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Let us launch a logical and factual inquiry into the circumstances as they reveal themselves and the origins which have become the seminal seed for this obsolete contaminated mindset of racism. The devil’s greatest trick is not making you think he does not exist but in making you think that there is a superiority purely because of skin color. What heaven according to your religion allows for your savagely and unholy behavior to be eternally rewarded in heaven as regulated by your actions, fraudulent misguiding’s, and counterfeit declarations?

When we scrutinize one of the deadliest killers in the history of humankind, we find the hypocrisy of ignorance. Ignorance to the origins of the hypocrisy of not only your racist beliefs but your followers’ self-proclaimed inclusion in those beliefs that were initially designed to display racial venom and disgust against European immigrants, some of the very ones who now run around claiming their whiteness. The systematic examination of your racist fake ass assertions serves only to expose the faulty rationalization for these far too frequent claims, occurrences, and reasoning for such foolishness. Let us put to the test the irrationality of these beliefs.

Psychology, religious dogma, and the criminal justice system will be the evaluators as to what is commonly acknowledged and accepted as conduct within a civilized society to base our conclusion. There is no uncertainty of the facts, just the ignorance of them and the application of them. Remember that ignorance is no excuse before the eyes of the law, the law is only concerned if you stand as accused. The hypocrisy would be comical if not so savage and deadly. This hypocrisy gives genesis to ignorance as a necessary disguise for its validation and justification.

The surprise is that the ignorance of what you use against others was a tool designed to be used against the vile low life such as yourself. I do not shrink to name-calling but I call it as the inventors, “white America”, called it. Africans were brought here enslaved and became well entrenched as the exploited labor force, so sometime after the Revolution when America became a nation, “white America” sought to distinguish themselves from the other immigrants. The “undesirable” immigrants were from primarily European countries and some may have been from “shit hole places” bringing their inferior pedigree to America. Remember the Native people and the African were already here and even considered as inferior pedigree, but this “whiteness” standard applied specifically to flocking Europeans and other immigrants in their entirety who were seeking the allures of America. The White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP) ideology was formed to protect whiteness superiority, societal status, and remind the repulsive influx of immigrants of their second-class status.

To assimilate the immigrants sought to blend in by disavowing their immigrant heritage pretending and proclaiming their whiteness plus moral Americana preference. Today the most prominent case involves an individual, Trump, claiming great allegiance to the American flag and Americana heritage who would be held in contempt and disgust at the turn of the Nation. Long after “whiteness” was defined in America his grandfather, a barber, fled military service as an immigrant not from Germany specifically but Kallstadt formerly of Bulgaria.

His grandfather who was and is considered even now as a draft dodger having had his citizenship revoked due to avoiding the draft’s mandatory three-year military service as required by Law. This grandfather even traveled to Canada, as any self- respecting draft dodger occasionally did later on, during his grandson’s time, he eventually returning to Kallstadt and was exposed for returning when he thought he was post-draft ineligible. Probably not even humiliated by his cowardly flight and disgrace, he was forced to return to America.

Long after a family name change from drumpf, he made his way back to America which would accept almost anyone much to the societal trepidation of “white America” at the time. Trump’s bloodline has over 100 years of family non-service or draft dodging of military service not only to the American Flag but the country itself. Talk about your “good bloodlines” and the noble beginnings of Trump. Other “good bloodlines” of Trump’s presidential admiration such as Henry Ford was staunchly anti-Semite endorsing square dancing as the tool to combat the evil influence of the Jews. Trump’s tainted bloodlines are fake like all others claiming them that come from somewhere else other than this country if you bother with the facts of history. Next time you invite someone to go back to where they come from, in all fairness right after you do, last in first out.

Trump’s granddaddy had foot problems; he ran away from the draft in his country. So sure Trump’s bone spurs of the heel allegations could hobble any legitimate tough guy to keep him out of the Vietnam War, so let’s not judge, but the same guy of a proud history of 100 years of NO military family service speculated that he would have liked to have thought that he would have confronted an active shooter. He or none in his lineage has not and would not be caught near a good oldfashioned throwdown or wearing a uniform. A man of such courage would then criticize athletes for kneeling and not considering that they too may have excruciating bone spurs in their heel and the pain may have made them kneel, just as the pain from his heel spurs prevented him from standing for the flag and serving. Trump’s criticism of Kaepernick taking a knee ironically is not the knee that exposed his racist slant but the murderous knee of a rogue disgraced cop in Minneapolis.

This draft dodger, unlike his draft-dodging immigrant granddaddy, would like to pretend that he has elite billionaire bloodlines but by their original whiteness criteria would be an infiltrator attempting to steal a white heritage that is no more his in the eyes of the founding purist than any other minority or immigrant group then or now. This perpetrator’s heritage only serves to contradict the legacy of “white America” original intent by his inferior European immigrant background, without even having to use the one drop of blood theory. By “white America” standard of whiteness and draft-dodging, why is this erosion of “whiteness” allowed to go unexposed by them except for promoting their agenda and escalating this imposter’s deception? Relaxing your principals now judging by your standard of “whiteness”?

If white America dreams of utopia had come true then according to the blueprint of their superior genealogy in an all-white America, they would arbitrarily eliminate everyone who is physically or mentally affirmed, too fat, too skinny, too short, the uneducated, the non-Protestant, the meaty derriere, the full-lipped, the brown-haired, the old, and probably the balding as undesirable elements of their gene pool. Be very, very careful what you wish for because it probably involves eliminating yourself as a drag on the gene pool.

To further expose this charade of supremacy, we must first define and understand the concept and cause of this morally mental disease. Supremacy defined by psychology is a complex that is a defense mechanism to conceal inadequacies then deflecting, creating their own weaknesses through their self-hatred, and blaming others. Supremacists compare themselves to others to validate themselves creating reasons for their failures, it is often just an excuse for dissatisfaction and lack of achievement. Convincing themselves that well at least I am better than you while still feeling insufficient compared to their own kind. To become an upper class, they need a lower class to treat like they feel they themselves should be treated for their own intrinsic failures.

Elements of superiority include but are not limited to schizophrenia, narcissism, bipolar, self-delusion, and anxiety of exposure for their own underachievement. Generally, classic sociopath behavior. Greed, hatred, jealousy, rejection, discrimination due to self-doubt, fear of equal competition, and pathological deception are some of the favorite personality traits of the supremacist, sociopath, and Trump. If you truly are superior, why do you need to have the advantage to succeed? When you are truly superior as you have tricked yourself into believing, you should be able to spot anyone with the advantage and still prevail instead of constantly rigging the system. Some of the lowest achievers have convinced themselves that they are superior not realizing that they are of the very gene pool that the larger group finds despicable within their ranks.

Sociopaths display conduct that is anti-social behavior without guilt, consideration, or respect for the targeted party rights or their own authority to impose, require, or force compliance to a power which they do not possess. Some hide it while others just can’t manage to hide it. A lower functioning spectrum of sociopaths lack the ability to disguise, lack the sophistication, and composure to conceal their malfunctions. Their drive and determination are fueled by elaborate delusional self-images constantly seeking approval by any means real or imagined.

Color is a perceived physical characteristic and is optically an illusion but it is not a quality. Color is the reflection of frequencies or wavelengths of light, that is why complete darkness does not reveal any visible color or sight because it is the absence of light causing wavelengths. Light or pale complexion is the lack of melanin that processes light. White reflects all wavelengths while black absorbs. There is no color by and of itself just that which reflects, absorbs, or discharges light.





Skin tone is just a matter of historically and genetically how much your ancestors were exposed to the sun, so white skin as a social, moral, or religious privilege can’t be logically true over time or by region of origination. White is a descriptive characteristic and by no means a quality superior or otherwise. Strange how a white supremacist will insist that their rights are being violated during the lockdown by being prevented from going to the tanning salon. Trump seemingly would not be caught alive with a tan or black mask covering his face. Perhaps it is a secret subliminal desire or at least a bad message to “his base”.

Religion and science in America have been changed to validate and vindicate horrifying and appalling beliefs that inspire barbaric conduct. The Protestant faith in America rose from a split from the Catholic Church in Europe and was the guiding force of supremacy in America along with England’s influence of socially superior etiquette desiring proper and elite colonies. That is partially why they didn’t want or trust JFK because he was a catholic his faith even denounced by white America hundreds of years later. Yes, America did indeed in its hypocrisy feel that Catholics were a plague element as well.

To all the Catholic supremacists, you too, unfortunately, were not welcome in the original portrait of America either. The social sciences and educational systems were manipulated and flat out falsified to create the image of superiority that is maintained today. It is widely known, but there you are cloaked in your entitlement and privilege making a further display of your ignorance and mockery of your hypocrisy that contradicts your claims of superiority. The claim that this land is the “land of the white man” we all know for sure hands down is not factual, you did not even bother to steal it instead you preferred to murder your way to ownership.

Like a murderous home invader after being offered hospitality you viciously turned on your host taking and claiming theirs as yours. Purposely murdering and using smallpox to infect a population into submission. At least, after all, you have strong-armed and gangster-ed your way to, you could respect the Indigenous Peoples’ absolute right to be offended by the continued degradation of their existence for your amusement and nostalgia. If certain names are not offensive, then why don’t you use a derogatory name applied to yourself as an honor to yourself. The offended group should be able to determine what is offensive to them as a people despite the Cleveland Indians and Washington Redskins in addition to those others that are in violation and support this colonial nonsense.

Land of the Free and Home of the Brave is a euphemism thinly veiled when duly considering the immoral deeds of America. Freedom from tyranny and oppression is still being awaited and there is a lot suggesting that we may be waiting for a while, but change is being demanded. Let’s call it for what it is, identifying it as it presents itself in today’s society. An aggressive quasi-military group of heavily armed protesters can storm a government building with lawmakers in session antagonizing and intimidating elected government officials and personnel with no resistance. In clear violation of state and federal law regarding firearms on government property among other serious violations.

No arrest made or confrontations mounted to administer the law at all. Swat, the national guard, and all available law enforcement could have been utilized to apply the law and provide safety against these sponsors of terror. It is ILLEGAL to carry a weapon or firearm onto government property, meanwhile, the powers that be cowered to this obvious threat to life, legislation, and safety. These terrorists should have been arrested or at least made to be known that they would meet resistance. Trump encouraged them and their tactics but did not offer the military against these armed cowardly racist “thugs” because he is one of them. Similar occurrences have been on a sharp rise since 2016 across the country by these fine people against societal order and the Constitution.

Trump has no favorable comment on murders against minorities but cheers his base into civil unrest and government resistance. He might say something is bad because his base was exposed but only for a failed reelection bid when seeking the black vote. Where is the courage to admit what you are and stand on your position instead of denying being a racist while displaying racist behavior? Can’t take protest against injustice which spans over 400 years in America which has been ignored and blatantly practiced. After enduring the violence and intimidation used as your dialogue of choice, you now plead for the peace and understanding that you have denied all others including women.

The term conservative refers to your lack of acceptance of others’ right to a dignified existence or alternative practices expressed by your tolerance to those aligned to your brand of bigotry, exclusion, and judgmental righteousness. The notion of God and Jesus being white and by an association of being white that makes you a demigod thus to be obeyed and unquestioned is ridiculous and contrary to the origins of religious depictions. The modern-day image of Jesus is a result of Warner Sallman’s 1940 compilation of features conjured up to propagate the white image of superiority complete with a halo to depict divinity. Images of Jesus reflect the qualities of the population to be promoted such as the Chinese Jesus. It would also imply that God only created the white race.

Time is running out on this stupidity and the availability of real information based on history along with the blunders of arrogance committed by Trump and his kind have fatigued the public to demand change and accountability. The resources, concern, and declarations of reform should be made before the unspeakable transgressions are committed and not after your interest is compromised and the responses are beyond your control.

Moral of the story < Trump shares strikingly similar perspectives and behaviors as Adolf Hitler, spewing overt racism and disregard for life but Trump has had the opposite effect, he has failed to splinter us and is instead uniting us. Although under his watch and the cowardly elected officials that are his loyal puppets that remain silent, we have all endured much but are still standing collectively and united in our dissatisfaction committed to not returning to the status quo while demanding a fair shake. All the good people of all persuasions are on the same side, justice, and fairness for everyone without discrepancy or exception.

Since the beginning of time reform eventually embraces people who have been marginalized, discriminated against, brutalized, deceived, oppressed, exploited, and violated due to the injustice of the corrupt intentions of those who hold the power of advantage. Promoting racism is an evil whose time has expired and incited a determined opposition to not submit but to unite in recognition of a common enemy that diminishes us all collectively despite our differences. Officials who protect, condone, or acquiesce, to the injustice, and conditions should expect those violated to respond in a manner that gets their attention and a resolution. It would be better to handle it without the unrest and if that were the case the unrest would not occur or be deemed necessary.

Sooner or later you got to give the people what they want, or you will be deprived of what you want as a matter of the despair of the people. Do not now beg, get busy establishing the integrity of fairness and accountability that you have ignored to create these circumstances. Though far from a fairy tale if the shoe of injustice fits, it is your shoe to wear. We can thank Trump for creating the atmosphere for an insurgency. He takes pride in threatening to turn the military on the American people of all colors and levels of dissatisfaction that cause the people to protest according to their pain. It seems it would break his heart to feel the pain that has long existed which he intensifies at every opportunity.

The people are speaking and Trump’s refusal to hear them and a preference to risk not only civil unrest but an American Revolution and a Civil War destroying this country reflects his fractured ego. Remember that is how this country was founded by fighting oppression and tyranny. The military oath is to the Constitution and the American people, not a deranged dictator expecting you to fire on your fellow American citizens. You have a moral duty not only to resist illegal orders but to oppose them, after all, that is how Minneapolis got this mess kicked off by allowing one man to jeopardize a whole country.

Thurston K. Atlas

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