Modern Economics of Racism 101 $$$

This economics lesson is about the mighty dollar, dollar, dollar bill, yall, the bag. Analysis of the cost of racism manufactured (CORM) is similar to the manufacturing business model of the cost of goods sold (COGS) and is used to determine the profit margin and feasibility of the continued cost and production of racism. This spreadsheet analysis will attempt to quantify the tangible cost in projected theoretical expenditures to estimate the profitability and sustainability of the country and its income statement. Basically it is a monetary and social cost analysis or budget projection.

This cost analysis and resulting balance sheet, income statement, labor projections are prepared for the shareholders to determine the health of the organization and are used to determine if the CEO will be retained with a vote of confidence by board proxy. The shareholders, stakeholders, and board are the people, the American public. In regards to the CEO, well let’s just crunch the numbers since the books are in a mess and in need of an internal audit. We will also examine the shift in market share and demand as well as adherence to guidelines and regulations. The board and shareholders have equal and dual ownership rights with no distinction between them, being granted one vote per member. The presentation to the emergency assembly of owners will detail historical, current, and projected operational losses.

This organization has had a long history dating back centuries and is operated much as the founders operated it with little change despite monumental shifts in demand patterns. It is our recommendation that the business model is obsolete and creates a competitive disadvantage. The lack of demand is choking the supply chains as tolerance has changed. Discontinuing the racism brand in alignment with the current situation is not only suggested but essential to the organization’s survival. Research and development reveal that the public is shocked that we still produce racism ignoring the plummeting numbers and adverse health concerns. The racism product that we have espoused for so long has in recent decades cost us presumably billions in lawsuits and loss of productivity highlighting the risks are well known and devastating to the public trust.

Public demand and support for our racism product is at an all-time low with few visible enthusiasts and some closet endorsers, but quite frankly it is a relic of the past that we again suggest being discontinued as financially unfeasible. The cost analysis will bear this out. The beginning inventory of bigots has hit historic lows and appears to be for all intents and purposes self-liquidated through their aging with their hateful ignorance passing with them. That bigoted inventory used to fly off the shelves in the past but shifting humanity clearly demands that we will not be able to revive racism and make it great again. It is on its death bed as a product exposed for its destructive nature and unreasonable cost.

The cost of the raw material to make bigots has risen as the demand for them has dwindled but the necessary materials are increasingly scarce with the projection of ignorant practitioners educated to the fallacy and deception of their superiority and that of itself white skin does not guarantee you anything but a good tan. It does not make you taller, faster, smarter, or anything as a collective group evident by the market sampling of the white demographic. There is no natural group advantage based on white skin, any advantage is individual just as found in all races and ethnicities compared within their group and outside their group. The white advantage was manufactured to discourage competition and promote white privilege has soured with America’s changing appetite. The resources of ignorant raw material to be brainwashed has substantially dried up.

With the beginning inventory very low and the ignorant raw materials acquisition source scarcer leaves the ending inventory stagnant subjecting the organization to continued exposure to litigation and maintenance cost which cannot be justified or sustained. The gross income from racism cannot be calculated over time but for centuries black, Chinese, Mexican, and other’s labor have been nearly free making for extraordinary profit margins for the organization. The organization also benefited from no profit-sharing expenses to hold down profits and the endless exploitation of the labor force without any workplace regulations. CORM was consequently in its hay day of gross income and profitability with little overhead for the cost of racism manufactured or the resulting expenses following strict adherence to the immoral human atrocity method of accounting.

Current cost serves to generate no benefit to the organization’s profitability having sustained heavy damages to revenue and lost lives due to Covid-19 with cost continuing to mount and sparking shareholders’ concern, panic, and outrage. The CEO’s failure to position the organization has resulted in devastating consequences with colossal ramifications on future earnings. That was debilitating but seemingly being more adequately addressed with the CEO effectively giving the budget a poison pill to leverage his continued tenure while exploding the national deficit. This definitely proves an ounce of prevention is worth trillions in stimulus cure.

With that on the books and counting as a once in one hundred years charge off, his fiscal management skills again came into play over a national un-natural disaster. The murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis Minnesota by four law enforcement personnel with civilian video as evidence, law enforcement body cam, and eyewitnesses in broad daylight. What was obvious to the world was not obvious to the organizations subsidiary municipality or state governing body. For some un-Godly reason, they felt it was more important to protect these four murderers (killers by commission, omission, or acquiescence) costing the nation untold unrest and future cost.















The City will undoubtedly pay an enormous lawsuit to the family, they will pay for law enforcement personnel for the duration of the protest and overtime, they will pay for injured law enforcement personnel, fire department and related overtime, police moral for those who were forced to protect what they knew was wrong, public trust eroded, court proceedings against those arrested, probably officer court appearances where they can not even identify who they arrested, officer misconduct during the protest against tremendous odds and unfortunate circumstances, any medical needs of someone in their custody, transportation, housing, hopefully, policy changes, personnel from other law enforcement agencies with memorandums to help, barricades, rubber bullets, tear gas agents, cleanup, city property destroyed because they are probably self-insured, and the list goes on. City services can’t avoid being affected financially nor the probability of future layoffs. 

The State will have some similar costs including the National Guard’s ticket, but multiply those costs including some law enforcement lives lost across the country and the cost of racism as an acquired taste is extremely costly and has been driven through the roof. The CEO not to be outdone in expenditures trumps all that with the ego soothing of calling out all the “vicious dogs and ominous weapons” he could find including an alphabet of law enforcement, Secret Service, mounted police, fences, and barricades around the clock like a warm glass of milk to tuck him into his bunker to tweet safely.

This CEO at least remarkable in his multi-tasking ability because he still somehow managed to stir hate, pick fights with foreign countries, earn a rebuke from religious figures, silence Republican puppets, alienate the military, expose his base of haters, expose extreme racist views of those in power, and piss off the public. Let us not forget he had to be sent for a timeout when he began promising military use against the American public. That is what dictators do. Is there no price too high for this CEO?

There are private costs that were amassed by management’s decisions beyond the public’s control. 

Businesses already reeling from the shut-down those businesses were destroyed and decimated along with their livelihood and known future. The property damage and inventory destroyed are millions more added to the tab that racism ran up during its wild celebration. Segments of the American public were already struggling in every facet of life trying to survive, hoping to get back on their collective feet. Many probably had insurance lapses due to months of no income, so their losses are permanent. Insurance companies will be begging for another bailout at taxpayers’ expense when they have to pay millions more to those who were insured.

These four killers opened wide the nation’s coffers to pay for their actions when they should have been arrested and charged immediately saving the whole nation the expenditure of footing the bill for Police brutality, it was brutal and vicious, to preserve white male privilege in particular and white advantage in general. America’s criminal record against everyone who is not a white male can no longer be ignored but it might suggest why racism is so tolerated to protect a right that was never yours, supremacy. It is not enough that racism has profit this long, a normal person would take their winnings and accept the house rules have changed since the loaded dice have been busted.

Now it is up to the Shareholders, The Board of Directors, The Owners of this organization, the American people to make a decision based on the fiscal feasibility of these actions. Retain the CEO and this probably will not be the last time the organization will pay dearly for racism’s drunken party. Change CEO and continue racism and the cost of racism manufactured will still be too heavy to carry on the books. Not a wise decision just to protect four men only in the end to do what you should have done in the beginning to avoid this. Also, imagine what that money could have done if spent wisely? Time to proxy.  

Moral of the story < The future liability to the armed forces recruitment has been damage enormously not to mention the current enlistment of service people whose family, friends, and neighbors were threatened with military force being used against them in the streets of the United States of America. The very public they swear freedom to protect. One CEO perversely obese ego was allowed to jeopardize the existence of the whole country and not one among his cronies is willing to stand opposed to him and for the American people because of a label, Republican.

It is obvious that their allegiance is not to the flag, the country, the American people, or the Presidency: it is to the man in the office, not the office. This a gross dereliction of duty and trust bordering on treason by way of betrayal of the people. Still, some continue to lie while others scurry in avoidance, but we see you and know you by sight and name. Racism’s return on minimal investment has been the greatest in the history of this country and a hell of a head start for white America, why can’t you just take your gains off the table and be satisfied with your larceny realizing that the game has forever changed.

Millions of American citizens brave the virus to protest this scourge on the soul of America, racism. WE can only pray that there is still not more of a price to pay, it is already too high.

I originally thought this is the act of a mad man but then I considered that this self-proclaimed genius may have fooled us all by bringing us together, uniting the people against racism. Could it be, Nah, could it?

Thurston K. Atlas

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