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I remember as a young fella, quite naturally I am going back a number of years, but I remember a television show named Lost in Space. The main characters were Dr. Zachary Smith and a robot, Dr. Smith was always whining and nervously candy-assing his way through every episode when confronted with danger or uncertainty as well as would sell you out in a heartbeat. The robot would repeatedly declare “this does not compute Will Robinson” and malfunction shutting down when anything was beyond his programming and understanding. If a pandemic is understood to mean an infectious disease much larger than an epidemic that spreads throughout entire countries, continents, or the world then the following most certainly will qualify. By the way, still awaiting a cure since incalculable totals of lives, suffering, and resources are still stacking up.

The biggest obstacle to dealing successfully with these pandemics has been far more than the lack of transparency but the outright lies that continue to be perpetuated and promoted. Instead of the names being changed to protect the innocent, the names of the guilty remain the same but their guilty deeds have been made to be innocently invisible. An old gangster movie once said if you do not fear for your deed then why fear for your name. If we are to be led to believe that these deeds are so admirable then no one should deny them the full credit they so deservingly earned by attaching their name to all they have done.

Ronald Reagan, Charles Darwin, King James I (or aka the IV), Christopher Columbus, Capitalism/Colonialism, and Healthcare are a few who have surely earned such distinctions in no particular order. If you wonder that the current pandemic is man-made and intentional then there is no such question concerning the above-mentioned pandemics, of that we can be certain. I imagine they all did some good that we could have all been better off without them, except healthcare.

Ronald Reagan (1911-2004) the great communicator and drug dealing racist of trickle-down economics. His impact and the impact of his directives can still be felt today with a legacy of crack cocaine and Oliver North, who later was head of the NRA. The Iran Contra scandal was a way to circumvent the workings of the US government by not only trading in drugs but guns and funneling money for the purposes of war in a foreign country. That the crack epidemic was directed towards the black communities should come as no surprise since it could have been foretold by his shared racist views with disgraced Presidential bigot Richard Nixon. Ronnie was recorded by Nixon of the “these cannibals” utterances as saying ”to see those- those monkeys from the African countries, damn them, they’re still learning how to wear shoes” spoken in October of 1971. This ideology seems to have played out in his presidency after his California governor stint where he proclaimed that housing discrimination was an owner’s right. He was against sanctions of Apartheid in Africa as President. His trickle-down effect politics at its core is basically F— em and feed them cheese while taking care of the elite interest at the top.

Charles Darwin (1808-1882) revealed his ignorance of evolution by his obviously primitive animalistic twisted mind while masquerading as a scientist promoting a premise of natural selection with more than his thumb on the scale of deception. He believed in racial hierarchy and gender superiority, especially that women’s brains were somewhere between a child’s and a man’s brain. The Descent of Man principals has and is being taught as fact further perpetuating his elitist class and racist views exalting the Caucasian, especially the European Caucasian while proclaiming that the negro and the Australian or aborigines are closer to the apes and gorilla.

This is taught and enforced that the white race is superior to all with the white male at the top of the heap. He encouraged genocide to exterminate and replace savages throughout the world as well as a duty and justification for slavery veiled as Social Darwinism. Supported by his equally misguided cousin, Francis Galton, they convinced or gave justification for what continues to plague the world today. These two gave rise to eugenics (1883) which greatly inspired Adolf Hitler and Nazism (1933) based on the reproduction of a master race while exterminating undesirable elements of humanity, i.e. poor, uneducated, immigrants, and minority populations today. Today they are widely known as “essential workers”. Hitler was known to say if you tell a big enough lie enough times it will be believed. Probably why Trump lies so much today.

King James I (1566-1625) that practitioner of behaviors supposedly forbidden and denounced by the most famous book in the world which bears his name, the Bible, has been of particular detriment to society. He has violated the trust and sincere yearning for Christian guidance of billions of seekers by being in a position at a time in history to manipulate and change the bible to reflect his own purpose and ambition of control and systematic racism. The issue of marriage and homosexuality has been recently debated as a self-righteous imposition of morality against those who would choose to live outside the mainstream traditional acceptance. Marriage was originally a contract of a partnership between two parties that needed the support of each other to accomplish a task, that had nothing to do with gender or a sexual relationship instead it was just business. King James I in the era of #metoo would have been a prime offender primarily canoodling with Lord Buckingham of British and Buckingham Palace fame as his longtime homosexual lover through coercion or the Weinstein technique of courting. Lord Buckingham proclaimed himself to be the “slave and dog”, a not very royal title, of King James at his disposal to be turned every which way but loose. So, the next time someone stands on a stack of King James Version of the Holy Bible to condemn homosexuality and same-sex marriages remember that King James I practiced it not exclusively but extensively. If not for the Constantine’s Council of Nicaea (325, 381) and Constantine having a vision before the battle which converted him to Christianity after a victory in addition to King James I “interpretation of the bible” which they both gorilla pimped to the public by force, death, and deceit you might be worshipping animal deities or Noumena as was the pervasive practice in Rome before embracing Catholicism. The Catholic Church has also been a prominent player by benefiting directly from their participation in the slave trade and spreading its religion for the purpose of educating heathens to deter revolt and resistance from being robbed of their resources and identity.

Charles Darwin was of British descent as well as King James and his self-proclaimed “slave and dog” Lord Buckingham marking a long and less than “royal” history of racism. The London Company, Henry VIII, William Shakespeare, Elizabeth I, and Charles I are embedded in society even today that preserves racism and garners adulation for the whiteness of their bloodline, royalty. But, then came Prince Harry born to a mother of consciousness destined to disrupt their plans and change the course of their “pure bloodline” with a princess named Megan. Of course, they stand opposed to this union by virtue of their racist history. Prince Charles of Wales (1948) of the current day who has most likely never done an honest day work in his life would feel entitled to take people to task regarding low paying manual labor seeing how he has benefited from their public assistance (welfare) his whole life.

Christopher Columbus (1451-1506) a murderer and marauder which maybe none have done it better when it comes to conquest and colonialism. His influence can be felt in America, the Caribbean, Mexico, South America, and Canada and he spread his European brand of death, bondage, and greed. He had ambitions of conquering Asia as well to prove to the Spanish Crown that he could strong-arm gold, precious resources, and slaves in sort of a bum rush midnight raid. He left a path of destruction, genocide, theft, and slavery everywhere he went and influence those who followed to do the same. The Taino of Arawak descent was the first to taste his homicidal thirst on the island of Hispaniola, Columbus taking advantage of their cultural lack of aggression and abundance of hospitality. He left them decimated and diseased coincidentally with smallpox. Smallpox was used to gift the Native American or Indigenous people of a land long occupied by them but credited to Columbus exploration as a discovery for the purposes of whitewashing that which had already been discovered and was most certainly occupied. Columbus is no hero worthy of a national holiday but a squatter and more appropriately a war criminal where he was a warmonger without opposition. He is the father of colonization in the new land bringing slavery and death and providing a way it can be done to an inviting population. His sole purpose was not to prove the world was round or to discover new lands but was motivated by a decree to see who he could jack of their resources and enslave the people, and that is why he is an American hero.






Colonialism/Capitalism was and is still built on robbery, theft, deception, and oppression including death. It is no longer practiced exclusively against the poor, immigrant, purposeful ignorant, women, and minorities but the working and middle class. Yes, the middle class now infiltrating the lower upper class who thought they were safe. Pure greed recognizes no boundaries. Laissez-Faire is the foundation of Free Market Capitalism to not interfere with the free market of survival of the fittest. The Marxist theory of socialism and the Fascist principals urging ultranationalism and racism are inbred with today’s capitalism. With Capitalism, Marxism, and Fascism conducting an intimate threesome in a democracy where the chosen leader has no accountability and is unchecked it frequently becomes a dictatorship seeking to suppress criticism and resistance urgently obliged by silence or vigilantism. The great American Revolution and the Boston Tea Party was supposedly about taxation without representation but what about representation without taxation, the more you make some do not pay taxes at all. How is that possible or acceptable in a country founded on tax disputes and fairness? Colonialism is straight-up slavery, enough said.

Healthcare as long as you owe them, they will never be broke and you will never be well. Healthcare itself is not the problem but the rules the system is forced to adhere to promotes not only corruption from within by compliance but it is like a high stakes poker game where significant resources or DEBT (educational loans) are required to participate. Medicine is the instrument used to launder the money and redistribute wealth probably better than the stock market. Of all the substances which are legal but detrimental to your health that creates not only sickness but outrageous medical expenses there can be no other justification. Marijuana which has many medicinal purposes is only now being utilized with the argument against being it the unknown effects. Compared to the things that we know the side effects of with no medicinal purposes the argument is weak. Oh yeah, if addiction is a concern then what about alcohol, cigarettes, or sugar among many others. Control of hemp products and the newspaper industry, along with racism is once again the root opposition.

Remember, those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it. These above-referenced pandemics have a very well earned placed in history and should be rightfully single out for their manmade intentional transmission of mental and social diseases. Let us not forget the accompanied death and suffering.

P.S. Fact- The New York Times advocated and found no fault with displaying a pygmy male, Ota Benga, in the Bronx Zoo in a cage with monkeys to prove Darwin’s Theory of evolution and the Bronx Zoo owned by William Rockefeller had no problem displaying it in 1906 claiming he was a cannibalistic link between the African and apes.

Moral of the story < Real Patriots of the Republic to make America great again would not participate in any government assistance, subsidies, bankruptcy protection, business, or corporate bailout as an inspiration and example of their beliefs. However, it ain’t no fun when the rabbit got the gun and the shoes get tight, and where is your principle now. Without excuses please, since you accept no reasons, then please give no excuses while the puppeteers exploit your ignorant complicity.

Drug addiction and other forms of inebriation to cloud judgment and diminish will or resistance is a weapon used against populations for hundreds of years and that have hundreds of years of effective impediment. Crack was devastating, and it had a child and it was OxyContin, cousin to the “dog food” dating back to the Vietnam war exit. Opioids and heroin are nothing new but since the last 60 years have spanned these three illicit drugs to continue to be a destructive toll on populations by design. Crack was a crime heavily and unevenly punished but Oxy and “dog food” is now a disease by demographic selection. 

Racism is the number one killer in the world of opportunity. No wonder you can’t make a come up, but it is most likely to have been by effective design and not human frailty or lack of ambition. Most of these atrocities have been committed in the name of Christianity and the rest can be attributed to pure blind greed. Arianism is the belief that Jesus was above man but below God which has been a twisted adaptation used today to promote racism in essence stating that the white race is eye to eye with Jesus. Above are examples of how these fallacies and grandiose delusions are transmitted as disease and faith that ignores truth but embrace ignorance.

They want you to believe the meek will inherit the earth but let us not forget even the Lord had a need for warriors. Something that more closely resembles fairness, equality, and freedom must emerge soon if we are to avoid the fate of all great civilizations before us. Our foundation is wobbling badly right now yall.

So, see there is hope we can survive because we are still resilient having resisted all these pandemics and diseases on humanity and we will survive the one in the presidency now as we tussle with the Covid-19. After all, we could be lost in space with the cowardly whining Dr. Smith and the robot who frequently cannot handle the pressure meltdown.

Thurston K. Atlas

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