The Theory of Critical Race

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Why the past matters for the future.

If history suddenly doesn’t matter now then why would telling it accurately and truthfully matter along with why it so important for you to sugar coat it? Critical race theory has been a hotbed issue of late and not because it is divisive or misunderstood but because it is both liberating and accusatory by history’s revelations. As the Big Tuna once said regarding football “you are what your record says you are”.

Here are ten queries of critical race theory that may clarify any misconceptions regarding its purpose, intent, or content for you to ponder. It is not to assign oppressed or oppressor status to anyone but to either accurately tell history or discontinue the deceptions regarding the historically known facts.

One. Who has more to gain or lose by the truth being exposed? Is it the victims of the racial atrocities and prey of crimes against humanity which are not exclusive to the Black or Native American experience? Could it be the Caucasian/British Colonial Anglo-Saxon European transgressor’s modern day descendant’s image that is at risk? What was done for hundreds of years is done, what do they have to gain now which has not already been gained?

The transgressors stand to lose their societal  masquerade as superior, privileged, religious, honorable, and the beat goes on. Can this be the real reason to oppose the truth of critical race theory teachings as being irrelevant to history?  If the truth is irrelevant then how could the manipulation of it passed as the truth be more acceptable when we know it to be a lie? 

Two. If the Confederate heritage is so great and endearing why not reveal the totality of it for all to see in all of its infinite glory and brutal deeds to arrive at the point where it is today portrayed as the apex of conservative values and southern civility? Why would there be shame and division associated with the true unadulterated history of America or the experiences of any race here in America including yours? There is plenty of shame to go around yours and ours.

Three. How much longer do you think that these original sins can be concealed from your children as they are being vomited forth revealing the degree of depravity that this country and your ancestors committed?

If it is not your crimes, actions, brutality, or inhumanity that were committed long ago, does it not become yours when you embrace, conceal, or support its heritage and continued perpetuation by deceit and privilege today? Will it not be more devastating for your children to learn that the truth was withheld from them, that they were purposely deceived by the ones they trust the most, you?  

Four. If your actions were not divisive and destructive then how can the revelations of them be divisive or detrimental to the self-image of yourself or your children? Why would there be any shame attached to them if they were noble in cause or actions? It is not to promote inferiority or superiority but truth and a factual depiction of America.

Five. If there are those who would protest CRT as indoctrinating their children with the truthful history of this country, where is their concern for historically and criminally indoctrinating other races and nationalities children with lies about America?

Then what you complain about would be the very thing that you have committed against others and refuse to acknowledge or discontinue but resist subjecting your children to the truth? What manner of nonsense is readily taught in schools today without the truth being revealed?

Should we start with the genocidal thief Christopher Columbus or the first President of the United States of America, slave owner and friend to slavery George Washington? Andrew Jackson, another President, did more than any other person in the history of the United States to exterminate the Native Americans, so should that also be put on the twenty-dollar bill in honor of his accomplishments?   

Six. Need we look any further than a adult former daytime talk show host who would proudly state that “everyone knows Jesus and Santa Claus are white” as evidence that factual and cultural brainwashing is real?

Is this blasphemous against the Christ to be compared to a fictional commercialized character? Is this blasphemous against the bible to depict Jesus in any likeness especially one where the rest of him is a different color than his bronze feet? This is the danger of growing old and being blinded to the truth.

What is the purpose of a blue-eyed blond hair white Jesus if not propaganda and the perpetuation of a lie? How many casual deceptions are embraced as truth? Why lie when the truth would be sufficient or would it? Would CRT violate your religious covenant to persecute, exploit, and exterminate races you deem inferior using the bible as justification? Would CRT prove these races not to have  been inferior but instead exploited?

Seven. Are there any accomplishments in this country that Black people were not here for and participated in achieving? From Crispus Attucks who was the first to die in the liberation of this country from British rule or the Industrial Revolution and the cotton gin whose idea was a slave named Sam which is what really so-called “ended slavery” and gave America an economic competitive edge? Every war this country has ever had involved Black participation to win, such as The Tuskegee Airmen contribution!

Eight. Every perceived measure of negative human endeavor in America reflects the history attributed to or associated with blacks from lack of education, lack of wealth, natural tendency for criminal conduct, drug addiction, scattered family tree, other negative stereotypes, and so on except for the pervasive racial injustices committed against blacks? Can’t mention that part because it makes you look and feel bad. Imagine how bad we feel and look being on the receiving end. Bet you wouldn’t trade feelings and switch places would you?

So everyone’s record is their record except for yours? If the past should not be levied against you then why not let it also be everyone especially for crimes and atrocities which are less than the injustices you committed. Shall we now indiscriminately do away with your accountability but not others? If we can not tell your history are we also forbidden to tell ours? Is it not a shared history?   

Can the Confederate Heritage be a source of pride but the Confederate deed a source of shame? Is not slavery the defining element of contention of the Confederate resistance? Should the truth of slave atrocities be ignored but the stain of the Confederacy tolerated? If you are so proud of the Confederacy then surely your children can not be ashamed of the history associated with it, can they? 

Nine. Why deny CRT, is it necessary to stroke fear and deceit while in the annuls of history and the recesses of your mind it can’t be concealed without  history shamefully betraying the truth?  Is it your obsession with race or with history and the intellectual pursuit of accuracy that you fear being revealed?

The factual pursuit of history can not be racist unless the history itself was racist at its core and the practice immoral. If there is already equality then why would parity be needed with you still enjoying concessions that no one else enjoys but you?

Ten. Why does your American dream and core conservative values have to be a discriminatory nightmare for so many? As your demographic advantage shrinks it would seem wise to minimize racial considerations  despite the historical blemishes of your morality.

Lingering resentment dismissed by denying and perpetuating the sin only fosters the continuation of it remaining an issue that should have long ago been put to rest. Denying the hurt will not make the pain go away.

Since you will not feel other’s pain then do you fear others will not feel yours if such a day would come? No longer do all others have to beg and submit themselves to your graces and permission or denounce their identity to assimilate with you, so do you feel the grasp of your grip slipping while losing control to exploit or convert others? Has the curtain finally been pulled?

You have nothing to fear but yourself as your biggest threat to yourself by insisting on a  weak adaptation of a stolen Nazi ideology and slogan to make America great again. Variations of this ideology sully your fragile self-image creating a moral inferiority insistent upon hiding the truth.  Hitler was able to rise on make Germany great again propaganda. 

This concept at its core eliminates not only certain races but religious freedoms, sexual identifications, economic viabilities, and marginalizes everyone except the white prototypes. Your denial and refusal to deal with the historical truth through CRT or any other substantial means of truth only exacerbates the problem and prolongs its relevance.

If we should get over having it done to us, how much easier should it be for you to get over having done it? Feelings and self-images cannot take precedence over truth. What damage could the truth do to your history that it has not done to ours? Let’s be reasonable and forthright that to make for a sustainable society we need education and correction not continued concealment and oblivious posturing.

We cannot live in the past but the past should not be thriving in the present and into the future. It is not only unreasonable but unwise to reject viable solutions when projecting the harmful affects of its continued opposition into the future.

The first step of admission of historical fact as a  beginning to a solution for these actions which are too enormous to simply forget or cover up. They are problematic seeing how you will not allow healing by continuing to deny and promote the mentality of injustice. Currently it is not so much the act as the mentality and tolerance of the justifications without remorse or accountability.

When will it be time to teach the historical accuracy of the truth since silence and pretending will no longer cover this deeply a national wound? This is a wound that infects all directly or indirectly and globally. Has the time come to tell the truth as a reflection of history not race, guilt, or blame but fact? Contaminated soil can only produce a poison tree. The foundati9on of truth and education changes the mentality on all sides re-aligning the future.

Critical race theory is incidental to race but essential to history progressing through to the future. Race only matters in the identification of the victims and perpetrators because the acts speak for themselves just as the identity of any parties participation. 

More important than the race factor is the the historic manipulation, minimization, and ignoring of the intentional occurrences that formed this country. If history and heritage is so important shouldn’t it be important to depict it factually? The past would then become a contrast to the improvement that has been made since that time otherwise the albatross continues to hand from the dignity of this country. 

With humanity seemingly on the brink of another evolution through science, technology, biology, quantum physics, medicine, space exploration, and yes maybe self-destruction can we afford to adhere to politics and policies which are antiquated or detrimental to the expansion of our societal evolution? 

We can just surmise that change, nature, science, and universal forces do not care or respond to what we think or want but to their own harmonic circadian rhythm according to physics and evolution without our consent. Time will only move forward even if we remain stagnant.

Anything without flexibility to bend is snapped or broken, the past matters as a lesson for adaptation and evolution to survive. We already know there are powers beyond our denial or resistance such as time, history, and change. We cannot change history or avoid change but can affect the future. 

The theoretic mission statement and tenants of this country’s founding needs to finally ring true from sea to shining sea for all who occupy it or collapse will follow.  Those who forget the past are condemn to repeat it same as the insanity of those who refuse to change seeking a different result when the current condition is unsustainable.

Are we all that naïve to believe that the white race or any other race on this earth is superior to the entirety of all universes and dimensions that exist? Or for that matter any race on this earth inferior? Are we to sacrifice the future living a historical lie that breeds dissatisfaction for far too many?

History is not a condemnation of anyone or their children be it accusatory of the oppressed or oppressor but the liberation from the ignorance of its past over time absolves all of its grip. Facing the truth of the past rids us of our collective shame only if we veer from the same mistakes in the future. That is where the shame lies for us and our children to continue it on our watch

The past can instruct on the future with lessons learned being applied otherwise it is just a sprint, a senseless race to implosion. Now, how is that for a critical race theory?


Thurston K Atlas

Creating A buzz

Elephant restrained by a peg

Welcome to when playtime is over, our goal is to stimulate thought and conversation, not to convert your perspective. As always for those who are easily offended emotions will not be needed so please check your feelings at the door.

 Unparalleled Strength.

The elephant is majestic and revered across many lands, cultures, and over time. The elephant is the largest land mammal in the world with species that grow up to 13,000 pounds in weight. It is a symbol of wisdom, loyalty, reliability, power, and good luck with an incredible memory as well as observable traits and behavior that contradict its huge size and raw strength.

In the wild, the elephant knows no bounds but in captivity, it is taught limitations that ensure its control and ignorance of self. It is controlled by the only means capable, itself, by being subjected to psychological conditioning to ensure its own psychological bondage. That is why a small cord or twine can tether a fully grown 13,000-pound elephant to a small peg knocked only inches into the ground.

It is imprisoned not by physical force but by confinement of its mind. It is manipulated into complicity by limiting the processes of the mind that would enable it to recognize and use its great strength against the bondage of a feeble restraint. It is conditioned to remain restricted and accept a power less than itself, believing it is hopelessly outside of its grasp to attempt resistance.

The initiation is started much like kindergarten where this must be embedded before a level of confident resistance can be exhibited, it must be extinguished early. The elephant must be trained at an early age to accept tethering calmly, this is done by tying one front leg to a peg and then the opposite diagonal rear leg to a different peg thereby restraining the “baby beast”.

This technique alone cannot restrain a baby elephant so the deterrent or restraint must be stronger than the elephant’s young strength at that time to reinforce that there is no escape or resistance against the force that binds it against its will. Chains will do just fine for this. Continuously and repeatedly it will test the chains imposed upon it until it learns that its size and strength are futile against the constraints that hold it physically. No matter how hard or how long its effort to resist is, it becomes useless. Once its determination is broken and the elephant “realizes” this uselessness, then it gives up any further or future attempts believing for its entire life that it is powerless against that which controls it. The physical chains then become the psychological chains that bind the beast even into adulthood.  

The elephant’s determination is then replaced by calm compliance. It becomes no longer necessary for strong restraints that surpass the elephant’s young strength or its two legs to be restrained because now it is adequately conditioned. Sounds familiar? Confinement of the mind once achieve will be self-imposed in most instances with only minimal reminders needed.

The limitations of the mind work on all animals (even human animals too) when once conditioned and with the supporting reminders as constant behavioral reinforcement to maintain a reality that is believed by most to really be your actual limitations. It is a clever and sinister trick long used before Pavlov Theory.

Using the opposite of Pavlov, the absence of a stimulus to elicit a response and instead of anticipating a reward a penalty can be avoided by compliance. The old go along to get along or else is still in full effect.

Even with elephants, peer pressure is used as a continuous reminder of how to behave, like crabs in a barrel to keep you confined with them. Older conditioned elephants demonstrate their compliance instilling a level of acceptance that soothes the young elephants into accepting that’s just the way it is, no questions about it.

The use of that which is most impressionable to something is a highly effective tool of implementation of behavior and beliefs because it comes from a trusted and relied upon source. So once the “baby beast” becomes fully grown and the chains and diagonal leg restraints are no match for their tremendous strength they are still chained psychologically to their old circumstances.

The old circumstances where when much younger their resistance was useless had in reality long ago changed but their mind had not changed making it indeed their current reality with no longer a good reason why. Their size and strength had long ago multiplied to overcome their constraints, but their desire and mentality remained confined conditioned by a small rope and a faulty belief.

The young elephant knew no different but was taught this with no examples or allowances to suggest otherwise. Captivity of a generational herd mentality naïve of self and the unquestioned acceptance that clings to a fate that is vastly different from the reality of its true power and destiny. This is the taming of spirit and dousing of determination where no right to do so existed. It was justified by the need and ability to do so but to no benefit to the elephant but it’s exploitation.

Let’s change the subject name from elephants to people, human beings, not races. The name changes but the game stays the same if you choose to stare at the truth and not flinch. Maybe you have been made into the very thing that you despise the most by being trusting and naïve. Unaware of the reality that has been thrust upon you that is not at all what you believe it to be, much like the elephant.

What peg restrains and controls your mind? You got it the same way the elephant did, unknowingly, and without an understanding of your strength or how. As the elephant grew it still held onto outdated beliefs embedded early on when it could have easily freed itself from captivity. If only it realized that it had the power not only to resist its restraints but to overpower it and choose its fate.


The will is what sustains you when the road gets tough but only when you prevent it from being compromised and allow it to expand untethered by the limitations of others regulating influences. Those who poorly regulate themselves would seek to regulate others by their word but not by their deed, indicating if you are smart what is good for the goose may not be so good for the gander.

By what right is this recognized as being above your self– determination, only for the comfort and amusement of another. What about their gain that you contribute to without just compensation that does not reflect your importance to their elevation and accumulation? This power is not negotiated but given away and, in many cases, squandered or much worst not recognized or exercised.

Absent of lies and deceptions power over one’s self is the only authority a person has that does not involve consent and cooperation. If you want to lead, then be an example and possess that which others would be willing to follow that does not demand a subordination of them to your will against their good.

Time brings about a change one way or another, so everything must change and will change constantly even if they remain the same. We see as the captive elephant’s circumstances changed over time, he remained stagnant. As time passes, we should evolve to not invade others’ personal boundaries and human rights to conform to foreign beliefs that are not of their choosing or benefit. Persuasion is the proper tool, not suppression. Mutual benefit not exploitation.

The techniques used to control the masses are driven down in your mind like a peg tethered by faulty socialization now using more advanced processes than physical abuse and this may come as a surprise, but it is just not the “undesirables” of color that are the victims.

Like piranhas the elite feeding frenzy has turned on their very own like cannibals to ensure their elite survival, the middle class is eaten along with the lower class regardless of color. Fear, scarcity, and divisiveness are frequently employed to generate the ignorance of crash dummies to camouflage how you too have been programmed with lies and social engineering. They then conceal their influence and have you turn on each other in a futile attempt chasing your tails while they prosper.

Like Pavlov’s theory when the bell rings you salivate on cue without substance having been socially conditioned but never realizing the basis for your slobbering. Petty distractions abound, motivations fabricated, and conditioning regulated by design to keep us preoccupied against each other instead of the pegs that bind us.

The scales have always been tipped by the elite for the elite since antiquity. Advancing the lies and flat-out misrepresentation of facts and history in America about America. It has created a narrative to bolster the image and perception of the accomplishments of a colonial populist Anglo-Saxon protestant society. It has concealed the degenerate deeds and wealth heist greater than the war criminals of ill repute who are held in the highest contempt.

This cannot persist as an elitist entitled privilege in this day and age where knowledge cannot be hidden so easily and the likes of a homicidal genocidal Christopher Columbus is widely celebrated with a holiday. Likewise, a scientific fraud and racist such as Charles Darwin is not exposed for his detrimental impact on society honoring his absurd debunked biases of sexism and eugenics. These are two of many things that tether the masses to traditional nonsense.  

This is not to expose matters of racism which are obviously practiced still today due to this nonsense but the tethering of minds on both sides of the equation, whether it be for a benefit or a detriment to your existence. This goes on around the world where an endless number of people and circumstances can be substituted or exposed for the propaganda of nonsense presented to tether, condition, and control their people against the people’s greater good while exploiting this brand of social engineering for their own gain.

The general public or we the people have always been subject to exploitation going back to the beginning of time. Now worldwide the realization and the awakening of oppressed people everywhere are challenging the status quo. Power only exists when recognized as such, but fear and cajolery can only control the masses for so long.

I almost forgot, the tethered elephant routinely breaks its binds when suddenly aroused by fear or agitation despite its psychological conditioning displaying the power to uproot large trees or remove obstructions. Fear evoking action and resistance. A child has the strength to rip one piece of paper, but enough paper bound together even a strong man cannot tear apart. The strength of unity is a strength not to be disputed or squandered.

Limitations are on average learned and reinforced behaviors systematically imposed for the good of a hierarchy. Mental control is the most effective manner of control when it is voluntary. You think and feel it is your choice or even worst that you have no choice. You always have a choice but are you willing to pay the price for that choice. That is where the conditioning kicks in as fear of reprisal instead of the satisfaction of a reward contrary to Pavlov.

So, instead of restricting someone release yourself from this mindset. This was engineered in you to feel better about yourself if you can hold someone else down beneath you. Square yourself away first from the social programming that you believe to be a reality and that will make at least one less purveyor of ignorance based on these deceptions in the world.

Supersede your constraints and promote honesty, knowledge, and compassion striving for the vastness of your possibilities while recognizing the radius of your understanding. We the people individually and collectively untethered to expand beyond limitations and conflict. That is why there is a need for deception and a peg to tether our minds. The size and strength of the elephant is unparalleled and the mind of a person without bounds. Free your mind


Thurston K. Atlas

Creating A Buzz