This is an intellectual journey.


This is an intellectual journey, you don’t need your emotions for this one. We would like to welcome you to our point of view. This is strictly for the purpose of stimulating a respectful discussion of different perspectives without trying to influence your determination or acceptance of any point of view. We would like to expand your perspective and considerations to think about, instead of to convert or believe in. This is strictly for consideration and thought, to analyze conclusions, and examine reality. We will engage in abstract expressions of deduction and reason that supports the perspectives being offered. This direct honest expression promotes our primary determination for your clear interpretation, so as not to affirm or condemn but to know and comprehend.

Time, wisdom, and knowledge brings experience and sometimes a change of mind and a better way. Often lost due to the lack of direct communication, discussions, and curiosity about how other’s lives were formed and lived is utilizing other’s experience to enhance your own. If someone else paid the tuition to know something why would you not accept it for free, remember life teaches lessons. Topics that were foreign to you become a possibility just by exposure to their existence. Presenting perspectives and opportunities that exist outside your realm of awareness or perceived grasp is like pulling your coat to an advantageous tip to maximize your profits.

Understanding operational systems that you participate in or are subjected to by conformity, require direct evaluations and specific verifications supported by the source of why it is so by these systems very own assertions. The point in life when you learn something matters most, that is when you can begin to benefit from or accumulate wisdom because of having known the how or what earlier. Knowledge is available to most but is undefined in its source and most certainly its application. This is where the value lies within, what do we spend our time and thoughts pursuing. Societal systems in addition to internal systems are often in conflict with traditionally accepted practices and beliefs. If these practices and beliefs are true, then they can withstand examination by your own challenges and research.

So, you see the creativity is all within the expansion of your thoughts. Information serves to clarify and expand your perspective by altering the purpose of your actions. In essence, knowing better to do better. Everything in life as an origin and evolution, no matter how slow, to become what it is presented to be today. What is the history and changes that exist and why? Can there be such an instance where things are done or accepted simply because that’s the way it has been? Not to change what you believe but for you to examine its origins and how you came about believing that in particular. You can then further embrace it or adjust accordingly with the knowledge of its history, purpose, and observance.

The nature of anything is the elements that comprise it, the parts adding up to the whole. Our belief system is the core or nature of our being that can only be formed by the knowledge and awareness it is comprised of, not what we are unaware of. The nature of an issue is the fact that it sustains its assertion. The core of any perspective is to explore the very elements of its nature to sustain its allegations as well. This is where real discussions and exchanges need to be held for those who would venture into thought. Knowledge and information are out there but as they said a teacher (the sources) appears when a student is ready. It is all on you to invest the curiosity to seek information and be open to its implications. We would like to participate not in mentoring you in knowledge but in seeking knowledge as a means to illuminate and elevate your possibilities.

What is the price of not knowing? What is the price of not wanting to know? The main price is passing along bad information by word or example, not to mention missing out on an opportunity. There is no shame in not knowing only in not trying to know or not trying to learn and improve. You pay for what you don’t know and get paid for what you know. We are all at different points in our journey along varied paths influenced by the passing of time and knowledge acquired. The full limit of our experience and knowledge will be shared to analyze and offer perspectives that are of interest to us and hopefully helpful to you. There are many things that we learn in life that would have been game-changers had we known sooner. The knowledge that would have made a difference for me is what I want to pass along that may help you along your way.





Amicus Curiae is a longstanding legal concept that allows for the presentation of objective factually accepted persuasions for consideration to appeal in a matter which one is not a party to but has an interest in providing facts for informative deliberation being conducted before judgment is rendered. Acting as a friend of the court providing pertinent information for consideration in making a more informed decision is the primary principal concept. Our exchanges and contributions operate similarly to the Amicus Curiae model of providing the concept, perspective, or information for you to make an informed decision or at the very least consider its implications. The diligent consideration of facts, possibilities, or contingencies when making decisions can only lead to better decisions.

When considering a course of action or position of stance not only is the information and knowledge crucial but equally as crucial is the timing, order, implementation, and execution, all are essential to its success. We will endeavor to provide you with provocative content to stimulate and cultivate your exposure to concepts familiar to you that have gone under explored but generally accepted. We will also be shining light on things unfamiliar to broaden your scope of awareness. Widely accepted yet unchallenged behavior will be tested against the logic of continued acceptability and prudence of practice. You are the judge we are neither the prosecution nor the defense but more or less a witness presenting truth or facts previously not considered. Your judgment should be impartial and based upon the evidence presented. That is our only requirement.

Our pledge is to engage perspectives in a higher level of contemplation and consequently, the behavior that reflects that ascension, for you to then be about it. Thoughts whose expansion is as vast as the universe and only limited by the constraints of your imagination is at the very least mental calisthenics. The mind needs calisthenics to be flexible and nimble, strenuous exercise will strengthen and expand any muscle including the brain. Thought is an exercise for the brain; a puzzle solved in your mind.

Our continued pledge is simply to expose you to authentic information from the source itself compare to its application today. For your discernment to validate your own understanding, conformity, and practice of things you stand by and are certain. Not to judge yourself but to explore yourself and be aware of what you do and why you do it historically speaking. Our exchange identifies persons, groups, or entities to bolster our perspective but not to diminish them, their deeds will judge them. If the shoe fits wear it, if not it is not your shoe. You identify and expose yourself. We stand on our spot that the thought or perspective will persist on its own merit verified by independent sources and YOUR own research. Please don’t take our word. Your curiosity educates you, then us.

Information is the new currency, become a collector of information that enhances your reservoir and efficiency. Emotions, experiences, and preconceived positions hinder your impartial interpretation of anything that doesn’t validate your way of thinking. You strengthen your position by knowing what the opposition maintains and being able to point by point refute their stance by what they provide as their source. You must also carefully listen to determine your weaknesses in defense of your own positions.

Any level of accountability or acclaim is dictated by the level of maturity and knowledge displayed in a way that is uncommon or unknown to others. All things being equal or even unequal your thoughts are what separates you. What separates others is their thoughts manifested by their actions or opportunities. This is available to all of us as well. Knowing this to be true, my contribution is to pass along the sum of our experience that can spark an interest or curiosity that expand your aspirations and invest in the future possibilities.

Moral of the story < We will choose a topic and offer a perspective based on our personal experiences, curiosity, and knowledge of the topic. We will refrain from name-calling, mudslinging, or finger-pointing as it has nothing to do with the intellectual pursuit and subsequent perspectives rendered but we will keep it real. The content will be direct in its message but entertaining in its delivery for you to consider. This Moral of the story section will be reserved for the precise intent of the content presented much like a synopsis to clarify and get to the point.

Thurston K. Atlas

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