tariff which should be paid in this realm but if not  maybe the one after this with your soul.   

Deflection or denial of these conditions cannot be independent of issues confronting the black community since close examination will likely reveal a correlation to slavery, discrimination, or the psychological trauma caused by them. Not to mention the generational poverty caused and endorsed. The repeated insistence to deflect onto other problems in the black community does not absolve you of your infractions or justify our exclusion from equal treatment under the law or equivalent opportunities.

A three-dimensional understanding of a four-dimensional problem leaves you one dimension short of a resolution. The Confederate heritage and the American legacy are synonymous with each other from the inception of this country and the founding father’s vision. If the founding fathers were as wise and great as they are portrayed then why was slavery allowed to be woven into the fabric of America’s DNA? It was intentional and may be the reason why many whites think they need to take the country back for white exclusivity in accordance with its purpose.

The founding father’s guidance and influence is still the overriding authority today of adherence suggesting their vision has transcended nearly four-hundred and fifty years of governance but not the detrimental effects of slavery. The constant square peg in a round hole predicament of stretching the interpretation of their intent on matters they could not have envisioned essentially expresses the intent of the current interpreter. The emphasis is then on the current interpreter to subjectively convey their own understanding and guessing the original intent or interpretation. Clarity of interpretation then is the paramount objective or selective choice of a subjective interpreter but still conjecture.

The confusion and misconceptions of understandings and allowances of iniquities have traversed, deviated, and wandered over time as well as the subjective translations of intent and purpose, but the one constant has been economic exploitation by the manner of racism. The founding father’s in their infinite wisdom must have calculated the compounded effects and centrifugal implications of racism and surely the need to one day have to address the restitutions accrued and satisfaction required relative to reparations. They surely had the foresight to envision that it would become one of the perils of the country surviving just as the American Revolution had. They would have also known that the refusal to remedy the offenses could only be enforced by a domestic threat from those seeking to maintain their advantage attacking anyone or anything that supported the change, even the government. The last time it was called the Civil War and this time it is called Trumpism, MAGA, Patriotism, and Republican complicity.

If my words, tone, and honesty are harsh then the reality has been more harsh and bitter to experience for us over a prolonged period of centuries. Feeble attempts to misrepresent, reduce, or quantify our damages expose the unwillingness to understand, preventing a resolution. You must first understand then accept the problem thru the spectrum of the casualties caused before you can rectify them. Racist ideology and white’s resistance to being held accountable leaves me unconvinced that significant change or national reparations are on the horizon but collapse is impending. The combination of racism and economics fueling the downfall as symptoms of the illness. The disease is self-righteous arrogance not capable of change exposing a self-destructive premise.  

If repeated reminders of discrimination and disregard for resolution are any indication that racist compulsion leaves bigots powerless to resist and hopelessly cursed destined to be like the scorpion’s sting, being in their nature to sting even if it destroys them as well. There can be no real remorse without redress and consequences to express and satisfy the wounded but the truth is that there can be no healing without remedy. While some are hoping and wishing, I am well beyond the age of believing Santa Claus is real or if real reparations or healing will be achieved any time soon.


P.S. Be sure to wear your seat belt, we are expecting some stubborn turbulence ahead.

Thurston K. Atlas

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