George Floyd Part 1

Procedural Legalities for those who might not know.

Here in part 1, I will attempt to explain the legal aspects and implications of the case to provide a better understanding of the charges and trial considerations. Many assumptions from a civilian or layperson perspective deviate from the intricacies and nuances of the law. Consequently, to make a better determination requires that we first establish the pertinent laws, criteria, and instructions which will be needed to make an informed legal judgment. The distinctions of the law rely strictly on what can be proven while what appears to be obvious evidence of proof can often differ from the letter of the law.


George Floyd Part 2

Facts & Questions                       

Sometimes you must go back to retrace and unravel an incident then proceed forward to a place of clarity. A review or reenactment from the end of the critical incident that claimed Mr. George Floyd’s life analyzed in retrospect will reveal the points that were incriminating to all parties involved based on the visual evidence and factual inference of the application of the law.

An examination from the end to the beginning of the encounter is a very distinct way to isolate the mental state of mind, the Mens rea, or intent so that it can be legally established.


George Floyd Part 3 

Uncompromising Evaluation

An objective examination has to be detached from the desired outcome or emotional inclination and should only examine the facts and actions as they were observed to have occurred. Then compared to any explanations given when evaluated against these observations will yield the clearest determination of guilt or innocence. Strictly an uncompromising assessment of the deeds alone removed from the identity of the person performing the deed will objectively reveal if the deed was justified regardless of who the doer of the deed may have been.