Damsel in Distress?

Damsel in Distress?


Chivalry of this kind needs to be dead. It needs to be recognized and exposed for what it has done and what it could still possibly do. A fair maiden “does declare” that her very honor and safety has been violated. Surely such an affront shall not be tolerated and go unpunished for the satisfaction of me lady. Oh, how some harken back to the day when it was not tolerated and quickly admonished to “don’t eyeball me, boy”. Back when America was great, a simple meeting of the eyes, an errant glance could result in a black man’s violent death except if it was his lucky day maybe a severe beating would do just fine.

To not keep bringing up the distant past of America’s foregone crimes against black folks, which were other generation’s original sins, let’s hit the fast-forward button. Why not confine the considerations to the lifetime of people still living who were alive back in the “good old days”? For those who are too young to know or those who are too old to remember, we will have just a brief refresher for the collective, so we are all on the small page as history. Now, if we could all turn our American history books to the year 1955, sixty-five years ago.

The exact date of August 28, 1955, in Money, Mississippi a youth named Emmett Till all of 14 years old was brutally murdered. He was from up north, from Chicago, and surely struck out as being slightly different. Kind of like “You ain’t from these parts are you boy?”. He was accused of flirting with a white damsel, Carolyn Bryant, four days earlier. She lied. Her husband and brother made Emmett, this 14-year-old, carry a 75-pound cotton gin (symbolic?) around his neck and savagely beat him, gouged his eyes out, shot him in the head, and discarded his barbed wire body in the river. For further reference please refer to open casket photos. Now, if we could all turn our American history books to the year 1944, seventysix years ago.

The exact date of June 16, 1944, in Columbia, South Carolina a 14-year-old 5’1” tall 90-pound black boy from Pinewood, South Carolina was executed by an electric chair for the murder of two white girls ages 7 and 11-year-old. George Junius Stinney Jr is the youngest American EVER to be sentenced to death and executed. Under the color of law or at least the color of an all-white jury, he was convicted in a two-hour trial and less than 10-minute deliberation, just in time for lunch.

Stinney Jr’s attorney did not challenge any witnesses or demand that the handwritten confession made while in custody be produced, the only evidence against him. His attorney did not cross-examine witnesses, call any witnesses, challenge insinuations of rape although no proof existed, and Jim Crow did not allow any black person in the building to witness the trial. His conviction was later vacated as bogus. For further reference please refer to Governor’s Olin Johnston fabrication of events in denying clemency and the description of his execution where the face mask came off because he was too small for it to fit.  

Now, if we could all turn our American history books to the year 1965, fifty-five years ago. February 26, 1965, in Selma, Alabama Jimmie Lee Jackson a veteran, civil rights activist, and deacon of the church was viciously beaten and shot by an Alabama state trooper, James b. Fowler. He was marching for voter’s rights and his death sparked what would become the Selma to Montgomery marches organized by the Southern Christian Leadership Council (SCLC). His murder sparked the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 the same year. His murder sparked the meteoric rise of Dr. Martin Luther King to lead black people. As justice is slow and reactive, it took until 2010 for his murderer to be indicted and pled guilty to misdemeanor manslaughter if there is such a thing. Talking about your justice delayed, 45 years after Jackson’s murder. 

Now look at the time, I did not realize that we still have soo much material to cover, let us go back twenty-nine years ago. Hurry time is short, please turn our American history books to the year 1991 March 3rd in Los Angeles, California revealing the Rodney King BEATING. A large group of police personnel surrounding Roney King felt that he was resisting every time he moved from being kicked, stomped, and struck. Why of course, while in fear of their lives. The video was not enough to convince the discerning public that despite being surrounded by police King continued to hit the police feet, fist, and batons with his head and ribs beyond all reason. From the look of his face, he must have hit them in the fist with his face as well. It was the most shocking assault on police ever caught on camera for decades, until now. Police acquittal.

We must skip the last twenty-eight years and that will be our history assignment because many of us are already familiar with these accounts and especially those of the last ten years. There are far too many. Not much time left, so we will skip to and conclude with 2020 and a brief account of the current state of American history.

A white female socialite in New York called the police on a black woman sitting in the park because the socialite was disturbed by the black woman’s presence in a public park in the neighborhood where the black woman lived. The socialite did declare to 911 that an African American woman was attacking her and her children while the socialite sat there breathless and shaken. She demanded that the police make her delete the incriminating video and she also had the absolute hands-down without question nerve to demand that the black woman be escorted by her to the police when they arrived. Come turn yourself in and admit your crime of making me display my I’m not a racist side.

The police did nothing but should have arrested the socialite or written her a citation. Nothing being done is a great part of why it keeps happening. Of course, here is another influencer claiming NOT to be racist. Her husband was there and walked away as she destroyed their lives while her children played nearby. She has not admitted to the video contents and said the black card was being played her as if the video was altered. Her initial alibi was that the black woman was smoking weed but she never mentioned that to 911 during repeated calls. I hope her business and livelihood reflects the unacceptability of her behavior despite her fake crocodile tears and whining about the grief her actions caused her. Shall we say former socialite from the Ukraine and co-owner of restaurant Maison ViVienne in the Hamptons, darling?

Phone calls to the police from Scarlet How Dare ya do declaring that an “African American male”, good thing she did not say black man because the police surely would have responded much sooner, was in the public park threatening her and she was in fear for her life. She put that African American man’s life in danger, but just as many people seemed to be upset about her treatment of her dog resulting in the dog receiving a better home.

This bird watching African American male had very little regard for his own life afterward, making an impassioned plea against any public backlash against her when she clearly was threatening his life without regard for his consequences by her actions and intent. When justice is not served, we protest. When just is served we vouch for, plead for, and socially exonerate the culprit under the veil of forgiveness.














Why  is it when something is done to black people, we always want to forgive it which essentially makes it okay? Perhaps it is larger than your specific incident, and your continued acceptance by your social group pales in comparison to the many others who have and will pay the price for this kind of behavior with their life. She put your life at risk, just refer to Till and Stinney Jr’s accusers. Why is it often the African American victim feels compelled to validate this racism negating any justice that may be gained by excusing racist behavior making it okay by revealing his own low level of self-esteem and accepted inferiority? Why would things change if you don’t have the fortitude to let her take her medicine proper like she was willing to give you yours claiming she was under attack? There are instances and times in history when you would have been killed on the spot. Forgive her?

Street justice was not so forgiving and swiftly the court of public opinion dished out by her employer and business associates led to her dismissal and disassociation. The police, once again N.Y., took no action against her because she actually did commit at least one crime. If not of hate by assault of his constitutional rights, false or improper use of 911, not having her dog leased, or just plain old stupidity that can only come from a place of privilege. This bird watcher is such a fine example of what undermines us all, maybe he can beg for her job back next or if jail time is imposed insist upon doing it for her.  

Stockholm syndrome must be at play where the self-proclaimed I am NOT a racist damsel in distress compelled the victim to cape up to save the day was because I guess once the police showed up she would have surely done the same for him confessing she lied. Quit making excuses for people who purposely reveal their character. She should have been arrested plain and simple.

The next damsel in distress is an abnormality in many ways defying most conventional logic but maybe she is the most dangerous kind in desperate need of saving. A city in Connecticut, Stamford, with a population of roughly 127,000 people with an 86.4 percent non-black population, 36 years old median age, 53 percent marriage over age 18, and a median household income of roughly $77,000 a year held a rally supporting the protest of George Floyd’s murder and denouncing racism.

This is significant because it was a great gesture and that one from their own bosom has made some provocative statements as opposed to the reason for their rallying support. This obviously wise beyond her 31 years damsel can hit from both sides of the plate, changing her mind on political affiliations, police brutality, systemic racism, and even the Resident. She has stated that black people are at fault for unhealthy diets, bet she has never been hungry or lived in an economically depressed food desert where the quality of food is often substandard.

She has sworn on the hill that white nationalism and white supremacy are not a problem in black America, maybe not the black America of Stamford but that is not what she use to say when she had a problem. Systematic racism is now a black myth according to her. Just as she claims no member of the NRA has ever committed mass murder, I would submit former NRA president Oliver North and the Iran Contra Affair he was a principal part of which caused the crack epidemic resulting in damages still being calculated in lives lost and potential destroyed on a mass and generational scale qualify. Brenton Tarrant in New Zealand killed 51 people and wounded 40 others a year ago in a church, indicated how he was inspired by you.

She has sworn on the hill that white nationalism and white supremacy are not a problem in black America, maybe not the black America of Stamford but that is not what she use to say when she had a problem. Systematic racism is now a black myth according to her. Just as she claims no member of the NRA has ever committed mass murder, I would submit former NRA president Oliver North and the Iran Contra Affair he was a principal part of which caused the crack epidemic resulting in damages still being calculated in lives lost and potential destroyed on a mass and generational scale qualify. Brenton Tarrant in New Zealand killed 51 people and wounded 40 others a year ago in a church, indicated how he was inspired by you. You shrugged off your rhetoric as not contributing despite your LOL sentiment.

Now, this damsel has every right to speak her truth, but others have every right to hold her accountable for the words that come out of her mouth. I wonder if her participation in the Vice Resident’s sit down was due to her affiliation with the Resident’s family and their participation in her “royal” wedding or just an exploitation of her which she was glad to be of help. The reason I wonder this is why could they find the time and the inclination to talk to her but not speak to anyone else with a majority opposing view or the whole country for that matter if it was not to cover their racist agenda by using them as paper-thin concealment.

She and her husband are of like minds, which is wonderful until they have biracial children and can no longer deny the racism that their children will undoubtedly face. The existence of which they are in denial. LOL, but do not for one minute think that the “royal” status of being a Farmer does not come with racist disapproval and the noblest of disdain behind the scenes. So CanDance, when you reap what you have planted and it becomes harvest time, I just hope that these will be the kind of “not a good person” that you CAN have empathy for. You seem to think that Mr. Floyd’s challenges make him no hero, but that is not what the world is saying or what history will record, just look and listen. The only question is what will history say about you?

Moral of the story < Chivalry which is misguided like above needs immediate elimination, the more extreme the more urgent the need for eradication. You can not defend that which is indefensible by claiming that murder or the resulting outrage and protest should be mitigated because of the person’s past or character. Mr. Floyd “not a good person” by your account still had a right to live and the police I imagine by you and the Resident’s standard are good people who had the right to determine when his life should end. I wonder when the murderer had his knee on Mr. Floyd’s neck did that factor in heavily that he was not a good person or was it because he shared the same skin color as you, Can-Dance.

By your standard Dylann Roof must have been a good person because those who don’t approve of you or your marriage are the ones who you unwittingly support by how they parade you around. They would place the knee on your neck or your biracial children’s neck when born, but not your husband, he’s safe. You are still black by appearance, on sight, if in no other way.

All these damsels lying, bogus railroaded justice, flat out beatings, and murders are always justified by some deficit on the victim to bring it on themselves but really just being black and alive is enough. There are those like you who live in a bubble and the only reality is theirs with no allowance that life might be different outside your bubble. The limits of the circumference of your understanding, compassion, and experiences can no longer be pacified. Maybe “you people” are simply unredeemable and hate yourself more than you hate others. You might want to avoid mirrors for a while they have a tendency to have accurate reflections.

Thurston K. Atlas

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Drew Brees respecting The American Way?

Drew Brees respecting the American Way?


Here we go again. None other than Drew Brees the Super Bowl-winning quarterback of the New Orleans Saints declaring that he will never respect anyone that takes a knee for the flag or national anthem. If that be the case, he should make his next move his best move and physically teach any NFL player he dares catch kneeling a lesson they will not soon forget. Don’t talk about it be about it, he has had the opportunity for years now. By many accounts, he is a wonderful guy and has done many major humanitarian deeds that should not go unnoticed and are greatly appreciated. With that being said, let us see if we can rehabilitate him with a history lesson so that he can redeem himself before he starts imposing his moral authority upon his fellow NFL players by snatching them up or ruin his good works.

First, we would like to thank Drew Brees’s grandfathers for their service to the flag and this country. The President, Resident drumpf, and his obese ego never saw fit to serve but is an authority on using it to help him tweet, I mean sleep better at night. None of this protesting by taking a knee is about the flag or the military. It is not about Resident drumpf either, at least in principle, but he promoted the distortion. There are a wide variety of racial backgrounds that have served in defense of this country as well as women despite being discriminated against, segregated, and/or excluded from service. These groups have all persevered to serve their flag and country honorably. These groups have also served since the beginning of this nation in some capacity to support this country, especially doing times of war.

At the birth of this nation, a patriot and merchant has been universally recognized as the first to give his life in defense of what would become the nation we know today. This patriot was Crispus Attucks, a Black Man. He was the first to be shot and killed starting the American Revolution at the Boston Massacre that ignited freedom from British rule. He was a former slave and partly of Native American heritage. His contribution to the founding of this nation at that time was honored by him being laid in State due to his moral courage, which necessitated the waiver of segregation laws.

He took two to the chest while others were shot in the back. His murderer, a white British soldier, and others were placed into custody and put on trial as a symbol of the fair justice this land would later become known for, instead of being lynched for their crime immediately. Even back then of the eight soldiers who fired shots, six were acquitted and two were convicted and given reduced sentences. Once again a Black Man shot, and his white murderers shown leniency and defended by John Adams.

I guess some might say Crispus Attucks did not serve. Some others would say that Crispus Attucks served America before America was, however, there is no dispute that he gave his life at the very start of this nation while confronting tyranny or at the very least protesting it. He is the very first American Hero, he was the first to defy and the first to die at age 47. Attucks and the other four brave protesters murdered set off the Boston Tea Party against British rule and injustice. The rest is history as they say, but it is not surprising that the protesters were blamed for being fired upon. Drew check your history.

William H Carney, born a slave escaping slavery through the underground railroad, was the first Black soldier to earn the Medal of Honor for valor at Fort Wagner during the Civil War. He took three shots in total but managed to fight on, picked up the American flag, and carried it the whole time while advancing. He was taken to a field hospital where he relinquished the flag never having let it touch the ground. Let us not forget that he was shot three times after he picked up the flag but still managed to not let the American Flag touch the ground.

Andre Cailloux of Drew Brees’s very own beloved New Orleans was born a slave and became a Union Captain, he had his arm blown off by cannon fire during combat but continued to spearhead the charge on a suicide mission while he was until he was killed. It was commonplace to give the most dangerous missions to the “colored” units, they did a lot of the heavy lifting. There are many other Black heroes listed in history for their valor during the Civil War against the Confederates who were attempting to overthrow the government of America. Since the treasonous Confederates, fighting against the flag, and this country was soundly defeated; I guess you could say they were on the losing team and no trip to Disney Land for them. The Confederate flag stands for treason and slavery, what else was the Civil War about.

American Sergeant Henry Johnson, a Black Man, singlehandedly fought off German soldiers in the trenches of France during WWI. He was one of the first Americans to be awarded the prestigious French Croix de Guerre avec Palme, the highest award given by France to anyone. He was injured twenty-one times. He was awarded the Purple Heart and Distinguished Service Cross posthumously in the United States 57 years and 63 years after his death. As a member of a negro unit, he used a knife, a rifle, and his bare hands to fight off two dozen German soldiers, and when he was not busy fighting also managed to save lives. There are many whose display of valor was not awarded due to the racism of that time, but their heroics were surely needed.

The Tuskegee Airmen nicknamed, “the Red Tails”, fought in WW2 with exemplary distinction escorting planes that were critical to the supply chain, and their war efforts contributed greatly to the Allies victory. So skilled and fearless was this “colored unit” that despite the extreme racism and segregation pervasive at that time, they forced the United States military out of extreme necessity and often at white squadron’s request to use them to ensure safe missions and swing the advantage to the allies.

They are not be confused with the Tuskegee Study in 1932 where black men were used as research specimens for the study of syphilis without their consent or knowledge and allowed to go untreated. The men were intentionally infected with syphilis which caused blindness, insanity, other ailments, and ultimately their premature deaths. In 1940 when penicillin was discovered as the cure, they still were not offered the cure. When it became unethical to conduct such experiments in the U.S. they simply moved them to Mexico and began experimenting on their population. These human trails are a reason old heads did not trust the medical profession, better to be sick than dead.

Doris “Dorie” Miller, a cook, jumped in the gunnery seat and manned anti-aircraft weapons with no training and attended to the wounded being awarded the Navy Cross. This was on December 7, 1941, that day that will live in infamy known as Pearl Harbor. He was the first responder to defend this country against that attack.

The right to protest is in the DNA of this country, to have the voice of the people heard and their right to demonstrate their discontent with the treatment of the people. The Vietnam War was a very unpopular war with the American flag being burned by white Americans, treated far worse than kneeling before the flag, and the soldiers returning “home” from serving their country spat upon. We needed you then Drew to not stand for that disrespect of the flag and returning troops.

Kent State students protesting the Vietnam War were fired upon by Ohio National Guard on a college campus for protesting. Four students were murdered and nine others injured on May 4, 1970, the outrage and fallout from the student-led protest shutdown colleges across the country. Richard Nixon that purveyor of racism was Resident then and would be proud of Resident drumpf deadly antics now to “dominate” protesters. The students and young people will lead us out of this shameful history despite some wanting to “make America great again”.














There are many Black Women who also made major contributions to the freedom that allows you to enjoy throwing a football. Many other marginalized people of other racial backgrounds have and continue to serve this country and flag. Women including Black Women have and still fight for equality and recognition to this day. Women were never treated as full citizens believed by Charles Darwin to have the mind of a child adding to their denial of the right to vote or run for office. The Women’s Suffrage Movement is still essentially being fought today since 1848 but now reflected in wage disparity and health care. So, when it looks like this is just a racial issue it is not. It is a discrimination issue manifested and facilitated by racism. Racism is just the longest and most vile offense among many.

Black folks specifically and others, in general, have a record that speaks for itself when it comes to respecting the American Flag and military service. America’s record speaks for itself too when it comes to the American flag; this is a flag that never gave a dam about anyone but “white males”. Well, that’s a fat cat easy street if you can find it. Despite Black’s service to this country the “love” has yet to be felt instead, hundreds of years of brutality and economic as well as systematic educational denial have been greatly felt under the flag that you love so much.

WE would love the flag more too if it had done for us what it has done for you, despite that we have fought for the American dream that does not include us, but the lynchings have exhausted us of patience and forgiveness. IT IS TIME TO PUT AN END TO THIS RACISM AND DISCRIMINATION SH-T! You would not expect the Jewish community to salute, fight for, or stand for the Nazi Flag with the atrocities against their people, but Blacks not only still stand but also serve a flag and country that should thank us for our service. In times of crisis like 911, we are one nation, America Strong, but otherwise, we are n—-rs.

The very foundation of America was built on the brutality of slavery and the very Constitution of The United States of America which never included Black folks might need to start including us, we fought too. I think we have earned the right on the starting team and if not I think we have earned the right to protest by peacefully kneeling to symbols that have oppressed us much worse than the founding father of America have ever been oppressed. The alternative to kneeling is standing up straight and tall with our backs un-bent displaying the same valor for ourselves that we have time and time again displayed for this country. Just a suggestion Drew Brees when it comes to this educate yourself until then just shut up and throw the football you do it so beautifully.

Moral of the story < Black folks would like to thank all those who not only feel our centuries-old struggle but have enlisted as agents of change who have lifted their voices, rolled their sleeves up, tightened their belts, and offered real help. NAMELY THEMSELVES, TO BE IN THIS THING TOGETHER! THANK YOU! PEACE!

By evidence of not only the Black Race’s treatment but other discriminated groups throughout American history, the Black Man has every right to be constantly in fear for his life on a regular given America’s continued assault. This is nothing new, but it has gotten very old. These white supremacists egged on with their boisterous insecure egomaniac leader whipping them into a racist frenzy can only move in large numbers and with lots of big guns against a resilient Black people. Overwhelming odds is a common theme of their beer muscle courage and Gestapo tactics. The people have spoken in even more overwhelming numbers united not by races but as citizens of humanity. So now the American military is used against American humanity to make racism great again?

When these racist armed protesting puppets lack even the courage of not getting their way, they bellyache. King David, a boy still, stood against the mighty Goliath with just a slingshot, not his boys and heavy weaponry. A lone protester among many unflinchingly positioned himself in front of an armored tank in Tiananmen Square with steeled resolve without his boys or heavy weapons, armed with only his courage and conviction. Resident drumpf can admonish the Chinese government over Hong Kong while he does or threatens to do the same in a democracy, at least they admit to being authoritarian.

As the bigoted puppet master’s anxiety level escalates so does his desperation, he blunders, and while the country fragments he produces a karmic cause and effect that his hate base has to find ever more bizarre explanations to explain. He keeps them on their toes with little to work with as accomplishments, only blatant lies, and divisive tweets. If pathological lying is so acceptable to his base then they should encourage their spouse and children to lie whenever they open their mouths.

Why are career people who are deeply knowledgeable in their field, greatly experienced, and highly qualified silent and disposable in favor of his offspring? Because they don’t want to risk not being re-elected or appointed in the future, or have their careers ruined that is why. What part of the game is it acceptable to pander to the nepotism of placing your unqualified kids in government positions like this is “petty” coat junction or your family business. I remember when that use to be a crime that people have been sent to jail for.

Look at the country and our diminished position in the world and we can all see the disastrous job they are doing. Meanwhile Resident drumpf hides in the basement, White House lights off, being very very quiet but tweeting “FAKE NEWS” and starting disputes all over the world. He claimed to have been inspecting the bunker from the inside probably from under a quivering table. Sadam Hussein, another strongman, was also cowardly inspecting that hole in the desert where he was hiding when he was found.

When he does emerge, he wants to trample protester’s rights to have his picture taken. Next time he uses a prop he should ask how it works, what is the front, or the back, right side up, or does he look better two-handed or one-handed. Drew why did he not hold up the American Flag, the symbol of our unity and fairness instead of using his intended dog whistle to his racist base, it was not a symbol of religion or unity but abuse of religion and the bible. They have to stop using the bible as a justification and symbol of oppression and white supremacy. While you are at it Drew can you tell him to stop listening to that Barnabas Collins look alike appearing to have no blood in his veins whose only qualification is that he married drumpf’s daughter. I think this is the disrespect and nonsense that you should not stand for, no pun intended.

P>S> Speaking of crimes and jail. As far as thugs and looterswhat about a company that touted a cure for Covid-19 which would make them wildly richer and selling their stock for a healthy gain the same week. Their cure was fake news. How about committee members and close relatives that sell their stock in advance of the historic stock collapse saving themselves millions while using the ultimate insider advantage. If you want to know where their hideout is, I’m not snitching I’m telling, try looking on Wall Street. Let’s stop those looters before they steal everybody’s pensions, again. Just saying.

The Solidarity of the Humanity of the People is deafening.

The people have always been heard in the end.

History has taught us that!

Thurston K. Atlas

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Modern Economics of Racism 101 $$$

This economics lesson is about the mighty dollar, dollar, dollar bill, yall, the bag. Analysis of the cost of racism manufactured (CORM) is similar to the manufacturing business model of the cost of goods sold (COGS) and is used to determine the profit margin and feasibility of the continued cost and production of racism. This spreadsheet analysis will attempt to quantify the tangible cost in projected theoretical expenditures to estimate the profitability and sustainability of the country and its income statement. Basically it is a monetary and social cost analysis or budget projection.

This cost analysis and resulting balance sheet, income statement, labor projections are prepared for the shareholders to determine the health of the organization and are used to determine if the CEO will be retained with a vote of confidence by board proxy. The shareholders, stakeholders, and board are the people, the American public. In regards to the CEO, well let’s just crunch the numbers since the books are in a mess and in need of an internal audit. We will also examine the shift in market share and demand as well as adherence to guidelines and regulations. The board and shareholders have equal and dual ownership rights with no distinction between them, being granted one vote per member. The presentation to the emergency assembly of owners will detail historical, current, and projected operational losses.

This organization has had a long history dating back centuries and is operated much as the founders operated it with little change despite monumental shifts in demand patterns. It is our recommendation that the business model is obsolete and creates a competitive disadvantage. The lack of demand is choking the supply chains as tolerance has changed. Discontinuing the racism brand in alignment with the current situation is not only suggested but essential to the organization’s survival. Research and development reveal that the public is shocked that we still produce racism ignoring the plummeting numbers and adverse health concerns. The racism product that we have espoused for so long has in recent decades cost us presumably billions in lawsuits and loss of productivity highlighting the risks are well known and devastating to the public trust.

Public demand and support for our racism product is at an all-time low with few visible enthusiasts and some closet endorsers, but quite frankly it is a relic of the past that we again suggest being discontinued as financially unfeasible. The cost analysis will bear this out. The beginning inventory of bigots has hit historic lows and appears to be for all intents and purposes self-liquidated through their aging with their hateful ignorance passing with them. That bigoted inventory used to fly off the shelves in the past but shifting humanity clearly demands that we will not be able to revive racism and make it great again. It is on its death bed as a product exposed for its destructive nature and unreasonable cost.

The cost of the raw material to make bigots has risen as the demand for them has dwindled but the necessary materials are increasingly scarce with the projection of ignorant practitioners educated to the fallacy and deception of their superiority and that of itself white skin does not guarantee you anything but a good tan. It does not make you taller, faster, smarter, or anything as a collective group evident by the market sampling of the white demographic. There is no natural group advantage based on white skin, any advantage is individual just as found in all races and ethnicities compared within their group and outside their group. The white advantage was manufactured to discourage competition and promote white privilege has soured with America’s changing appetite. The resources of ignorant raw material to be brainwashed has substantially dried up.

With the beginning inventory very low and the ignorant raw materials acquisition source scarcer leaves the ending inventory stagnant subjecting the organization to continued exposure to litigation and maintenance cost which cannot be justified or sustained. The gross income from racism cannot be calculated over time but for centuries black, Chinese, Mexican, and other’s labor have been nearly free making for extraordinary profit margins for the organization. The organization also benefited from no profit-sharing expenses to hold down profits and the endless exploitation of the labor force without any workplace regulations. CORM was consequently in its hay day of gross income and profitability with little overhead for the cost of racism manufactured or the resulting expenses following strict adherence to the immoral human atrocity method of accounting.

Current cost serves to generate no benefit to the organization’s profitability having sustained heavy damages to revenue and lost lives due to Covid-19 with cost continuing to mount and sparking shareholders’ concern, panic, and outrage. The CEO’s failure to position the organization has resulted in devastating consequences with colossal ramifications on future earnings. That was debilitating but seemingly being more adequately addressed with the CEO effectively giving the budget a poison pill to leverage his continued tenure while exploding the national deficit. This definitely proves an ounce of prevention is worth trillions in stimulus cure.

With that on the books and counting as a once in one hundred years charge off, his fiscal management skills again came into play over a national un-natural disaster. The murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis Minnesota by four law enforcement personnel with civilian video as evidence, law enforcement body cam, and eyewitnesses in broad daylight. What was obvious to the world was not obvious to the organizations subsidiary municipality or state governing body. For some un-Godly reason, they felt it was more important to protect these four murderers (killers by commission, omission, or acquiescence) costing the nation untold unrest and future cost.















The City will undoubtedly pay an enormous lawsuit to the family, they will pay for law enforcement personnel for the duration of the protest and overtime, they will pay for injured law enforcement personnel, fire department and related overtime, police moral for those who were forced to protect what they knew was wrong, public trust eroded, court proceedings against those arrested, probably officer court appearances where they can not even identify who they arrested, officer misconduct during the protest against tremendous odds and unfortunate circumstances, any medical needs of someone in their custody, transportation, housing, hopefully, policy changes, personnel from other law enforcement agencies with memorandums to help, barricades, rubber bullets, tear gas agents, cleanup, city property destroyed because they are probably self-insured, and the list goes on. City services can’t avoid being affected financially nor the probability of future layoffs. 

The State will have some similar costs including the National Guard’s ticket, but multiply those costs including some law enforcement lives lost across the country and the cost of racism as an acquired taste is extremely costly and has been driven through the roof. The CEO not to be outdone in expenditures trumps all that with the ego soothing of calling out all the “vicious dogs and ominous weapons” he could find including an alphabet of law enforcement, Secret Service, mounted police, fences, and barricades around the clock like a warm glass of milk to tuck him into his bunker to tweet safely.

This CEO at least remarkable in his multi-tasking ability because he still somehow managed to stir hate, pick fights with foreign countries, earn a rebuke from religious figures, silence Republican puppets, alienate the military, expose his base of haters, expose extreme racist views of those in power, and piss off the public. Let us not forget he had to be sent for a timeout when he began promising military use against the American public. That is what dictators do. Is there no price too high for this CEO?

There are private costs that were amassed by management’s decisions beyond the public’s control. 

Businesses already reeling from the shut-down those businesses were destroyed and decimated along with their livelihood and known future. The property damage and inventory destroyed are millions more added to the tab that racism ran up during its wild celebration. Segments of the American public were already struggling in every facet of life trying to survive, hoping to get back on their collective feet. Many probably had insurance lapses due to months of no income, so their losses are permanent. Insurance companies will be begging for another bailout at taxpayers’ expense when they have to pay millions more to those who were insured.

These four killers opened wide the nation’s coffers to pay for their actions when they should have been arrested and charged immediately saving the whole nation the expenditure of footing the bill for Police brutality, it was brutal and vicious, to preserve white male privilege in particular and white advantage in general. America’s criminal record against everyone who is not a white male can no longer be ignored but it might suggest why racism is so tolerated to protect a right that was never yours, supremacy. It is not enough that racism has profit this long, a normal person would take their winnings and accept the house rules have changed since the loaded dice have been busted.

Now it is up to the Shareholders, The Board of Directors, The Owners of this organization, the American people to make a decision based on the fiscal feasibility of these actions. Retain the CEO and this probably will not be the last time the organization will pay dearly for racism’s drunken party. Change CEO and continue racism and the cost of racism manufactured will still be too heavy to carry on the books. Not a wise decision just to protect four men only in the end to do what you should have done in the beginning to avoid this. Also, imagine what that money could have done if spent wisely? Time to proxy.  

Moral of the story < The future liability to the armed forces recruitment has been damage enormously not to mention the current enlistment of service people whose family, friends, and neighbors were threatened with military force being used against them in the streets of the United States of America. The very public they swear freedom to protect. One CEO perversely obese ego was allowed to jeopardize the existence of the whole country and not one among his cronies is willing to stand opposed to him and for the American people because of a label, Republican.

It is obvious that their allegiance is not to the flag, the country, the American people, or the Presidency: it is to the man in the office, not the office. This a gross dereliction of duty and trust bordering on treason by way of betrayal of the people. Still, some continue to lie while others scurry in avoidance, but we see you and know you by sight and name. Racism’s return on minimal investment has been the greatest in the history of this country and a hell of a head start for white America, why can’t you just take your gains off the table and be satisfied with your larceny realizing that the game has forever changed.

Millions of American citizens brave the virus to protest this scourge on the soul of America, racism. WE can only pray that there is still not more of a price to pay, it is already too high.

I originally thought this is the act of a mad man but then I considered that this self-proclaimed genius may have fooled us all by bringing us together, uniting the people against racism. Could it be, Nah, could it?

Thurston K. Atlas

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This is an intellectual journey.


This is an intellectual journey, you don’t need your emotions for this one. We would like to welcome you to our point of view. This is strictly for the purpose of stimulating a respectful discussion of different perspectives without trying to influence your determination or acceptance of any point of view. We would like to expand your perspective and considerations to think about, instead of to convert or believe in. This is strictly for consideration and thought, to analyze conclusions, and examine reality. We will engage in abstract expressions of deduction and reason that supports the perspectives being offered. This direct honest expression promotes our primary determination for your clear interpretation, so as not to affirm or condemn but to know and comprehend.

Time, wisdom, and knowledge brings experience and sometimes a change of mind and a better way. Often lost due to the lack of direct communication, discussions, and curiosity about how other’s lives were formed and lived is utilizing other’s experience to enhance your own. If someone else paid the tuition to know something why would you not accept it for free, remember life teaches lessons. Topics that were foreign to you become a possibility just by exposure to their existence. Presenting perspectives and opportunities that exist outside your realm of awareness or perceived grasp is like pulling your coat to an advantageous tip to maximize your profits.

Understanding operational systems that you participate in or are subjected to by conformity, require direct evaluations and specific verifications supported by the source of why it is so by these systems very own assertions. The point in life when you learn something matters most, that is when you can begin to benefit from or accumulate wisdom because of having known the how or what earlier. Knowledge is available to most but is undefined in its source and most certainly its application. This is where the value lies within, what do we spend our time and thoughts pursuing. Societal systems in addition to internal systems are often in conflict with traditionally accepted practices and beliefs. If these practices and beliefs are true, then they can withstand examination by your own challenges and research.

So, you see the creativity is all within the expansion of your thoughts. Information serves to clarify and expand your perspective by altering the purpose of your actions. In essence, knowing better to do better. Everything in life as an origin and evolution, no matter how slow, to become what it is presented to be today. What is the history and changes that exist and why? Can there be such an instance where things are done or accepted simply because that’s the way it has been? Not to change what you believe but for you to examine its origins and how you came about believing that in particular. You can then further embrace it or adjust accordingly with the knowledge of its history, purpose, and observance.

The nature of anything is the elements that comprise it, the parts adding up to the whole. Our belief system is the core or nature of our being that can only be formed by the knowledge and awareness it is comprised of, not what we are unaware of. The nature of an issue is the fact that it sustains its assertion. The core of any perspective is to explore the very elements of its nature to sustain its allegations as well. This is where real discussions and exchanges need to be held for those who would venture into thought. Knowledge and information are out there but as they said a teacher (the sources) appears when a student is ready. It is all on you to invest the curiosity to seek information and be open to its implications. We would like to participate not in mentoring you in knowledge but in seeking knowledge as a means to illuminate and elevate your possibilities.

What is the price of not knowing? What is the price of not wanting to know? The main price is passing along bad information by word or example, not to mention missing out on an opportunity. There is no shame in not knowing only in not trying to know or not trying to learn and improve. You pay for what you don’t know and get paid for what you know. We are all at different points in our journey along varied paths influenced by the passing of time and knowledge acquired. The full limit of our experience and knowledge will be shared to analyze and offer perspectives that are of interest to us and hopefully helpful to you. There are many things that we learn in life that would have been game-changers had we known sooner. The knowledge that would have made a difference for me is what I want to pass along that may help you along your way.





Amicus Curiae is a longstanding legal concept that allows for the presentation of objective factually accepted persuasions for consideration to appeal in a matter which one is not a party to but has an interest in providing facts for informative deliberation being conducted before judgment is rendered. Acting as a friend of the court providing pertinent information for consideration in making a more informed decision is the primary principal concept. Our exchanges and contributions operate similarly to the Amicus Curiae model of providing the concept, perspective, or information for you to make an informed decision or at the very least consider its implications. The diligent consideration of facts, possibilities, or contingencies when making decisions can only lead to better decisions.

When considering a course of action or position of stance not only is the information and knowledge crucial but equally as crucial is the timing, order, implementation, and execution, all are essential to its success. We will endeavor to provide you with provocative content to stimulate and cultivate your exposure to concepts familiar to you that have gone under explored but generally accepted. We will also be shining light on things unfamiliar to broaden your scope of awareness. Widely accepted yet unchallenged behavior will be tested against the logic of continued acceptability and prudence of practice. You are the judge we are neither the prosecution nor the defense but more or less a witness presenting truth or facts previously not considered. Your judgment should be impartial and based upon the evidence presented. That is our only requirement.

Our pledge is to engage perspectives in a higher level of contemplation and consequently, the behavior that reflects that ascension, for you to then be about it. Thoughts whose expansion is as vast as the universe and only limited by the constraints of your imagination is at the very least mental calisthenics. The mind needs calisthenics to be flexible and nimble, strenuous exercise will strengthen and expand any muscle including the brain. Thought is an exercise for the brain; a puzzle solved in your mind.

Our continued pledge is simply to expose you to authentic information from the source itself compare to its application today. For your discernment to validate your own understanding, conformity, and practice of things you stand by and are certain. Not to judge yourself but to explore yourself and be aware of what you do and why you do it historically speaking. Our exchange identifies persons, groups, or entities to bolster our perspective but not to diminish them, their deeds will judge them. If the shoe fits wear it, if not it is not your shoe. You identify and expose yourself. We stand on our spot that the thought or perspective will persist on its own merit verified by independent sources and YOUR own research. Please don’t take our word. Your curiosity educates you, then us.

Information is the new currency, become a collector of information that enhances your reservoir and efficiency. Emotions, experiences, and preconceived positions hinder your impartial interpretation of anything that doesn’t validate your way of thinking. You strengthen your position by knowing what the opposition maintains and being able to point by point refute their stance by what they provide as their source. You must also carefully listen to determine your weaknesses in defense of your own positions.

Any level of accountability or acclaim is dictated by the level of maturity and knowledge displayed in a way that is uncommon or unknown to others. All things being equal or even unequal your thoughts are what separates you. What separates others is their thoughts manifested by their actions or opportunities. This is available to all of us as well. Knowing this to be true, my contribution is to pass along the sum of our experience that can spark an interest or curiosity that expand your aspirations and invest in the future possibilities.

Moral of the story < We will choose a topic and offer a perspective based on our personal experiences, curiosity, and knowledge of the topic. We will refrain from name-calling, mudslinging, or finger-pointing as it has nothing to do with the intellectual pursuit and subsequent perspectives rendered but we will keep it real. The content will be direct in its message but entertaining in its delivery for you to consider. This Moral of the story section will be reserved for the precise intent of the content presented much like a synopsis to clarify and get to the point.

Thurston K. Atlas

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Pharaohs Temple

Pharaohs Temple


Time passes seemingly at varying speeds with good times lasting not long enough and bad times that seem like they will never end but the stagnant times might be the worst time. Though time passes forward ticking away methodically it seems like no matter how much time has passed it always seems to repeat itself. The lessons that time teaches often are ignored to be suffered again and when the time has expired on something and change is unavoidable, the powers that rule fight to maintain their favor or return to a time that has passed. Time is an illusion and the past a ghost. Many years ago, and so many civilizations crumbled since then, stood a mighty empire in what is commonly termed ancient Egypt ruled by Pharaohs. One Pharaoh now specifically seems to have reach forward with a lesson in time that is currently repeating itself before our oblivious eyes in a cautionary tale.

Pharaohs were worshipped as deities above humanity possessing pure bloodlines or a divinity to be revered and exercised rule over the common subjects, God on earth. The common subjects were just along for the ride submissive to their ruler to facilitate the rulers’ glory. The decisions were made at the top for all concerned as afar as the transfer of power and behavior of the masses. Very little room was at the top for giving orders but plenty of room at the bottom to receive orders. Pharaohs were gods on earth destined and ordained to use the people for their own glorification often despite the ever-increasing toll on their servants.

Everyone and everything served at the pharaoh’s discretion. Egypt had an established structure and recognized hierarchy with the Pharaoh, his bloodline, his chosen elite, army, labors or merchants, subjects, and slaves being the pecking order. Freedom was an abstract reality that in practice and practicality did not exist beyond that which was sanctioned. Worship and loyalty to the Pharaoh was demanded under harsh penalty or death. The ruling method was with an iron fist even if it was sometimes inserted in a velvet glove. The Ten Commandments, a traditional Easter favorite, told of Moses’ journey and a people he was destined to lead to the promised land against a mighty Pharaoh Ramses II who ruled Egypt for 67 years living to be 96 years old. Ramses is translated to mean “born of Ra or son of God” and to be worshipped as such, a god himself. In ancient Egypt, Ra was believed to be the “sun god” and creator of all that existed much like the God of today.

The son of Ra representing his heritage and opposing Moses with the hand of his God guiding him, two opposing parties competing for the same undisputed title for their God. The battle for supremacy of their Gods’ power over the others’ God was what played out in the movie. Despite several warnings from Moses to Ramses II and displays that his God was to be taken seriously, Ramses II stood on his spot and dismissed all deterrents. Finally, after several, I can show you better than I can tell you moments, Ramses II knuckled under to Moses’ demand to let his people go. Once Moses headed out with his people Ramses II decided he couldn’t let it lay like that, so he gathered his chariots in pursuit. His entitlement bolstered by his belief in his own power granted by his heritage enraged him to strike out where he had relented before.

So, he vigorously pursued Moses and his people until cornering his pain and humiliation against the Red Sea. While no military man would be caught with no escape route his back against a sea of water, but as it would turn out it was a final trap to prove the power of the God of Moses. By the power invested in him by God Moses parted the Red Sea leading his people on faith to safety. Now, this where it gets interesting for me because a normal person would have seen this parting of a massive sea as something beyond their pay grade. I can understand Ramses II’s commitment because he was a son of God (Ra) although he nor Ra had demonstrated such an impressive feat as this (like in the one Batman movie where the Joker says “where does he get all these wonderful toys”. Nevertheless, Ramses II gave that dreadful order for his chariots to pursue through the parted sea while he majestically poses safely on top of his chariot upon a rock watching.

As we continue on our cautionary journey, we find Moses and his crew at rest near the base of the mountain when Moses takes a stroll of enlightenment when met by a burning bush followed by the BIG GUY himself for further direction of the people and their order and prosperity in acceptance of the new land. Now wouldn’t you know it while Moses was aging and taking care of business on high, you had some nonsense brewing at the base. There were those who could be easily persuaded and some who were never persuaded just masquerading now being led astray their desires. It is always one primary agitator, Dathan played by the legendary Edward G, reputedly questioning sarcastically “where is your Moses now?” to get the party started right. The crowd is whipped into a frenzy and in comes the golden calf to really turn it up. Now it is on and cooking, the crowd is hyped. There are some who stayed true to the game and remained loyal without supervision but in the end, they were judged to suffer the same fate by association.


Okay, this is where the problem comes in trying to understand how the power of one man can send an army against a force the likes of which they have never seen before and most certainly to their own demise, basically to crash and burn. It could have been that their belief in an oppressive system was so engrained in their DNA that logic had been suppressed for so long that this suppression became their belief even above their own lives. Now that is pledging your allegiance and being resigned to your fate as a servant in the face of being confronted with extraordinary circumstances. No power to resist being ordered to your death, but if death is certain that way then why not follow a path more in line with at least giving yourself a chance? Seems like it would have occurred to them that this doesn’t seem like a good idea or even realizing that you always have a choice, there is just a ticket associated with the self-determined choice. A coward dies a thousand death, fear of reprisal may be more important than any allegiance or fate.

Once Moses descended and was greeted by his greatest disappointment, he knew they had blown it and had earned a judgment upon them all. They wandered around in the wilderness deprived of the promise that could have been, that should have been, but could never be by their member’s own device and corrupt spirit. This should be a tale about being so close to having it all and blowing it by self-destructive behavior preventing your deliverance to the promised land, but that would be too easy would it not. Maybe the tale that has revisited us is the lesson of how hurt feelings and questionable deeds committed by great egos invites self-humiliation if unrestricted will lead to your destruction. The dastardly deeds, irrational obsessions, and excessive effort executed to maintain power is the very thing that leads your ego to the errors that deprive you of the power you were seeking to preserve. Maybe the more damaging penalty was for Pharaoh who lost everything by his arrogance as opposed to Moses whose people were delayed but eventually after those with the old way of thinking had perished, they were gifted what was promised.

Moral of the story < Funny how the few or the one along with their supporting cast has always controlled the many. The choices are often binary, either this or that, good or evil, Ramses II or Moses, Democrats or Republicans, you get the point. Either way, the choices are made for us mostly on a traditional basis leaving us with a selection among those choices giving us the delusion of choice when it was in essence chosen for us.

Reward and atonement are always balanced to compel us in a desired position or decision based on a subjective optimism managed and manipulated by Pharaoh. This resonates throughout time and history even to this very day. The equivalent of a crumb of bread or a morsel of grain to sustain yourself can either be granted or denied by Pharaoh in your time of need while you build Pharaoh luxurious chambers, kingdoms, and monuments of wealth.

The factory known as workers who toil in the mud and straw is unknown and irrelevant in these great building accomplishments for the glory of Pharaoh, which seems like trickle-up economics sort of doesn’t it. Flow from the bottom up on the backs of the little people like under Ramses II whose thirst for power and wealth by any means necessary would risk self-destruction to destroy another and hold onto power. The old adage, if I can’t have you America nobody can. Just like in the Ten Commandments the question can be asked, are you a master builder or a master butcher by ideology who doesn’t realize that blood makes poor mortar and blind ambition knows no father? Remember all the king horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Pharaoh back together again meaning Moses may be desperately needed now to lead the people out of psychological and economic bondage.

Check this outThis may not come as some surprise but, Cleopatra whom it is said had a face that could launch a thousand battleships, and Hatshepsut who dressed like a man were Pharaohs of ancient Egypt. They had successful rules then and could probably at least be Vice-Pharaohs today boys.

Thurston K. Atlas

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Your dependency is required.



People. People. Your dependency is required. Dependency applies to many concepts in ways that are personal, interpersonal, substance-related, nature-related, and financial to name a few, but have you ever considered countries’ and nations’ dependency? I am sure you have considered countries and nation’s as they exhibit the same dependency addictive behavior as an individual. It is called the Dependency Theory and gained prominence in the United States in the 1950s most certainly as an adaptation to the societal shift in the cheap labor pool. It uses a Marxist concept of Surplus Value applied to our beloved Capitalist society to exploit resources in the form of raw materials but primarily cheap labor for the benefit and advancement of those in power or the elite. The theory is to mass-produce an excluded class of poor and underdeveloped states or people for the benefit of the wealthy enriching the wealthy at the expense of the subordinate states and people which it creates. In short, a cheap workforce which will be competent but obedient and deemed “essential workers” for the elite’s wealth accumulation.

Dependency is a state of the individual, the collective, or a situation that is controlled to produce a form of reliance and expectation that is almost always viewed in a negative and judgmental way toward the subordinate position. All dependency has an element of submission to perceived power, fear that carries the insecurities of exclusion, or the expectations of continued benefit. In other words, a good way to look at it is not so much what is provided but how badly you can be made to rely on it. Dependency is about an unequal balance of what is provided that is irresistibly desired and what is required for it to be provided. The balance of power is always against the one who is dependent or beneath.

Being beneath the power of that which you are dependent on is a recognition of and submission to it because you feel like you don’t have a choice. Dependency submits to a state of despair that lessens your initiative, resistance, and hope. Complacency is used to rock you to sleep by accepting the distortion that you cannot function without it or its guidance but mainly that’s just the way it has been. The resulting void produces a weakness for the dependency followed by the continued discouragement of opposition that leads to addiction. Your willpower has been compromised and captive to your wants elevating them to something that is needed. This mutation of you adapting a want to perceived need stamps out your power to resist or refuse, elevating this power over you by your very own desire.

Fueled by hope and belief to become the very thing that has power over you not realizing that emulation is not assimilation, that is the carrot the mule chases but never catches. The illusion to obtain it is part of the psychological motivation but was never the intent to allow you to achieve it. It is effectively used to exercise control for reproducing the conditions for its survival and advancement while denying you, the wealth of Europe was largely obtained through this manner of exploitation and force. The more suitable method of exploitation today is coercion and restricting opportunity.

For this to work as a sociological theory for cheap labor persist since colonialism which was based on the inhumane and economic abuse and exploitation of a designated class, this theory had to be expanded to include those who were viewed as undesirable or expendable. All cheap labor is secondary to, virtually interchangeable with, and essential to that theory. Territories and nations were made subordinate to other nations creating a form of economic captivity by suppressing their benefit from their labor and resources. Some of the disguised ways that this was and is accomplished is by establishing debt and using compound interest to create disparities for the utilization of funds and resources. Another way quite prevalent and obvious today is overpricing and fees that prevents you from otherwise using your money for your own interest putting constraints on your prosperity and making it less likely as well as more difficult to rise above these manipulations of wealth. Just notice a pattern of your money going out as opposed to coming in, takes a lot longer to make it than it does to spend it keeping you in a financial spin cycle.

The tools used to maintain a constant generational supply of an underclass labor population for economic gain are systematic and on purpose. Extending your reach educationally and financially beyond your station can be done but takes an enormous effort to elevate yourself against the system. Oftentimes to achieve and maintain an elevated status you must then adhere to the standards of that status and that creates a different level of constraints. The more you have, the greater the need to protect and maintain it becomes. Same game different level but more at stake which puts you in a position to have to really embrace the system that you thought you were escaping. You are now more invested to produce or whatever to maintain your position only to become a more valuable commodity but still a commodity. To elevate yourself you have to position yourself to have those who are a commodity to you produce for you to maintain their position.





According to business dictionary.com  the definition a commodity is a reasonably interchangeable good or material, bought and sold freely as an article of commerce. In a service-based economy that depends less on goods or materials then you or that service becomes that interchangeable thing that is bought and sold freely as an article of commerce. Being interchangeable means being just another brick in the wall easily replaced with another one just like you. You either give out or wear out but eventual time or circumstances prevail. So being interchangeable also makes you expendable but nonetheless “essential” to generating more commerce. Check and see if your value to your employer remains the same during good and bad times, especially if they might get the short end regardless of what might happen to you either by their choice to do it or being forced to do it and why.

It creates an efficient cycle of reliance where the top of the mountain must sit on a wider base or foundation, meaning there must be more at the bottom to support the top. When applied to a service industry it creates an abnormal tolerance from the top-down above all who are below in reliant subordinate positions to be conditioned to an obedient and tolerant in order to maintain their dependence or status. Imagine if you are a major league baseball player and the terms of your contract were coerced into far more hazardous working conditions for less pay depending on how those above you do. Now imagine if you are an “essential worker” under the same circumstances your pay is way less. The only difference between both is the perceived value of the commodity to generate revenue but not the tariffs to the king to maintain the kingdom and enrich himself by concessions expected despite the value of the commodity.

Reliance is the bait that is held before you to expose your habits that feed your wants revealing just how plain old thirsty you can be made to be and the thirstier, the better. Labor unions and collective bargaining came about as a result of the exploitation of how thirsty you can be made to be in order to maintain a cheap labor force. A cheap labor force must hustle to increase their individual value but by virtue of design cheap labor works best when it lacks initiative and resistance. These Marxism, Colonialism, Capitalism, and many more at their peak all are cheap labor by design at their base to survive. This labor theory has gone from nations to individuals as a societal structure and the systems that support it for some time now.

Moral of the story < Just a little thought for research and conversation to more fully understand the underlying, behind the scenes, or right out in the open for all who want to see a surely significant influence in what is going on now and the societal objective to quantify you as a commodity for your benefit but to their much greater benefit or expectation. Whether you get a bigger job, a bigger house, a better neighborhood, let us not forget more money, or just hand to mouth surviving with the shoes tight the more you have to hustle to achieve and sustain the expectations to justify the hustle. To excel at the game and play it well there is an expectation that the rules would be honored, and why you worked hard the reward.

Congratulations if you enjoy the reward but you should also applaud the efficiency of the design of a societal structure that produces a population for depriving economic mobility by restraining opportunities and resources in accordance with the labor invested. For those who can excel at getting the most profit margin from others’ labor, a perspective is sometimes to view those who have not as less than being lazy. There is complicity among those who have put themselves in a position to not be affected by the reality of the influences those considered beneath them endure. At a time like this one can see how influences beyond our control can put us in positions that we never imagined.

Economic dependency is interrelated from the bottom up as well as the top down. You need a paycheck and they need you to produce their wealth. A general need soldiers, but there are many soldiers and few generals. The status of a profession has different levels of prestige within the profession. The more the prestige the farther the fall and the more required to maintain the exploitation though probably mutual still exploitive.  

Thurston K. Atlas

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The elephant held by a peg.



The elephant is majestic and revered across many lands, cultures, and over much time. The elephant is the largest land mammal in the world with species that grow up to 13,000 pounds in weight. It is a symbol of wisdom, loyalty, reliability, power, and good luck with an incredible memory as well as observable traits and behavior that contradict its huge size and raw strength. In the wild, the elephant knows no bounds but in captivity, it is taught limitations that ensure its control and ignorance of self. It is controlled by the only means capable, itself, by being subjected to psychological conditioning to achieve psychological bondage. That is why a small cord or twine can tether a fully grown 13,000-pound elephant to a small peg knocked only inches in the ground.

It is imprisoned not by physical force but by confinement of its mind. It is manipulated into complicity by limiting the processes of the mind that would enable it to recognize and use its great strength against the bondage of a feeble restraint. It is conditioned to remain restricted and accept a power less than itself, believing it is hopelessly outside of its grasp to attempt resistance. The initiation is started much like kindergarten where this must be embedded before a level of confident resistance can be exhibited, it must be extinguished. The elephant must be trained at an early age to accept tethering calmly, this is done by tying one front leg to a peg and then the opposite diagonal rear leg to a different peg thereby restraining the “baby beast”.

This technique alone cannot restrain a baby elephant so the deterrent or restraint must be stronger than the elephant’s strength at that time to reinforce that there is no escape or resistance against the force that binds it against its will. Chains, not ropes will do just fine for this. Continuously and repeatedly it will test the restraints imposed upon it until it learns that its size and strength are futile against the constraints that hold him physically. No matter how hard or how long its effort to resist is, it becomes useless. Once its determination is broken and the elephant “realizes” this uselessness, then it gives up any further or future attempts believing for its entire lifetime that it is powerless against that which controls it. The elephant’s determination is then replaced by calm compliance. It becomes no longer necessary for strong restraints that surpass the elephant’s young strength or its two legs to be restrained because now it is adequately conditioned.

Sounds familiar? Confinement of the mind once achieve will be self-imposed in many instances with only minimal reminders needed. The limitations of the mind work on all animals (even human animals too) when once conditioned and with the supporting reminders as constant behavioral reinforcement to maintain a reality that is believed by most to really be your very limitations. It is a clever and sinister trick long used before Pavlov Theory using the opposite, the absence of something as a stimulus to elicit the presence of a response instead of anticipating a reward being provided, the penalty can be avoided by compliance. The old go along to get along or else in full effect.

Even with elephants, peer pressure is used as a continuous reminder of how to behave. Older conditioned elephants demonstrate their compliance instilling a level of acceptance that soothes the young elephants into accepting that’s just the way it is, no questions about it. The use of that which is most impressionable to something is a highly effective tool of implementation of behavior and beliefs because it comes from a trusted and relied upon source. So once the “baby beast” becomes fully grown and the chains and diagonal leg restraints are no match for their tremendous strength they are still chained psychologically to their old circumstances. The old circumstances where when much younger their resistance was useless had in reality long ago changed but their mind had not changed making it indeed their current reality with no longer a good reason why. Their size and strength had long ago multiplied to overcome their constraints, but their desire and mentality remained confined conditioned by a small rope and a faulty belief.

The young elephant knew no better but was taught this and there were no examples or allowances to suggest otherwise creating captive generational herd mentalities naïve of self and the unquestioned acceptance that clings to a fate that is vastly different from the reality of its true power and destiny. This is the taming of spirit and dousing of determination where no right to do so existed but was justified by the need and ability to do so, but to what benefit of the elephant.

Let’s change the subject name from elephants to people, human beings, not races. The name changes but the game stays the same if you choose to stare at the truth and not flinch. Maybe you have been made into the very thing that you despise the most by being trusting and naïve unaware of the reality that has been thrust upon you that is not at all what you believe it to be, much like the elephant. What peg restrains and controls your mind? You got it the same way the elephant did, unknowingly, and without an understanding of how. As the elephant grew it still held onto outdated beliefs embedded early on that it could have easily freed itself from captivity if only it realized that it had the power not only to resist its restraints but to choose its fate.

The will is what sustains you when the road gets tough but only when you prevent it from being compromised and allow it to expand untethered by the limitations of others regulating influences. Those who poorly regulate themselves would seek to regulate you by their word but not by their deed, indicating if you are smart what is good for the goose may not be so good for the gander. By what right is this recognized as being above your self determination, only for the comfort and amusement of another. What about their gain that you contribute to without just compensation that reflects your importance to their elevation? This power is not negotiated but given away and, in many cases, squandered or much worst not recognized or exercised.










Power over self, not others is the only righteous authority a person has that does not involve consent and cooperation from others and absent deception and lies. If you are to lead, then be that example and possess that which others would be willing to follow for a righteous good that does not demand a subordination of others to your will against their good. Time brings about a change one way or another so instead of buying a ticket to the past where you can never return and that no longer exist make sure you do not trip and fall looking backward. Everything must change and will change. We see as the captive elephant circumstances changed over time, he remained stagnant. As time passes, we should evolve to not invade others’ personal boundaries and human rights to conform to foreign beliefs that are not of their choosing or benefit.

The techniques used to control the masses are driven down in your mind like a peg tethered by faulty socialization now using more advanced processes than physical abuse and this may come as a surprise, but it is just not the “undesirables” of color that are the victims. Like piranhas the elite feeding frenzy has turned on their very own like cannibals to ensure their elite survival, the middle class is eaten along with the lower class regardless of color. Fear, scarcity, and divisiveness are frequently employed to generate the ignorance of crash dummies to camouflage how you too have been programmed with lies and social engineering. Like Pavlov theory when the bell rings you salivate on cue without substance having been socially conditioned but never realizing the basis for your slobbering.

The scales have always been tipped by the elite for the elite since antiquity. The lies and flat out misrepresentation of facts and history in America about America has created a narrative to bolster the image and perception of the accomplishments of a colonial populist while concealing the degenerate deeds greater than the war criminals of ill repute who are held in the highest contempt. This cannot persist as an entitled privileged in this day and age where knowledge cannot be hidden so easily and the likes of a homicidal genocidal Christopher Columbus is widely celebrated with a holiday and the likes of a scientific failure and racist such as Charles Darwin is not exposed for his detrimental impact on society to this day. This is not to expose matters of racism which are obviously practiced still today due to this nonsense but the tethering of minds on both sides of the equation, whether it be a benefit or a detriment to your existence.

This goes on around the world where an endless number of people and circumstances can be substituted and exposed for the propaganda of nonsense presented to tether, condition, and control their people against the people’s greater good while exploiting this brand of social engineering for their gain. The general public or we the people have always been subject to exploitation going back to the beginning of time but now worldwide the realization and the awakening of oppressed people everywhere are challenging the status quo. Power only exists when recognized as such, but fear and cajolery can only control the masses for so long, just factually check history.

I almost forgot, the tethered elephant routinely breaks its binds when suddenly aroused by fear or agitation despite its psychological conditioning displaying the power to uproot large trees or obstructions. A child has the strength to rip one piece of paper, but enough paper placed together even a strong man cannot tear apart. The strength of unity is strength not to be disputed or squandered.

Moral of the story < Limitations are on average learned and reinforced behaviors systematically imposed for the good of a hierarchy. Mental control is the most effective manner of control because you think and feel it is your choice or even worst that you have no choice. You always have a choice but are you willing to pay the price, that is where the conditioning kicks in as fear of reprisal.

So if busy trying to peg someone else instead of releasing yourself first from a mindset that was engineered in you to feel better about yourself if you can hold someone else down beneath you. Square yourself away first from the social programming that you believe to be a reality and that will make at least one less purveyor of ignorance based on deception in the world.

Supersede your constraints and promote honesty, knowledge, and compassion. Preach what you practice and practice what you preach, we the people, not we the elitist because after all, they need us more than they let on. That is why there is a need for deception.

Thurston K. Atlas

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Education-The price of not knowing.




I wholeheartedly believe that the greatest gift someone can give you is knowledge. The more quality and comprehensive the knowledge the more valuable to be utilized, pursued, or possessed. Knowledge is the game-changer that launches better opportunities in life and the expectation that some specific comprehensions and reasonings are elevated to accomplish more in life in accordance with that Knowledge. With that said, what is the substance, and what determines the ideology or method of delivery of Education and not knowledge? How do we determine what is really taught along with how and why?

First, let us examine the primary stated definition of and purpose for education to better frame what we have been conditionally exposed to with the currently accepted educational system and criteria of educational standards. Education is defined as the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits according to Wikipedia’s definition. Horace Mann the former Massachusetts Secretary of Education is primarily regarded as the father of education in the United States who initiated a system of professional teachers to teach an organized curriculum of basic content. A basic level of literacy and inculcation of common public ideas and beliefs that are deemed standard was the goal. In other words, to develop the mind with a specific intent to meet the standards set forth. Education originally was for boys and with bible study to tame their spirits.

Etymology is the study of words as they have changed over time with a primary focus on their roots or origin as they were derived from words that convey their true initial meaning. The etymology of education is Educare which can be translated to bring up or raise as well as in animals it refers to training them. The etymology of inculcation which can further be broken down but essentially means to “force upon, insist, stamp in, impress, tread down, trample on, tread on, or heel”.

Inculcation is achieved by the method of persistent and repeated information to implant, instill, or even admonish or punish if needed in order to force upon any ideas, theories, or behavior for indoctrination to acceptance of it. To further this intent homework was initially given as a punishment to break resistance to learning acceptance and not to enhance learning. Then you can be assessed or “graded” to measure your predictability to assimilate to norms and meet required standards. Consider the source words and stated intent compare to the stated definition of brainwash which is defined as to make someone adopt radically different beliefs by using systematic and often forcible pressure. It is the human mind being altered or controlled by certain psychological techniques. Let us not forget that corporal punishment in the form of paddling or swats was encouraged for compliance as well.

The use of developmental psychology at the earliest of ages increases the efficiency and acceptance of this intent and influence. It would be fair to say that this initiation takes place at the earliest age for maximum impact and efficiency. This method of educational conditioning is passed down from generation to generation influencing the surrendered blank slate (you) for inscription according to the prevailing thoughts and conditions at the time chosen to be tolerated and conformed to. It becomes traditionally accepted control and training which bends someone’s independence to a desired group’s agenda, determination, and many times personal opinions which are being imposed.

A good percentage of a youth’s time is spent not under the direct line of sight or teachings of their parents but being entrusted to a societal design that appoints a surrogate who is directly or indirectly forming a child’s reality and capabilities under the trust that you invested in them. This trust is then by virtue transferred to the child and reinforced by siblings, peers, status, and society. To further that educational goal social norms as cultural learnings are taught through structural socialization and allegiances. An ideology of a perceived consensus that is not self- determined but assigned primarily through opportunities presented or opportunities denied. The reasoning and judgment associated with this thought pattern are to create a root default behavior creating the assigned programed perspective of achievement or limitations. Well, maybe your limitations are greatly influenced outside yourself and predetermined by these outer influences by design. Maybe, I’m just putting it on the table.

You to some degree become what you hear repeatedly and sometimes the loudest from some of the early ages while your highly impressionable before things really form. That is why it is better to place it there as opposed to removing something however embedded. Instead of replacing it with yours, just placing it there first is the objective. The age of initiation gets younger as time passes and starts now from daycare, preschool, and kindergarten. Education in part began as a social experiment and on some not so coincidental levels the belief that education is meant to be a regimen of focused processes that implant the expectations of an established social standard, a perspective. Excelling at achieving distinguished personal absorption of that social standard is the method of measurement within the educational/social structure which is achievement and accumulation based.







Standardized testing was not designed to include but to discourage and exclude in theory. Training or conditioning people for continuity of compliance despite the core acceptance in their mind. That creates that learned tradition seemingly forever adhered to and defended instead of serious re-examination and adaptation, even overhaul periodically. Standardizing creates the standard that restricts you from consideration or participation for the less knowledgeable and most disadvantaged. This assures the efficiency of the social structure and the manual or menial task supply and demand.

The swindle of opportunities missed is unknown but if standardized testing is the tide that raises all boats then surely the criteria and historical accuracy of the teachings of education should yield the benefits that reflect this. The educational teachings often contradict historical accuracy and are suspect. The focus on these inaccuracies are distractions from the much-needed practical exposure to knowledge of post-schooling preparedness, acquisition of knowledge should not be secondary. The criteria should reflect preparedness for decisions regarding things that are generally learned later in life after making some mistakes of not knowing. The tools to sustain you in life. Investments, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, etc. to more closely reflect their importance in life.

If you have 12 years of seven or eight hours a day, the time available and resources devoted should reflect a more knowledgeable labor force according to the origins of what the educational system represents itself to be. So you see knowledge apparently is not the priority but conformity to even undesirable standards and enough “educational” training to create a functional labor force but not a knowledgeable labor force. The poverty of opportunity is assured with your consent to lack of knowledge and the “educational” breeding. Schooling plants the seeds to become a producer or a consumer, labor, or management remembering that it takes more laborers than managers.

The diminishing returns resolution lies in the overall structure, content, and criteria that should be analyzed and modernized. A pause and shift have occurred where the unheard of has happened and now would be an opportune time to weigh the balances of sticking with the current system of education after evaluating your observations of its effectiveness and results. The harsh reality is there for all to see by the way the lowest-paid worker just so happens to be the most essential worker and especially at this heightened time of danger. Powerless against the decisions that are made that affect you and in jeopardy of being penalized for any resistance. The current situation really exposes many societal acceptances that now cannot be hidden behind the commonly accepted purposes and intent given, even extending up to the collegiate educational level and college athletics. Those needed for labor are conditioned to offers no resistance, are often knowledge deficient, and without pull or support often rewarded by some Pavlov incentive or dependency filled is what the educational system is structured to produce in order to promote societal perspectives that invite exploitation.

Moral of the story < Knowledge and education are not interchangeable and are with quite different meanings and implications. Knowledge expands your known possibilities and wisdom while education is a measure of your level of absorption and compliance. The freedom of choice and randomness of fate are an illusion when the choices and opportunities have already been chosen for you to select from. The choices are limited and controlled but there is a choice.

So now we can rethink the educational system based on real purpose, player hating discouragement, or we can at least volunteer instead of being tricked. Step right up, next in line. Expecting a different outcome may be unrealistic so it is important to play them while they are playing you and maximize your knowledge to increase your ability to recognize, create, or benefit from an opportunity. Opportunity depends on awareness, awareness is based on knowledge, and knowledge brings wisdom. Basically, you pay for what you don’t know and put yourself at the mercy of predators and that is the price of not knowing. Many things may attempt to stop you, but do not let lack of knowledge in not knowing if be one.

Thurston K. Atlas

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Trump’s Real FAKE News!


Let us launch a logical and factual inquiry into the circumstances as they reveal themselves and the origins which have become the seminal seed for this obsolete contaminated mindset of racism. The devil’s greatest trick is not making you think he does not exist but in making you think that there is a superiority purely because of skin color. What heaven according to your religion allows for your savagely and unholy behavior to be eternally rewarded in heaven as regulated by your actions, fraudulent misguiding’s, and counterfeit declarations?

When we scrutinize one of the deadliest killers in the history of humankind, we find the hypocrisy of ignorance. Ignorance to the origins of the hypocrisy of not only your racist beliefs but your followers’ self-proclaimed inclusion in those beliefs that were initially designed to display racial venom and disgust against European immigrants, some of the very ones who now run around claiming their whiteness. The systematic examination of your racist fake ass assertions serves only to expose the faulty rationalization for these far too frequent claims, occurrences, and reasoning for such foolishness. Let us put to the test the irrationality of these beliefs.

Psychology, religious dogma, and the criminal justice system will be the evaluators as to what is commonly acknowledged and accepted as conduct within a civilized society to base our conclusion. There is no uncertainty of the facts, just the ignorance of them and the application of them. Remember that ignorance is no excuse before the eyes of the law, the law is only concerned if you stand as accused. The hypocrisy would be comical if not so savage and deadly. This hypocrisy gives genesis to ignorance as a necessary disguise for its validation and justification.

The surprise is that the ignorance of what you use against others was a tool designed to be used against the vile low life such as yourself. I do not shrink to name-calling but I call it as the inventors, “white America”, called it. Africans were brought here enslaved and became well entrenched as the exploited labor force, so sometime after the Revolution when America became a nation, “white America” sought to distinguish themselves from the other immigrants. The “undesirable” immigrants were from primarily European countries and some may have been from “shit hole places” bringing their inferior pedigree to America. Remember the Native people and the African were already here and even considered as inferior pedigree, but this “whiteness” standard applied specifically to flocking Europeans and other immigrants in their entirety who were seeking the allures of America. The White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP) ideology was formed to protect whiteness superiority, societal status, and remind the repulsive influx of immigrants of their second-class status.

To assimilate the immigrants sought to blend in by disavowing their immigrant heritage pretending and proclaiming their whiteness plus moral Americana preference. Today the most prominent case involves an individual, Trump, claiming great allegiance to the American flag and Americana heritage who would be held in contempt and disgust at the turn of the Nation. Long after “whiteness” was defined in America his grandfather, a barber, fled military service as an immigrant not from Germany specifically but Kallstadt formerly of Bulgaria.

His grandfather who was and is considered even now as a draft dodger having had his citizenship revoked due to avoiding the draft’s mandatory three-year military service as required by Law. This grandfather even traveled to Canada, as any self- respecting draft dodger occasionally did later on, during his grandson’s time, he eventually returning to Kallstadt and was exposed for returning when he thought he was post-draft ineligible. Probably not even humiliated by his cowardly flight and disgrace, he was forced to return to America.

Long after a family name change from drumpf, he made his way back to America which would accept almost anyone much to the societal trepidation of “white America” at the time. Trump’s bloodline has over 100 years of family non-service or draft dodging of military service not only to the American Flag but the country itself. Talk about your “good bloodlines” and the noble beginnings of Trump. Other “good bloodlines” of Trump’s presidential admiration such as Henry Ford was staunchly anti-Semite endorsing square dancing as the tool to combat the evil influence of the Jews. Trump’s tainted bloodlines are fake like all others claiming them that come from somewhere else other than this country if you bother with the facts of history. Next time you invite someone to go back to where they come from, in all fairness right after you do, last in first out.

Trump’s granddaddy had foot problems; he ran away from the draft in his country. So sure Trump’s bone spurs of the heel allegations could hobble any legitimate tough guy to keep him out of the Vietnam War, so let’s not judge, but the same guy of a proud history of 100 years of NO military family service speculated that he would have liked to have thought that he would have confronted an active shooter. He or none in his lineage has not and would not be caught near a good oldfashioned throwdown or wearing a uniform. A man of such courage would then criticize athletes for kneeling and not considering that they too may have excruciating bone spurs in their heel and the pain may have made them kneel, just as the pain from his heel spurs prevented him from standing for the flag and serving. Trump’s criticism of Kaepernick taking a knee ironically is not the knee that exposed his racist slant but the murderous knee of a rogue disgraced cop in Minneapolis.

This draft dodger, unlike his draft-dodging immigrant granddaddy, would like to pretend that he has elite billionaire bloodlines but by their original whiteness criteria would be an infiltrator attempting to steal a white heritage that is no more his in the eyes of the founding purist than any other minority or immigrant group then or now. This perpetrator’s heritage only serves to contradict the legacy of “white America” original intent by his inferior European immigrant background, without even having to use the one drop of blood theory. By “white America” standard of whiteness and draft-dodging, why is this erosion of “whiteness” allowed to go unexposed by them except for promoting their agenda and escalating this imposter’s deception? Relaxing your principals now judging by your standard of “whiteness”?

If white America dreams of utopia had come true then according to the blueprint of their superior genealogy in an all-white America, they would arbitrarily eliminate everyone who is physically or mentally affirmed, too fat, too skinny, too short, the uneducated, the non-Protestant, the meaty derriere, the full-lipped, the brown-haired, the old, and probably the balding as undesirable elements of their gene pool. Be very, very careful what you wish for because it probably involves eliminating yourself as a drag on the gene pool.

To further expose this charade of supremacy, we must first define and understand the concept and cause of this morally mental disease. Supremacy defined by psychology is a complex that is a defense mechanism to conceal inadequacies then deflecting, creating their own weaknesses through their self-hatred, and blaming others. Supremacists compare themselves to others to validate themselves creating reasons for their failures, it is often just an excuse for dissatisfaction and lack of achievement. Convincing themselves that well at least I am better than you while still feeling insufficient compared to their own kind. To become an upper class, they need a lower class to treat like they feel they themselves should be treated for their own intrinsic failures.

Elements of superiority include but are not limited to schizophrenia, narcissism, bipolar, self-delusion, and anxiety of exposure for their own underachievement. Generally, classic sociopath behavior. Greed, hatred, jealousy, rejection, discrimination due to self-doubt, fear of equal competition, and pathological deception are some of the favorite personality traits of the supremacist, sociopath, and Trump. If you truly are superior, why do you need to have the advantage to succeed? When you are truly superior as you have tricked yourself into believing, you should be able to spot anyone with the advantage and still prevail instead of constantly rigging the system. Some of the lowest achievers have convinced themselves that they are superior not realizing that they are of the very gene pool that the larger group finds despicable within their ranks.

Sociopaths display conduct that is anti-social behavior without guilt, consideration, or respect for the targeted party rights or their own authority to impose, require, or force compliance to a power which they do not possess. Some hide it while others just can’t manage to hide it. A lower functioning spectrum of sociopaths lack the ability to disguise, lack the sophistication, and composure to conceal their malfunctions. Their drive and determination are fueled by elaborate delusional self-images constantly seeking approval by any means real or imagined.

Color is a perceived physical characteristic and is optically an illusion but it is not a quality. Color is the reflection of frequencies or wavelengths of light, that is why complete darkness does not reveal any visible color or sight because it is the absence of light causing wavelengths. Light or pale complexion is the lack of melanin that processes light. White reflects all wavelengths while black absorbs. There is no color by and of itself just that which reflects, absorbs, or discharges light.





Skin tone is just a matter of historically and genetically how much your ancestors were exposed to the sun, so white skin as a social, moral, or religious privilege can’t be logically true over time or by region of origination. White is a descriptive characteristic and by no means a quality superior or otherwise. Strange how a white supremacist will insist that their rights are being violated during the lockdown by being prevented from going to the tanning salon. Trump seemingly would not be caught alive with a tan or black mask covering his face. Perhaps it is a secret subliminal desire or at least a bad message to “his base”.

Religion and science in America have been changed to validate and vindicate horrifying and appalling beliefs that inspire barbaric conduct. The Protestant faith in America rose from a split from the Catholic Church in Europe and was the guiding force of supremacy in America along with England’s influence of socially superior etiquette desiring proper and elite colonies. That is partially why they didn’t want or trust JFK because he was a catholic his faith even denounced by white America hundreds of years later. Yes, America did indeed in its hypocrisy feel that Catholics were a plague element as well.

To all the Catholic supremacists, you too, unfortunately, were not welcome in the original portrait of America either. The social sciences and educational systems were manipulated and flat out falsified to create the image of superiority that is maintained today. It is widely known, but there you are cloaked in your entitlement and privilege making a further display of your ignorance and mockery of your hypocrisy that contradicts your claims of superiority. The claim that this land is the “land of the white man” we all know for sure hands down is not factual, you did not even bother to steal it instead you preferred to murder your way to ownership.

Like a murderous home invader after being offered hospitality you viciously turned on your host taking and claiming theirs as yours. Purposely murdering and using smallpox to infect a population into submission. At least, after all, you have strong-armed and gangster-ed your way to, you could respect the Indigenous Peoples’ absolute right to be offended by the continued degradation of their existence for your amusement and nostalgia. If certain names are not offensive, then why don’t you use a derogatory name applied to yourself as an honor to yourself. The offended group should be able to determine what is offensive to them as a people despite the Cleveland Indians and Washington Redskins in addition to those others that are in violation and support this colonial nonsense.

Land of the Free and Home of the Brave is a euphemism thinly veiled when duly considering the immoral deeds of America. Freedom from tyranny and oppression is still being awaited and there is a lot suggesting that we may be waiting for a while, but change is being demanded. Let’s call it for what it is, identifying it as it presents itself in today’s society. An aggressive quasi-military group of heavily armed protesters can storm a government building with lawmakers in session antagonizing and intimidating elected government officials and personnel with no resistance. In clear violation of state and federal law regarding firearms on government property among other serious violations.

No arrest made or confrontations mounted to administer the law at all. Swat, the national guard, and all available law enforcement could have been utilized to apply the law and provide safety against these sponsors of terror. It is ILLEGAL to carry a weapon or firearm onto government property, meanwhile, the powers that be cowered to this obvious threat to life, legislation, and safety. These terrorists should have been arrested or at least made to be known that they would meet resistance. Trump encouraged them and their tactics but did not offer the military against these armed cowardly racist “thugs” because he is one of them. Similar occurrences have been on a sharp rise since 2016 across the country by these fine people against societal order and the Constitution.

Trump has no favorable comment on murders against minorities but cheers his base into civil unrest and government resistance. He might say something is bad because his base was exposed but only for a failed reelection bid when seeking the black vote. Where is the courage to admit what you are and stand on your position instead of denying being a racist while displaying racist behavior? Can’t take protest against injustice which spans over 400 years in America which has been ignored and blatantly practiced. After enduring the violence and intimidation used as your dialogue of choice, you now plead for the peace and understanding that you have denied all others including women.

The term conservative refers to your lack of acceptance of others’ right to a dignified existence or alternative practices expressed by your tolerance to those aligned to your brand of bigotry, exclusion, and judgmental righteousness. The notion of God and Jesus being white and by an association of being white that makes you a demigod thus to be obeyed and unquestioned is ridiculous and contrary to the origins of religious depictions. The modern-day image of Jesus is a result of Warner Sallman’s 1940 compilation of features conjured up to propagate the white image of superiority complete with a halo to depict divinity. Images of Jesus reflect the qualities of the population to be promoted such as the Chinese Jesus. It would also imply that God only created the white race.

Time is running out on this stupidity and the availability of real information based on history along with the blunders of arrogance committed by Trump and his kind have fatigued the public to demand change and accountability. The resources, concern, and declarations of reform should be made before the unspeakable transgressions are committed and not after your interest is compromised and the responses are beyond your control.

Moral of the story < Trump shares strikingly similar perspectives and behaviors as Adolf Hitler, spewing overt racism and disregard for life but Trump has had the opposite effect, he has failed to splinter us and is instead uniting us. Although under his watch and the cowardly elected officials that are his loyal puppets that remain silent, we have all endured much but are still standing collectively and united in our dissatisfaction committed to not returning to the status quo while demanding a fair shake. All the good people of all persuasions are on the same side, justice, and fairness for everyone without discrepancy or exception.

Since the beginning of time reform eventually embraces people who have been marginalized, discriminated against, brutalized, deceived, oppressed, exploited, and violated due to the injustice of the corrupt intentions of those who hold the power of advantage. Promoting racism is an evil whose time has expired and incited a determined opposition to not submit but to unite in recognition of a common enemy that diminishes us all collectively despite our differences. Officials who protect, condone, or acquiesce, to the injustice, and conditions should expect those violated to respond in a manner that gets their attention and a resolution. It would be better to handle it without the unrest and if that were the case the unrest would not occur or be deemed necessary.

Sooner or later you got to give the people what they want, or you will be deprived of what you want as a matter of the despair of the people. Do not now beg, get busy establishing the integrity of fairness and accountability that you have ignored to create these circumstances. Though far from a fairy tale if the shoe of injustice fits, it is your shoe to wear. We can thank Trump for creating the atmosphere for an insurgency. He takes pride in threatening to turn the military on the American people of all colors and levels of dissatisfaction that cause the people to protest according to their pain. It seems it would break his heart to feel the pain that has long existed which he intensifies at every opportunity.

The people are speaking and Trump’s refusal to hear them and a preference to risk not only civil unrest but an American Revolution and a Civil War destroying this country reflects his fractured ego. Remember that is how this country was founded by fighting oppression and tyranny. The military oath is to the Constitution and the American people, not a deranged dictator expecting you to fire on your fellow American citizens. You have a moral duty not only to resist illegal orders but to oppose them, after all, that is how Minneapolis got this mess kicked off by allowing one man to jeopardize a whole country.

Thurston K. Atlas

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Jogging should not be deadly!




First and foremost, I would like to express my deepest condolences to the family of Ahmaud Arbery and hope that my intent to shed light does not in any way deepen the family’s grief and mourning but be an instrument to assist in achieving justice. I believe that every person is born with a purpose in life no matter how long or brief that life maybe. The purpose may be beyond our understanding and reasoning which only deepens our pain, however that purpose may not have been for them to achieve longevity but rather to be the catalyst for the advancement of others. In this situation and situations that are similar, the grand purpose might be to become the straw that stirs the social consciousness and bring about significant change. For whatever reason, some are chosen to be a bona fide crusader to advance a cause greater than themselves.

All law enforcement and prosecutors should know as part of their mandatory training that the only thing that separates the general public and the police in authority is the police’s ability to arrest for misdemeanor crimes and issue citations within their jurisdiction. All citizens have the right to make a citizen’s arrest regarding felony crimes. Although that right comes with strong recommendations to avoid making those arrests and instead have minimal contact or interference outside of notifying the police. An off-duty policeman is not even held to the standard of mandatory intervention but only to take a police action which can be as simple as calling the police or transferring information of their observations.

To make a citizen’s arrest in a felony matter you must first have intricate knowledge of what constitutes a felony and the various exception that should be considered. The main exception is you cannot legally shoot anyone over property regardless of the property’s value or the felony status. Holding someone for trespassing, or refusing to submit to your curiosity, that person is essentially being kidnapped is not even close to meeting the legal threshold needed for a citizen arrest. That is why they have police academies and extensive training.

Not only do police know this but anyone with a concealed carry permit is taught this as part of their CCW training to receive a certificate and permit. This information is not only offered by the instructor giving the certificate, but a mandatory state-issued book clearly educating you on the matter. Did this group of self-appointed champions of good know if he may have been an investor, interested home buyer, had approval, an employee stopping to check, or if he was in fact trespassing? Their knowledge of the law would have to extend to really understanding criminal mischief, criminal trespassing, criminal damaging, vandalism, unoccupied structures, burglary, petty theft, and grand larceny to start with plus Aubrey’s constitutional rights.

None of the above mentioned would grant them the right that they acted upon. Did they notify the contractor for confirmation? What was their jurisdiction? Did they have the minimal legal corpus delicti to affect an arrest, detain him, or make a voluntary request that required him to submit? He had no reason or legal obligation to comply with his own kidnapping or comply with someone with no right to confront him brandishing not firearms but weapons.

Kidnapping is not only to remove someone but to also restrict their movements without authority and against their will or consent. So now their prima facie was based on what crime they were fairly certain that he had committed and through their investigation felt that he had to be thrown down on instead of at the very most just politely asked or advised. The proliferation of burglaries in the neighborhood which went unreported had nothing to do with this situation since you cannot burglarize a place with no doors, windows, or encasement to prevent or have the expectation of preventing access or entry. Now if the vigilantes were aware of the others who committed the same atrocity are they now also justified to hunt them down or most likely were they already aware of those others but something differentiated him from them. I guess the manner in which he came to their attention did not allow them to be aware of anyone else with the same actions.

You would expect a veteran law dog to be slicker than to be a principal participant in killing someone over property and not even his property. As the gentleman jogged not using furtive moves, evasive actions that revealed a criminal mens rea, or any urgency resembling fleeing a crime, then why would it be necessary to confront him in a code red highest-level pyramid escalation mode with weapons. The real police have an obligation if time permits to let you know who you are dealing with by if necessary, loudly announcing their identity while in uniform and with a patrol car as a hint.

What was the hunters conversation or utterances that would make Aubrey react in fear for his life from a good old fashion roundup? The only reason for the weapons display was a projected fear of him which was revealed by their predetermined intent to confront him armed. Even with a numbers advantage confronting him why would the cowardly lions go even that far if they were that afraid, they could have just followed him until the real champions of do good on the city payroll could arrive. Having a shotgun drawn for a conversation was not necessary. Governed by using the minimal force necessary, what were they that afraid of to go even beyond police actions?

In law enforcement, there is a natural progression of how things routinely unfold, and this would appear to be outside of that natural progression in the lack of their initial arrest and the appearance of a suspected coverup. This shit has to stop because it creates a dangerous atmosphere that greatly damages a portion of the public’s trust in believing that you must abide by the law when applied against you but the law must not abide by their own standards when it is broken against you.

By law, all the affirmative defenses are useless if you place yourself in harms way intentionally, are in the wrong, or third-party defenses that arise out of them being wrong or with an obligation to deescalate. They exhibited more authority than the police are allowed, and no one had a problem with that, I guess even the retired law dog forgot that he was retired. There are many other exculpatory facts unknown to the public and discrepancies in the stories that cannot be defended.

The examination of tapes or radio transmissions between dispatcher and responder, the separate dispatcher tape and log or notes, landline conversations and texts outside the official system, frame by frame scrutiny of the video taken and visual enhancement to determine specific elements, electronic devices, conversations had and statements made after the fact will often further expose intent and concealment efforts. When somebody’s story is not tight it is prone to crack under closer scrutiny and separate and show the accused party’s self-interest.

The law is specific but frequently manipulated and ignored as a matter of principle when it comes to the preferred, not just on a racial basis but as a matter of economic status, nationalism, and selective enforcement. This is the American way. Not only the big shots but others too get off on what we routinely pay dearly for, are arrested immediately for, or are imprisoned for. I guess justice really is blind to the facts. They are routinely afforded concessions that are not made available to us.













Some who would state they are absolutely diametrically opposed to racism and categorically deny their hypocrisy would let a government message go out in Ohio only warning black men against wearing red or blue as well as any face mask which could intimidate or be misconstrued as threatening a robbery. No mention of face mask with Nazi signs, confederate flags, or straight up Klan’s hoods as a warning to the black males safety. That weak-ass apology that followed would be more appreciated if it accompanied a firing or resignation. Someone like that despite their personal views cannot be in such a position to exercise that great of a lack of judgment, regardless of color. When will someone be held accountable and pay the price that will serve as a deterrent definitely raising others’ awareness and sensitivity?

The hypocrisy of it all, just apply a fair and consistent application not obviously stacked to your advantage because as we see at some point it will certainly backfire on you when it is uncovered or people get fed up with being trampled. The coverup is just as if not more egregious than the crime revealing an acceptance and approval for the offender and the offense. The pain you give is the same pain you can be made to feel when your barbaric inadequacies that are projected upon others are then reflected back upon you. Fear is in the eye of the beholder and if you are not beholding you would not be making petrified sucker moves.

There could not be hate without a hater, nor could there be a lie without a liar to tell it. When you identify with fear or hatred it reveals a weakness in your mind that you are trying to conceal. You absolutely cannot claim to stand your ground or being in fear for your life when you run up on someone trying to put the smackdown and get scared because they didn’t wither. Why did you initiate a conflict and then cry out to the universe of being in fear of your life but not in fear of your savagery? If some crazed bigot chased you down carrying a shotgun and armed with murderous intent ran up on you, what would you think? Probably angered that a Black Man still would not submit.

If you were a victim of what you are a practitioner of, imagine the victims fear jogging one minute and life slipping away the next paying your price without proof of a crime because you wanted to be a cowboy. By virtue of being practitioners of the unspeakable and those who align themselves with you, all your sympathizers within the system that saw no fault in your actions need to be exposed and held accountable. Considering the violation of human dignity at a crime scene and essentially the abuse of a corpse by the utter piece of trash that violating all human decency would not allow you to NOT attempt aid but to take a trophy picture. Even a white supremacist should feel that undermines and compromises them all, but only if this is not the way they do business to support their belief. Reverse roles and you would be outraged and rampaging but recommend peace for us.

Behind the scenes at the highest levels, the presidency, the code red has been issued in a not so discreet or subtle way (fine people on both sides) by creating the atmosphere where this racist conduct is encouraged and applauded by the frightened puppet master in the oval office delighted how the puppets dancing on strings are ignorantly carrying out his racist agenda. All the time pretending to be one of them but really an immigrant himself.

You can trick some of the people all of the time, some of the people some of the time, but not all the people all the time. All supporters of this desperate high puppeteer are not hypocrites and stand on some moral principles whose support was not used as promised or intended, but then again we all knew what we were getting it was no secret and you did vote for him. At some point, your denial of others rights will lead to your denial of your own rights.

No one can be proud of your lack of courage, lack of human decency, and inferiority complex disguised as supremacy that proves nothing is beneath you. Devout no doubt in your religion that states thou shall not kill, but still indiscriminate killers because you are constantly afraid and think you have a better spoon. Needing someone to persecute to make you feel better about yourself, but the void and fear remains even when the numbers are disproportionately in your favor and carrying a shotgun. Maybe the answer to curbing this racism is to give you some spinach for strength like Popeye or a pretend medal like the cowardly lion.

The contractor whose structure it was is at home eating dinner while you and your vigilante gang are headed to prison realizing now that being neighborhood enforcer was not worth it to you, never thinking you would be held accountable for this murder. Veteran law dog also must have forgotten that this is not the 1950’s but then I guess at least you don’t have to worry about your own house anymore, accommodations will be provided for you, hopefully for life.

Trump created the atmosphere to draw you out of your bigoted closet. You let your boy gas you up to make America great again by his divisive rhetoric, but he is at home too. By the way, he should be following you to prison but he has a country to ruin. Nero, a mad man, was said to have fiddled while Rome burned, Trump now tweets while America burns, and while you sit in jail.

Moral of the story < The law is very explicit when stating that the facts or circumstances known or believed to be known at that time are the standards that actions are to be judged on. What FELONY crime of bodily harm or risk to a person’s life is known or believed to be known that would justify the use of deadly force or an ill-fated citizen’s arrest. How about the justification for your confrontation armed with a shotgun?

Now you want to throw a rock and hide your hand? In fear of YOUR life, what about Aubrey having more reason to be in fear of his life being hunted by multiple armed assailants? Those officials who aligned themselves with your actions have effectively identified themselves as accomplices after the fact to have attempted to aid and abet concealment of a murder. Accomplices are held to the same level of crime as that which was committed. Ongoing and collective intent to further a criminal enterprise sounds like a violation of the RICO Act for all participants even those involved in the coverup. Let’s get everything out in the open and put it on the table.

Thurston K. Atlas

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