America’s Most Wanted. Public Enemy #1 and # 2.

Attention. Attention, we interrupt your programming to bring you this breaking news bulletin to alert you to Public Enemy #1 and #2 being spotted in your area. They should be considered dangerous and not to be entertained, engaged, or challenged. An all point bulletin has been issued with this warning so be on the lookout for them and their gang. They and their gang have eluded our checkpoints, APBs, and capture. We ask for the public’s help to bring them under control and end their rampage throughout society. They have become ever more emboldened and arrogant in the audacity of their attacks and pursuit of crossing boundaries to elude detection. Our efforts have been to detect, identify, verify, and prevent their wanton disregard for social order.

As we increase our efforts to bring this gang under control and critical information continues to pour in, we will keep you abreast of any additional developments. There have been widely reported sightings and leads but without the public’s diligence and performance of their civic duty, we may labor in our pursuits. I repeat do not be lulled into or swindled by their unassuming demeanor and deception. There have been reports of sympathizers who have aided and abetted this gang by harboring and nourishing them and are undoubtedly unaware of the risks and danger they assume to conceal them. This gang is volatile and may turn on you without much provocation or warning. There have been many documented instances where this has occurred and where the aftermath of their wrath has devastated those who have harbored them. Be especially diligent about the children as they are notably susceptible and preferred victims of this gang as are the young adults.

At this time, we want to share with you as much information as we can without jeopardizing our efforts to suppress this gang or endanger the public unnecessarily. We are working to further identify the members but are reasonably certain of their roles and areas of expertise. This gang is run by their two oldest members referred to as Public Enemy one and two. They are believed to have started the gang and give it directions although various gang members have been known to operate independently or in conjunction with other members. This is one element that makes this gang increasingly dangerous is they are all very proficient in their own right but when combined or operating as a whole they are very formidable. The entire gang rarely works together at the same time as their motives may differ although there are reliable reports that members may be present but not participate in the actions of the others. They all flee the area together despite their participation. Their descriptions and characteristics are distinctly identifiable.

Public Enemy number one is unquestionably the mastermind and the orchestrator of all the gang activities and is an active participant at all times. The gang’s instructions are controlled in this manner and the gang uses the charismatic and alluring persuasion of this member. This member displays the ability to infiltrate the heart and minds of unsuspecting civilians and is ruthlessly determined to deceive and convince others into assisting. Logic, reasoning, outright deception, and persuasion are the specialties of this member.

Public Enemy number two may be the downfall of this outfit for the flashy and braggadocious manner which seems to be addictively displayed. Though not the most dangerous of the gang, the certainty projected along with the skill set makes this member undeniably the driving force of the gang and to be revered. The image of the gang is shaped by this member and generates an attitude of unlimited power and invincibility. This member is always present and the influence is active and compliments Public Enemy number one quite well and has been known to take charge directing the gang’s objectives.

The next members are the twins, fraternal, not identical twins, although they bear a strong resemblance to each other and often act as one unit with many similarities in their behavior. They are by far the most dangerous of the gang and like Public Enemy number two are to be revered but also feared for their insatiable anger and hostile anti-social disposition. They are more controllable if kept separated but must be constantly monitored by the other gang members for the uncertainty of when they may explode or what may cause them to become extremely callous and violent. When it comes to getting their hands dirty or doing the heavy lifting for the gang it is a delight that they savor to be able to unleash the appetite for violence. Once uncorked they are extremely hard to bring under control until they satisfy their thirst and exhaust their energy. This is their only value to the gang, to do the unspeakable without remorse. They are simply muscle without much thought or self-control and psychotic behavior.

This fifth member is the cousin of the twins and can also become unhinged by the slightest provocation with actions that range from petty to outrageous. It must run in the family and being first cousins, their behavior differs slightly and has more of the sociopath lean, including impulsive behaviors and responses that are not justified by the circumstances. This member is tolerated only because of the value of the twins but not trusted or well-liked because of constant complaining and petty tendencies. The displays of neediness, proclamations of possessiveness, and conspiracies of betrayal detract from any value to the gang.


The sixth member is known to give just as much in contribution as is sometimes taken away by a demeanor and having aspirations larger than the capabilities with delusions of one day running the outfit despite the known limitations. Known to be unreasonable and though clever claims to know more than the other members of the gang. Though very determined and principled resist suggestions and instructions. Irreplaceable as the encouragement and go-getter of the bunch when on point. This member functions as the checker and balancer of the gang.

The next two are related although uncertain how. They have only one objective and that is what is in it for them, they have a tight bond, and they have high ambitions. They are the least trustworthy of the bunch and most likely to flip when confronted possessing little fortitude and even less loyalty. Their tools of the trade are an eye for big-time scores and corruption through vulnerabilities. They are basically first-class high stakes grifters. Every outfit of ill repute can find value in their talents.

The last to round out the crew is the getaway driver and a hideout where they can meet if something goes wrong and they are separated… What’s that, they have been spotted by our topnotch inspector and tracked to their hideout with no time for backup and it is imperative that we act immediately not knowing if and when a chance like this will present itself again. We have the place surrounded and apprehension is imminent, but we must move quickly and use the element of surprise on a gang that has often appeared as ghosts that transcend time, space, and body. The go-ahead has been given to execute the raid with extreme caution. We await word of the all-clear.

We are proud and relieved to let you know that the raid was an overwhelming success and all members have been apprehended and identified by name. The identifications are as follows; the leader Public Enemy number one is the Conscious Mind known to be a notorious enabler and deceiver, Public Enemy number two is the Ego known to initiate bloated perceptions of self, the twins are Hatred and Evil wanted for many unspeakable crimes of brutality, Five is the cousin Jealousy aka Envy wanted for pettiness due to feelings being hurt or others good fortune, six is Pride who lead to the gangs’ downfall and a real know it all, the next two were found hiding together Greed and Lust hoping to hide the goods and escape discovery, and last the getaway driver Denial aka Ignore was found to use the same pattern of the getaway when returning to the gang’s hideout known as the heart and minds of individuals.

We as well as the public would like to recognize and thank the one responsible for figuring out this group of punks, tracking them down, and bringing them to accountability. We are indebted to the only one possessing the cunning to corral this gang and that is the one and only Subconscious Mind. The subconscious mind is the most powerful computer known to man and not even remotely understood for its full range of capabilities. The subconscious mind is the truth, where change occurs, and a servant to our existence and perspective. It controls not only our body but our perspective and accomplishments. The key to life lays in the subconscious mind and our ability to access it for the good of our being but we must recognize and allow it to “apprehend” the deceptions of the conscious mind and the ego where the henchmen get their direction and permission. Allow your subconscious mind to control your conscious mind and ego to overcome your insecurities and self-limiting behavior, correcting your flaws, and controlling your emotions. Please research the subconscious mind to further understand its function and power.

Moral of the story < Your conscious mind is designed to justify your thoughts and actions no matter how unreasonable according to your will and weaknesses making it easier to succumb to insecurities, fears, and delusions. It creates comparisons that are dangerous in and of itself but develops either an inferiority complex or a superiority complex in relation to the comparison. Ego is a creation of the conscious mind and leads to excesses. It creates actions that crave confirmation and validation outside of yourself forcing you to develop needy low self-esteem and self-doubt or a narcissistic exaggerated ego-driven façade in which the masquerade must be sustained by flattery and attention.

Interrupting your programing was a reference to the psychology of your perspective and the forces that distract your focus to scatter its concentration among the symptoms and not directed towards the cure. The cure resides in the subconscious mind to directly address the other issues instead of individually attacking those issues in the conscious mind where resistance will be mounted by default. The conscious mind is the software, the ego and perspectives are the apps, and the subconscious mind is the mainframe where the coding and hardware exits. The extraordinary power exists in everyone to command it’s benefits. Those who are able to access this power on demand,  discover an amazing ability to develop willpower, discipline, and successes.

Consider how anger, desperation, ignoring pain, or dire circumstances produce some of your best efforts because they take the thought or conscious mind out of the equation which removes the limitations for the subconscious mind to achieve. The subconscious mind serves at your discretion like a machine to do what it is told making the key to its effectiveness removing the limitations that are coded there. The process is reprogramming it with affirmations, positive instructions, and removing self-limiting negative programming.

Thurston K. Atlas

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Is it cheaper to keep em? Let’s add it up!

Is it cheaper to keep em? Let’s add it up!


Now that I have your attention, why not talk about relationships, check this out. We all have unique and specific traditions including the manner in which we have been raised that shapes our perspective from its young inception. This forms a significant combination that reflects how we act today at any age of reasoning or accountability. In other words, everything we have experienced contributes to some varying degree to how we view life which in turn instructs our behavior from the very beginning of life, cognizant or not. These are the ways we learn by what we were taught or by what we have experienced. Even if these are shared experiences, they can never be perceived precisely the same.

The integrity of our core evolves from our experiences and this is how we learned to be, preferred, or not. And sometimes it even prevents us from being free for not being that way or open to change. Don’t get me wrong, everything is not open for negotiations, of course, we have our standards. From the restrictive lens in the confines of our “learned knowledge” and “limited experiences” specific to our upbringing the standard is established by which we project ourselves as well as judge others.

Time may heal, but it most certainly also distorts. The distortion that I’m referring to is how you became how you are which primarily makes you yourself at your core, distorted against the strength of prior held beliefs as they pertained to the time period developed but not accounting for the changes of time. Once the expansion of your knowledge and experience mostly consisted of a significant time in a diaper and then on a potty. It is understandable if children do childish things and lack the proper self-control but not adults. The passing of time distorts relationships and smothers aspirations through routines that secretly build boredom, resentment, or complacency.

The passage of time changes many things, the young becomes the old, flexibility of the body is exchanged for flexibility of thought called maturity, and as things evolve change is going to happen. The passion you use to feel, the anticipation, the excitement that was intoxicating has been exposed to father time and maybe in need of renovation or serious consideration of updating because your needs would be better suited. Or just maybe surrender to acceptance, comfortability, and familiarity. It might not be decision-making time but at least it is evaluation time.

Let me ask you something, that just as much as you are committed to your way why can’t someone else be just as committed to their way with their path not so different from your very own dear path? Yours is yours. Theirs is theirs. The key is both must be respected and devoid of infringement and injustice within or outside your view but must possess acceptance even tolerance if necessary because an agreement may not be attainable. We do not have to agree, an agreement is not necessary, only in the way of agreeing that you will respect mine as I will respect yours. It is a manageable compromise based upon what you are willing to give and what you are willing to accept that meets each other’s level of being persuaded.

There are parts of people you think you know very well that is hidden from view and not for display. Concealment of your way promotes a response toward that masquerade instead of that which would be preferable to your core need. This where that core either propels you or confines you. Are you adhering to obsolete and antiquated images that form a projection that comforts you, so you cling to that which is familiar but of little benefit? Still guarding the fox hole when the matter has been determined long ago to be no longer contested, be what you are.

Will it be kept 1000 for the masquerade or changed to address the real expectation that is unfulfilled? Being able to achieve a compromise or change must be directed toward securing a satisfactory benefit or outcome for the real problem. The more concessions you receive, the greater level of satisfaction you have, and the more compromise or concessions you are willing to give in return. The sweet spot is where a balance is created for the transfer of preferences received in exchange for preferences given for the mutual elevation of individual and collective purposes.

Old players say it is not what you do but how you do it, real players say it is what you do and how you do it, show some class and have some respect for yourself as well as others. Let us examine the real reason why things might be the way they are or have been to evaluate if an effective logic guided these responses, behaviors, and judgments. We are left to wonder why someone doesn’t just improve themself to make themself less of the problem and more of the best version of themselves. Heaven forbids, perhaps even a pleasure to be around. Or maybe even like it used to be a long, long time ago, remember when we had a reason. This behavior should seem obvious, but it is going to have to take a rude awakening to discover that the bed is cold because it was made that way.

The game is to be sold not told. Cost comes in many ways and payment is accepted in many more ways. There is a compromise of expectations that are understood then producing an exchange of what is it going to cost me and what you are going to give me in return of equal or greater value. Value as in improving my life by my association with you. This mutual understanding is applied across the board as motivation to adhere to an acceptable level of conduct or justification to be able to receive the agreed upon consideration in return, it goes both ways. What is the motivation, give me a good reason, fair exchange has never been robbery?

The reasons we cannot ignore to do the things we do, the why, and for whom or what. Time reinforces distortions that magnify and create insecurity by way of doubt that lead us to a voluntary forbearance of our necessities that build to a level of dissatisfaction while craving a resolution to satisfy the void. It is human nature to feel lack and have a corresponding emotional disposition. That feeling of lack is influenced by exterior forces but embraced by yourself as a recognition of being in a state of needing more to achieve greater happiness.

It is asking your very nature to be revealed leaving someone feeling unable to give it or maybe unworthy of receiving it by virtue of some deep refusal to express themself and be themselves. It flows purely when given freely and humbling when overflowingly received. This is the nectar of life that illustrates what once was that can somehow be restored for a cost of a willingness towards change. Just the small price of a little change, a willingness to pay the ticket for that change.

Getting tired and a little fed up? Isn’t it time to demand a lot more? Now, what changes are to be needed? Is it asking for too much? Well, there is real good news of a technique that you can use for guaranteed results to fix this. What you must do is simply realize that the relationship I am referring to is the one with yourself and the changes are the ones you need to make within yourself since they are the only ones you have control over.

Yes, I’m talking about you and if it is cheaper to keep them meaning your projections and perspectives without challenging the continued need for your beliefs and behavior. The very effect this has on yourself, others, and the quality of your relationships and life. If the only change has been changed to if only I change. The power, control, and responsibility for your own feelings or behavior in addition to being accountable for what you do or fail to do avoiding any obligation to be responsible for someone else behavior. Is what you give what you seek to receive, a sort of self-check tune-up, or frankly an overhaul. Like a new outfit to feel brand new.

Just make your self-assessment to determine what is desirable and implement what it will take to attract that and that is what you would need to become. The change you would want the most is probably the one you need to make the most. Double the improvement, kill two birds with one stone. Hold yourself to a high standard of integrity and principle. Your level of sophistication dictates your perspective. Primitive perspective generates primitive behavior. Your perspective dictates your mood and serenity. Controlling your mood controls your behavior.

Be responsible for your being without imposing control to conceal your deficiencies and insecurities by making yourself more attractive to yourself and then the world. A willingness to change by improving, evolving, growing, reinventing, pursuing, expressing, challenging, and in other words living without the self-restricting doubts. Just worked on updating your equipment and then you can make demands of the highest order. Now is a good time to begin because I don’t think it’s cheaper to keep old self-defeating ways, especially if it is a loose fit or worst way too tight.

Moral of the story < Be certain not to have become the very thing you despise the most and bring dissatisfaction upon yourself refusing to adjust to the passing of time and prevailing prudence. Your level of contentment rests with your adaptability to your environment, to attract your desired preferences, and to sufficiently produce resources for such. Don’t flatter yourself, what is not attractive in others is no more somehow attractive in you.

Start eliminating excuses and become what you would like to be and should be by sacrificing the proper effort to become that which is self-fulfilling. It will be the best relationship you ever had. Do not be that person where it is said behind your back of course, that you are no bed of roses. No matter what, don’t be the problem in your life because you cannot change. When you add it up, it is never cheaper to keep em.

Thurston K. Atlas

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Dr. Frankenstein, I presume.

We all remember from our childhood how scary the story of the monster Frankenstein was with his weirdo look, limited motor skills, and infantile mentality. He produced mass fear and hysteria particularly when his origin was unknown. Let’s face it, his inability to understand and to decipher much resulted in his outbursts of anger and frustration which made him more frightening. Dr. Frankenstein though noble in his quest knew not the ramifications of his proclamation It is Alive”, the monster’s creator pieced together a composite of body parts effectively building the physical monster. There is no Frankenstein monster without there being a Dr. Frankenstein, the creator to construct the monster.

When you piece together a person using body parts an inventory can be taken to have an accurate accounting of the parts needed. But how do you account for the parts unseen that are present without a physical component identifying their presence? Perhaps this is where Dr. Frankenstein went astray in his construction, the intrinsic qualities.

Due to extraordinary technological advances, you are now able to secure a unit that has all the physical characteristics desire by Dr. Frankenstein in his work. You must provide the fundamental moral qualities and training for your unit yourself. Your unit is highly observant and very impressionable oftentimes mimicking your thoughts, attitudes, and behavior. You can get your unit in your own image with striking similarities to yourself. Wonderful, what could possibly go wrong.

Now to set up your unit there are no definitive instructions just loose guidelines. Of all the things that you must do, this unit requires guidance to function properly. It is not a self-sustaining unit, it requires extensive setup for initial functionality, and from time to time will exhibit a random selection of free will. The unit’s functionality increases and expands as time passes for it to require less from you for the unit to function independently. Wait, this mad scientist business is starting to get a little tedious with all these guidelines and restrictions not to mention the expected sacrifices. OK, but you still have a unit to maintain.

The test is not just of your unit to receive instructions but also of yourself to instruct. You can saddle it with the burdens you have left unresolved within yourself but always remember the essence of what this unit becomes is guided by you. You can restrict it by the limits of your effort and commitment to be a proper demonstration in words and in deeds. You can refuse to make sacrifices for the benefit of your unit. You can ruin the unit’s future by your lack of discipline and resolve.

You can instill the rules of conformity and acceptance of beliefs and actions long determined before the existence of your unit, the unit will be instructed by your distant past and long ago learned tendencies. Only your absolute best efforts should be used for your unit to function properly. After all, you don’t want your unit to become a monster, it is not like you’re Dr. Frankenstein.

It’s like selecting the correct software for programming this unique unit. Your unit holds you in very high esteem with the ultimate trust submitting to your guidance, influence, and authority. The programming is the difference between producing a monster or a masterpiece. If you only pass along your best and provide the best circumstances for your unit to expand, your unit will reflect your efforts.

As time passes your unit will exercise its very own judgment and unique display of expression and achievement. To what degree you are to be credited or blamed for the conduct of the unit is the mystery. There are random external factors at play for sure, but your influence is the earliest and most constant, so presumably disproportionately persuasive in the unit’s core construction and programming.

Now let us switch gears by keeping the same perspective but redefining the context to which we examine historically long-held practices or programming of questionable significance. Imagine a reality where you are still the creator but now, we redefine the unit as anyone you have authority over, responsibility for, have accepted as being dependent upon you, or greatly impacted by your decisions like maybe your kids. So, for the sake of argument let us just define the unit as a child.

The child enters this world with a clean slate totally dependent upon you for survival. The world the child enters is pre-determined by the circumstances and standards in which you live and provide. What that standard of living happens to be and the opportunities, as well as expectations, begin to influence the child’s programming from birth, even if inadvertently done. Now you cannot underestimate the influence of geographical location of birth on cultural and philosophical systems of adherence, practice, and perspectives. Even within the same demographics, there is a vast difference of specific beliefs, often those who share the same core beliefs differ among themselves on many things.

Aside from the physical necessities required, you also have a responsibility to cultivate not indoctrinate your child, but rather incorporate within a child the veracity to clearly determine what is factual and what is conditioned belief. You should know the origins, purpose, and current practical application of things taught before teaching them in error to your child or simply because that is what you became familiar with accepting. Reevaluating your teachings should strengthen them and provide a way to substantiate the scrutiny of them being challenged.

Things change over time and the consistent application of a conditioned response might not make as much sense as it did at some point in the past. The very reason and purpose may have shifted over time requiring a more current analysis with a current resolution, a needed update. Not being saddled by the assumptions of the past but prepared for the present and future according to the conveyance of knowledge tested and accepted as factual.

In addition to being factual, it must present a clear benefit and comparable value supported by the frequency of usefulness factored in as a determining factor. The widely held assumption of the masses perpetuates and permeates the systems that have an opposing purpose other than their stated intent. To further give a prime example of such a system and its unchallenged traditions, you must look at the trust and belief associated with the content of the material given as education and in addition to the suspect accuracy of the content within that material.

The frequency of application over a life’s span all lives are in constant contact with or in the pursuit of money. The benefits of incorporating currency, real estate, financial systems, credit, business structures, business law, banking, abstract thinking, analytical solution, expansion of thought without being told what to think, investments, and etc. could provide a comprehensive foundation of knowledge for advancement through life with the literacy and understanding of how systems actually work. These topics though critical to adult life seem relegated to insignificance compared to other topics presented as essential education.

That is where you, the mad scientist, come in to supplement and make sure that the knowledge of these things, which makes a huge difference in the trajectory of your child’s life and possibly generations after, is not left to randomness but definitely required learning. You do not have to know it you just have to make sure that they know it. The presentation leads to the consumption which leads to the implementation, but the seed must first be planted to grow. Education, curiosity, creativity, and personality must never be stifled and always encouraged in the child. The dismissive manner in which we discipline and discourage children have a profound bearing on their belief system and their ability to absorb a positive self-image but not by reckless negative re-enforcement.

Your limits should not be your child’s limits simply because they are yours and perhaps have been generationally tightly embraced. Yelling and the demeaning of children serves to reinforce their acceptance of this behavior from someone else later in life, Since they love you so dearly they are then conditioned to confuse it with acceptable behavior and quite common from someone else they so dearly love as just part of the love. This creates a cycle of self-defamation of spirit encouraged by a loved and trusted source.

Take no joy in no matter what you have been or how you are, consider what offense did the child commit or why do they have to pay for conditions they had no hand in creating? Take no satisfaction in poisoning someone else because you are poisoned, and the proper adjustment has eluded you. It is about giving them a chance even if someone hindered your chances, the child didn’t do it to you. It’s called civilians in the game and that is to be respected and without violation, sort of the rules of engagement.

Let’s set the standard and enforce it demanding accountability of ourselves to refrain from projecting our deficiencies and lack of knowledge as examples for the child to believe and duplicate. The refusal to accept change and initiate change because it is contrary to our conditioned reality, without concession to that reality being extremely limited, clearly disregards the value of new knowledge and information.

The village will reflect the acceptance of your unit’s assimilation and morality or you will know because they will march on your castle with torches seeking the monster and it’s the creator. The world does not need any more monsters.

Moral of the story < For some of us it might be too late but for the rest, we need to pledge, I SAY YOUR NAME will endeavor to present the best demonstration and presentation of myself to be an example for those who would hold me in such esteem. I further endeavor to make them the people’s champ to rise above my shortcomings for all to see and their accomplishments a testament to my contribution.

The full impact and understanding of the impressions we generate should not be recklessly transmitted messages of damaging programming. Give the child the chance you did not have or declined to accept so that their life is not derailed or carry the regrets you have. You are enough even if you are an example of what not to do.

Thurston K. Atlas

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