Drew Brees respecting The American Way?

Drew Brees respecting the American Way?


Here we go again. None other than Drew Brees the Super Bowl-winning quarterback of the New Orleans Saints declaring that he will never respect anyone that takes a knee for the flag or national anthem. If that be the case, he should make his next move his best move and physically teach any NFL player he dares catch kneeling a lesson they will not soon forget. Don’t talk about it be about it, he has had the opportunity for years now. By many accounts, he is a wonderful guy and has done many major humanitarian deeds that should not go unnoticed and are greatly appreciated. With that being said, let us see if we can rehabilitate him with a history lesson so that he can redeem himself before he starts imposing his moral authority upon his fellow NFL players by snatching them up or ruin his good works.

First, we would like to thank Drew Brees’s grandfathers for their service to the flag and this country. The President, Resident drumpf, and his obese ego never saw fit to serve but is an authority on using it to help him tweet, I mean sleep better at night. None of this protesting by taking a knee is about the flag or the military. It is not about Resident drumpf either, at least in principle, but he promoted the distortion. There are a wide variety of racial backgrounds that have served in defense of this country as well as women despite being discriminated against, segregated, and/or excluded from service. These groups have all persevered to serve their flag and country honorably. These groups have also served since the beginning of this nation in some capacity to support this country, especially doing times of war.

At the birth of this nation, a patriot and merchant has been universally recognized as the first to give his life in defense of what would become the nation we know today. This patriot was Crispus Attucks, a Black Man. He was the first to be shot and killed starting the American Revolution at the Boston Massacre that ignited freedom from British rule. He was a former slave and partly of Native American heritage. His contribution to the founding of this nation at that time was honored by him being laid in State due to his moral courage, which necessitated the waiver of segregation laws.

He took two to the chest while others were shot in the back. His murderer, a white British soldier, and others were placed into custody and put on trial as a symbol of the fair justice this land would later become known for, instead of being lynched for their crime immediately. Even back then of the eight soldiers who fired shots, six were acquitted and two were convicted and given reduced sentences. Once again a Black Man shot, and his white murderers shown leniency and defended by John Adams.

I guess some might say Crispus Attucks did not serve. Some others would say that Crispus Attucks served America before America was, however, there is no dispute that he gave his life at the very start of this nation while confronting tyranny or at the very least protesting it. He is the very first American Hero, he was the first to defy and the first to die at age 47. Attucks and the other four brave protesters murdered set off the Boston Tea Party against British rule and injustice. The rest is history as they say, but it is not surprising that the protesters were blamed for being fired upon. Drew check your history.

William H Carney, born a slave escaping slavery through the underground railroad, was the first Black soldier to earn the Medal of Honor for valor at Fort Wagner during the Civil War. He took three shots in total but managed to fight on, picked up the American flag, and carried it the whole time while advancing. He was taken to a field hospital where he relinquished the flag never having let it touch the ground. Let us not forget that he was shot three times after he picked up the flag but still managed to not let the American Flag touch the ground.

Andre Cailloux of Drew Brees’s very own beloved New Orleans was born a slave and became a Union Captain, he had his arm blown off by cannon fire during combat but continued to spearhead the charge on a suicide mission while he was until he was killed. It was commonplace to give the most dangerous missions to the “colored” units, they did a lot of the heavy lifting. There are many other Black heroes listed in history for their valor during the Civil War against the Confederates who were attempting to overthrow the government of America. Since the treasonous Confederates, fighting against the flag, and this country was soundly defeated; I guess you could say they were on the losing team and no trip to Disney Land for them. The Confederate flag stands for treason and slavery, what else was the Civil War about.

American Sergeant Henry Johnson, a Black Man, singlehandedly fought off German soldiers in the trenches of France during WWI. He was one of the first Americans to be awarded the prestigious French Croix de Guerre avec Palme, the highest award given by France to anyone. He was injured twenty-one times. He was awarded the Purple Heart and Distinguished Service Cross posthumously in the United States 57 years and 63 years after his death. As a member of a negro unit, he used a knife, a rifle, and his bare hands to fight off two dozen German soldiers, and when he was not busy fighting also managed to save lives. There are many whose display of valor was not awarded due to the racism of that time, but their heroics were surely needed.

The Tuskegee Airmen nicknamed, “the Red Tails”, fought in WW2 with exemplary distinction escorting planes that were critical to the supply chain, and their war efforts contributed greatly to the Allies victory. So skilled and fearless was this “colored unit” that despite the extreme racism and segregation pervasive at that time, they forced the United States military out of extreme necessity and often at white squadron’s request to use them to ensure safe missions and swing the advantage to the allies.

They are not be confused with the Tuskegee Study in 1932 where black men were used as research specimens for the study of syphilis without their consent or knowledge and allowed to go untreated. The men were intentionally infected with syphilis which caused blindness, insanity, other ailments, and ultimately their premature deaths. In 1940 when penicillin was discovered as the cure, they still were not offered the cure. When it became unethical to conduct such experiments in the U.S. they simply moved them to Mexico and began experimenting on their population. These human trails are a reason old heads did not trust the medical profession, better to be sick than dead.

Doris “Dorie” Miller, a cook, jumped in the gunnery seat and manned anti-aircraft weapons with no training and attended to the wounded being awarded the Navy Cross. This was on December 7, 1941, that day that will live in infamy known as Pearl Harbor. He was the first responder to defend this country against that attack.

The right to protest is in the DNA of this country, to have the voice of the people heard and their right to demonstrate their discontent with the treatment of the people. The Vietnam War was a very unpopular war with the American flag being burned by white Americans, treated far worse than kneeling before the flag, and the soldiers returning “home” from serving their country spat upon. We needed you then Drew to not stand for that disrespect of the flag and returning troops.

Kent State students protesting the Vietnam War were fired upon by Ohio National Guard on a college campus for protesting. Four students were murdered and nine others injured on May 4, 1970, the outrage and fallout from the student-led protest shutdown colleges across the country. Richard Nixon that purveyor of racism was Resident then and would be proud of Resident drumpf deadly antics now to “dominate” protesters. The students and young people will lead us out of this shameful history despite some wanting to “make America great again”.














There are many Black Women who also made major contributions to the freedom that allows you to enjoy throwing a football. Many other marginalized people of other racial backgrounds have and continue to serve this country and flag. Women including Black Women have and still fight for equality and recognition to this day. Women were never treated as full citizens believed by Charles Darwin to have the mind of a child adding to their denial of the right to vote or run for office. The Women’s Suffrage Movement is still essentially being fought today since 1848 but now reflected in wage disparity and health care. So, when it looks like this is just a racial issue it is not. It is a discrimination issue manifested and facilitated by racism. Racism is just the longest and most vile offense among many.

Black folks specifically and others, in general, have a record that speaks for itself when it comes to respecting the American Flag and military service. America’s record speaks for itself too when it comes to the American flag; this is a flag that never gave a dam about anyone but “white males”. Well, that’s a fat cat easy street if you can find it. Despite Black’s service to this country the “love” has yet to be felt instead, hundreds of years of brutality and economic as well as systematic educational denial have been greatly felt under the flag that you love so much.

WE would love the flag more too if it had done for us what it has done for you, despite that we have fought for the American dream that does not include us, but the lynchings have exhausted us of patience and forgiveness. IT IS TIME TO PUT AN END TO THIS RACISM AND DISCRIMINATION SH-T! You would not expect the Jewish community to salute, fight for, or stand for the Nazi Flag with the atrocities against their people, but Blacks not only still stand but also serve a flag and country that should thank us for our service. In times of crisis like 911, we are one nation, America Strong, but otherwise, we are n—-rs.

The very foundation of America was built on the brutality of slavery and the very Constitution of The United States of America which never included Black folks might need to start including us, we fought too. I think we have earned the right on the starting team and if not I think we have earned the right to protest by peacefully kneeling to symbols that have oppressed us much worse than the founding father of America have ever been oppressed. The alternative to kneeling is standing up straight and tall with our backs un-bent displaying the same valor for ourselves that we have time and time again displayed for this country. Just a suggestion Drew Brees when it comes to this educate yourself until then just shut up and throw the football you do it so beautifully.

Moral of the story < Black folks would like to thank all those who not only feel our centuries-old struggle but have enlisted as agents of change who have lifted their voices, rolled their sleeves up, tightened their belts, and offered real help. NAMELY THEMSELVES, TO BE IN THIS THING TOGETHER! THANK YOU! PEACE!

By evidence of not only the Black Race’s treatment but other discriminated groups throughout American history, the Black Man has every right to be constantly in fear for his life on a regular given America’s continued assault. This is nothing new, but it has gotten very old. These white supremacists egged on with their boisterous insecure egomaniac leader whipping them into a racist frenzy can only move in large numbers and with lots of big guns against a resilient Black people. Overwhelming odds is a common theme of their beer muscle courage and Gestapo tactics. The people have spoken in even more overwhelming numbers united not by races but as citizens of humanity. So now the American military is used against American humanity to make racism great again?

When these racist armed protesting puppets lack even the courage of not getting their way, they bellyache. King David, a boy still, stood against the mighty Goliath with just a slingshot, not his boys and heavy weaponry. A lone protester among many unflinchingly positioned himself in front of an armored tank in Tiananmen Square with steeled resolve without his boys or heavy weapons, armed with only his courage and conviction. Resident drumpf can admonish the Chinese government over Hong Kong while he does or threatens to do the same in a democracy, at least they admit to being authoritarian.

As the bigoted puppet master’s anxiety level escalates so does his desperation, he blunders, and while the country fragments he produces a karmic cause and effect that his hate base has to find ever more bizarre explanations to explain. He keeps them on their toes with little to work with as accomplishments, only blatant lies, and divisive tweets. If pathological lying is so acceptable to his base then they should encourage their spouse and children to lie whenever they open their mouths.

Why are career people who are deeply knowledgeable in their field, greatly experienced, and highly qualified silent and disposable in favor of his offspring? Because they don’t want to risk not being re-elected or appointed in the future, or have their careers ruined that is why. What part of the game is it acceptable to pander to the nepotism of placing your unqualified kids in government positions like this is “petty” coat junction or your family business. I remember when that use to be a crime that people have been sent to jail for.

Look at the country and our diminished position in the world and we can all see the disastrous job they are doing. Meanwhile Resident drumpf hides in the basement, White House lights off, being very very quiet but tweeting “FAKE NEWS” and starting disputes all over the world. He claimed to have been inspecting the bunker from the inside probably from under a quivering table. Sadam Hussein, another strongman, was also cowardly inspecting that hole in the desert where he was hiding when he was found.

When he does emerge, he wants to trample protester’s rights to have his picture taken. Next time he uses a prop he should ask how it works, what is the front, or the back, right side up, or does he look better two-handed or one-handed. Drew why did he not hold up the American Flag, the symbol of our unity and fairness instead of using his intended dog whistle to his racist base, it was not a symbol of religion or unity but abuse of religion and the bible. They have to stop using the bible as a justification and symbol of oppression and white supremacy. While you are at it Drew can you tell him to stop listening to that Barnabas Collins look alike appearing to have no blood in his veins whose only qualification is that he married drumpf’s daughter. I think this is the disrespect and nonsense that you should not stand for, no pun intended.

P>S> Speaking of crimes and jail. As far as thugs and looterswhat about a company that touted a cure for Covid-19 which would make them wildly richer and selling their stock for a healthy gain the same week. Their cure was fake news. How about committee members and close relatives that sell their stock in advance of the historic stock collapse saving themselves millions while using the ultimate insider advantage. If you want to know where their hideout is, I’m not snitching I’m telling, try looking on Wall Street. Let’s stop those looters before they steal everybody’s pensions, again. Just saying.

The Solidarity of the Humanity of the People is deafening.

The people have always been heard in the end.

History has taught us that!

Thurston K. Atlas

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