Time after Time

Wrong time?

Time is a bizarre concept in that we all believe we have an understanding of it based strictly on a clock, calendar, or our aging. It is measured by a standard principle that is shared by everyone and affects everyone equally. What if it does not exist, is not shared the same by everyone, or even affects everyone universally the same?

What if time is a construct of society that the conscious mind quantified to standardize our existence relative to one another or the universe aligned with nature? Seasons change as a matter of nature and can be used as a meter designating the passage of time, but seasons are cyclical, so are they simply repeating, or are they passing?

Can you rush through a day, or does the day drag? As you get older, does it move faster? If you are restricted or in solitary, does it move slower than if you are free and active? The sun and the moon are nature’s clock, and the seasons the calendar on a cyclical rhythm indistinguishable from the previous day or the following day except for the weather.

Time cannot be rewound, paused, or fast-forwarded. It is constant in its progression, never to be recovered. We recognize these intervals in three phases known as the past, present, and future. If only the present existed, would there be a passage of time if the other two did not exist by contrast? By context, time and the present would be constant.

What if time did not exist except as a sequence of the present? If it did exist as a constant, wouldn’t all living things be subjected to the laws of time equally? Time would not make sense when applied to the life of a dog and its aging process. Time can be confusing and very simple, but what is your time worth? Why is someone’s time valued more than another person’s time when it is the same amount of time, strictly as a matter of time?

The conceptual perspective of recurrence may be the only evaluation of time that reflects a passage. Otherwise, there can only be the present. The present is all there is, and all that has been. The future has yet to be told until it becomes the present, no longer being the future. On a grand scale, speed and location alter time while still in that reality’s present state. So, as reality is changes affected by time, time is always experienced as an extension of our current linear reality.

A collection of memories from yesterday originating from a prior present. It has then given way to the current present as the past. The past only exists in our minds as a recollection of memories that no longer exist, but that was at one time the present.

Our existence is a three-dimensional physical existence, and physically you cannot return to the past. It is not a location or destination that you can revisit except in thought recalling a reality which no longer is accessible except by reflection.

The subconscious mind records constantly storing all that has occurred. Specific incidents can be recalled to the present as a thought filtered through the conscious mind, usually altered by our current perspective or a modified memory. It is strongly recommended to not “live in the past” or “beat yourself up over past mistakes” because they cannot be changed, as that time is no longer accessible or alterable.

Amends for “past” aggressions is all that is within our power as in the present reality. The passage of time is not observable only by the effects of its evolution or progression. In theory, the past has nothing to do with the present. In practice, the “past” can dictate the present and the future like a ghostly haunting.

This is due to an improper perspective of the function of time and the proper application of the present. The “past” no longer exists and can only be compared to the present. It is a record in the present relative to what is gone.

The proper focus and application of the present in the evolution of “time” becomes perceived as “past” deeds. The “future” becomes a preparation for a present time presumed to come that’s not yet here.

Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow never comes. When tomorrow comes, it is called today, and the rotation of the present continues no matter how you measure. It then manifests in the present, and when it is no longer present by that measurement, it is gone, even if measured by a second.

The present is where all the magic happens, and the recollections of the presents wasted that regrets live. The present transforms into the past, giving the future its context. Its existence contrasts with what has happened and expectations of what could still happen, the possibilities. The present defines us now, while the “past” defines who we no longer are in our current state.

Our present represents the collective “past” as well as our preparation for our assumptions for the “future.” The free throw you hit yesterday does not help you today, and it does you no good to hit one tomorrow when the game is on the line today.

There is only the present. Preparation is a function of being present today, moving into a position for that present moment when called upon. So, the “future” is present speculation that a present moment will come whereby it will be needed.


Living in the present to improve your existence today washes away losses, regrets, hurts, resentments, and all those things that take up space in our minds.

They restrict us to “past” hardships instead of propelling us to “future” accomplishments. In addition, living in the present eliminates anxiety about the “future.” The “future” has yet to be written and is uncertain, but the present is where the work can only be done to affect the “future” now.

The future is like never neverland, where dreams and fantasies lived out of reach, hoping to manifest into the present one day. The future, similar to the past, also only lives in the aspirations of our minds. Except for the future, you can actually affect it through preparation, or else it just stays in our mind like a cartoon out of reach. Although it does not exist, you can use the present to bring it into existence by doing today what will make it a present reality in the concept of “future” presents.

Exertions of speculation in preparation for the “future” are, in essence, investments for today that will continue to reap benefits in the “future” when it becomes the present. Thus, the present state of being to come is not anxiety-driven anticipation or a calculated expectation, but the proper use and focus of the present producing that desired outcome.

We have been through what has happened in the past, no longer under our control. We have some control over the happenings in the present. The future rests on uncertainty. Any efforts toward any ”future” present can change it while the past is written in stone. The “future” holds promise directly influenced by the present if there is a specific projected “future.”

A strategy put in place now and executed in the present has current benefits that move you closer to your aspiring goals and desires. An enterprising present does your part in having a bright “future.” It is said that time waits on no one but time will not be rushed either, so patience, action, and diligence is the steady path to use time as an ally.

Time has a way of taking its place when the time is right, given that you are prepared when it comes. Time can wait, after all, there is plenty of time, but we have a limited, unknown amount of time. So, it would be wise not to waste it on the past or the future. Instead, live in the present because time only exists in the present.

Time is a commodity that is limited in its duration that can be affected or enhanced but certainly not recouped. They say youth is wasted on the young, but we all had our turn with a youthful time and how we chose to use it. There is always something that could have been done better, not done at all, or just if we knew then what we know now.

The more advanced in years we become, we discover that time is our most precious commodity and an asset to be spent wisely, hopefully not regretting having wasted too many presents. It is funny how present is also described as a gift given without any anticipation of action except gratitude, happiness, and care in its use.

Time and life progression in this physical dimension are inseparable and interchangeable. Time and life are to be fully consumed in the present, as the gift that they are and are not guaranteed. Enjoy them while tasting, smelling, feeling, loving, but surely living while you still can.

Do yourself and your present a favor and eliminate the despair. Despair and anxiety are psychological illusions created and nurtured in our minds regarding the past and the future that wastes the present. We have to dust ourselves off and take inventory because whatever the past was, we survived it physically until we don’t.

It lets us know that we can survive it mentally and emotionally, not surrendering to a struggle within ourselves that only exist in our mind. It is a perspective of hurt from the past or anxiety about the future diminishing the promise of the present. Don’t rob or be robbed of your time. Time is not to be squandered or only to be appreciated when it is short.

As long as you have time, you have a chance. It is up to you as the present is always on your side. As far as dwelling in regrets for time already spent, two tears in a bucket, you don’t have time for that.

The future has yet to come, the past has already gone, and the present is ever-evolving. The context remains unchanged, the obstacles conditional, the change inevitable, but the present always fleeting. But, perhaps, it has come to pass, time after time.

Let me ask you a few questions. Is the thread of time the road to or the destination of manifestation? What if time is a frequency and selectively accessible like a channel?

Is changing reality and thus any alternative perspective of experiences governed by the simultaneous chances of possibilities? Or is time mimicking motion, not a linear acceleration of our progression but of times progression? Is it destiny or fate? Does time move past us or us through time? Is time eternal beyond our ability to measure it?

Remember the gift of TIME, the present, is always your greatest asset!

Thurston K. Atlas

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