Historical Insights

Thoughts on history and how it impacts us daily.




Cultural Differences

Cultural Differences We are all culturally designed by the initial foundation of our existence in accordance with our environment. Our environment is determined by our parent’s circumstances and their environment, which we do not choose and to an extent was probably chosen by someone else, perhaps their parents. Even if they decided to change their […]


Damsel in Distress?

Damsel in Distress?   Chivalry of this kind needs to be dead. It needs to be recognized and exposed for what it has done and what it could still possibly do. A fair maiden “does declare” that her very honor and safety has been violated. Surely such an affront shall not be tolerated and go […]


Pharaohs Temple

Pharaohs Temple   Time passes seemingly at varying speeds with good times lasting not long enough and bad times that seem like they will never end but the stagnant times might be the worst time. Though time passes forward ticking away methodically it seems like no matter how much time has passed it always seems […]